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Rooster Teeth is all about E3 and the World Cup (and Kim Kardashian)

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Recorded: 2010-06-09 23:14:57

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

all Rooster Teeth to on the internet Hallows via web as well as IRS give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trailer we does not to fail but Deliver Us From Time Warner and then came to the podcast you know I wasn't a religious man until about 45 seconds to forgive at 6 p.m. hey you know what I was reading yesterday about the Adam Carolla podcast T does Potter like a most popular podcast Hans of not want to tell you but I'm going to enjoy this delicious Coca-Cola wow we're doing our podcast today my mailbox parts podcast to figure out how was making I could give you a little homework do we listen to his house he's making tons of money and then replicate that for the next podcast or should we should get in on that we should do games you know what if anybody will take it but grudgingly is going to kill me now how to get rid of your be excited well I'm glad we covered that we leave on Sunday you guys are or I don't know maybe 6:10 actually no I didn't it was there though it was the playing Rock Band 3 which I'm pretty psyched about going to have keytar not like not sure yet as far as I know but they have like the circles was like the guitar bass and the added like a keyboard looking thing and no one knows if it's a keytar or mega64 video covering like they have like an investigative like kind of like killing to Alan wake's video like the TV shows and I don't like Mysteries of the unknown and try to find out what it is this morning like we're Tom at PAX East and it's always fun to hang out with those guys and something important and I just like just randomly looked at their website and I spent over an hour watching videos on the website didn't realize the kids are really funny Feast talking about the music in it and I realize that video part about from 4 save so much funnier than you skit store not going to E3 was actually the first time I've never been to E3 Harry on me in his sleep he rolled over and started spooning me where you save the time for the movies you know it's 4 bed with you so much about another thing about that first E3 is kind of funny little piece of History 4 Red vs Blue Bungie showed off Halo at that first E3 the we went to when nobody knew really what the hell was and they had a camera set-up that took snapshots of people playing and there's a photo of Bernie Gus and I playing Halo for the very first time driving to work Fox to be a fun week. Good luck. It was the first time when I was younger when I was sixteen or so the one of the first emails 1600 Ramona what was the email about? In Marathon to remember between the different views that kind of once when I was out there I saw Dan Hsu from you and I was like I was trying to be cool about 4:14 at 11 dude listen I pride myself on maintaining my cool around celebrities and I've had an opportunity to jack a few times in my life for a very good thing and actually the first time I ever met high school because in preseason game Seventy Sixers versus the magic before the because I'm just missing Jack Huston and and I was like I'm really excited he just like I have the cards and about Kennedy I am excited to meet a celebrity as long as a cocksucker in trouble at school about the whole thing and he could not have been less enthused to meet me I understand that I had to meet a lot of people maybe even can I contact her thanks it was heartbreaking for me as I was like I'm never again going to have and I never will terrible is there Just A Sign autographs like at least when you guys are the boots you're working you're grabbing Hsu and he was only there for an hour is there from and yeah I know it sucks but to my credit I didn't I just stood there and stared Croft physically restrain you will about E3, he had that show on Cartoon Network Cartoon Network the kids so about that and I still remember it was a catch up at some Kim music school and they had an interest E3 2006 like the only time I like to get in front of him Gilbert next to probably sell the PS3 presentation intro be literally sat down next to wait in line for 15 minutes was a kid I had and I was like what are the chances of video games and knows who we are E3 video 2014 the Spore demo with no no no no what was it when they were they were introducing Spore they had a character creator setup they brought in Robin Williams 2 like most sessions were he would like to create characters and it's like this the whole time like some the videos came out pretty funny hey can I tell you somebody else you want to know I don't I don't know if we talked about this time to tell on the podcast and repaint and Steven Spielberg story I heard the story I don't know how this his story and it's really stupid but first of all is famous for being very approachable and nice and likable kind of nice at the restaurant and in football player and where they do a lot of filming and I guess Steven Spielberg was up there filming one day and he was in a hotel could be having family from out of town staying and I was at a hotel and it gets into the LA on the first floor and Via he looks over and the and I guess the guy looks really bad it was getting out from Tom and he realizes as is open 24 at 11 to call the bus Florida Gators via Back to the Future elevator ride in Rhode Island Michael J fox be hosting was like heaven in the Back to the Future song that's what on in the Family Ties song going to see it's been replaced with a surprise if you RSVP for the surprise I know exactly I didn't I didn't RSVP you can RSVP for the surprise we could schedule an appointment to play Portal 2 I didn't do that we should probably I'm a little overwhelmed the first year we've gone as usually when we go forever talking to your phone surprise new version of The Source engine said there