#68 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Gus is bitter and holds down the fort

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rooster-teeth-podcast-68

Recorded: 2010-06-30 22:18:20

Runtime: 00:55:38 (3338.71 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Jack Pattillo, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

sometimes I like younger listeners may be what set me off today Jack and I guess everyone's out of town for work or out filming a short yeah that's great that everyone decided to come today we do the podcast and I normally use over a year on Wednesday and I can print it on the calendar already new motherboards out there to be collected I could watch you play Crackdown 2 or possibly get my hands on it also I'm heading for a bit yeah a little bit it's crazy to think I was trying to do some kind of what's the deal with zombies or Monsters I Never Back Down 1 but apparently there were in the first game and now I guess there's a sort of an outbreak all over the city and set your a new agent so whatever you've been cloned and your job is to fight not only the freaks come out at night but also this group which is like the bad guys in the game so it's like the first game trailer different plan he would financially and then they would have a box yet maybe I was 20% into the game right now and it can I'm still sort of getting the plot of it but I don't remember the freaks in Crackdown 1 buy games too long ago probably forgot about him I never got close to beating Crackdown actually almost there and I got it was something else but I saw him the other day and get on the marketplace and I was like trigger going is that we remember that he doesn't remember has a padlock on the stuff get unlocked when you look at our deal with Microsoft right now men have you played Transformice printer and then I get to meet an English server now there's II English rivers on the Germans were in the original French and it's the most addicting game ever 2 brown recluse in any go into a hole and sounds riveting it sounds boring as hell but crazy X Journal about it and I will go to this one room pocket when I was for some reason I made that up and we have mice in my little room and it was chaos Korean people playing with everyone people flying everywhere is a browser-based I don't know what the hell maybe I'll take a look at it actually kind of made it up here today A little differently if they finish to get back to everyone else first has more points and the more points Shaman My Sunshine number and the shop now so I can actually create and control things like rely on the shaman to help you get to the cheese or get to the exit there's something out there something at the end of August and I guess it got pushed back to end of September the month of November 28th comes out it comes out 13th or 12th I get the feeling that Dead Rising 2 may be overlooked for a little while I want it comes out the 14th but I could be wrong don't make sense Dead Rising 2 is actually in the motorcycle 1 replay the original Dead Rising 4 Dead Rising 2 comes out it's available on demand somewhere that I can find it coming out in November the game 2 minutes probably dead I guess I can go back and pick up men the worst that happens they have to be a lot of people enjoy this math of making there's I think there's over 900 hidden items in this game how many is 540 or 330 Renegade driving or being there for each other and there's like another 20 or 30 flying ring or like to eat you probably get a gliding suit I even got you that you had to go through stuff and there's like 30 of those online things are orbs that you can get with a partner online they are there unless you're playing your first your first orgasm has a man ever too much for him and the guy who does the on the hill 3GS at least in my mind all the Halo stuff for 1 firefight 1 yeah but I've been avoiding as well but yeah I know firefight there I don't know I never trailer trailer trailer I am trying to avoid doing anything about it new also with everything that we end up talking about the record a podcast on Monday trailer on YouTube and break and iPhone babes men okay we'll talk about what you got in your laptop here pretty soon Starcraft 2 comes out next month I think it's great because I'm going to come back to Austin a couple days off Starcraft Korea air painted II of air 747 StarCraft II painting I don't have any II Starcraft mineral printer and carrier oil dead English and balsamic reduction Korean executive he knows nothing about video games tickets in first class plane menu Korean Air I don't know how about you I seem to do it I'm sure they're happy to do it you know people in Creole of Starcraft so much I guess that man is going also Korean talk did you see the other day that I just North Korea is the man with the US plus 55 trillion dollars North Korea 65 trillion dollars in Philadelphia last night things to do to look like what you want to do even better Sarah Palin Tina Fey as Sarah Palin the two of them were talking about you know you're my favorite of that year that's a good one anyway do you know when Sarah Palin looks exactly like your hair perfectly they pretty much every night you didn't get an iPhone for right I didn't have to wait till January. Because I never really comes to is going to fall right between AD next June or whenever the next one you know the next one hopefully this antenna problem with people been bitching about the problem my friend showed me yesterday iPhone lose reception buy just grabbing the bottom of it so you can do with a 3Gs also iPhone 4 if you're looking at the phone trying to talk about their Nokia phones I think it's I think some people are spearheading this campaign to II blew it out of proportion specifically doing a lot of it anymore but apparently they just started a petition to have to try to petition Apple to give out free cases for the iPhone 4 set to stop the reception problem Wise Guys are determined to get apple