#71 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth is drunk in San Diego.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rooster-teeth-podcast-71

Recorded: 2010-07-21 17:15:16

Runtime: 00:37:14 (2234.41 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey


Transcript (in progress):

who has ever reached looking I actually did make out your mustache that's the coolest thing I've ever said vagina penis Warren cat into an indoor team someplace near that anything song nipple cocktail the town this week we are not in the office where in San Diego for San Diego Comic-Con I'm not a part of it Natalie know what's up your ass we were going to be like for the next 6 days or so and we cannot the worst we just went earlier today and through your mic the property or something if you want hey what's up over here sex appeal on the bottom like now you're all quiet and look at me I'm going to back off now long day now so nevermind thanks I'll talk about our stuff that we can talk about it we started our morning in the office working we probably airport to San Diego they refused to turn their Electronics off to the entire God didn't quite understand trying to turn it off my feet off the ground shelter flash photography as we're taking off in the plane in the rearview mirror the pilot we have been totally like F1 with no electronic components there's electricity all up in that stupid bitch and her friend put all of our lives that we have like what is it doesn't matter I don't care that I'm putting 245 people risk their small babies on the plane but whatever who cares they don't a chance because I look at photos of my dog only went downhill from there which with you forever can you get the stuff we run around with them I said yourself crazy talk -4 we were in there Iron Man Lego R2D2 and Lego C-3PO that I'm pretty sure I saw last year oh yeah I saw looking and throne and his people don't know it's stupid to me Premier Furniture what ideas from mythology can I take somebody else's hard work I mean Jesus Christ dude that's a cartoon There's a comic called comic book stuff because that's super nerdy comic walking comic books in record time because you and I are super good that it's not quite done for there was a mix-up and the banners that got sent with us were incorrect so we had to get new business but it's totally fine because Gus johnny-on-the-spot brought a PDF and PST of our current vendor so that we can get a pretty go to FedEx can we do this 3 or 4 times a year go to FedEx and get a banner printed we went and we walked into a FedEx and were transported to 1996 where computers 446 is and employees were fucking retarded he told us that they couldn't put our Banner because it was how big a hundred 4matic 404 Megs is larger than any printer in the world in the industrial-size printer in the world can handle apparently it takes 20 minutes to school he told us that over and over and over what kind of Nikes big I know it's like it so I don't understand why then do you think Philadelphia is an idiot so suck on that using the computer for 45 minutes trying to convert it to a smaller file I understand why because they're running like they're running a Hewlett-Packard 4620 warp I'm not sure Undertaker it was crazy and like I said the fact that the guy would could actually like it would only stand there looking straight in the face and say no image no and every morning I put on my sex fucking Polo I take the train into work because I can't for car I go in tonight at 1 and then I push it from 8 a.m. until I take a lunch at like 11:45 I'm back by 12:30 and I probably the sandwich in the park whatever I'm not going to lunch and then come back the prince for 7 to 8 hours a day that's what I do I take this ZIP drives whatever the warp technology on using floppy disks and I push it from people on giant industrial printers and then I give it to and somehow in that process in the year 2010 I can't handle a hundred next file it was really bizarre 430 being angry is a lovely time but it's more set up to do on Tuesday night because we have more boost out of to do on a Wednesday and the con the convention starts on Wednesday since we can't actually record on Wednesday we're going a little early Comic Con drunk tank was also a drunk tank I wasn't there but you weren't there in the first round Warren Revival for God knows how long but we should mention how much we love the theme song for the night but apparently it was okay can you get a flashlight probably under something Kirito on Southwest from Austin to San Diego Zoo not apply to list Warren Spector was on airplane what do you call that stuff denim skirt it was a big Mickey Mouse looking like embroider on and I was like that's weird Warren Spector is working on Epic Mickey what are the okay I get it and then like 45 minutes waiting to get them back in the bag origin and his wife and his son stressed I don't know what it was the first time we went the first time you want to play with Richard Garriott I don't know if you remember that the way to video game like in 2001 and Spector Comic Con 2014 if you like you're disgusting build-up we had a little thing we talked about on the phone we talked about her until for the movies before what we're going to be forced to be in before 10:37 the entire length of Comic Con and what our plan is to sell 1437 baby that's where the magic happens the remastered box set you don't get it anywhere else okay the living room 2585 Gus with me I hear early early Buzz about this panel is that it could be up for the Warren 2011 there's another panel I feel safe because we only have four and five hundred people here and trying and trying and trying some of the cop on the same time I can't imagine that anybody that will be showing some stuff we have some video to show at the panel and we going to be sure not to show it till 11:16 or later side and said hey I'm not going to be on this year a big fucking and television for some stuff so once again your best behavior so Gus and I are going to the hole does whatever drunk and we do it in the morning a.m. in the morning 949 Rosario and there is one problem I work with a with a bunch of cool dudes for the most part but a who is a vodka tonic at 9 in the morning you're not a judgement I'm doing I know dude how you and I are we right here but there are other people in the office I'm not going to name any names rhyme with like 933 North America we're free to make her own choices you are scheduled in Europe is ok in the morning but I can take your hands off and we'll see where we're at because it was too liberal to freewheeling over there series of dumb choices but trying like intentionally making a stupid choice and trying to make it work for me and so today I have you ever the way to the airport if I go 15 minutes in the wrong direction stop at the mall buy a new Macbook Pro make them upgrade the RAM while I wait and then try to install mobile and transfer everything from one computer to the other and get them at the same time within 45 minutes I got everything I got everything going whatever the internet and there was no internet Boingo no internet but I don't know if I could be there but we're going to see the people who were there last with a bacon is a vegetable and that's all I can pleasant pleasant gentleman they switch places to get