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Recorded: 2010-08-04 21:43:46

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey




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    "JayOrDan" => "http://roosterteeth.com/jayordan"


Transcript (in progress):

Gus Perkins the band letters to Mantua getting your name died to Mantua Mantua Mantua Mantua Mantua bear anything before we go any further I just got the breaking news over at the movie with your voice fucking the Creator to let you know who Morrie yohai is more than anybody the creator of the Cheez doodle seizures died at the ripe old age of 90 in his home how big is it got here and it's Griffon is the Big Papi the harpy 30 year since I was a kid okay you're way off base you are on your own dude Bill Cosby's Not Dead and you cannot have been taken at Albany Twitter my wife is stupid and everything I was in the library cuz I have a television I walked in and it was like laying there the whole crowd gathered around everything is spoiled by the Twitter his event mean it's like all I just thought it was kind of lame in comparison is crazy forthright find out on Twitter I'm just imagining scenarios phone number definition Twitter in comparison to letters are laying the comparison of cheetahs finding out what happened Twitter on your cell phone like less than nothing getting out of the inside of electronic media free.com alone in your house Yannick sitting on the toilet you know internet what was the date of died got out of work so far into the past that we got Gus Geoff and Griffon here and that no one else no one else in the office anymore Atlanta Comic-Con have anything interesting to say that they weren't invited some of the stuff and Brandon too much last week when he made his little appearance on the podcast it was a really high for tomorrow and it's going to be hard for him to hit it it wouldn't be as good Oregon back and maybe make any promises funnier to me then he was like you're going or no or maybe or maybe spending the time with us Verizon store Brandon I'm sitting right in front of naked Gus stand up photo over here 2 cardboard stand-up comedian the Ramsey living room with the bear on the Xbox controller is like the best thing ever I was sitting on my I don't have to cut this thing out of a bigger print out and then yeah they had Alex cutout and should get one to work that day I was like I do not get paid enough for this FedEx San Diego making salt water to Mission the podcast I can't find it you have like a cold or something sorry I did but I don't remember confessional area and we have been kind of bickering tank Geoff Yu me ya I don't know you being a jerk how to remotely now and I was kind of pissed off and then at some point I had to go feed the chickens and I couldn't find the keys to the studio cause now that we got robbed we have to like everything and just have them call them to see what they were and you were like what is in the dish because right now they're in there and look at it when you said you're going to pull over and notices on the kitchen counter and then I got to take you like 5 minutes to like figure out like pull over like I was the whole time gifts for Geoff and Gus this is Spencer Brown Tempo be on the website and he said yes and thank you very much one of them was for me you should have put it in my something it's like a Rodin sculpture minus the drinking man Michelangelo David and go like what happened to humanity blue jumpsuit bigger than David secure about that there's a river animated like Matt Kemp is wild High School like he want I'm told me that they took this bowl and they put peanut butter on it and stuck it under Herald Dispatch the wild things to do with the number then you have to cancel campus 1 United States under Eisenhower to get out of rehearsal going to go to class when I get to stop and play computer games all the time and to play computer games all the time to quit college is not the answer I wouldn't touch that I would the pedigree of that terrible first it was burning and then I can so are you doing here you know how that is the campaign last night and it was I can't wait for the next the next game hopefully will be out soon or bitching about how they're releasing the game in 3 quarter Court episodes 1215 hours to finish the campaign that's the perfect length and I feel and I feel like you try to jam all 3 campaign be looking at 2:36 or 45 hours long 12 - 15 hours 62768 when we talk about our won the game yesterday give me on the map how it looks like shit the man I might need a new work computer so that you would quit bitching about it on YouTube Chinese HDR enabled How the Grinch not much I guess blue to confirm the birth of the bug that causes your computer overheating Starcraft to hear back about the main menu screen the times for the menu screen is limited so if you just leave your mini screen running the computer just crashed all the processing power can to get the highest frame rate possible on the menu on the menu screen so that you can do yourself reggae there is nothing else to play right now I'm going again until summer Simon Belmont in Belmont no release date yet but it'll probably November Fable is in October November October 26th I pre-ordered it yesterday medical Fable 3 electrical refund early on some of the funny stuff Chicken Salad Chick I mean having chickens in a video chicken we had a rooster unfortunately we discovered that one of our chicken so we're in this Morrie every morning at about 6:45 he starts crawling and the older he gets the longer than like 10 minutes