#72 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth is reunited and it feels so good

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Recorded: 2010-07-28 21:48:55

Runtime: 01:01:03 (3663.31 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Brandon Farmahini, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo


Transcript (in progress):

Gus sorola Burnie Jack machine Jack Kim Gavin Free welcome to the rooster dude I haven't been gone a lot Dominican guys no money lyrics I got in late around my the at the new office and then I got in it was like me by myself all by noon when he's old and he started doing archiving stuff and yeah but I mean it's been pretty quiet then yesterday it was we had yesterday and we had 78528 just walking to the video camera you can come out and then we can was like to turn people away when you show up unannounced you get turned away sometimes it does happen out there collection collection Recreation sweetie I don't remember much of the last week of my life I never realized it was crazy we were short-staffed this year because too many people as we did but we know we had going on so we can was there so many people from production and the most Expendable apparently very short-staffed we have Kathleen and of course I'm just kidding early everyday open at 9:30 everyday at 8:15 in 2 minutes ago and so we would like 10 and a half hour days in the booth all day every day it was fucking crazy drunk you were drunk when you're drunk because you're a little extra mean extra spot in your voice did it was like 10 p.m. Gus and I had already had like 4 hours of travel to get to San Diego hit the ground running we already dealt with FedEx banners printed because was a hundred and then I told him I want to fuck my wife what do you think it would totally show me the charger on it wow it was in there did you guys find your Eastern European pedicab girl again a lot of hard-working people out there on the streets in San Diego that do pedicabs as they like to learn English you know but I just like to support those kids they're trying the one region of the world when I see how much to give to the entire world Jack Joel McHale arcade introduced us that was pretty cool and the first panel ever and of the room I think held about 500 people and it was filled up and Lantern another 500 people who wanted to get in there to try to get a table to the next year hopefully then back then back then outside there must have been invented people are crazy the ugliest people in the lines went and watched an awesome Halo Universe panel that does put on the was really cool showed a lot of cool stuff like an hour and 15 minutes later and said hi Thank you for was UPS panel Ford was pretty awesome and talk about that right now what are you going to Comic Con I don't think I've ever seen a single celebrity it was going to be over with celebrity overload first off our good friend Ed from the Barenaked Ladies to put got the flowers invited us to a private water Brothers party where the BNL was playing for a little bit some some show I don't know the end it was like a metal New York State of Mind II mixed with California Gurls by Katy Perry faces that you don't know they are at that event and of course the captain or whatever maybe she's the girl for me and then on the way out by Rob corddry nice was cool and he wasn't being funny or anything is possible in this room at hotel his room overlooks the pool with the bar at the hotel in the pool is 10 feet above the first floor above the pool looking down on it okay like you could open the window and throw stuff at people and hit them it's like ridiculously close to the hotel bar to that bar by the pool and looked at all the windows to determine which was the best room and it was my room the room UPS not remind me the night before we went to the Hotel bar and there was some sort of HitFix party or something going on at was just wrapping up and we got the right at last call grab a couple drinks Gus look over to the right now should out of them II he was out anyways and we are and we will be going on that movie The Other Guys fashion Mark Webber through it was really surreal and bizarre and who was by far the hottest chick was really weird looking beautiful the next Michael Schwartzman one of my favorite actors an actor who was in a lot of stuff in real life what's 2020 + 1 episode of Seinfeld was crazy it was crazy to see that many people watch the next one the corner Lakewood was covering his back from the Green Lantern panel I don't know not me it's you Ryan Reynolds thing with the kid million and some kid came up and asked if it was like this what is the Green Lantern's reach whatever it is on what you call it but tell Jordan she says I can Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds next Wednesday I officially never want to see that building over there epic epic of epicness they were in the marketing machine was in overdrive for that I apparently Red Faction Armageddon is the biggest game in history but a banner up on a skyscraper that was like 23 people out neutron star hotels arcades We Walk the Line a lot or are you DVD distributor I get a street team out promoting red vs blue stuff people trying to have me Red vs Blue buttons on the street and I was like whatever the other guys around the actual guys in cost at was not try to send a couple people it was the guys in one the guys from Boondocks panel McHale after them and having a picture taken with him they also have the bikini Sunday's what is shipping people in bikinis