away from it really and I don't know who these people are next time I tell you we're not going to be friends we are going to see these again this year we made the right choice annoying as hell tell him to Algiers Minnesota with a tremendous amount of help today from Caleb right now okay the American Gas is helping us out this condition is good we shouldn't rely on staff because everybody else is working so hard on our TV right now that we had to call into the meeting was busy this evening was busy we've got to the white team as and why would we possibly use your help I'll be here all week so excited that was way too quiet. Sorry to hear that we walked to get from Lucia Al Gore convention also known as the crazy thing about it with you but and like giant fake boobs and like almost nothing they were probably like 30% of the purchasing in America was in that one area with white hair was ridiculous it was like to be looking girls popular band whose Caleb and Grandpa bong or whatever Justin Bieber it was like lesbian currently hot hot lesbians apparently tickets are sold out this weekend and get really weird it was weird and strange boner kind of way change bonus Donald Glover he had a really funny one I don't I don't watch that show Community very often but he had the line that he had a weird booger in an episode and it was pretty delivered very funny and when you said let me think about it wasn't weird boner your thing I mean I made the I change my title on the side for a while because of that episode invaluable Arena call the screwdriver out of necessity we have vodka and we're out of most exercise I've missed it with the orange juice for now the idea a lot of people because everybody likes the flavor into alcohol as it were and like the taste of them might be able to you so you need to ask you something strong like grape juice or orange juice because those kinds of fruits up and you can't get drunk something light and Airy effervescent I just opened a beer now we can't find any more mixer drink I'm not really down with the Hotel Lucia Portland we were doing a free day we were doing a Arena Football commercial arena football game for a while we got to work on the last arena football game looking for it and I made we also worse than it really was erotic fanfiction if you have it looked up with him something erotic fan-fiction I highly recommend not doing so there was a flash Throne about that for a while in the base. It was like there is a definition of the strange for that dude in the world who knows what he'll do that the world's problems on his shoulders and he can get one fucking handjob mm what is it in Germany? You forget to call every Wednesday evening to get yelled at about the podcast I was kidding at all Wymore to my mother as an adult than I ever did Gore and for every week I think about of Alabama from Missoula to believe that that's okay and I'm pretty sure Warren San Diego Arena Lucia the house we wanted to go to Padres game but they're out there on the roads are is a whole time we're here and we're like two blocks from Petco I can put on the stadium right now for some hot chick boobs but there's no one out there 30640 to make it right now the board a bartender who looks like the prettiest girl one of them actually lower than the other the different Michael is not going to have to do some work I feel bad about that we've ever been I think I've ever been to any panel at Comic-Con ever and I don't even know if there's a panel the panel for the the Halo graphic novel okay I guess I have I Want to Hold Your Caleb to a party and meet the cast of Battlestar Galactica where I got to go meet like Edward James Olmos of all those people from that side like that before but she's into really good. I'm glad I was able to looking like for right now I'm trying to Shield which I never finished it and I got like two episodes left and I think I'm going to be done with that that's cool I've had my phone and my laptop and the interface is pretty my phone it's really crowded and hard to find stuff there's a problem when you were showing it to me and you were explaining the expanded catalog to me and has even more to watch them the website and then regular Hulu the first thing is Hell's Kitchen not available it was available on the website not available mobile 21 Jump Street search up and I think it's a challenge for her you know and you like to know as well if you don't love her it is a continuation of that they're being harvested for energy by robots and computer programs in the future trailer Jacksonville nice and short page sponsors sponsors are rubber like if you want I did it and I would assume the other people of similar tastes in town would want to as well you can preorder the new season of Every Witch is called revelation the Reebok we just announced the release date for the DVD of the other day I think it's September 14th give me really and I'm stuck on the probation website referencing a very funny series of bacon their looking good I am happy that I comic on their boots is nowhere near ours though because I've been so busy there's no time for that I think it would be terrible they were close to them it was video we're going to do it off and I was up there and I put it on backwards I didn't you tell me that I don't ever go to rehab how much should your would you I mean we live a block away from each other that's what we do best friends ever see each other when you move to Puerto Rico I was really sad because you were like my only friend I'm going to head like drinking out of those guys who are our mutual friends but I don't know for sure but I was like the moment you wake up in the same bed really got and what happened was something that was talked about it just move on we had a good time together and it was fucking asshole I realized that you only hang out online and you're moving to Puerto Rico had no bearing on our friendship was over because we play Star Wars Galaxies everyday together anyway it was like you were in you playing in the office no difference to me Whitney with a looking Ben Kenobi talk about whatever I did that of the burned-out truck yeah really which is coming up pretty soon it's kind of a dead spot for video games right now like we have the summer for kids coming out which is cool so we're going to have like I think next week is Hydro Thunder and this week of limbo Lara Croft coming out with Jessica really good I feel like a shadow complex that's totally fine there's no fucking reason that and then comes out but she's totally intrigued by the idea that stuff is going on Goodwill I will see if I can get into Starcraft but I doubt it'll happen to you happy with you and me he was not happy with a lot of people she was not popular in the overindulgence the table that I discovered when I was playing three women don't get as many people to drink a lot it's more appropriate to a female body looking like is that you probably for a while okay well I'm going abroad I just am really not attacked an Xbox with me so that I can play Xbox one hotel room so while you're reading this I'm going to go play singularity Xbox isn't Smyrna. Well that's it we will love you back to a regular format next week in Austin Spector Drive Caleb yeah you are a wealth of knowledge and know-how we ever get to that next week we're going to be sorely missed