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Rooster Teeth is joined by Jeskid

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Recorded: 2010-08-25 21:09:16

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Griffon Ramsey, Jesse (Jeskid)




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Transcript (in progress):

drunk tank podcast 2010 broadcast new show settled in 1010 Jack Van Impe free tank achievement unlocked oh my God what does name darkkrad14 everything 4 number 21 as well as give him my work shirt million seconds the final the next number on it yesterday I would talk about it on Monday when your building you building that having a fire outside the building with the power the power cut former on the pole I guess you just exploded and and electric fire down on the floor which is in August is not that nice green grass was kind of dry looking at probably got of The Way We Were command fire outside Transformer transforming fire car or a Jambox but then something happening also add water to the building turn on the fire hose fucking crazy thankfully I ran inside and got the fire extinguishers which we need to test our fire inspection and so now we have money the word compliant countertop I think about was first and foremost and Steve Austin's real animated life if we had a farm 4 electricity Russian determine it was on the side of the pole and what they mean do you have any over which we all agree with and there's a possibility that we would not be right we do have insurance right we have there's is provided by the construction company currently has insurance on the the property and the improvements in the building as the Improvement in this case it's okay it's okay we're still moving some time Monday around putting out fires friends good guy personal hygiene you should hear what you're saying like I mean if anybody Jack normally free himself this week 14 girlfriend in to be retarded and slow lean on Stars your stuffy nose your system of your site and said oh my God please love me for 6 years we been the most-watched member of our community site I was in highschool and I never became popular in anything free information site was a pretty big deal and especially where you could get alerted anytime that you did anything and everything a journal whenever they made a new form Postmates, video media platform Page by 21st and woman Twitter we now have a registered trademark biggest 4 your girlfriend Revelation portal a communist country 2 words put together your stand with a mean how does your value trademark people can make a lot of merchandise make it easier if you have a registered trademark smuggling from cancer protest from other people are there on 4 users on clothing I just I don't know why just one of the many times you have to turn in all most like architectural drawings of your logo and they didn't exactly what you want to do that Ben McSweeney who is own the guy who then animated the red vs blue animated on the Reconstruction DVD guy because we had pictures of a rooster and a picture of teeth chattering teeth when you're going to come up with so I went out on the old forums to PHP BB forum and I found a user who had his own hand drawn Avatar and so did your day go I just want to know fire department own thing and there's a couple of 7 years I just don't want any more metric and American Express Metro Community I was looking at all kinds of Halo and stuff early on and several other people and in your backyard when you first meet the people from the site that you're pretty talented already understand the rest of the Community Canteen the gap between that and then we had that like that dead. We're looking for developer interview to turn it off of course I understand about Facebook existed in University I started in 2001 by Bush rooster ride around at like maybe command how many of them know when we were in that part of the world use my face or even new of Facebook was they were all things I'll be though Bebo Bebo Bebo Bebo Bebo in Brazil lawsuit for could fire and like makeoutclub and liquor match.com over 14 years and that you guys know much about that one for a while free flashlight that you basically put your body ultimately too much cleanup it's 4 flashlight which is awesome a lot of cleaning needed after in there that we developed all the way and I think rooster your and a half I think in the entire sidewalk traffic met the road on the road we tried to make it work for a while and it was just remember that was and tire life for like a year and then at the Greene MET score site in to own an African RvB own near me not offend you I think and I think Facebook is having everything life economy and that was that had anything to internet was on life support for months money that's all they did was how many women in the Mario site when you guys are putting the most amount of users on the front page in a way almost like portal site for more specific about a little war drop a bomb on me what do they call it free to be nice over 2 + 1 - 1/2 + 1 if you go back in time from now 3 years now I have 5 Mod by 5 mods on at 4:10 and you would have a hundred because it could have been a decent person number I can go the extra Life 2014 Giant Eagle 103 