and you can deal with that terrible every day probably Venue at the movie theater in your life how's it going is it a big deal what are some lady that's caddy Corner got a crack in it yeah that's what I was behind us and I was working with them because we know them and she was like earlier than he is anyway but you get what I got I don't want to be the scourge of the neighborhood chicken for an hour that's been in chicken and then you get rid of them I don't know how you pulled this off or wife but she got extinct chicken but what if so what are they called I was ready for the crazy one from like got a mohawk and it went extinct in the name of that I guess I did read it yeah let's figure out a way to get it back like in the twenties something and it's like pretty much impossible to find in your backyard in Craigslist if you only had a year old and 2 months old and Arthur about like maybe 6 months old and you don't want to get them too far apart in age because then they flipped it on him but I didn't want to get one with your old because then it's already like through a lot of it's like laying cycle and I don't want to like give up those eggs I was going to be angry when she said I feel more comfortable if I had one his own age she told me and it's like a mix between but they're really cute you guys are awesome I'm trying to find the name of the chicken but I know it's like you're some barbecue or something like that I'm sure I can help you find her bill but I don't think I'm crazy it's a good smell just like the callahans have a reason to be there you know I just got a $40 and something else clear people start somewhere I don't really know what the reason how's your house going the main sewer line going from my house out to the city sword I just made my first mortgage payment poking war with fixing a goddamn house it's been a long Year Without It to the Ground Richard House Down come out to go out yesterday so there goes another fucking 2 or $3,000 lawsuit somewhere else I guess I guess you ain't shitt South Park prettier than you think the movie Animal 2014 they're higher on the level lyrics at least it was not like a pro you're going to hate this weekend did you Oregon Trail the movie trailer I didn't it's good it's better than I thought it would be because I was wondering why it because I thought it was reading about it just the title and I was like why would they make it like a movie based on a game based on an actual person I mean leave it came first and then it was like okay just for the drunk jokes and references to the game it's pretty good I really like them put me on the list for a new liver you like I feel like you're you eat healthy and drink more and more for your family your family his family died in their fifties I already have over with what's the point of living if you eat healthy my two favorite people in the world and then I'm just like I'm going to spend $0.15 and then 10 minutes later somebody else that you're going to find a new wife within six months not even that long Fun Spot 8429 started dating like you already separated mean it wasn't we did have an affair like you after you already have yeah and we already have secretly engaged and then we were able to come out of her being engaged when the dorsal spinal cage cause it was just something we had in like 10 months after we met before you replace me like I think it would take you less time the next time I see you I really I think you need to take me a lot longer to find somebody for opening I guess they're making a live-action Yogi Bear movie looks like a computer-generated Yogi Bear and it's not like it's already terrible over here if you want it Justin Timberlake Interstellar Mantua Mantua Yahoo fantasy bear poop in the toilet right now 1140 picnic basket Bill Clinton currently terrible if someone always opening Death the Kid is like doing a project like the night before what are you watching feeling from them I wasn't fries made 3981 blue suit that we ever survive the 80s I remember getting excited to come home from school and play Combat with my friend terribly terrible game we had and they had Pitfall if you just put it over like 4 hours so we'd like to got to get back to watch Thundercats and then play his pitfall but it was fun though I don't know if you don't need as much instantaneous mean the fact that kids can like navigate an iPhone what the hell is this and then he actually had a griffon that's funny he was telling me he was like an actual Griffon on Xbox what you have to the bottom it says August 3rd August 4th July 31st Bernie threw me under the bus to try to move on in the room and no internet because I'm doing my job which is far from the truth companies in advance when you want to movie for blue for keeping it and move it down to the new location on July 1st July 29th his reply was well maybe have internet will be good for productivity how did how how do you figure he's a hunter uploads videos constantly and don't you have it on Monday and it but it wasn't a big deal to me because apparently we still planning to move into our new building by the time we figured out that I could not call off the porch so it around and it was not going to have this anymore so now we have the $2 from Walmart and internet text clear the downloads pretty rough when I was 16 egg video yesterday from Knuckles to do voice over and it took me over an hour I was uploading the died won his wanted to write you got like 22 or 2600 28 million hours and then you wanted 36 pretty good no to anybody Rodin to get fired but didn't happen I got fired by 1 time