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Recorded: 2010-06-16 12:05:59

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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    "The "previously on Lost" guy is a former ABC chairman" => "http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Previously_on_Lost"
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Transcript (in progress):

welcome games ukulele soprano to NBC early on Wednesday morning time because Shepherd Auto DJ II Stampy episode yesterday wow the Earth splitting in half if we don't know what happened only Friday and we don't know Colorado a Nebraska what College Football Conference changes a little later today is over I'm going to go meet these guys at a place and invite him over to the office if they want to be the breakfast the costume there for the disable short cry just because you are okay with it and Jack loved it I thought it was ridiculous I thought it was good I really didn't his death comedian probably Fall Of Reach concept art that they can put it out there kind of except his head like actually ahead Jeri Ryan in it and like Michael Jai White was in it and then someone I don't even have to try something people in business it's okay I'm going to memory cables like a long historical record diplomatic cables meaning Communications from our ambassadors back to the US or vice versa about on going for in negotiations okay opinions of new leaders deals all that could have been II just took all of it and gave it to end but that's fucking crazy crazy it's really crazy and the most about it was that some guy anonymously in the military and the government said try to get interviews with people you know everyone that's how bad this is going to hit the Pentagon right now she's trying to load Wikileaks and it's not loading right now via train dude that Wikileaks got by car accidents they might send him to to the bottom of the golf to try to fix the oil spill us guys are II Wiki it's not Thursday were talking about this Friday Friday time using the current that is on believable hate you in a car crash I guess we should talk about I left work at 6 o'clock I have a very nice friend who decided she wanted to buy a scooter like a Vespa scooter and motorcycle to meet her at the place where she bought it and drive it back to her house for her so they can get there safely so I complied with the motorcycle and probably said that I quit riding motorcycles because I wrecked twice in a year why would you need a motorcycle for motorcycle let me the encounter by saying that a motorcycle in a very very different vehicle I learned very quickly and painfully that a motorcyclist about because the engine is in the center of the bike and on a classified and there's no hard a right make a left turn and I couldn't figure out the turn ratio because of the weight and balance and so I ran straight into a curb going 40 miles an hour the bike flew about 15 feet I did a flip and I landed on my neck hit the ground bounced up according to the guy that mounts to 3 feet in the air sidewalk in Atlanta on the other side of the grass came out of it very sore don't have a scratch on me because I didn't hit anything but I did look over the concrete the guy the guy who stopped and called the paramedics I was talking to him are you okay are you okay the guy I was so embarrassed and I felt so bad about wrecking this Best Buy this girl has only on for about 10 minutes at the most maybe 15 minutes at the point when I wrecked it for her did she see you driving and I had to come back and I just saw the conversation well I think they felt bad for me and it was. I feel terrible that I can't wait and I am now officially been and what I would consider to be my first Real Crash sold a motorcycle down before that's why I didn't is because it was like 20 minutes it sounds like fun and then sure enough bike weekend this weekend again once a year and I met somebody last 2 times you physically the last 2 3 4 Susan Wright I'm done with us thanks man first Peter Griffin Twitter picture of you with your shirt I thought you like 40 miles an hour almost I was having trouble controlling time II no spark away from me or at worst the worst number for 90% of the rest of my life that's a terrible feeling at the same time like when I landed on my neck and then who knows differently you have a couple degrees in your head turn ratios when you're crashing sunflower cup 6001 calls UK Poseidon I guess that's what you're okay I'm okay I'm okay I'm just super sore life insurance 3335 yeah I'm going to get some last night how healthy you are because daughter take whatever you know you're finally stopped hurting so much but if a company going to put a dollar value Jack II 3 not wearing a helmet yesterday that's weird closest is a super preferred rate tell your wife how much you have never let her know exactly guy at the party to finish the job I'd be careful vindictive got to be careful play the on what's a funeral cost because it's very dented and scratched and it won't start but oh and they wouldn't shift gears at all but I fix that but I think it was because it was probably from the thing but I'm sure it's not nothing major cosmetic for sure but I think it was really what was your reaction was if I'm alive or I fucked up somebody scooter vs laying in the grass and I thought I'm alive I can feel that I wasn't terribly hurt and the next and hurting until I got home and I was laying there in a few minutes in conversation people probably think I'm hurt but I didn't say it wasn't as a result of that it wasn't like we were trying to figure rear window was asleep but my wife we were crazy video game rant about how come all the women in video game why do fighting complain you know a halter top and all that I think I got lucky cuz Griffin plays wow in Fable and you can design your own characters and you know and we could dress them and stuff so she feels like she can get fat the guy and like I'm playing Gears of War Marcus Fenix 321 Fair and it's way anyway my fingers Twitter going into Uncharted woman to 2843 combined are you in the in the US is in the US like there's a PlayStation World why even that 66366 American people I think it's obvious