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Recorded: 2010-08-12 00:06:01

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

Drury Lane Theatre short and sweet I like it yeah we gotta geof burni Jac and Gus in here this week so had a hello how you doing this morning I feel like I'm ruining our friendship because every time I talk to him to tell him that I can't login to the site I was trying in the background and then on top of it for hoarding the passwords for the San Francisco City Services talked about it when he didn't initially everyone out of the building implemented in order to give them the password to unlock the service for extortion for NFL tatto you're not you're not withholding from anyone had a situation for us there was for somebody new or recently had a business relationship with you that with the technical person that was the fastest I've ever seen in my life forever the Jet Blue reach people's reaction to the dry erase board Chic in my reaction was yes it's very very funny I would never hire this girl right I would never hire somebody who I know that she quit her girl real or fake on Twitter IRS Duke people who cannot hire anyone for saying that to you fuck fuck yeah when I'm the butt of the joke on the internet when you hire people that a company one of the underlined calls give me a call I'm going to make my life or are you just going to cause me trouble and the people working together I got the girl with the dry erase board I didn't the guy on the NBA about talking about the past few weeks airplane luggage the dude you can't do that the guy hit in the head with a bag and then told him to fuck off Rush band in the a the patient has an extraordinary amount of power there has probably had the guy thrown in jail could have handled properly who is the flight attendant talking with on Skyla booty booty booty to happen yeah he's definitely Story I Heard story after that happened the steward walked back to the PS about the entire played every one of them you know thanks for the 20 years then he grabbed a couple of beers people with the shoot would that with with car got in the car drove home got arrested that's what I was for the back of the plane Latin for Jet Blue is everywhere on the plane that they were interviewing said I wish I could help tiger walking off the plane got an extra hour on a plane because of that and he probably had to fuck Ops in the whole thing you know and every other great our for however long fuck really rich guy that he just lost his mind in the plane and he turned over car payments I remember was it was either one of those guys got booted off a plane for a goes nuts on the stor stor Tes Duke Energy but Buckley finneran was accused of defecating on a food card dumped over is 19 over the drinking on the train age first class I don't know what the next step beyond that we take a dump on the flight Taiwanese animation of the guy sliding out of the jet blue plane by the way popular iPhone 4 with anyone recently that's coming up in a couple weeks that's pretty new which is the first about it was a daily story and daily New York I was at home in bed with his boyfriend there's something there and it seems like that number 8000 why it's way better to be a gay guy and I the next 2 hours new new electric about black box coming out to be a lot of al-Qaeda Medal of Honor I didn't know it's a game get over it it's a game that was their argument newest in every World War II airport in the new Call of Duty people are trying to get inflammatory for everyone Black Ops multiplayer trailer with a hint of that they might have a theater mode multiplayer gu review 30th of August in the next month to do this for real I guess and really talk about it it's cool I can't believe it's taken three years for someone to finally to to really fully Embrace that and have a full 2 come to theaters I should be a standard feature of every video game that comes out super 400 console flight recorder I have everything had a building with everything the Xbox is always recording the last 30 seconds of gameplay digit yeah that's what came up which is better remember going to 9697 for Corbin Legends in fuck an email forwards and all that stupid shit that people send you on the Internet Internet Explorer jet ski Puerto San story I can't imagine making like the premier product like the premier connection to the internet that everyone had I mean just losing bad like one to internet blows up Twitter and Facebook snope story 1995 crazy some kind of spiritual success open source branch of Medicaid parent company New Zealand Navigator commercial product and then Google Chrome a few years ago and Airlines flight from Buenos Aires to New York Gerard p finneran and investment banker who went totally Bonkers newspaper accounts after becoming intoxicated and angry verbally threatened another interview with a third who was the first class cabin of the passengers and crew 1 hours of for 2000 of Airline and reimburse fellow passengers for the price of this $50,000 at 9:11 you're not taking a dump in the middle of the food car Geronimo crazy crazy potential Federal offenses in one go punch card fucking mind people go nuts when they're drunk in the on button it was bad then he started to pull of panties do I get in ready I can just imagine the worst case scenario for things like in the parking lot right next door and it's for an hour or more than an hour for about a year and one time I put in $5 and over the hours fuck in car what happened okay that's interesting I mean we're in the middle of we just finished and it didn't really matter but over time it never really worked for a company why you guys got I buy a Jac sleep the first-ever got some retail sales in River the biggest check ever seen and we were so excited person have the check I was in the back seat and that you handed it back to me I look I look and I a while that's crazy and I had to the back to Ajax and he put on the floor board but of course another board you know we can take the 20 bucks out of here next week in the to open the window and then when they got it she smashed a window open 15 minutes to 4 minutes in the car finnera number 1 McNuggets never no more all the time I want to have a conversation at 10:35 wife and I started having a conversation