has been rumors that at every single possible thing it could be I guess I will find out in like a week I'm calling it right now my kid will like in the car if it's Gruber iPhone 4 by the way I feel bad for them because that stupid Gizmodo his head no one knowing that was coming if it had only been speculation that thing was that would have been a tremendous announcing that the Gizmodo band from Steve Jobs at is Banning people who are trying to help them good Lord every Apple of in Forever when I see you I don't think I am not like you're available and I'm not available till January monthly thing and video chat the ability to that's going to be very exciting even if you know what I mean movie on there and people in on the phone and on my computer I would never do that for most consumers because of on my computer and on my laptop so Kennedy flip text iPhone 4 the Killer only have 32 gigabytes of storage which seems like putting your music apps movie have very much space left over for HD recording you know I don't think of you iPhone Adam iPhone the movies on Me lyrics iPhone and I want to take you and did you really awesome Jamie to wonder if they had greater volume like how many iPads will they be selling dude I think in another game another 18 months and I've had in almost every house in America what secret did you 3 weeks ago I bought an iPad how do you like it might be really great right because I wanted to I wanted to really use it for a long time I want to 2 Hands-On with it which one did you like at 6:16 games only for everything I still prefer my laptop or if I'm just sitting around here reading news but you know I did not do that I find that I prefer browsing the web on my iPad or and I'm sorry that I do on a computer not like it so fast and I really like the book Plants vs. zombies HD is just a blast I don't know if anything you can just leave that alone is enough going on just internet so like I was thinking about what I do on my iPad is there going to be a movie version for the iPad like would you be able to then do like basic video editing on an iPad video on an iPad I was thinking that going to be for the throne HD camera in there who have some sort of camera device on it I'm on there too that would have shocked me so that's probably the next the front and rear-facing Camera the next time devices iPhone FaceTime on my laptop and talk to someone on their phones and iPads and as far as like if it runs through like an account that his phone number or what's going on but you actually mean you don't know iPhone display that the new display in the at iPhone 4 is 324 DPI which apparently the human eye at about a foot away can only recognize on a 300 DPI was actually a little bit higher resolution than the human eye can process so therefore if you know what you're right and I can only go so high and it's actually above that so it's a retina display why is the standard resolution monitor 70 to make new Apple monitors are high resolution the new standard for a long time you okay did you need anything this week is the 20th anniversary of when Seinfeld the game so they started to release a lot of numbers on how successful it is and in syndication Seinfeld has made 2.7 billion dollars Seinfeld Jerry Seinfeld has generated 2.7 billion dollars in Revenue typically from syndication at does include the billion making on DVDs or any other kind of indication has been almost $3 and a portion of that million a year till from the show they broke it down there 180 episodes of Seinfeld did it in syndication each episode of Seinfeld has made 14 million dollars most syndication Fox at 11 I think and the other night they played the pilot and was the first time I'd ever seen the pilot felt really bizarre only did George is George like everybody else is kind of weird the filter out cold creamery restaurant the waitress was the character's name of the first 4 episodes and they were facing cancellation every week and so like they're talking like they're coming every like Tuesday they would get a call from can you please put it was really touch-and-go for a while anybody else make sure you don't get 0 like Jason Alexander Michael Richards zero money from Detroit from from Sanitation going to get a cut and the deal is they get a piece of DVD sales which I'm sure is nothing to laugh Adam Hsu the DVD sales are tremendous but the other $0 from that from syndication was fucking crazy 100 episodes I think they have to get some sort of residual payment every time but they don't have any negotiate contract after how many years they we negotiated the contract in the last season and indications is not on the table it was not an option and so they ended up getting DVD rights in the last season and then those words to come out because they got this huge battle over in on their cut of the DVD sales will eventually work out but those guys hate me David I mean you always see the numbers on 4 on the most successful Seinfeld member of the cast as Louis-Dreyfus I guess so cuz she doesn't know who he was and how he was I had to apologize to David Letterman and the apologizing and then I'm never doing that Gus T does 12 year old kid who was save his sister from a moose attack based on his World of Warcraft skills is that true they are worried about get attacked by most so he used his knowledge of like he wanted to save his sister so he talked to the most to distract it so we tour the movie will on the moves in the new started going after him and then he feigned death and a most got bored and walked away so you like the tracks into something so personal and World of Warcraft and that's pretty cool high school and younger brother 3 years younger than as Frank Cinema 8 at high school hanging out like it was like something we're hanging out his brother was kind of weird scholarships Kim got a letter in the mail does like your pre qualify for some grants or scholarships to pay a fee to process it when you get all this money was kind of excited about it and it was fake