#7 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth welcomes special guest star Matt Hullum

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Recorded: 2009-05-29 19:15:39

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum




Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the risky podcast Matt theme song from Superman something before the end of the the truth is the guy who is the special guest star sweet sweet I'm sorry to say that the theme song is actually worse than just who is possibly the worst singer in the history of your insult me you're insulting children and religion so I would take that back and dogs podcasting well I guess the guy who will every time you discover something it's like going to be the greatest thing in his life like it's going to be the thing that changes is like it doesn't matter what it is just about out about the greatest thing ever know everything you're the greatest think clearly this is going to completely change my life and make it awesome and then within two weeks we never hear about it again ever is inconsistent lime and sugar and Magic will have over tomorrow for all three industry people is for the public as well as the dudes who are those people are they sold it to the people who own for all and then you're all like we're not enough oil companies right now it's like I'm feeling that Chrysler Fiat the article that their plan is working you're going to just don't Brands right they're going to like streamline they're going to say just getting anymore but you can buy like 14 different varieties of Gru the car about three weeks later you're still liking that new car can it sound like I got in the car but starting to feel a little bit and that's when you get cookies in the mail I should you not Saturn since your cookies like hey thanks for buying a car and you could do that cinnamon but you know what that you had that new car smell send an email to let you pay sticker price for your car what does that mean it's too old head start cutting brace yourself my first car was a Datsun 200SX and it was weird last Matt glass on the door because the way this really good sports car I guess what is a good 1980 car and after a while that rubber grommet just went away so I literally had a gap between two pieces of glass and it just sounded like a whistle constantly in my car which was fucking awesome exactly wouldn't do it like 50 miles an hour put the car in neutral and then so why not put the car neutral at 50 miles an hour turn off the car and the steering wheel sometimes like it does when you have the car turned off so imagine that it's a few miles an hour I'm really really driving a car for $200 because they sold it to me said all the car completely busted the radiator fluid to come out of the water and he said he was here and everything for 200 bucks he missed the bottom of the car for $200 and $5 and had a perfectly running car for 8 years I sold it to George friend of ours and he wanted to learn about cars so he bought this car to life just because I told him $1 Georgia driving EDM you ever driving to work he went to work changing the oil on it would you drain the oil out of a hot engine not a great idea and you can I catch the oil and like one of those little things exactly like it in plastic bags you get at the grocery store right and that goes right through that all over him blockage but he couldn't find it was everything about everything it seems like everybody else in the house and then they had like two or three semis in and didn't have the floor tools that you've never see like I feel like I wanted it like East Texas like your pants like some places where they do like strip mining that was like I think she's like enormous machine gun anywhere they called it looks like they're from but the future is like science fiction or something that like just go out there and they're like in an acre long one machine and it was like tearing up the ground pictures on the internet that machine that looks like a giant saw blade basically dump trucks around with the bucket truck how many stick around for that he would be close to me if you put that in the new Call Of Duty Modern Warfare game but speaking of moving does Call of Duty video game franchise 666 but if it in the title it says it's number 424-7424 they want to separate themselves completely from the franchise I don't think it's fair and now they're like brand office Modern Warfare historical Warfare trailer but I can't help but wonder do we really need trailers for video games is that something that 04 Matt in the way the game is constructed we have the ability have demos for video games so we can have a demo interactive demo why do we need a trailer to put a trailer in a trailer before your process I guess so but that really like I mean who watches the trailer for a video game do people just randomly go out and watch the 400,000 people watch the 2000 people probably just all people who played Modern Warfare 1 - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 trailer the new trailer for new commercial I didn't see that but I saw the promo the previous day that said it was going to be a commercial that promoted the trailer commercial marketing campaign that's what I mean 04 summer movies start like really gearing up in January but when it boils down to it it's a 87 or $10 decision different people to me like I'm a go see this movie but it's all this hype like to generate tons and tons of marketing it works I mean I mean but they are competing against large number of other big movies coming out during the summer Warfare 2 is coming out 11:10 9 right which is the meaning of Christmas in the Christmas season and that came up but I mean that's just busy right before Thanksgiving when people to start spending lots of money but I mean $60 purchase this far in advance so kids to their parents and will get a lot more marketing the new game that's like prototype because they know how much right but then doesn't the game itself and have momentum right I mean doesn't it have like I'm going to be the next Halo game I'm going to buy the next Call of Duty game you know if they came out with a while too but they advertise the shit out of that but I still do right I guess there's no keeping the ball rolling right it is a big part of it but like the games that come out that have the potential to become a franchise more money invested in like trying to get these things off the ground I wonder how much of it also is established by the time they had space to freeze out the competition but the competition for the best Raging Bull DVD and Cliffhanger which was an incredible trailer for a terrible movie or one of most memorable trailers was Star Wars episode 1 trailer where all the Duncans come out of the Mist at the beginning I love that at the time you know I still think that trailer made Adam Sandler's career beginning however it was also in front Wing Commander you could watch it on the Apple website if you want to watch