how many months how many months until you have to look into it for privacy issues before Facebook when you go back to lock up somebody Facebook for Facebook friends own journal for some reason you were really and I life nowadays cuz I'm desperate for attention Nutcracker used for part of a larger record in and watched watched when you put images when they put the big difference is when people own personal message wallet I left a message for somebody somewhere part of the world we talked about this design your experience on the site new staff members receive is entirely different that we use our level of 4 most of the people a member of and watching out for what you do you know it's totally different was watching an arrogance that I've never been really comfortable with just by the title it felt like people but I think your something because you have some people interested in anything directions I had to turn it off Pizza Wrentham on points could have made something more right Wilder building Tricia to work to get right number of users came up they're here if you want to lose an argument had but nobody else knew you had it like you were the only person could be how many points you had and they were meant to be they weren't meant to be doing you 14 make a point to the higher levels of Bank of 4 people get the number they try to read other people and what they were doing ProMaster I can find I just the morning somebody just posted had to do it one at a time your computer like an hour and a half so I really life the fact that people would get my journal updates more than this point but they were nice and wait for the most as the three most members so it actually has value because I would get more attention by being on the front page and more people would get to watch that I did it was really you can't remember in the end but the Maracana was how the mountains if you and everyone on the site like this thing is I have a buddy who has 5 sides and 4 right and he pounded me to my journal entry was 5000 points for trying we get the number from an apple bad apple image Avatar picture from page portal I I wanted to have people watch the stuff that I created as well when I was going on internet showing and I really love to Rooster Teeth community and on the front page and I get my profile could have been attractive and it's not yourself you know you in the first place on every video on YouTube was part of YouTube cannot turn off I a video the people do and I'm like I do like six of the 10 things about list I was so ashamed I really want to erase my heart what they call them how to make successful online how to make a witch because video how to make a successful online video Jesus Lopez only girl next to her it was quite an honor that with a lot of drivers and quietly very quietly tomorrow last week rankings YouTube partners make over $2,000 a year to run the numbers on the people like me was pretty awesome money now 4 call are you call if a cat is phone number to oranges Toronto they're doing something and everybody's different the internet and if you do really for a week or a month because that's when you wake up in the morning looking at camera I'm just talking into the camera and telling you about it but what guy does Def mixed girls make million command and your Chocolate Rain the sequel doesn't happen I feel is right and and to honor that I recognize life people watch my video and I'm going to do tonight recognize commercials in the of the whole thing David after the dentist 2000 River Summit I want to make I hope I hope that money did command College du Leman search I like how many times got their kids intentionally High to try to get this machine was the third daughter holding up rooster call the cops in Florida and show them that photo it was an internet thing or like someone you know someone from a far-off land going arrested in another place was really doing life really difficult to try to get someone you don't want is everyone I think we realize that America is totally okay with pointing and laughing at people and you can probably do that if that's what you want to do give me the guys going to make million dollar make more than like a lot of major Stars was going to make more than trying to make Jack I want to be awesome cast and I don't know what is the location of something right now but I embody something in the command I'm here have a great day text and nobody will know how I go to the grocery store now Dillard's in Time network shows now the first time the first time she has competed with no portal where lock guy getting kicked in the balls life entertainment America's Funniest Home Videos command Isaiah Adventures 1011 restore from backup I had one level 3 star in the entire game at is like 250 levels dentist on I have to restart everything Fort Worth met sarcasm command outside sales jobs YouTube now now when do I was one level 14 in the round in site third person to find cash Mexican actress fire YouTube what's the forecast Yahoo Facebook Google life a pop-up by conveniently in video format through Google Wikipedia command Twitter running up stairs life what did they do Okay Google to own your Yahoo search engine the Tank Engine Yahoo news in Texas a really good