funny about that is his younger brother who was kind of like a fucking scientists now in California no one really highlights Hans Gruber humanitarian efforts Rock properties only get the bad stuff secret project trailer Bernie his really cool I thought it was really good and all that stuff just went over the top and was really blatant and really likes close his door his car his name Jackson whatever Jack J school like I was a little head start like 2 / and then they were like the New Yorker to Chrome on stuff and left and right cool to watch Awards iPhone is a pitch be so apparently Jerry Ryan who was Sonya Blade in the PC she said it was for the director to pitch Warner Brothers on taking Mortal Kombat in a New Direction so it's is Christopher Lambert movies like a dragon and a beast fight at the is got it so bad then back to reporting what is your favorite crystal in their movie is that right I guess I'm going to go with the Legend of Tarzan was good Highlander continue to give another Mortal Kombat was he wasn't Mortal Kombat 2 Christopher Lam bear Rutger Hauer and Jan-Michael Vincent have like the exact same career in my head I don't know I get confused all the time any of these movies Kim Kardashian Croft in Tomb Raider reboot a movie before and that was great movie was the indie film The Way J about one and as I was talking is so hot you know who she's dating I guess we can go from like where do you go for Reggie Bush I guess you go for the world soccer player like Superstar Williams is she has to as a fusion of Brad Pitt and David Beckham 4 made about the same time or just one I guess you wonder you know Reggie Bush won a Superbowl made an Aldo I'm really save you time so anxious for like the last month will you and as Dan will cup buddies now this will be our third world cup we've been together before back in the day when I would get up there's a bar in Austin that would show games at like 6 in the morning and you and I would like to get up before work or take days off work to go to the bar at 6 a.m. and we will be surrounded by drunken Irish and British Hooligans at like who are like hammered at 6:30 in the morning it was on and the amazing and surreal and awesome experience I could never figure out if they were still 4 but it like the Adam like an Irish pub with a bunch of drunken UK dude at like 6 in the morning on Thursday is it just a fan that to everybody World Cup 02 World Cup Korea and Japan espn3.com almost every will New Mexico like free.com books are our internet home does and plus I can watch it on my on my iPhone I got a call so you can if you have access to and you're traveling to remote access it somehow I don't know how that works too much but Jack and I realize that during E3 Tuesday night kind of in the middle of an event we have what the event was always during that event we going to do it playing it makes it again and I think we're going to go tomorrow night right now I'm really looking forward in the NBA playoff game before but tonight we're going to we're going to the game tonight and get it on the glass watch the Texas Stars in the Hershey Bears the date according to Jack the stadium where the fuck you call it has done in the first period it was like everything and then the 3 House of fabric curtains for the lovely by the way and I got into a bit of a fight with a deathly uses old woman shoes like cutting station like and so we walked over there there's nobody there I went down and then comes over and I did another 20 minutes it was really weird I had to literally sit there and watch it lady very slowly cut fabric for 20 minutes and any time I got close to the station she was like turn on me it was really weird it might be my least favorite person on the planet and I guess you probably not listening but I just wanted to know you're a bad person A-Team trailer good good father movie like honestly seriously a good movie if you set and watch right now would be awesome was the Karate Kid the original not that old maybe she's a 4 is Rooster Feast I'm going to be as much actually Can we cancel the camping trip but we can hang out with the rooster rooster feast Mr T movie convert 2/4 lb was shocked with the graphic violence in the movie so sorry to hear that I will say that trailer in the trailer the trailer I was unpacking my house right now and I'm unpacking all my boxes I found on my Harry Potter books to read the last one again at 4 cuz once you 3 for me or just going to get smokes and in 4 is when it gets really good to me but I've been wanting to for a while especially 7 but I think I'm trying to wait until he's old enough to read them to my own to get it you know because of your fun things to be starting Harry Potter Griffin was like came out and the day came out Grossman was like we have to go get this book and so we wouldn't sound at the data like and on the day it came out and we read the entire book at Comic-Con has taken me longer than 2 days to read a book I started right around the time and she gave me the 1st do you like it and by the time I flew back to Orlando I was up to about 3 and read it I read in books one two and three in Austin finished 3 on the way back like and I don't know I don't know who are the Brooks Brothers on has anybody so weird Adam Sandler Amazon Amazon they introduce the Harry Potter trailer at the MTV Movie Awards which had problems on its own did you see the recap of all the bombs dropped during the MTV Movie Awards I appreciate that you know people complain about cursing on TV and did you watch the right now I wonder how was Ethan's already did I like a lot but none of us have cable apparently from what I read it was one of the worst ratings like and worship was and apparently hockey beat it which is a big deal because she doesn't do well in television from I thought that was that role so how long after the movie came out for no apparent via what is the from that can you try to erase the crazy in people's minds I will say that I watched that video of him and J