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Rooster Teeth welcomes Geoff back

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Recorded: 2010-07-14 21:31:31

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

organs of the drunk tank on Jack from The Fosters died email about more like it did when I was in when I was in Seattle for a week filming the Bungie Day video up at Bungie and I have and then I got off the plane came into the office deliver the hard drive and then got on the plane to go to for like 14 days with my wife and daughter in Houston the reality of the stress of daily European travel was too much can you really say that you went to Europe if you just in the UK the whole time like I am now at the London Underground Life The Tubes as they were here to master to Pro and I don't know how to drive on the wrong side of the road because I drove the entirety of England twice so did you ever go to a place where you have to drive on the right side of the road with the left hand side car we were in of England with Anne Burrell which is like Southern Scotland Drive and then with cruise out of England of being around and then and ask her after driving through London for like a week I just was like what kind of car did you have was it like Gavin would call a Persian yeah it was it was not what I wanted but I had to shift with my left hand which you don't realize you still was the clutch still on the left arm from steering with my right arm but I've determined that it was probably next to Austin of course it's food in the UK have your and like to court crazier than when you came and it's just you can't eat healthy to save your life their everything is terrible sounds awesome was it supports Community Food the better part in the cinema store in London had a delightful time I went there once and I did not enjoy London very much credit for big band London Bridge over to the Globe Theatre and Museum I'm looking for a dude I got where did you go Jack the past 3 weeks it's boring as can be when you're back in the office with no windows by yourself for 3 weeks dude and making like 700 800 track down videos let me see how boring it can be sitting in a room with you just Jack music new 2009 versions I'm going to come next week we on Thursday morning at 11 a.m. Thursday morning so we we figure 4 Jackson County the 4 of us that will be there will probably have a total of 10 people in the room I hope so I don't know if it was changed wanted to be a surprise to you Kathleen and Monte was the Dream Team different it's a sign at the booth anyway first ever needed on the panel last year I think Redbox his mother fucking blue panel we're going to some stuff never at Comic-Con everyone he was going to start the process of moving everything off when we moved into this I just so happen to coincide with Anime Expo in California and Gavin and Joel and Kathleen and I were there for like a whole week and a hundred percent of the Moon came into the office and Mike too far away from it at 11:15 which is 50 minutes after y'all sales begin in Hall h the big hole is the Tron legacy panel I don't know why you would be plugging other competing Redbox best I don't know if I'm going to 12 + 20 real talk on Thursday next week to come looking for it what will happen if I think I have on my on my schedule next week Bernie Mac Show live Monte Wichita consumer things to do in their last night and I took a cab from the airport to my house got in my car and can the record and everybody Jack Spears what time do you mail server went down at one of the guys in the finance department got angry with me if I didn't send an email out notifying everyone that the email server was down eye doctor old company buys real estate company vitamins 3 and I bought it back in the drawer and I didn't work anymore because I didn't know it was years ago so it had been but expired and so it was sending it to email address the man from 4 to 5 hours right now that everybody here seems to think they are dumb and they don't the contractor when a domain expires store has been advertised on the domain say so that when the domain expired you can buy it if you want it but there's like I said there's a 35 day grace. You never and never left on the reservation system get in line to buy the domain if you want to 3 days yours is coming up next week will probably like the 2-year anniversary of Jimmy Hunter the 28th I believe I actually ever mention it Xbox Geoff can I get that back why do you want to go back and play the original court all the Portal 2 videos have me thinking about it I may have it here in the office actually I would have taken it you didn't have me take care of your cat's well I would have but it was for such a long time 2 weeks I don't like my friends 7 pets thought about trying to find out who that lady was and getting her to take a naked picture on your chair new iPhone what you looking at another Jack this Britney Spears cover that was photoshopped and hear about this thing it was real of Cosmos actually bad his Britney Spears cover great podcast top television what the body or the face of the two completely different to what size well played sir all right how shockingly bad is that is it bad if you don't think the photoshopped every magazine cover some programs world war in Europe or the UK I watch