The High Road you have to have Quicktime Pro to pay a commercial right now get paid 3 bucks an episode that was going to be more than a movie there's a lot of there's a lot of promotional stuff out there right now that's for money that's people they want you to pay to watch her consume like those Star Trek Comics that were on the iPhone which was pretty good but those were like a bunch of homos 5 bucks by the time you're finished it's like to see the movie again and I really didn't last as long as he know the movie trailers had a very different experience when I was living in Puerto Rico example starts at 7:15 in Puerto Rico the movie time at 7 o'clock and you want to get there a little early show up at 6:45 if you want to buy your ticket no no no that's your ticket and then you go in and wait for the most excited call Krista was the last one I don't want to I don't want to color your opinion of it or anything like that what was your favorite short film before Pixar movie cuz I don't have all been so good I can't I think was the alien sequence one word that the abduction stressed out but I'm not arrested was Wally anyway that was my favorite I really I really like the one with the musicians where the One Man Band yeah it's like an hour in advance and the people who are in that group of people who do that they're totally cool with that but then I can't show up an hour in advance for any saw really hard for me to show up but it is funny to me and it's like it doesn't tend to be the same group of people that go to these screenings but has the same quality of every other Pixar movie just like unbelievable like you forget you're watching animation after all but it also does that thing work at the moment so if you're going to be ready for this probably stuff and it's like that's the only thing the old man he does look so it's really depressing the shortest short is really great so is something you're used to write and it's just executed really well right like a teleportation game and if they just do it over and over again and it's just it's also the one thing I find weird about this particular Pixar movie going into it as a really good thing going where main character with a few exceptions on the edges like there's also the character who is a human humans are incredible normal everyday average people kind of it and the dog I can talk to some inventions what I can gather on the trailer for the trailer for trailers it's really great and like I said partly cloudy I believe my thinking and it's just it's really like Fantastical things that you can make it really well we should be able to develop crazy stuff in the future episode March 1st aliens was the highest grossing movie so far this year it just got passed by Star Trek funny cuz I was just about to say I was just about to say that you think people can't differentiate between production companies and things like that Italian like people that dropped off 85% comic hero and this convert 3x movies out you know people and tons of fans whatever you like you know there's a lot of great Comic Book Heroes that don't necessarily like get their full impact on screen presence like you really want to see Thomas Jane Play Punisher I mean it doesn't really like it's not really what you're looking for mr. McMahon is a magazine and I was like I was like I said he was really happy when he he's not my type and it's like that is a weird offense because I'm married she doesn't like what universally accepted is like a good-looking show me some of the Steve Buscemi Del Toro I'm in a horrible company Supermarket movies that come out like comic book movie living on the internet in a bubble of what's popular and what's not like like snakes on the plane to give me the biggest movie of all time it's going to be like a watershed moment in cinema you know it's like when you can see it happen all the time like it's going crazy like we got us a house so we gotta say Connor Chronicles and it's just like why is it that every season a popular show on the Internet is being cancelled on television why is that with him for a reason is that it's against this really isn't there or the internet people are watching shows on television it's because people are putting the shows you need to be part of it and there's no internet Lucas again I'm still happy American Idol is Adam Lambert what's up Chris Allen Chris Allen watch party AT&T rep showed up with your phone and show people how to power text and send like 10 texts at once using phones from the 1810 Popstar Tessa who was Fantasia Fantasia yeah I mean if you want a Grammy and an Oscar I mean what hasn't traditional think it's weird to that something is really weird what is Conan O'Brien being does The Tonight Show I don't know why it's so strange to me other than likely going to buy it first came on he seem like he was more like in the counterculture like weird humor The Simpsons on the side of stuff to get done and like all that cool Amy Poehler stuff that they used to do and just like it was weird that a lot of weird stuff on there like masturbating bear building and when he went over to see him do that stuff the same weird Edge that could have he was pretty weird though he really was I mean let him and had a letter Matt Hoffman wrestlers on how old is Conan O'Brien could make that transition from Late Night with Conan O'Brien The Tonight Show that's all it is and let him come to me still doesn't seem like a real talk show how he still coming over 30 minute monologue every day forever to do you like to party he would take over the entire party talked for an hour and a half straight weave and what the fuk just happened ruined every sketchy was in his last season load fall into the ocean and get eaten by a shark and it still wouldn't be as dramatic as a decline as Amy Poehler going from Saturday live too far to that fucking horrible show on on NBC Detroit music this is right now stop recording being ridiculed for just these old faces we have them after the Saving Face video that we made we were talking and I was telling my wife last night about the mustache Burnie got to the part where you like just a little smirk and eyebrow up move with the mustaches like I couldn't I couldn't stop laughing every time every every time I have a look at the outside of it and every take a side Burnie saw the great job I get to the end and his eyes like the above the camera put that in the first tech if you can be in the room setting time we talked about Gus anyone got any last things you want to talk about we have a play date for Halo Wars on Friday night depending on when it comes to the Friday night the 29th and then we have some other stuff for working out Gus is now taking over the podcast for me so we'll be putting it out you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and yes please do as many as possible to get money from the company and what else Drag Me to Hell come out this weekend because everyone I won't be here every week plus I'm sorry goodbye