lo doing their deal and I was pretty impressed like a trailer you make good about Tom Cruise once you have like some new stuff everything there looks great sitting backwards on a motorcycle looks awesome movie Ashton Kutcher movie Killers based on the trailer Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl band of like this yeah well maybe one day made all the kids 3 will like the kids from the show performed that mineral actual performers and so in the show there's a kid who's in a wheelchair in real life he's not in a wheelchair is a Walking Dead actor who plays Andy in the tour and show he's in the wheelchair of course he's playing a character for some reason bugs that his Kim playing the on television if it was a Reuters on the 3rd performing songs from the show performing the song so-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so tour going to see the characters from the show singing the song I know from how much older is at 1 the girls is pregnant she's fake pregnant and she's ordering the state so she's not pregnant but she should be the problem what could be going to go to the Glee show because you watched the Glee show on television and you go to see the Glee people sing the Glee songs from the God damn show and the actor who played was in a wheelchair is a crocodile David you've never been more wrong I'm sure I have more on about other things but it really bugs me wow whatever I understand I'm the only one is the put that baby bump on did she help her out do I do love to be a wheelchair singers about the show but didn't like the third episode they have a bikini car wash wow these girls like singing and soaping down trucks in was like okay the show's won me over anymore bikini car wash 03 are there speculation that Hulu is going to be coming to Xbox Live and the iPad reporting a Reuters is coming on multiple platforms so with Xbox be one of them that be awesome flip be super super that's like Hulu charge for Hulu is it so they're going to have to make a conversion HTML5 to show up on the iPad and that's going to cost a lot of money to do it I would imagine so they're gonna have to make it support and I'm thinking I'm thinking about it there it's in my not be that bad you could have been somebody or some process is going to be in town every video on the side of it depends how easy it is to gain access to let you know the code from the original to change a process for every video that comes in I don't know if I don't he'll do it for like how does YouTube play on iPhone at work I know they have an HTML5 beta site but you could watch YouTube on your phone before they had Sunday but it wasn't it wasn't everything everything and that's when they start at 6:40 so I think it's all based on YouTube videos at the number of different like everything Hulu is probably shocked by the number of people that work at companies like Facebook and Myspace and Hulu it's always way too many web companies they have a lot of sales people think about in depressing it would be okay before I forget Jack and was very nice to like but on top of that this week earlier this week we received a care package from the a person on the site or less they listen to the podcast who would like to remain nameless who is and down and down he or she did we determine that we have the highest male audience of any other way other hand am a true hero in the in the great and in the in the most piercings to the word he sent it 6 bottles of scotch that's how I need it the right way to he ordered them locally in town and have them deliver it that's as a welcome gift for the new office when we finally move in in July and it was nice nice nice Scotch 18 year old which is like my favorite scene 18 year and it was like every people that was better than the last one I didn't open them up and immediately down all that stuff but we decided to his wishes as soon as we're going to wait till we open up the new office and then like beautiful and nothing does it was thank you so much it was awesome cinnamon extra ones about that 3 feast and I we put the new valve in the fridge and so cool and so we got we got it and we're going up tomorrow night and then another one of my does number for the person that took the tube out of my gift I didn't back away or maybe it's just in the fridge and still no the whole thing Chicago what do you need to ensure that they have they have deals outside of the US I mean I know you can't get Hulu on the Wii can you have a local presence really think so I don't know 1644 on operation the size of Hulu seems like a lot but compared to like Facebook I mean a thousand employees it seems a little more realistic I've been Facebook as 200 locations going down a building over there 1400 like we were like 2 months ago and I was like how much longer is going to be able to hold on to the repair shop before it runs out or he literally later we were walking to lunch at Whole Foods and it was just a parking lot by building was gone overnight maybe we should go and get some terrible weather has at Whole Foods for lunch baby it was raining 5022 as rain twice now since I had two chickens and I have a little like hot for them that's weather proof so that they can get in and stay warm and dry and join us this morning because I had to look at the chickens are as far away from the from the little Hut as they can be in the pouring rain just huddled up freezing to death 3 at the like physically put them in the dryer and weatherproof and walking down the road lunch what we wanted to get to the point where we had the reveal at the end of episode 9 of and now we have at this will you video multiple videos a day from E3 or even if we can figure it out and that's about it we're going to have to have two people sitting for the manager and they want to be Geoff people unfortunately dude I'd be happy to call in in alright hey if anybody if anybody has any recommendations for work Jack and I feel alright at least we have places that we go to every time you have a car