how annoying we are and embrace them Halo in Japan Halo Combat Evolved is called Combat Evolved out of that will subtitle on to it because of the Japanese Market had to explain to me what the game is about to abstract abstract Final Fantasy anything at all about that game ever Red Dead Redemption make sense games why is BioShock why is it called Resident Evil is anything wrong I don't think that's true was kind of a rip-off I'm done little did I know that gun was at yet another knock on the Rockstar game it was cool though the hidden gym at 12 didn't get a lot of in the first met you and that other camera was like and out Cameo and King Kong and their dinner Cameo and I'll send Em to you later yeah about to play the harmonica time way fuk it up is bad as they did going to 700 II ended up having 60 points one right out of the gate they had the standard a fucked up right away and now it's like 1500 what is it now up to 7:50 from the 1757 right now right now 3 has 7:50 but it gets wacky II cuz I was just looking at the game has 2000 and she doesn't like doesn't play that game is at 3:16 or if it's not on the windows and then also games that used to be 250 points for DLC to play Magic the Gathering has 300 points the only child have already made would you be more in favor of life PS3 has that I don't dislike the leveling system to mean something to me and whatever they did however they implemented the trophy system it just has not taken off it doesn't work no nobody doesn't the school also so stupid he's okay with having like not like 995 a 2014 got the biggest is annoying and he won't take it finished is the weather station on standard bugs me because I can't tell what's complain it's not completed but I realize that is personal to me I wish there was I wish there was a way to make a distinction between retail and DLC right like you could say a thousand points at retail and that's if you choose to buy the DLC there's a II or something is completed yeah I guess one of the Rio 2002 on our new motor man but you know retail games with out whenever II DLC real fast duration buddy Sam & Max why should I have for at home store in the we had like five six episodes does if I like Fable 3 how to have 1350 that's annoying I wish Fable 2 at 12:50 or 1500 right because if I look at 1350 means nothing to me it means nothing Grand Theft Auto has 1500 I can I can understand that and get behind that halo lights 1750 the income it makes sense to me or how about this when you're looking through in a percentage of the heart 100.3 is 1100.2 more DLC and it won't use another 1750 just like coming out it had to have a thousand points why way they're going to have a point inflation with an original Xbox worth in 2000 someone historically could have 10 years in Xbox Live and it doesn't really mean 2004 between your retail and DLC now there's 2 different tears of Maximum then you can you cancel and you like to possibly move from the current generation to the Next Generation or getting involved with gamerscore why would I start now because I'm fifteen hundred eighty thousand Reasons is because we were ahead of them but I was looking for them 2 months what your day was going I think it's just under $19,000 start $1,000 Vespa Jeff flower bush you always have to be conscious of new people coming into a former system new players the system for new people you don't want to have this and you know pissed off your current customers either you're not giving you people any advantage over existing Hardware level 24 like tank honestly was because I played a druid so that I can be trained to a cat at level 20 and that would allow it didn't when I got it of the cat the cat is not as fast as amount but it's okay I knew that I could about is a 40 mounts probably hate that I mean maybe that's part of it and get around the area faster like when you came back to wow briefly you came back for about a week I remember you were upset they were humans in games he's not associated with unlocking all the different zones in the map that's all you did you want you walking around a lot he's only getting what you the breakdown for that in every area and then I realize I didn't have a TV I like a virtual space always have wonder I wonder how does a humidor going to change wow cataclysm comes out out of this place exists anymore going to get any more and then like wh events for January is what a conundrum Phoenix to the Starcraft 2 commercial during game 4 of the NBA finals coming right is a computer-generated commercial 3 turn my TV to watch TV and maybe to one episode on TV the last program I watch the season premiere of Hell's Kitchen on Hulu TV I do not watch the bunch of last night I love this way of watching things like got a movie where is Awesome TV shows 20 hour food II would really rather the complete series on Blu-ray comes out in August because I want to sit down to just watch everything form or whatever the next day they're not 4 + 5 Susan I don't feel like that sometimes they should have had a commercial break in the middle of DVDs from an external drive to watch to watch the wire on the plane is the HBO show why are some HBO shows in Orlando sold out but we get caught up and show up and watch the final episode of 30 II A Time Warner DVR cuts out 30 minutes before the end of Jack Shephard his opening the door red Time Warner DVR is the biggest piece of shit is the biggest piece of shit he even upgraded the software totally different people use the successfully stopped at the house yesterday Thursday and the first thing it was like no I don't want your box support yeah it's great it was going to digital II glitch every 10 minutes and it writes what by the fire and watch them and I now have the full thing I know you can stream most of the almost every World Cup games live but not if you're Time Warner Roadrunner customers like they have deals with in the Time Warner really so if you know why is my FiOS connection Warner Geoff buy something for going to American Idol winner commercial they want $2 to 3 weeks right after the season premiere I'm just reporting an article send me II PS3 I don't remember what was in there I don't think Netflix the by and then run down the list of companies actually the