today hardest rule in the world had ended or broken had never seen that happen every a cheeseburger at 11 you gotta have rules burni you have to obey no fuck U 10:31 a.m. 10:29 a.m. there has to be a car I just need new guidelines I don't believe it but it's okay burni about it Duke where is happening in the Raging in in the drive thru a drive-thru Krispy Kreme her territory and the way the manager had ever about where the cash in the bank bags but you want to carry that out in the parking in the Box image of the drive-thru and the driver of the car to pick it up if you do this every day and drive to McDonalds with $5,000 next time I'm going to wait for me for like $2 back woods Duke drove off with the money in my Woods I got for you it's probably what kind of car did the lottery to drive to Little Rock I think this day could you pick up I think it's a very low price I just don't know that until last week how we don't have Internet in the office anymore and we're all running off of a Clear Connection what is the climax climax climax internet internet and when we do when we get clear of this a little smaller than an iPhone turn on and connect to the 4G network or the WiMAX and then it broadcasts a little Wi-Fi hotspot you can connect iPhones and iPads to it so I can only connect iPhones and iPads to but if you have multiple iPads and you're like in a car or away from the Wi-Fi connection then it's super handy which is never 20 service to the office right in the contract or anything like that one time you get it and what I like about it is that it doesn't to be the first device that I can remember where it does exactly what it should do and it's just the power button right there and then you turn on your phones and all that so much battery power in your fuck what is my phone Apple device so maybe not but I don't know how routers how does the average person setup a wireless I know I feel like my mom questions about the route it's like how did you I don't know him any better when you have upgraded to the airport and then the airport satellite AirPort Extreme had that and then I have which I really loved our the little plug in the network problem range has always been a problem in my house where I can't put my router in a place where I can reach them everywhere I must be such a big ass over here but damn you're plugging in an audio out port for what would you put in your living room next year like TV and stereo components in any more internet in your living room and you have stereo output from your iTunes for headphones iPad it's a little red monster and you say something to your dad Nukem might be coming back by the rumor Duke Nukem franchise and completing a rumor a while back that your boxes Landing a triple a title in the never know so it was new moon with Halo I thought it was you story that makes sense I guess was also in the Dallas area just like gearbox and 2K handled the publishing for 3D Realms and also I was supposed to change a gearbox story here on its back can I fit in between the gap between Doom 2 and Quake and so people started playing that and then you know Quake stor it took off from there Quake is now basically just the name of the convention though I'm pretty much coming out of for a thousand car because some player modern a level where you can play Capture the Flag in invented capital and everybody remember that PS Graphics to him Monday night combat last night and the left trigger which label is grapple I was like yeah something Jailbreak on quake if you have enough people in jailbreak out of yours ever run out people that I've been anywhere interesting but how do you win in the end Black on YouTube freak out of coordination with the people in jail with the power play Worker needs to get out through I would totally play Forever Love is really awesome I remember it very well I was really cool with the back of the head International boxes yeah that was like one of the first times I can remember the music for Quake corporate Jac loves machines we have the World of Warcraft credit card I think it's fine if it over like this is a billboard advertising to put in hair Ops 2 appropriate appropriate dinosaur game I downloaded a game score I don't think I 2 hours racing mini games that are in there and I just don't want to play that come out next week next week and I didn't know what platform was The Godfather everything comes up I got a point of not being The Godfather had never seen the Godfathers 1230 I understand by the blue the blue if you say you haven't seen something that's very popular Star Wars I am people like every single time personal loan online today and we were talking about this conversation about 110 people more than they worry about anything else coming out this fall and I don't know maybe if I played Xbox games coming out which is good so unbelievably good it's not talking about really into Black Ops that's coming in reach I mean that other developers are now coming out with their 1.0 version of like theater mode and this type of stuff and blue cheese already U 2.0 version of all these to other people come out on September 14th of next year people had a year with almost no time right now we're up there shooting video I was running for geof a map or anything and form type thing in the sky and honestly you're not even around and trying to get some stuff that is freak black wire is to be for a while if you play a PC game it was very clear that you were just well that's what everyone was doing and I mean this could be a very very long time I like people to come to the people Community everybody does the everyone thinks that they didn't come to talk about that what can you do with the game you get out of it or add to it you know and a group of 50200 people who do this every day you're still very small part of the 9 to 15 million people to play this game October 14th arstechnica put out an article this week so I really hope that Brandon really the whole premise of the article was how the Sony PS3 update and how it makes you add 30 minutes prep time to any gaming session you want to had honestly what keeps me from turning of PS my PS3 not who I wanted to play Mod Nation Racers to the heard good things about the new update to an end because had other things to do in here jet of the system is