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Rooster Teeth ends on a creepy note

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Recorded: 2010-08-18 22:39:48

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

16 minutes till today and Wednesday the JetBlue acquitted for dignity Theft Auto wicked guitar solo end burni Stephen no he wasn't for me applications geof the podcast because geof guys we are out of this place September 1st to play some are all sitting right now and we are scheduled to finish construction August 27th what is the likelihood that we can get permitted for a of occupancy by the City of Austin in that amount of time about us four days to of leeway Vader a plus and minus on construction or being that we won't get hurt 7027 iphon for a few days part of that website problems awesome when you're part of this morning they discovered a bug that was with ones and zeros is appropriately tell me about it the grand experiment five years it does feel like we're still in debate send the date of the Verizon thing to 2 internet I want to know everything you do and you put it in the hands of companies in the world you know we watched YouTube for a long time remember when they but they come out with 2005 2005 and it's like instantaneously you had to be on YouTube to get notice to the website and online content creator and we will let me watch the internet for everyone wonder what if there was no net neutrality it would be like the old days for provider dictate you got it was everything you could use for cable company internet your service provider do you do when you get with your cable provider but they definitely don't like sports packages and things like that if you couldn't watch espn.com on the internet because it wasn't offered on YouTube for this month Verizon do not the conversation that reminded me of something you used to do to me constantly drove me fucking crazy River House Everywhere You would go be like a stack of a hundred of them if you would take him and he would hide them in my shit contract it would be under my pillow everyday I hear that it was in retaliation for something you did windows on for my city and you know these companies want to make money off the internet video constantly the path of least resistance how they could be but people had homepages you know people had people create an account on Facebook and Twitter forms do you know that somebody else control easier if it's open to anyone can do it now before it was more difficult and maybe a little more screws in my dad internet that people want to see you soon are the hours of riding in in Houston and you're making or shooting or whatever are usually with Cameron talking you're counting the first people connect with you know like the old is YouTube blogger encode it and then put it up on a server somewhere that you know is more complicated and I think a lot more expensive to have a hosting package for you could do that kind of thing sure you give that stuff to you have to go to discover new things people have to go I have to put my stuff there anyone at all make something it's been a year-and-a-half in the a how did you like Scott Pilgrim Jac I enjoyed it he was kind of rough visuals were incredible in the movie trailers everyone bring over the movie I made 10 million dollars on a 16 million dollar production budget yesterday movies like the movie is pretty much a trailer for the DVD release movies a lot more money on the back in your typical movie theater times in the next 20 years transaction most likely the new Star John R of movies sort of like that I think it's programming movies switch from DVD to buying stuff all digital and everyone in this room 1 DVD in the last year probably and that was very recently about the Clone Wars series from it because it's not available on iTunes or onlin on Blu-ray and before that I couldn't tell you what the last thing I thought was I still I still buy Blu-rays DVDs but I still bleed on DVD being released I'm going to go to the 90 minutes I just don't want to watch it on and watch it and it's like 60 Minutes interview preachers preaching the other when it when it when it releases does it in 3D and IMAX 3D movies a lot better than normal for some reason you can better than what I know what it is for for the Warriors pay more attention I've never noticed swear to God Fortress 2 rage video I want to watch oh my God 10 minutes of over two hundred and ten minutes plane Team Fortress 2 and passionate he's good at nothing worse than watching someone tried his best to the worst thing with the 8 year old kid screaming like that guys like the guys in the middle of like I don't know Plane 2 alabama-mississippi Xbox bad neighbors are 2 miles away sitting on the couch she didn't make it 4243 projection TV easier communication across the country that we will see accents Disappear Completely with in our life and when I joined the army I lost it within the week it was gone just like when you drop it and if everyone had 16 people and maybe 30 of them have sex and you just lose it other people talk differently or you realize like an idiot whenever you go back to my wife if I talk to my grandparents only time yeah I'm home right now or maybe I just talked about manly things that I know regularly do that and text a number I was drinking earlier I don't hear it video age Empires Online world of RCs for a persistent world that I don't know men using tools Empires started hanging out with Farmville and the 2 got real close that's are closed. We might be of Empires trying to work out how are you I have enough for Crackdown 2 project Sunburst Earthworm Jim flitecontrol Fruit Ninja highest-grossing game on the iphon Star Wars Cantina Oregon Trail Windows attacked and something called Zombie and all the Grim Avatar end up but yeah it's going to be all those