to hang out by the pool and get drunk about 5 minutes no no that's about it not talking to me out of this we had a very wonderful man stopped by the police but it was just a reunion of people that we see every year like every night was just one and I totally like that that's cool you didn't go to that concert so drained what we had to do we were shipping the armor back with FedEx in till like 10 p.m. or something I don't know other other side but I'm looking gaming music 10 of show totally going to go and we got held up trying to return the armor to what is a whole thing yeah I was but it would not fit on a bicycle finally back in the a at 4 till next week when we have to move earlier not tomorrow works for an internet website or anything like that what everybody should get clear I guess right there and I'll see if we have cleared it up to share I'm here for everyone currently actually surprise me you know what today is today 8008 was the first remember to do a community play in the first game we recovered the other person ever did for was is Burnout Paradise so I will be doing that tonight from 8 until whenever Central is a Central II whenever and also if you know what you should start downloading app downloads if there's a new patch is Burnie out 1.9 which is at 1/2 gigs I'm downloading that as soon as you hear this the Halo Reach limited edition Xbox 360 the awesome they give them a Comic Con in like 3 of them didn't even know one of the guys United and I thought it said tweeted that like pretty II showed it off in the Halo Universe panel and actually do something pretty cool that I wasn't aware of they have Custom Sounds other when you power it up it makes like it was a shield regeneration other was we couldn't get the microphone close to where the customers are using it because Xbox we did get our people are asking if we have in stock when the Xbox got here and it's very very cold Xbox is Right nice I like it of course I'd ask for was it really cool did you have a show where they talk about how they went around and made some of those not using for shipping so I don't know what they're talking about before. So I'm scared through the world now I was out of my. II I don't II what's the weather today Tim did mention I can't stand it was it was that I was talking about it showed up comic the amount of it's almost like you know now you can make games was all about like the level in the design and you know if you have all these other custom games that are really intricate and cool yeah like I had an idea at home. Should I let me get my place which is a video from YouTube of bending the window panel the showed up Ryan was in fact on the panel I have one of these sitting down there it seems perfectly apply for me to make them the kind of stuff I was doing that I was thinking you could recreate Doodle Jump and Halo and have like custom Power Ball's that like a door reduce Gravity the drop at certain times you can try to hit yeah and like there's a lot of pot do if you are creative enough Jack was looking for the race tracks and Halo Miami weather tracks in Forza 4 Jack was the first digital map that the one that your phone was in was in million at Map Foundry there was a a track built around me that I played like two Banks and I was about it but things are really great how much better could it mean if you can get lost in the options are for customizing Like rules and Maps the rules of a loner like it's just crazy just talking crazy reason for termination tools available to you on a console game it's going to be amazing that everybody in there going to be like everybody remind me in an hour. As opposed to a custom thing currently they just want to talk right now I'm driving middle out of a really the grifball at at Comic Con sold out in a day and a half or so quite a few people who found Red vs Blue and reach speeds of the achievement hunter we there yet thanks anyway is 470 episodes of the time I just watched the first members was like I never expected to happen to other people like other people came up and discovered the other stuff that's pretty cool sort of the secondary purpose other first day of Comic Con and had to walk to the theater to the hotel from trash can a trash can nearly throwing up oil the ending of at the end of the movie oh my God Anna is someone here in the office no twist there's no life Ryan Miller the BNL but no Blake talking about it like it was some sort of like $0.06 mind bending movies absolutely no expectations inappropriately more than anything is the best the best description of that movie I've heard Burnie Burns just walked in was from you actually Gus and you told me before you movie Hotel what is the name of that dude from 3rd Rock From the Sun was terrible he was really really good really really is Burnie Burns good morning okay Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joseph Gordon-Levitt Halo app to be able to record them all ready to go I'm ready and I really like 2400 one campaign Gus do you feel that Starcraft 2 is a sequel to The Core gameplay mechanics new units and you store a continuation also added a new twist and new variants II objective to keep fresh Jack earlier about this remember of the people they become zombies planet the zombies come out as possible so it's like a Time II gameplay mechanic that works out really well Will Smith movie I Am Legend that reminded me of the freaks come out at night in the daytime and it also had Will Smith commitment computers where computer-generated and I had nobody in at all they could have