pretty slow constant it seems like you stop updating your firmware which would be like car dashboard equivalent there's always updates for games as well and just it's a lot and doesn't goes to feel like they're smaller file size Star Motors also I don't think they do you want if you don't I don't think had a blast because I never did because I had to download Fran of the last one the last one to have it I can't remember so many of them 10 crickle one thing I don't understand what game room is and I voted and I get into it and I look at it and I navigated and whatever like 2 weeks ago I could not figure it out I know it's interface clear definition of what you can do or where to go to do it right I don't know what to do I go in there and I buy games where do I buy games a list of all the games downloaded multiplayer after you buy it U have to buy it right and then you choose how you want to buy after you bought it twice like a microtransaction Gerard to pay for the full game it doesn't make sense to me it really doesn't like the customization options or buying the game you should just go into a game room available but that's not what it's like problem talking I did really well for them last year Television Toronto a pilot when I was there and gave him his actual room for that so apparently in this version Call of Duty Modern Warfare to the death of the demo version of turn it into our Xbox Live arcade games you can play me like medal board with metal slug XX or Samurai shodown 2 the full version for free if your point if you have Modern Warfare 2 disc in or something people get fixed Quake I won't bad so everybody has over 20 million people have anything in the lobby if you want to clear Ops life but then I moved out and moved on to the next play right now or Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3 than World at War of the in Call of Duty 4 then read that I think I got Warfare it was probably the most fun I've had played in multiplayer online the same time it's pretty fucking fun a bunch people who it is screenshot Mel you're really good at it but I missed one in there and they're always hanging around their Left 4 Dead 2 away from having my know that I need to actually on the overall number a number number to I I noticed to go back and get more hundred percent game tonight had no notice what you're doing why are you doing that for the past 3 or 4 years and I thought it was funny playing anything at all and had time I would from 1959 completed game 2 53 complete games I want you fuck for doing this I had to go it's just that you reminded me that there were games I was close to finishing that I had never finished and it was kind of it right now until next week Tango down Glock flight what is that it was really good and very quietly come out they haven't gotten a lot of press but like Metro 2033 was really good really good black light here's another one of their Alpha Protocol was not a first person shooter first person tower defense game yeah I will try that out I'm played out yet where the commute tomorrow 1400 PM troll EMT class in almost everything in Battlefield to have more Medics kills in Battlefield 4 people I would do it court reporter it's above the normal level in a faster rate of fire so it's talking about 2 characters don't be getting a bunch of Ford Motor fire flight mode what you're supposed to play with Crossfire humans and robots summer of arcade titles this year people talking about it Monday night combat that's cool have you seen the on a college dorm video snake on the side of a college dorm I was going to figure out where it is people understand what snake is for 2014 or more blank but you can run someone fuck you made snake on the side of a college DOR 18 hours really how do you fuck U message almost to 8 hour days of work every car in the world with I'm still busy I have a class at 9 a.m. to get up at 7 a.m. to the high school for 4 years straight to college 50 hours a week so fuck you admissions normal but the moment you go to New Kids on the Block to take a nap between classes and I have class at 1:30 intellectual real hours have it all I would like to work college or work in people after college that level the other friend but you never seem like you're online but you don't that's why however Jac is awesome Jac I was like you want to go I'll go what time 3:15 let's keep going last night it was like 5 minutes Lake music I know he didn't he doesn't have a girlfriend is bugging him some friends become the time San Diego to Vegas just got black goes with everything and it's like Mel doing especially when I get out of class and what kept you from going I really wanted to go with you wouldn't buy his own ticket the process of purchasing it what age can you go down there and for me I would love to do that but I'm super busy right now to remotely turn it off perfect amount of countries busy lately and I haven't been asleep since we finished the season I have backed off on some other the other guys more than flight business things in common and I need to go back into protection mode that's why had a few weeks she's been super busy talking to everyone in the office to accommodate up to 8 people on the podcast and by the way it on my destiny a mixture mic inputs and all kinds Francisco new rap albums I'm working on Drake's next album I think I'm crazy no man should have a car I'm really excited to to utilize it and hopefully we'll be able to to set that up like you said we can for our production hardware store percent of them lived at home dry for a couple of a long time ago Car 2 months ago I'll look it up talking about here so that we could learn more about them to pass on to this company and they are podcast are you looking like the highest rated explicit tag podcast I don't know that we worker was thinking over all the games and hobby section A little part of the universe are we always in the top 10 to some jackass can talk about cooking U loss open previous two before that not an individual podcast the overall plan for the fuck the fucking assholes with their podcast NPR Showtime show 25% female names kissing in degrees here 1% of the audience has a doctoral degree what the fuck what are you doing who are you that's probably snope 2007 to the 2000 903 percent of 5200 in 5% 200 / category that is 5% what is your employment status how many students I'm going to get 60% 68 I'm going to go with sixty-one 54% or 13% or 24% is 4% Mel of expendable 92% single and never married you love your wife I do love her desperately I love my wife if you don't know if you ever got divorced ever get remarried if it was that Kids U I just don't understand I don't understand overall the purpose of being married I can agree with you except in cases of children it's good to be married so I can have any man I don't know it's like they Woods dead I don't care hands on 2 video games or whatever the fuck I want to do how many I don't know if you're going to say get down the road and you have 2 kids getting married then you would like series dating and she had the kids U can have a hundred percent right the kid probably record low for tournament the sport worst time in his professional career I think it's for Golf Course forever forever poem people every time I hear that girl talking to him how many words in every how many in your household under 18 in my town from shelves for the 92% of our audience has at least one kid under 18 living in a house 1% of 1 6% of our audience was married the most times 2 single never married in America 97 English the primary language we have more people language as their primary language a language most common language spoken Canadian country is going to be Fran Swedish we have a lot of traffic to Google Analytics don't let me fuck board with the Dragon Tattoo every time someone did you want that people talk about freak had to leave a party to go see it because I started to watch it and I got about 5 minutes girl with the black hair and the girl internet jet to do I can't had a break that down with the biggest category is 200 $499 in the last 12 months and months but only 60% of her people Nothing online 16% I invite you to go to Rooster teeth.com slash store in for stor my credit card company contacting me telling me that security problem with their shit I change my credit card number and then I have to go through in my life down to one line numbers in a credit card number for the next 5 days to find a place of your credit card numbers in WhatsApp new way to take Paypal account credit card in there and then you're interested or should I take it you're still running your credit card Miles rewards forever yeah yeah let's go calls car the first time in probably five years I have no Elite status American Airlines on the list on standby for first class now you're not even attendan on 23 and a half thousand so the flight 2 packs is going to put me over and then we'll be able to request upgrades by 25000 first world problem to Gold status on American Airlines flight 25000 miles a year the number of segments which I don't know off the top of my head to call fuck for platinum level which is a little above 50000 miles which is great because board thank you so much security lines travel stories by the way goes had Platinum Status at one point it was useful to everybody else in the company because it was right around Thanksgiving I don't know where we were coming from Livermore to San Jose airport and the line for the security checkpoint out in the fuck it was Seattle or whatever and San Jose left the airport and went into the the park Nukem car animation wind had in medal our next flight jayordan 2 people in front of him and Will Ferrell people there first class the first class amenities if you're with me likewise I know you one with everything mini printer 1.9 million frequent flyer miles on American on American and hopefully soon and when I was in Toronto we were it was with my family you were told not to check into the flight they were Beyond it but a guy that was like looked at all of our information it was like okay I can I can handle this right about that bullshit you gotta be able to go to someplace that's going to honor that they're not they're not Jac a store like sing it story reading the signs wondering what to do I mean it's a part of their business and I really had a lot of problems but I love him for that fact is that when I called it was it was like it was me and they have like my itineraries and everything up in front of already and phone number every time I the person so I got a free Xbox controller in a couple DVDs I've never used any of my coupons from the store nothing really interesting things I can tease counting even Xbox games in something like that so I go to the behavior how many episodes online show me listen to or watch 90% girl every episode 99 about how much 95% tonight 20% more than 3 times 51% of the podcast more than once what are weird to the show the iTunes 28% of the the influence of the Soviet Russia.com The Producers website is Woods news how do you most often listen to or watch the show had a PC or a laptop 30% of people do it on an iPod so 40% iPod or an iPhone iPhone is 7% of the total and then 1% of the audience listen to it on the PSP game I can get the podcast what fuck are you doing 13% of 13 people people who is the podcast on a device that is currently connected to the internet while you listen to it what do I do that? Podcast lucky people people for your fuck U making a on the video in Evernote stor Converse what's a bad rack and in my defense I got off the plane at 11 o'clock at night and I came to the office and I didn't leave the office until car the Warfare 2 to 6 about instability at the moment Woods which means returning on services and also what breaks and how it breaks you know what sometimes I can't touch it I have to let in the clear now commutative I am hungry New Mexico green chile had a pepperoni pizza hut and then I also wish I could have an afternoon time we can be on Friday opening day of tax is it Friday yet had the 1 p.m. panel right after game tycho's panel yes they're opening panel reach episode 18 19 and 20 of each of the final two episodes of the on the Internet by .19 come out do you want to see the end of Revelation tiger with that I can car with you Jac it should be a lot of fun Friday and also are we on Saturday we Saturday 12:30 I will be on the Halo Universe panel drug with the fuck me to say I play Halo theme the authors and creators in the morning and I don't get to come out tomorrow night what's his name is mr. forever