questions you're getting information today you are now marketing at Microsoft a hard time so you have to name a new phone that has all the games on it what do you need the phone with the Windows 7 mobile phone that's what you don't remember Microsoft operating systems in business what I would probably do is I'm going to make spreadsheet Xbox phon or anything like that I'm on my way ever invented I was thinking about this last night because I had to send out my vehicle registration for 5 years like I would pay for my vehicle registration for 5 years out and I lose my registration form the government so I can drive my car registration a different country do you have to pay for the tags you know if your TV might be no probably won't kill somebody the ability to register registration for my license I used to a vehicle gu Russian silver spoons Marathon tie a person to a vehicle that a person is responsible for that vehicle 41 do I need to retire Jedi can understand why it's registered and paid for the registration vehicle when you buy it every year I got to renew it if I don't renew it Texas away from each other and cash a check where can I find the VIN number of your vehicle so I gotta know why going to the job but things are so I'm going to go try to find a post office box now how would you do that how would you try to find a local post office box USPS.com USPS.com USPS.com and I think so garbage that's not relevant anyway about like the latest Lance Armstrong stamp or something like that or you know if you want to sign up a Pop Ups vs USPS postage rates mailbox that on your body you buy location being about your do whatever it's called you PS are now the website information current Insurance to get your car registered you are but you're not what if you what time is it in the mail may include your insurance I didn't do it with my registration no problem the next time I register my car I did it over the phone because the phone number didn't work yr whether or not you have insurance you can call the lady ass fucking Spears office down there and you can call her on the phone right now I want to register my car over the phone okay no problem he's right you can if you get a gun when is a big deal you don't in the reporters it's going to break into my car 500 for $5.00 for the list price of an electronic device for an Xbox controller on laptop looks like on a 16 gig memory stick a copy and you still have yours end try to explain to a police officer how that works maybe I've been dealing with him explaining what I mean they can track Xbox is based on a console ID to a brand new Xbox I just got my profile anytime return to work on a Case Windows not to work on the murderer help Eli Crackdown Avatar attract anything using the internet M&Ms even understand like the technology not there about whether or not the do you know this to me why somebody like somebody stole my car games do you have trying to clear out his Crackdown 2 the game on his memory card with all the cards and everything like that she lost everything start over from scratch terrible when it happens it happens do you have to play a game against re-release murder your ass Lincoln with a stat like identify with her but I don't like once removed problem the gets out there Star Wars thing up they put out a new new from Return the Jedi Russian hanging out for the last 30 years Google watching that I'm watching any of the great white Scott I just seen in the movie It's completed his are too for use later the very first anniversary for Star Wars law and end up in the chamber what's one of the best Star Wars mashup server team can you have a different address on it which I can't even walk Jac and I went and saw the other guys it was fun for a while but I got into an argument Marcus said that if he was in the animal kingdom he would eat the lion and the tuna how much money the whole movie Stephen Harper great in this is really funny and really hot I definitely don't like Netflix or something you never know there's more platforms he's way more than my computer I don't have Apple TV if I have a Windows 7 phon and aggression as well the nice thing about the knowledge I can download other guys and then I can download it again can I can we download because I on my own and we sat at the airport and try to figure out how to get the wire to me like an hour to kill how to download a couple episodes of The Wire and we could have some possible good to me. You said you would already do for driving into work you can purchase and download them later on a different machine watch episode 1 of The Wire and then you downloaded Washington know that and the next time you get up I even warned you about that you want again and again and again for Xbox One plus with Hulu and ESPN and Netflix all on the Xbox I think Doom is benefiting from that as well Librium rage I don't know what it is but we get to the point where some day if you buy a piece of Entertainment Television show a movie or a video game like video games or you have a digital license for that other half of the great guys watching on my computer never happen no do you have the MP3 and then suddenly we don't have anymore now we have his own vs iTunes to play Netflix on the Xbox can Imodium AD lion ordered a stand-alone Blu-ray player for my house and it comes with Netflix streaming and Amazon video on-demand into it I was on and I had it already there's no easy way to redownload purchase items you can contact you if your computer crashes or something you can contact Apple and tell them what happened and they can they can basically Fortress 2 ass and re-download all your purchases 2 everyone has to have some measure of protection is because do whatever they can to get the names and passwords redownload everything for Thursday I have other stuff that I don't want to go to the process of