fantasy sports David Office 2014 I hate that earn of Tennessee football is where you build your own crackers in the quarterback from the Texans and then watch the game to watch the performance of the player for Stephen Wolfram 45x condom fail if they score a touchdown phlebotomy Cleveland Browns pretty good with Bing I still have it whatever sport you watch American football American Stars I'd like to keep things broken and contrite was 24 2827 to 30925 actually we are two hundred years away from being collection after building a project for the dishwasher for the new building I'm already out when you run out and get a dishwasher isn't of you if you want one online stores in the city of Austin dishwasher for my building and washing dishes that would like to have a pickup truck I can just have somebody right now Tricia 33 weeks Martian Manhunter I had actually just WiFi I have a life I have a wife I'm going home require okay okay my point is kind of dead the chairman Gus to make you mad I don't I don't know I can ask my phone Aveeno is the funniest moment in history drunk from rooster I'm kind of dumb 2 Burnie Jack in fire all my animations a trailer for the new trailer with the voice of someone internal animated crazy hard to join internet how do you qualify for Portal 2 for PS3 and I actually played last 4 levels on Casual Friday by price Grindr I can't a is fire portal almost all the first ones on Brutal no I really wanted 4 multiplayer Jack Ingram animated cinematics with how many Americans were on board of directors I think the best on the planet right now cinematic then watch Pixar shorts at the pro level your system if you watch all the Cinematic cutscenes in to and it's about an hour and 20 minutes is going to matter a lot more after million dollars woman in Korean your fingers in shore fishing line in there and she's probably the version of that comes across as perfect the voice to text Tricia Helfer 649 Taylor the original Starcraft Kerrigan voice Frontier Minnesota credit for doing that so I can command and woman you know and if he would really I think I put any value in that and I really don't have stars right on brother popularity guy real after met the voice of Mario new Mario voice was the first one who did Mario 64 Pizza YouTube trailers for video games I get on my Facebook account guy that could have him only half of Facebook or more than 85% of to pay Discover earn Mark Zuckerberg from a popular Club site at Art Zuckerberg OK is Mark Zuckerberg owns 24% of the company Market is the largest the largest a colder products Venture Capital to get going I'm sure other people 84% of 04 time window is Ashton Kutcher over 24% from 2072 2072 building in 85 Mark Zuckerberg percentage comes out of own 84% check for $200 weather app DeLorean was hiding cocaine in the production cars direct yes Jack Frost atomic number how how a house on Netflix Cocaine Cowboys ever made X tattoo Cocaine by until the drugs animated was like really old what happened to the Met honey hash oil from site where it is now computer money how are you your first I feel really Pioneers 1982 you know what are the ingredients in make up in 20 minutes which is like with modern stuff first class cabin Magazine on American Airlines they make it so much more image in the elevator to the I saw that they recently unveiled on in from your mobile phone to your phone so you can buy you what you want that you got some time yesterday free public Wi-Fi next free public WiFi the internet through my laptop to my I come home and you 4 password Yahoo free public Wi-Fi page everything I do I do certificate and certificate fire truck tank a problem right now we're not actually security public WiFi photo should be to and give you a really communicate okay I'm asking you do you still internet for somebody sharing your iTunes library somebody famous inventions and they were the same thing at work and you can browse to iTunes library which was a bunch of corn rooster Peter I don't log into wifi was wrong and I log into animated bad it was completely different directions to Tunnel 2 office internet connection from I believe it had a conversation table and the dealer with by myself Andrew def con which way is the after convention convention is informational and the Machine how I met your girlfriend Google Google cars and everything anyone would someone girlfriend Google Street View cars also part of the MAC address computer open wireless network only people connection years ago where someone in the room was actually reporter and they figured it out and then they called out his after the woman woman is everyone in the middle the convention was it was in one of the Bing life David I go in one of their panels to make one of the five thousand pounds on putting someone out and everyone go after that person right there of course I was wrong by the way life Stephen the social security number stolen 4 times as a part of the money he would never talk about that life lock Bevo Justin Bieber going on our plate today November 14th election your next to be there are panel is Friday September 3rd building is not in the last four or five years really to walk from I mean it command respect actually, con. Could be there bro thank you