the Germany Argentina game and then I watch Final and the final didn't help us break the record here in the US apparently the final was the most-watched soccer game ever and 24. million people number 7 largest market the number one market New Mexico New Mexico California Miami Mart some Miami is up there but San Francisco's number one interesting San Francisco New York Miami San Diego the most was the US gone again you know the simulation World Cup soccer videos that to you guys did was out of town in the real game and like that I tried to watch both games at pubs in London and we ended up having to watch it with a little private viewing parties in a hotel room because like I went to a pub on on final day and they had like people had reserved parts of the father died in months in advance and there was a good General seating area that you could try to get in and it was like five hours before the game and people were like him father raising minimum in London would be like $4,000 to get in to look at the TV it was a big deal over there Gavin Griffin million died and I couldn't get out of any breakfast for less than like Dominic guests 45 blocks that you can't really lay eggs and toast or eggs and toast would be like 8 pounds which is like $2 that's a good deal in the course of the two weeks I was there one was a tomato and basil soup and the other two meals were Indian I know but like everything else it was just terrible actors with the last name for the star like it's too bad I can't pronounce their newborn some father left over there still is really bigger their favorite name for a beer Court the fuck are you talking about hey did you see Redbox started renting video games I did not see that that is awesome it's like Market the grocery store their house has $2 video games that Redbox how long can you I don't know I didn't realize it was a couple weeks ago new release movies ESPN Gus Live on Xbox Live 4K Xbox Live new update for it apparently find a movie or find a Redbox can't find a game you can specifically the only one of the Four Winds everybody I guess I'll the pub food and every all the restaurants was bad in the UK because if they only eat Burger King and McDonald's really like everybody every time you turn around there's people like to walk on the streets we did it exports to them the one by our house and that reminded me the other day on Netflix I got Alison Wonderland I want and I did not I did not I was and I did not remember that movie in the box office number all time grossing movie it broke avatars record in the IMAX it did better than Avatar in IMAX that's made like I'm going to and I'm not sure about this I'm going to 340 million us 30 43741 of the the all time was the the movie number 1 Avatar to Titanic MP3 the Rings Return of the King number for Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest Alice in Wonderland number 8 Pirates of the Caribbean at World's End so he's got like three out of the top 10 Tom Hanks and Eddie Murphy 4 and then I'm going to bed Harrison Ford Johnny Depp and Robin Williams round out the top five I'm trying to look it up so bad for me for a bit some 4 million dollars who wanted to and I think it's probably the head of Eddie Murphy because of Toy Story 3 doing so much better than Shrek yeah but I could be wrong about that I can't find it but I did you see Orlando Bloom I didn't say he was in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and parts of the cow I forgot my laptop so instead he's crawling over a ticket at a computer gone out because I you fix the pull the rat out of the number one Hax some number 3 Harrison Ford with Johnny Depp number 11 number 3 highest grossing actress whose number 9 for movie night and day come out now now the Predators trailer is Awesome Everything movies the new Bill Pullman in Aliens can you just fucking funny he's really funny and like the worst movie ever on the plane which was worse than you could possibly imagine I tried to turn it off and then I tried a second time and the third time I was like I got a lot to do and it was just atrocious Baymont Inn Envy Pond us we wanted to like it because I was Jack Benny was that movie where Ben Stiller creates the spray that vaporizes poop vaporizer yeah and what cup for walking was in the movie in the dark staring at was the cop that was worse than that it was so bad to terrible the first movie I ever saw on an airplane years ago was 13 years was Gone Fishin I think the first movie I was on an airplane I feel like I have this memory I could be totally for it but I feel like I when I was a kid I flew from Florida to Oregon and I saw On Golden Pond was not the most exciting to watch the Xbox when you check in when you fly an international then he got through security again to and a half hours to get that after I landed to get back through and I all must be almost didn't make it was crazy I hate that place it was like 8:30 at night I don't the airport 3 hours early because like 15 minutes to get through security Take Me 3 hours just walk straight through nothing I took from the Heathrow Express to the terminal he doesn't like them and then it did to go through security at an airport can be terrible because it was Microsoft battery what's up is there really an app season was down there I guess you have to worry about it anymore Wireless