moving it over so I just left it do it do it easily make a phone call picture of one of your competitors it seems like I really do market leader in on the person right behind and will do other things to try to you know stand out and then this music no I know they don't we were fine you know people just don't do that you know they don't do that bounce back and forth for awhile and make people crazy but looking at it in a popular podcast the delivery is the final form ass like I know you when it came out in history made the most amount of money The Godfather for instance The Godfather came out in the early seventies and in the way across the country and everybody will probably come out in Blu-ray came out a different time the master collection ever Star Wars Fortress Maximus granite a lot of her way to do things now but there's nothing here that long tail about all those different formats being invented the Matrix old wow whatever what is your something final piano yr I heard out of the podcast I overheard someone say there was a group of people talking someone never seen Star Wars in the first response perfect you know chances are going to say that exact phrase onlin video to watch it at home on my Xbox on the internet Jac in the air and not in the water too bad anymore where I know not looking for a Twist that it doesn't matter you know it so I can just watch them and with that team of PS 3 Bioshock and then you get the Marcus and I was like I like trains John are saying to me oh yeah it's really 2 trailer whose face and that's interesting to me because that just happened about a month ago to cut a trailer that included end Fortress 2 I never locked or they will not be able to die like we will have an offer plane with your plan it that's all wow do the offer will be colonizing and fucking John Carpenter of Mars in it and going crazy aliens living on this planet with Columbus Landing in the new world okay that's what it would be like for us and the more likely something and want to be with everyone man age of adaline I'm happy by the way other screaming like crazy shit like that end of world completely absolutely like it could have been different a human or some organic Whole Food kind of thing you could be on a spaceship Weis Markets Texas for them in with in Flint with face in for them it's like $0.25 what you think they look good WhatsApp burni like that why did I have a feeling and I don't know this but I'm going to Jac like to tell you which makes me very interested and I heard about it example but nothing has a better track record in Sci-Fi movies the people you don't and primer yeah it's a funny movie with the guy jumping around I mean his memory and everything is all fucked up mean a medical thing it's a thriller jumping into dreams for making better because I never spend any time doing anything Olympics 2014 minutes of the capital trying to convince Ellen Page to join the team that for the Back store Eli Young For This for you don't write and the the spinning top of the big thing in the spring to the idea that the idea that reality is reality and his age explain all the rules of like what the architect is and how things work they had those things like he was anybody else 10 or 15 minutes you couldn't do anything engineering fluid have done maybe text me you can text me all day the guy who did Paul Newman and Robert Redford movie no not at all Helen Mirren destroye from remember her name but the lady from the pregnant girl from pretty girl Google and she's a reporter and she's pregnant and it's almost over very well be the Red Hen Baltimore City Maryland I watched It's Complicated over the weekend just because he was Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin Fortress Army Emma Thompson really forgotten about her John Hopkins I'll go another one in that room I don't know really awesome in all the comedy movies Denzel Washington in the movie future time travel what's the Washington 2 terrible Russell Crowe movie Master and Commander I want to hate him when I see his face remember a movie deleted on the phone yeah yeah I know you're talking about the movie last night and that girl who's in Scott Pilgrim I don't know her name but I've seen enough stuff now Elizabeth Winstead sky-high and Kendrick about you and whatever people lion for 1 DevilDriver good I'm driving right now Pilgrim actually directed your way I'm sorry I forgot my name could you talking about yes of the ground by the band director Rob Reiner movie Old giving me a fair shot at the office I've got a great fucking twins from Kindergarten Cop 16 the nearest directed by Ivan Reitman My Super Ex-Girlfriend that movie was pretty freakin Bad Company movie 16 I haven't duct tape in a very long time and I forgot something that sounds good tape that bothers the shit out of me and I'm wondering if there's anybody else Scott tape occasionally you'll run into anybody else I've seen ever I got to wash your hands at night directions I don't know what it is I have done everything that you've ever seen it's a real of tape so you can see it in the emergency room on Saturday do you want to have a colon problem first time to server Avenue for the game if you're in the emergency room and your stuff up to a bunch of wires and there's like you're stuck in a bed and you can't move and they're nice enough to give you a TV but they give you a remote control on the movie about people know she's painting murals on ass and really I didn't hear from you Griffin person to like horror movies Bioshock Law Firm but I like the fluid thing on the stand and then and then the cable ass kick ass torrents 2 hours department store Wayward needle Hawking a 6-3 hours on Saturday watching people die in hospitals John ministration Hospital program internal terrible friend so we can switch your credit cards on one of their lines and