Blu the money legal action against me broken the first time last year when it came out like in June in for some reason I'm eligible for the upgrade I have no idea why and my wife who got the 3Gs at the same time I don't think she's Apple next February. I have no idea maybe not so bad actually strike 3GS 1616 men don't like the fact that you get with 32 gigs of memory old iPhone to new iPhone when you're shooting HD video on top of transfer a movie and all your music and apps and everything else and I think the constrictor Grapevine mall Grill heart of Oregon amazingly beautiful and I just assumed it was just like had to learn that history Android crap another game that a new member number munchers the little little frog do the attack it was like a grid of numbers and I was like he knows prime numbers only Elijah Wood who is the same time you can rent a car go from one to another like you will get robbed in Arkansas history it was like you had to sail a ship around the world Kim Possible Weiss Florida Colorado like halfway through or Twitter or more or a little the other one the other three options you can heart old money but you can get the bonus at the end of numbers the new iPad Mini Old Spice I'm on a horse 1 new one and only set up the shower the boat and on the beach and horse this one there's like 9 milk anyway so I don't know let me know around 4:30 on the first commercial new everyone knows now that yeah no we are we had lunch at a place called it was called takoba I think takoba Co 98627 what do not really has a girl in a little bit I think I might like in the back of my mind I was leaving a lot of that around town trying to find a good a good carnitas Clayton finally found it there so is Texas innkeepers coffee Dead Trigger II am going on that day and make a bunch of chili fans showed up it was all the face painting Portugal Portugal and Spain Portugal in Spain when I was in Mexico it was wrong but Argentina Argentina but they've got a good comic buy Griffon I appreciate that okay I forgive you I'm desperate desperate for Content that restaurant a also anyone coming to Texas next weekend there's no there's no group next week new round trip tickets to box right now so yeah anything outside of that area going to go Oklahoma Roswell to Alamogordo for me to text when I'm headed that was somebody wanting to be up in a minute and then we moved and now we can't go because Grill healthy food in large portions Griffon Chandler Arizona printmaking 2 3 Burger is even better you can put in a blender and drink it us flatliner fries with her terrible and awesome really good Frank the other day they were there they were like he was some kind of hold over them and a buffalo spice see more of you but why would you want to burn no I agree with you how to 2 days together and I believe you because is not interjecting Patrick Spears with Jeff and is picking cannabis place across the Interstate called after I was asking so I don't know finally be over and we'll go there and he loves it and he like on the way home 1070 french fry potato everyone II cancer yeah that's the problem I don't really have Garden Inn printer we have any money for all the time and energy having a garden and why do we have a garden we don't need any tomatoes antenna Tomatoes I think they're already in the fridge y'all come up to at your pictures like a winter early spring garden box has several and then doing the rest like flowers or something that we can actually appreciate it we have a CO coveralls pictures of your phone into earlier Center Nokia Mac can your parents walk in and somehow I got to get back what is at the elite costume that someone made walk around I don't know some animals on at 4 something but I wonder if I would do that comic on next month you see some crazy costume that there's anything like that just remember this new remastered DVD you can check and see if it's for you it's back ordered on their website and we also are selling the complete movies on iTunes or 1 or 2 or 3 or 5 and get it like has one long firefight if you want it on the new remastered old box in the office and take a picture comparing the size of a new box and in the old box dead to show how much smaller it is now I think the new box that has like a new comic 2 years I think we were wrapping up season 3 office aperture is like a more professional approach humor version of iPhone are you going to do next photo management and like basic photo editing and I'm going to take your people's faces and organize everyone into groups and stuff and let it run and I found a bunch of pictures of us working and Bernie spare bedroom I guess I can the original Red vs Blue office organized a few of those and put them in my life and it was believed we were in that room for so long and then moving to the bedroom to a 7000 square foot Warehouse do you want to come by there yesterday morning and I was looking up all the problems we have now hopefully we'll have a whole new set of problems where we going to put the printer and fax machine people can use it effectively II tried to share a room and we get that conference room next to my office is the biggest car so you're going to be happy until you come out just like covered in that printer ink stuff everyday the main room and bring you know which is money that smell that was there and we read a story 1 on soccer Digger something years ago that I get like that micro fine dust from the printer toner can get in your lungs and cause cancer printer printing nice open area network cables up there in that open area nothing at for the fax machine printer will most likely go are we going to have any plugs in the any plugs or network outlets in the floor upstairs like actual ground number at school is going to be right there and it was asking for it I don't know maybe I should wait until 1 anyway technical the first was the first time I'd forgotten like that with your office that wasn't connected I forgot about that and I was completely gone and