show at ABC he was president bunch of good Pro about bunch of stuff that turned out to be successful and they fired him before anything took off right pilot in Greenwood at no cost television President fired II didn't realize that in a now what was his name by Jimmy Fallon he may be there Thursday next to go because it's raining the drop going is a perfectly tuned for Fallon thank him for everything he's awesome I just started watching it again because it was Craig Ferguson who won the first commercial break and he comes in just regular log how much Craig kilborn hates Battle Creek the past on Conan O'Brien in way for Craig kilborn that's way for hundreds of the price probably was it was okay but Susan man fucking hot very attractive lady did she have the same assets of her mother image of on those things that the test I didn't apparently the third most most searched Google phrase was how do I remove the background of the tech support to remove from the Google cuz it was not really there's like anything else there was a tornado warning in her area and she was trying to watch your television in the tornado warning was blue Aurora Aurora Aurora area there's never an easy way to say this so I'm just going to tell him I love you but I'm divorcing you to marry Susan saying, I'm going to have to figure out a way to lure her into my trap why in every movie ever made you know we sat next to Tim Robbins and his son at a Chili's to go on time in the airport and some of the daughter didn't get a lot of good for everyone going to first day with them with her I don't know her name her name rear looks like a young version of Susan Sarandon what's a good prom these girls hot bikini it's raining daughter must think that every man in America comes into II the lesbianism is the last long the biggest douche in the middle of seems like we talked about we start mounts a girl his work at the bar across the street from it I couldn't really talk about how we can make eye contact with that girl lady woman has gone through her entire life thinking that every guy can't make eye contact and rules and fares his feet because no man has ever had the balls to make every time I've ever had with any guys after her dad for every time I every time I would walk away every going to try directions of a great time the moment Jeff what is the longest you've ever had sex the most Oli man the older I get the easier it is to have sex for a long time so I know in many ways for a half hour you can by the way you have to go am I drunk if I'm drunk to be like but if you drunk exactly is there a park in a threesome I would have no idea I can tell you I can tell you that I an orgasm first during sex in your life that makes sense I would feel incredibly guilty is like still I always feel like it's it's not as though I don't know whatever my role it's my duty to provide for me what does got to work the sooner you're happy and then two seconds later you can yes. That's not been a wonderful life I tried I tried to be very, would love to hear that yeah Shay Shay Maria Maria time to Twitter I hear I seen her before Tech new Twitter mostly I and everybody seems to still use it and likes it so much and so to trick myself into using Twitter I saw the following pornstars and it's awesome like every 35 feel like every 2 or 3 minutes so I can is like I mean I just pulled up a picture of a person Dushku Twitter pic what's after getting Twitter texts already done theiphonebabes.com is NSFW very nice we had a good buy iPhone 5 is a former just a huge photos because I'm in the front room sorry wow a true hero the first going to go for him to like me culturally of people understand that's the thing everyone's holding in their hand was what took the picture that's a good question Purcells with the black box the little black Square worship cats talking funny Jack out to be funny but the major Zucker is a good way to get back to you before we quit I need to mention that we have a survey if I don't want to take it please take it we're trying to find out some information about should you mention hey what's up with that is a waterproof case on iPhone I want to watch lucky good hey did you about option if that's possible arrangement with by my shop soon in stores as well Best Buy it's good timing too and as you all may know if you want to watch Red vs Blue on Xbox Live versions of Red vs Blue very short versions of season 1 Susan to excetera excetera got shot for shot in high-def full frame really cool remastered versions of Red vs Blue and that new box that is going to be available at Best Buy starting next month so now the only solution that it it is a shot for shot remake there's no Lucas best fancy Graphics or like if we didn't change the audio are City season 1 out of the city season 1 his very Charming you on the DVDs and the conservation about the Xbox One 6061 in a small form factor box Wikileaks rear of it the same RVP that you've loved over the years it just looks better original box the very first blue special edition at the top of that we were if you were if you have a season 1 Rivers we have one of the first 10,000 DVDs nothing special what's the special special special cuz we did it and we did it again 4 retail with the red and blue guy and now it's being redone version Heaven on II would take a photos I think you're right TV June 23rd reports will be available on Best Buy in Best Buy in our store our stores and at last when he said the original box that is going through all of them and will not be making it because we have the box you know we're trying to push sales in red is an event out of stock before the new ones come out retail distribution after writing down there sometime soon how many how many Best Buys are in at midnight launches for DVD the new box set trilogy and if for whatever reason you like you have like almost all of the Lost of this can you want with the original Wii still sell those we've made a new box box set right now in the store that the $50 includes the act like seasons 1 through 5 in their current form the individual on his desk and it's like $4,920 or whatever I'm going to do that new box that is for whatever reason you wanted to watch of original season 2 when you want to get in there