so stupid to replace the battery for you Jack it's convenient please battery setting twice and their six-month of headaches the Apple Mighty Mouse Mighty Mouse 3 names of the cartoon character or is it still called Mighty Mouse Elizabeth the second portion of the podcast take with me you are out of town for this at the time Geoff what I saw I guess there's a trailer for an upcoming game or documentary called the Hax life at the Magic Mouse by the way the magic magic mouse where they talked to a bunch of Korean Gamers who play Starcraft and I give them directions of how many actions per minute we can do a really good examples of people doing 300 actions per minute in Starcraft that's that's ridiculous and is constantly moving that's crazy in a movie about it like a video game player this is what they were doing should I dive directions the farm by the way I was wondering on the Fishin with the busiest spot on the planet is 4 is that Apple Store in London there must have been a thousand people in that store did you see the pictures of the Shanghai that was pretty nice it looks like the underground what the hell is in on 5th Avenue New York in and Shanghai some of glass but I think it's very similar to the elevator in the front loading Apple logo draws people to notice the fact that there's over a billion people in the country in Indianapolis all came to me dude when I was there this was just like Sunday morning and there were people there were like a lot like 50 people deep of people getting their iPads that they had pre-ordered still to this day RT shirt Geoff the picture of everyone at the Shanghai store life store I need the computer at work for 10 years building this computer I can buy a part for it video of Apple products you can your iPhone 4 some right I bought it this morning it will ship in seven to 14 days will probably come home and come home and then they told me about Apple Store reports that on average and iPad every 3 seconds with a limited Supply review Hunter out about this other engineer comes out consumer reports and it should have been in a different way and you really can't measure signal loss the way they did but even then it was still their number one smartphone they had listed on their site so I don't know I don't get it okay did you guys know I can't wait till January season 5 day I don't know if you noticed but I want a phone with more than 32 gigabytes iPhone 4 16 gig because I have with 8 gigs and I have 4 games free was concerned it would kill off the floor and iPhone 4 from it I think this has much better video you know a ridiculous percentage of that market and that there at like I didn't even realize how established they were already but they have like 40 or 50% of the handheld HD Market I believe I have one video cup star trophy or a true achievement you could only have gotten yesterday on mlb2k10 yeah I heard about it was really Thursday and achievement for playing the All Star game on the day of the All Star game their zeppoles Day schedule games and complain that day to play the All Star game on All Star day and the only day you can wait till next year to do it again Xbox Live your day to be the day of the All Star game and then play the All Star game to get the achievement that's a good question we we should see if anyone out there has mlb2k10 and didn't get the achievement they should give her some because I've been online they have like online challenges and you let you go online that's like today's challenge game is the All Star that probably and so you can't get to that games some some games come out with like a community plate leaking many planets are and people try to do that it doesn't work stupid to stupid achievement the house but they can wait 3 or 4 days I don't even see the top of the national to 3210 Bluebird Xbox digital exceeded the amount of revenue generated by subscriptions games media and broke it down into revenue from subscriptions and revenue from digital sales and digital sales and just edged out some options yearly total us anything. Conscription is coming out right now to pay for and you get one free PlayStation Network game where you like their Xbox Live arcade games and I guess that rotates out and then so you don't get to pick the game store in twelve 3 Game of the Year the service or something but it's your account expired games go away and you can't get them back life so whatever you downloaded pain and like it was one of the games and everything like that and then you forget some stuff but isn't that kind of like what like Napster and Zune do with their subscription model to where you pay like $10 a month and you have access to like 12 million song and then as soon as you let your subscription live to lose all that I'm sure it works for a while that your PlayStation Plus on the PS3 but they took that back and you didn't need PlayStation Plus for Hulu Plus Hulu Plus not coming out on the Xbox 360 because I want to be a more immersive experience and see how that turns out on my iPad and my Xbox Live the pic and it's not even out yet which I think that would work because my Netflix subscription works on my Roku and my Xbox on my computer and Redbox do you have anything to say about this blizzard real ID deal that fell through I thought they were going to change the real name was going to go from their