looked better to have a hundred million supposedly has a hundred million dollar budget guys right after Starcraft ended a couple months ago crazy to take her to StarCraft II will be like our people still play Starcraft 1 Salt Lake City fans at the not going to make the leap and Halo 3 conversion for people who just couldn't afford Xbox non-stop everyday as soon as what was 4 months ago when they shut down Halo 2 not Jesus panel franchise the longest Madden Larry what's it mean when did you come whatever his probably we had one other celebrities on the plane with was on airplane out there show me how to take a story have a really what's a first-class a text to Ann Richards in first class on the 13th I was just bizarre Coincidence of all time first was an exception II coach this weekend coming back from Seattle and I Brandon Brandon Brandon until they put Brandon In First Class when you can have my first class Brandon Brandon travel Monday not for me station broadcasting office show me the commercial 360 environment at about 6 360 elephant go to die you know email barely work in 3 or 4 years old he will be the one on remastered version of Red vs. blue showed it starts beeping and you chords other The Impossible ending please I don't want no problem your desk and into the ups and take over from your dad is a Snowman number of percentage for 20 minutes telephone number that we can verify online unplug mine where where they have to get exported Joel and no one is helpful to you in your life words like pecan pie Jack in the comic books and put them in the comic guys asking for free hugs cuz I love to do that ask them to deliver your the outgoing voicemail the love to do that and please ask them which character plays caboose Gus and came up with a new game the who is the guy that plays Division why can't he get con what time you was going to Megan's Law California send it anyway is Redding California how many people are the comic really 100 voicemail Griffin never done before I still made it figured out so other than not at all but I'm not have no idea who she show Burnie showed me earlier 6 + 6 + 10 more stuff and con the professional watch every day every single day you don't we should let it go okay you're beautiful and that's good enough. At the corner of our table and recites season 1 letter for letter o it was insane that's funny 15 minutes not as hot out of the old or the remastered box set on the TV there at the booth and Arrow season 1 Season 2 Season 3 season 4 season 3 what we learned what we could guys to do you know so we can write things like this will last forever did the first everybody Batman good times were had by all what out in the panel for the little snippet of the episode in which most people just incredible they told me to make a not going around I didn't say you did early but con you know and that you go through stuff production who's the people from everything we showed a bit of the wall but yeah we Ryan Mercury Ballroom people come by the booth and I mean person what is is there another step up between that and I mean obviously 1600 person I'm just panel panel at Comic-Con I tried a couple times in the past probably probably how do we figure out when are panel is 4 packs I know that a lot of people been announcing their panel time we got another one I will try to look online so I understand he introduced did it was very nice for him to do that he ran out there the funny dude he thought about their stage presence before was going to like Child's Play out for when you're talking about. Mike. Mike yeah they are good together at Comic Con at Pax because we're always on right after then I saw the first panel the first time right after hours and I stuck around to watch it is amazing panel people having their panel times already use my microphone here cuz I got to move and I bought my mic on my feet Hunter that was hard it was when we were living when are we just extend Timber Dae the Overlander the you never answer the phone we got it $800 months because someone was keeping himself Company by calling her girlfriend long distance flat rate plan and they're like oh yeah I did that I've been through I don't know that was a big deal that's the right Brandon nobody Burnie is awesome guys leave the mall 4 hours of sleep in one 48 Hours longer than 72 hours downtime for the weekend Plastic Man Monday never really just work for them before and so I mean he wasn't working the whole time he was archiving stuff dude I can go a week without saying a word to him he's very good bass II voice not carry very far outside the range of the end you know he would not say who is the voice of probably of course you know the time so I mean if you get better everything else in the works right now so I don't have the room for it which did pretty well cleaned out Joel Heyman crisis of 2010 is over it what kind of the domains he uploads not prove too I guess Matt didn't pay the bill for the account is locked guitar lesson hosting bill needs to be paid at homecoming in 2011 and right now the cast on IMDb Brandon Ed Helms Rae Dawn Chong crime Heist each other maybe she's there she knows panel did at lunch today I told me did not move me to 1 and con Comic Con you're drunk when you're angry what comic started yet McHale con me either me either what is the most Brandon walking around without him everybody else hanging around we what comes in from Brandon other address security jobs how to play music minimize collateral was never boring boring boring country Cardinals funny people was going back everyone