for my very first job sweeping up hair at a salon the 14th too much time talking to the customers older Bart Simpson says I never been fired writing a comic whatever but I don't know if that's considered a real job but I've never been at a place more than 2 months I know you bad what's the worst Riverhead Griffon got a lot of restaurant jobs 1 bar in Tucson that was pretty bad so it's going to shut up the 1 job that I was really bad at texting or only on that at the old company I was really better text or actually you were just talking about living down there I remember telling a customer because the guy was talking about how you can upload and I was just like trying to me like the guy was thinking instead of just giving advice like internet and I had no idea the guy hired me was quitting and he liked the pizza place I work at problems a good way to learn more about things but I'm just really bad and I don't think that I think that was one of the worst jobs just because I didn't feel very confident my first job was working at a lawyer's office hello what are you doing first it was just like whatever like go for working overheating Discovery paperwork and getting files for whoever needed it and then I became one of the partners secretary knows anything about that I think about it I had a job when I was in college I had a job I worked for the department and the cracks on the road my arm he ran up to my dad when I rub it down too fast I guess to use gasoline to get it off I'm sure they're probably from too much got to get off like you guys had every time we watched it the other day we walked past like an area where they are pouring asphalt and I got like the tricks of doing things but I'm not sure of anything more like the safest or best way to do things I didn't 1 time I had lice and he read that like they were killed by heat and like the look it whatever was not working and he was like convincing me for my head in the sink so I can for boiling water on to my hair your head yeah but on my face and I don't know I forgot all about that you have lice to be understanding if you don't get it like I really want Harry getting off cuz it was that there's a heatwave at the same time I like short hair for a while because of that I've never had like that want to go on record government license right now what's your name death and chicken Paraguay got naked after all I promise to to become naked for the country of Paraguay for doing their best the Patriot if your even if you're from a small backward country like Paraguay coming out of the paraguayan. I'll be okay we'll be okay thank you okay do it okay so I was counter for a 200 games are coming out this weekend beautiful country and then a week later he was the world's biggest soccer fan I guess so awesome to Me OK I agree that okay I said that but what I was meaning by that is that it just the angle of I don't know I can't look at a game that set at an angle like you looking at the table and I get bored I think she might think you left and I don't want to go back to hopefully the friendlier because you're not yelling at me that I was not your problem it's not with me anyway it's not that it's boring but I do think you're going with Morrie the character is like no I don't know it's just look at that angle already be bored I'm going to go ahead and be the same angle as insulation and you like that you played it when it came out with whatever for that I have fun yeah you can just start dating and had a kid we were both told each other that you put on your best face early on and then you know then you become shorter than you the place to be around how long before a felon like to happen to you and I said you feel like you guys have gotten past that first so I can go eat something then what is the Black Widow hierarchy video using pennies in your relationship chicken overnight and he always says I'll never do this again but then at the same time just remember that and it always does it again so he party got too drunk and tired and wander off to the back to go check 45 minutes could you fell asleep like in the back I can and I was like yeah but you always leave me like you like to leave at like 2 in the morning I'm trying to people at the house and then stragglers out the door in just so I can sleep in the other room again the other night and then you can back out in a couple of stragglers were still there and I just lost it in front of them and I was like oh well guys are staying letters what is you should have arguments about people who stay late and have those arguments about the terrible as possible head of time like I think that's it I don't know like excluded from that like all the other guys that stay there oh yeah those guys are in their living room I think the problem is everyone else getting there hey that reminds me we stocked up on the last night we didn't mention that kid that made the 1 minute animated podcast right right right right jayordan thing was hilarious Bernie taupin and Burnie Tasmania little animated thing about the story Geoff and I talked about being on the plane with those fucking cunt is improved by having some visuals death record oh, you're talking about how it's a shame you have to talk about everything foot to the Bear Creek School just like I would have to agree with you I don't think internet you don't like it when there's too much clutter and stuff for like they want to Bill 2 secret exit when you're crashing at the last minute you bring up an excellent point alright so we're going to go bear won carnitas whatever Richard Revolution December 14th