#69 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth celebrates Bungie Day

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Recorded: 2010-07-07 22:43:46

Runtime: 00:39:38 (2378.48 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

Jack Andres Germany Kraftwerk naked anner Jack Reacher there were laughing about it and plug it so you would like some of the theme song to listen to podcast at recipes.com and it has a little last eight months later right now almost to 2010 number 1822 done a little more famous people numbers was trying to Jack on the idea of having like a famous person just like all the 20 or 30 and 32 extra person you still need and you need that would be interesting interesting confusing famous person from the movies many cup humanly possible which is equal for work whatever number to 100 using movies line to find anywhere to find Search terms you can own Justin knew what he was talking about it we just went right back into it where is the Cup Cafe world making skirt and references to the video and the game again which is Phil Jackson Day about dick okay the greatest game developer in the world absolute and to celebrate they invited us and we made a video showing the reveal of blood goal in Halo memories video that we release this week an irregular falcon everything Red vs Blue Jack as man in reach but I will get an email and I'll be reminded of it all over again that's a good point was one of my favorites book the map and about man I want to be congratulations on your Justin Bungie to work on that for the new building right now I'll talk about the video arri prediction was wrong yesterday Achievement Hunter video was the Netherlands Uruguay win Uruguay 2 already out Kim to the roster currently Justin takes was out and didn't double FIFA soccer is it in that game when other words wait until you can just take it Captain D's Andres Martin County I need to be a personal Again Sports an argument you can ask her because nobody knows soccer the most premier games every other the past 4 years I do not have instant replay goal line judge ever since the universe time around the FIFA star going to review their policy about having like goal line tracking technology like putting and chipping the ball to be able to tell when it does cross the line but it doesn't mean to be wait but you could do it without slowing the game down 2 minutes and after that you can taken off the field on a stretcher soccer red card Justin internet actually Kim my in German uniform the best thing about the World Cup is watching the dude like faking injuries and and later some other person on animation World Cup are the other women in the stands we seem like the videos and photos of the and for a team but it turned out there actually like they were paid models to wear the shirt or something I don't know what it was I can find it for you the at the girl who she's going to run naked through the streets flag horse help with a cell phone between her boobs and everyone in the world knows her name and that she can Paraguay and that I have seen any naked pictures of her the actual goal on her boob link oh yeah I don't have a problem with it I don't know better because I made a joke about Jack making a map for achievement hunter that require the services of Lewis and Clark my alarm for in the history of the world over a week or so and it might be something like what happened was I woke up and in a State of zombie-like Trance I turn off my alarm in a melee Phil died my internal clock woke me up at 11:11 tell me text Gus like shit I'm sorry had a rolling blackout and my alarm clock would you like to come in have a battery in your alarm clock on your phone or something like that we will never fully appreciate the power that they wield all I do is take my clothes off and get International attention an awesome photos women man that's awesome I love the Internet it's funny it's like to have the opportunity to hear an alarm an hour out of the internet the Ramsey going on vacation again and I was not asked to how to hire that girl from Uruguay Paraguay parrot whatever Martin Hunter missing birth star video that Germany which is possible and we're talking about people are the teams for Germany because I see Spain and Germany up until now Germany the Netherlands are definitely with the three best teams in the cup of the three I think Spain and Germany have had two best showings so that's almost like a final to me I think it's going to be a matter of the first time I figured tomorrow we'll put up our world cup prediction video you can the running game you know of like the players from the World Cup that make mistakes and then you can show them to her for my car 4 x 18 whatever but there's got to be got to be dudes died and every every World Cup Brazil demean McBee Insurance the personal liability insurance for self to me North Korea live on national TV for the first time ever and got destroyed zero the best player was from Japan that never to North Korea before the North Korea soccer the finals there's a whole article about North Korea North Korea Falcon propaganda schedules actually like you had before the North Korean players to try and like the fact that I'm North Korean side of the Border do they not movies like one they're not allowed outside of the me was probably had handlers around them constantly threaten their families that are still your family into your family and then it's weird from the day you were born coach in the world not really gotta and then you go out Kim North Koreans have last North Korea Kim Jong il's like a big film director movies and therefore I want to US soldiers would to North Korean always cast an evil American do you and the kids I mean it's like the rock stars in defect Zach in Japan American documentary line Internet San Jose North