watch live news and sometimes on the news they can't filter with coming through on the news and there's information about a plane crashing into a house or something LAX on the washing machine end cover about their plane unable to land the plane landing as they were landing at wow any machine to the website started beeping it was and Bell warning team anyway I don't have a way to call the nurses will come in to figure out why this machine is down in the morning and then I'll be able to go to 45 minutes in my ear for anybody I was pretty sure that ass to the bed rage neutralit nurses came running and doctors and people came down just went off that's weird that's why and if so how long will tuna half hours waiting to check out or just charge whatever 20 minutes to let me go wow Stephen in the team and I think it's whatever think I hit a nerve didn't panic attacks and panic attacks how much is too much but whenever you hear about a nurse killing a patient that's what they give them and she fucking walk Quran I just stopped at heart my heart's the 101 just sitting there doing nothing because your mom did not go to the emergency room right now 90% of 4 10 years of antibiotic for infected antibiotic left can we create a new antibiotic in the world and we're going to do crazy shit and it didn't hurt us but like they talk about how now we know 10 years ago 15 years ago when you go to the hospital to have a minor procedure there's a pretty good chance you could die from infection but you have your appendix taken out because now they just load you up antibiotic proactively creating problems did Emily have a proactive bypass just for the hell of it can happen but I think we're over-prescribing antibiotics you know there hasn't been any real pharmaceutical breakthrough pharmaceutical industrial complex what was the last time we heard anything like this is Leo this is the cure for polio a man right Canadians of a sample study where with the BPA Canadians 96% of Canadians are the Radioactive movie The Wildfire to rush are burning burning the tuna roll and and sending radioactive smoke in the air in the particles in the ground Jac & the Comets with that let me see the YouTube video of guys driving around in a video of like 3 Guys in an in of some sort of SUV driving through fire trying to get out of it and it looks like something out of a movie and crazy it was probably the most I've been watching video on the internet video of the dudes in the reporters in Georgia when a Russian who are getting shot at by the military Team Beachbody in Perinton are some of the possible tonight team was higher than the national average and people 4259 and 6279 have lower percentages we're crunching of food here in everything styrofoam plate that Brandon was doing that I have at home burst of radiation 7 hours and a half ago end of the world corporated you know quick on was just last week I don't know if I told you but I guess John Carmack do the demo rage playing on the iPhone 6 runs a second and look at the graphics on Xbox are PS to Quality something that cannot put that caliber Graphics in your pocket Marcus Marcus Marcus version of that made a reference plane records but they're going down the iphon the childlike iphon games and they have this guy showing off his Lane Castle his a game downloaded for iphon and then Marcus is doing an actual games you can play mobile with PSP Marcus I'm the one you want a really good point I mean something is wrong with the device and terrible John Carmack with talking and reminiscing about Doom 3 and he had a quote that said he said the game would have been more enjoyable If people could actually see it probably probably a kind of the people on his former band for making and when the game came out and said it was nothing between them Mars research facility here's the football game talks podcast I want American United States of America in Eli Manning got destroye a running back and his helmet his own for his forehead Open Season but I think 50% of the body is your head any given point in time I believe it I don't know do to your penis JetBlue convicted running unauthorized World of Warcraft servers million dollars the person was charging people for scription to play on his illegal server and 3 million dollars doing this for 212 gaming article about a dude a little kid in England on December 7th 2014 made his own business or he went all these Developers app developers and got them to created an App bundle that you can buy for the iphon where is the name of the new and I don't know why he went on your and for everybody how to become a millionaire by the time you get there saying all the articles about kids being mean and Dumber all the time and end up getting it out. It's like he can do anything with in college junior in college until now I've been employed every single day if you in your resignation 4-andro team for a band and Pa in yeah yeah yeah yeah I had 11 months between the time I was laid off from video games about a time you guys hired me full-time and other than that it's been working nonstop pretty much since I was 16 and a half in at 11 let me know better I would have been incredibly incredibly Angeles the world's my oyster Jac burni Warehouse order Law & Order where Carrie won't eat anything are with Carrie to Frank yesterday and it was like it was like having Two Jacks at lunch. I just want to plane hot dogs Landing quail egg Quail bad all the time in the quail egg is just like the texture is just unbelievably hard I would like to know or anything like that movies geof and me and Dustin Griffin and it was a question posed in ass the way it worked out is that just and Griffin Rd would you do it I wouldn't do that windows are there instead of good registered of the room because we had to tell people like Steel 2 I want you are unbelievable I don't know