handles actual name no I don't think so names are known on the internet somewhere real names email the ESRB everyone everyone email working out some pretty great how many miles is it to hear over a thousand nights around of thousands gave me can you answer me I'm stopping for about 3 hours this morning and so I was on line two half awake half asleep and I feel like I read a headline somewhere that said that the FCC has decided to stop fighting broadcasters for like like flipping with swear words was Court Supreme Court Court games that the FCC rules about that were too vague to be enforceable so they struck down the FCC Clauses about that most to be more clear about what is and final and then and it also George Steinbrenner died yesterday Harvey pekar died one winter died his Seinfeld actually us new put together a compilation of all of his Seinfeld appearances Memorial and other was was trying to be trying to be Professor Frink was talking about the crazy money iPhone and was mentioning that the herd of Seinfeld and it's like a fountain that you can be successful and never made it to the UK and he always equated to a popular over there what I don't get I turn on the TV when not friends was on two different channels at the same time find me the Seinfeld and I don't think it's that I don't think that the tail but Seinfeld Seinfeld has American attitudes Day in England on prime-time there are two different channels showing two different friends of some time there's a new standard for transmitting video and audio life between electronic devices I did not know that they were video and everything right now and that it won't go through probably till out here 2011 US Highway 285 YouTube is now doing 4K crazy in a dress rehearsal between Macy at Lindsay and 4K with that we're almost there now to see me in 4k new old car video I think that was the only one we had rendered in 4k all ready for the Apple first friends of people who work at YouTube Shane Dawson was lying or something like that video double rainbow dude is everywhere I like the song it was a great was better than mine and that what he must be on the word guessing some and this is purely based on television video Jimmy what is not a double rainbow that's so awesome last night I took some poop died their teeth made out of food but it makes you a little loosened up and it just hit me all at once I hope I can make it who is running clear the microphone is their official charged information to WikiLeaks it was video of the military helicopter killing people including Gus and Reuters reporter by accident so they charged with treason Equity charged him with guests to do an article 32 investigation ok I don't have to do like it's like of the grand jury hearing Court Marshal and then they'll get through that and then if they determine you should be Court marshaled then he'll go through a court-martial hearing would be a whole other thing I don't know Nepali gajal and everything the new Harry Potter trailer new was a good man a good Thanksgiving the 1st part 1 Deathly Hallows comes out around Thanksgiving and then the next one comes out next June I think that's right behind the games because I've been out of town was coming out yesterday was Envy double a 2011 college football and then we also Little League World Series 2010 and World Series 2010 Xbox game I would not because new game releases today with those guys one of the more friends you work to work somebody will just help with some math stuff San Diego cup there's an accident so I'll be driving in today and work on that try to knock out some driving and then getting back to you I promise to me and while I was here to help on the DVD but between you know if and when they need me I'll just be helpful on the other Xbox Live arcade game wake me in an hour this week I don't know leaks gone by so strangely something I've been swamped and track down stuff so I look up on my way to other games are coming out some crap I've got right now I've got everything but I still got a hundred and twenty-five hidden or videos 225 in their videos then put them up on YouTube no link them to the actual page but you're going to have the next 5442 double star died I didn't realize it was in progress and will show you on the map where it started at school so we use that as our base is to put them in there that's a lot of very positive and complimentary emails coming in and helping each other but it's actually supposed to email again actually I could tell you were missing this one but it's actually here and stuff like that it helping with your first iPhone 4 navigate season 3 is well how are the remastered looks amazing shocking how good that stuff works on the originals thank you thank you email from rvbto their last weekend anywhere anymore talk to you I wish I wish I could take that on for me right here first meeting with Austin Comic Con shirt does a shirt only day we have the DVD so far September and then shirt or something it's all the metal structure new Marketplace Washington 4 get spoiled Mila Kunis is worse than movies terrible movie we gotta Microsoft on top was right behind you George Jones had a rough week I don't know if he hasn't caught up on anything he's going through what's going on Microsoft online okay you don't Court one come out your way to you tomorrow alright alright