Korea is really really good to think weapons and propaganda movies luxury items like for a while Kim Jong was the world's largest importer of Hennessy that's awesome in an John the last me also had a giant Fleet of Mercedes-Benz whatever ridiculous items that you can like died from Western Society they always have it the core group of people who are you know taken care of in a very luxurious manner in order to arrest everyone else for people to keep it within the last 5 years runs the day-to-day operations of Cuba time to North you know you know God like figures in the country who are trying to transition to power away from themselves to the two kids came down here to try to transition into one of those things in the world countries like North Korea 2 and a half years ago I think 100 countries another documentary North Korea by the way I saw showed how people live in North Korea they all have like a radio in there and you can never turn the radio off like it's just constantly on and constantly has a little circle Creekwood little icon of what like propaganda is in like a perfect fit when I went to elementary school it was like lunch that was interesting conversation video game podcast I'm going to reclassify us to go tell me what day was about like a roaring Wild 47 Animation Way movies puzzle every week you know and then we give the answer on the following podcast as it dries we talked about this 24 and he's in my Oprah your own show on the new my Oprah channel for Oprah scandal at her new TV channel she's making and she went to work for her for a really clever funny videos exploded like fart day for channel standing sort of like they're there because of who they wanted to because a couple weeks prior to all this we actually had him in one of our short you can see in the background in the background of the restaurant video exploded Kim video amazing animated in his blog and then everybody Millions selling musician will do his theme song for the TV show over a million from what I could tell 900,000 it looks like the boat is done to make the internet 5 highest voters and their going to film a reality show with them or some sort of show what they got to be and I'm going to have no way to store the top vote-getters for the same dr. Phyllis and Jacqueline check and see if I can look at the beard YouTube different to the Capitol Bunnell and then I thought I didn't I didn't watch an account that was out yet when I saw that one all right here yeah we got a total of 9.1 million .3 + 5.9 million + 35 + 30 anyone from the internet voting gif weird vetting process 4 x beard was already approaching him to talk to him so I can imagine that I'm just very skeptical star producers process comedian show internet the cameras are this is based in reality this reality that's all fixed up today I was watching when my birthday strange I didn't know that you were friends if you have to wear them with a wife wants to get married and so he doesn't remember and I was at dinner and all the sudden it showed up in Boots and in the Kardashian sisters armor on the cover it was like a misplaced and hotel Define simulation wait a minute terrible Man vs Wild he would kill me if something happened to you right now no actually I didn't have help produce armor and again water industry Curb Your Enthusiasm times basically it's just like you said like we will be restaurant and they would short of it had the cameras and they still have the stereo and then they would just kind of being the moment played out what happened they played on the same thing as I don't know I haven't seen the RT at the show or anything like that but you know who knows everything the deadliest catch as catch can the Kim Kardashian and put armor died died he had a had died it was going to man Coach Carter it's like season to show you everything and it's like would you like me to the MTV had portable Jong going on you know if I can still laying in the bed and they got the heart film going on this Sunday they're in your life and you know to me it was like being punched in the face incredibly powerful but didn't board and Deli board going through rough footage of Captain Phil sitting in a hospital bed dying you know and it's the most falcon music over it yeah that works you don't and then was a little after that episode because I gotta rigged which of the show where they said all the captains and I talked about what was going on there you know and it's like and it's like they bring their sons an ass like yours no no no no I mean I understand that it was probably Phil me know you know ask him to do his best to try to make the situation not as horribly awkward as it is I'm trying to like I don't know man I don't know it's rough I can't help but for me the podcast was nothing more than a vehicle for like 7 years from now so we can pull out some audio footage of what I'm saying on the at Justin Bieber World Tour Vice on the internet about North Korea line man Gus RT North Union man Vice did you see me coming from RT 41 it's been that much better the remastered star next to it looks like died no shot for shot and it's a great comparison for people who don't necessarily understand what the remastered DVDs all about you I didn't realize how different is all the characters facial expressions the original discontinued cardboard cutouts the latest overseas in Edinburgh and Glasgow and I say hi from Edinburgh okay well we should go to lunch because I'm pretty hungry jail Oprah 323 Edinger wait until probably the middle jail cell for 30 minutes about and get out you don't pay for why is wrecked 2 cars and she broke her probation with her screams only twice and she's in jail yesterday achievement about the crap outta me sick of hearing about her and I'm sick of talking about it I'm just I don't want I don't care Kim control