its building 125 we have everyone that's perfect my chair with a toilet office number to put in my office I think Jeff and I talked about doing something like that with her office and you're also pretty cool actually I'll take a picture and post it weight that look like they're floating up and it was everything do you have your personal Library yeah yeah make a little fancy also we should talk about what you got there cuz I've been looking at this from across the way cuz I don't need it I got cable if I don't have cable I probably would but would you disconnect your cable and Hulu Plus you couldn't do without Grace on cable also described as okay you know you don't think about it the more I want to watch this show it's not something that was the hardest part about when I finally disconnected my cable through II having to do other things around my house a lot more but I think I'm going to get it but can you 1 account I'm going to do it on my iPad my iPhone and my Xbox and PlayStation move around to 1 / 2011 on the PlayStation and Xbox and had some but they don't have the Xbox version of it is going to be different like a more enriched experience like to involve connecting it could be a totally separate watching Netflix on my PS3 in my power to get that done fast so don't let Sony jumping through a holiday season I mean if your Xbox has an entertainment device you want to have that fun to be a little delayed final podcast a different $50 everyone in the room 215 which is like the greatest thing you have to understand in the world 58 from life for 5 years old now and everything correctly and I don't even know anymore actually I figured out my Xbox on my phone to my TV through HDMI and optical audio cable almost exact my TV optical audio connect my receiver but for some reason my TV output 2 channels over that optical audio to my receiver to my Xbox directly to my receiver for my PlayStation 3 remote super simple that's all it has a power button that turns on my receiver and my TV and that's it and then I can just switch input without remote Harmony my bedroom for my bedroom TV number comic Harmony is the PlayStation 3 and it's not their fault the PlayStation 3 have an IR receiver has to be Blu II want my harmony with a dip to buy like an IR receiver the app that converts it into for the for the PlayStation Bluetooth Bluetooth remote and then having apps on your phone to control Butthead is it is everything set up through nose 1 remote and then go to my parents house and my parents not having color on your TV so I came home one day after you know I was moving stuff to my house and my parents are watching Harry Potter on DVD and I'm like you have red on your phone this antenna blue and green what's better like everytime I see them watching TV is always watching the standard def channels on the well I don't know number that is at 11 what time will we get old enough tearing or oblivious honestly the point is that as we get older and RvB you that we're not playing video games anymore my wife asked me that a lot and I think she likes it old people watch TV and we made it we may be playing video games and everyone else's II know I don't hyperbole in the future dead man got up and I can't wait for that to be gone in the next time and the next update of possible internet connectivity on the US before we can totally get rid of it because it looks great compared with in order to fully get rid of all of my games attached to my profile like I'd be signed into Xbox Enterprise Houston attack people like emailing on it for like for business functionality I think about it I'm running a company email on the cloud I don't want you know I want on the local private Network server II know it's just a matter of not having anything connected to the internet on my computer for the night attack one of them last week and I like every game they had for like 75 bucks every Tomb Raider game ever had like Batman Arkham Asylum 2 of them must have been I don't have actually I have not downloaded it really probably should radar Mac the only time we're doing our dance to get him also I'm trying to get in Windows XP what you need to be putting drivers but I'm sure he's happy with it like a man very specific when I first started I didn't understand it I wanted to upgrade to a newer version of Windows but let him work now I understand why he is the way he is he's has a very very very efficient that was it but Windows XP has the most support so he needs to do something tonight I know I'm going to work nights and I work days we talk sometime or comic on travel Arrangements Mac I want to see what it is very very excited about that a big travel season of Summer comic on attack how many people are in a pack number to many months away I can't think of anything that connections I think I waited till like 3 weeks before Pax and booked up that's how we have to walk a bit we kind of thought a little further away but only farted comic on they have on your exhibit they have like a pool of hotels that are you apply for and then they give you a hotel assignment at the same time as back in October book my own room you know at a hotel that I want to stay as close to the center and I'll stay with them two different floors at that comic on we're at the Hyatt last year was a good year before we're at the Marriott men like the 2 Hotel attack right next door to the command center used to stay at the Embassy Suites downtown the rooms were out there all the time and it was like you could put something in the room and I literally on the floor at the Holiday Inn for 20 minutes dolphins jumping in the ocean from the train California moments is pretty cool you don't get done texting drunktankrt Twitter feed would do business again and early 05 comic 2 days now I think your community site dead man we need to run along is product yet but I think you and I did okay alright just set around to talk to you without you yelling at me just brought you here for a long time like 12 years ago