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Rooster Teeth hates horses

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Recorded: 2010-09-01 19:36:53

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

it's so awesome it's bad after we got Burnie Gus Jack and Jill sometimes the cat named Joe there in an office above Pita Pit used to be one of those More Than This is the motherfucking drug to listen to the drug can cause that's awesome about your mother you go on the website and I demand satisfaction what are you trying to say 83 take a hammer and I returned here to the podcast already jumped on the jack don't worry about how hot it is at the new building Geoff you guys are on the bottom 44440 and there it's about 85 degrees in there because we don't have Rising a conversation that's why the AC is off. If you look at out sometimes I just want to ask you last night I noticed it was cool and then I text you because I think so chicken bridegroom do you get Darkrai awesome II seven years of this cooler darker and less likely to have a room to to be like my machines I can every single time that record audio you might take it home I need out of this because you want to be production and II would want to use it for recording sound in the booth recording can I still get bumped for production and Jack and I know how annoying it is for Jack has ever had it was when it was completed that will be a thing of the past and the worst part about sharing an office with you and I really enjoyed it we go but nothing like everything I do or do something and then and be like I need to bother you for 20 minutes trying to work and then I would know what I think that my strategy my long-term strategy of not listening to people animal costume Animal Kingdom at about 92 North Minnesota Avenue close for the day in the wall enter to connect my office with Mac OS recovery car doors that have Windows in and around outside look in the window which one and why is that Jack supposed to be able to work an absolutely horny where Jack Bauer videos dead Playboy Collectibles from Mafia II in them so we have it in the game we have I don't know yeah but they're not they're covered up Center their dignity has been saved how to make an internet video and one of the things I did that five videos in a row to work like a charm awesome Sunday love a girl hot girls coming out has nothing to do with your videos recommend a hot girl has already given me hell yeah dude I just got an unfair flash 2000 what best friend Erin from the website I was telling him about how other countries they have words for things that are just kind of ideas Mexican rights when you're happy watching coming over and we don't have we don't have some characters like oh you're so Baxter you know II mean like what does something a certain way all your summer the American activist Pax smart guy you can relate to the cats we have American can you may not know that one anymore pictures Capital you know Norm who is to say that one or more popular than everyone in the bar what I mean I mean like as a character in the show you talking about I'm next to each other every time no more miserable for a long time and now that I'm watching a developer of you know whatever you know he's enter talking you had those feelings theater a random fact a really good care two years really when and where they had the basketball player in there trying to count the number of books in the floor out of the garden that's great because American Airlines is running on the air give me the VIN number a real number the number of the payment date of manufacture American Airlines has been in the last 25 years now they probably haven't and if you don't play them too often that's for sure maybe if it looks like you're falling apart I don't ever find American Pax the night but that is and then you and I will start next week so we can jet $700 and you can buy as much as you want on Jet Blue from person to person the book three days and I think a couple bucks free flight for some taxes or whatever Texas and at what temperature for next weekend enter World theme very excited about that and then at some point as many Majors as I can one day go to Boston next a cross the country like that for a week American the airplane and Airport coming July you know a break let me know we'll figure out something so I'm going to take a week or so and I'll try to post about in the major cities that will be the first time Burnie station 33 take vacation this summer I will to my old job my my vacation will be like II know taken over by video game stuff like I wasn't even in here somewhere to do an interview or something to check out a game but I've take vacation days my other job then come back so really I was working on my vacation a different job and then I wrote for another website best Demon Hunter and then forced enjoyment healthy way to the office a great people 2 days or one of you guys look up on YouTube I don't feel like a proper preparation for some reason I thought it was next week or something like working you need from a delivering merchandise Gus drug bust world maps working on something for the pain I'm working I'm going to show three different things and having a panic attack after a in that room until the concert right we should put all the things to do at the panel and a half we still have the room filled up with people and then you run over and people think the schedule right now but there's nothing in there either there are other people that is true that's why 2 podcast about all to you McKinley guys and I mean just got to start looking at him know I'm still I'm sitting here over the you know what I mean I haven't been with anybody take care of me I just realized today I was I just found out that our shipping company and I was like I just need to make sure you're Ok sorry let me put your problems in perspective that you're having five 71 coming to have some stuff for sharing with me for North directly across from the Microsoft be worried about anything where is amazing has a hibernation until like 4:10 o'clock I just put them in for you La Clinica guys with white Pastor might have been captured if that's what it feels like to me 3 family members at a wedding in turkey has been actually shot dead by the group fire an AK-47 rifle in celebration of America red red it was like dad and his son enter The Proud Family the previous question where was that turkey so there's really no difference between turkey and where I grew up in Alabama the shotgun important $4 games on Xbox II didn't talk about it at Comic-Con a story at the time we the developers of the can you made in two weeks II might be right around can you imagine that game I'm used to waiting for the deer to and you said I have enjoyed out of the hunting in Red Dead Redemption I have loved it I think you're playing a lot lately. Yeah I got them achievement for a hundred percent in the single-player can I read the code something but I don't have all of the single player but I have the achievement for 100 you know I think play games the first time it would be great if the primer they just said before you start this game here's what you need to know if you don't work on this one achievement you have to play the game against sounds like you to make the pilot version of that for red okay I'll do that there are some things that you need to be aware what were some of the things 2 preview secret guys wife he met online that you have to use the same horse 423 Mission Dobie can horse a horse what was it 5720 and I learned more than halfway through the game it was too late for me to dedicate one horse II it was what was best for you by the end of the game anyway I kind of feel like so much freedom I need a little more direction will you would like to Mafia II then because it's a Sandbox game the world other than getting The Wanted probably one of the great wide open for me actually tomorrow is really really well. Yes like the can you get the impression that and more like this point you know in America and we're going to be honest but I know it's kind of to tell me that 2K has the in the Czech Republic a check what's the history behind 2K did they come from II sports games 2K and you know are you sure right I forgot you're right I think Rockstar is well Red Umbrella activations will be in the same developer within the umbrella the same types of games does Rockstar can enter a couple of different directions take me to the house right now I mean I'm about you but I can redemption II part of the Grand Theft Auto University yeah I would say it's a part of the Lexicon rights that same kind of game and redemption in Red Dead Redemption which is par for the course is actually from other people I've never played that game store through but haven't you can feel better this feeling Justin Spirit of you you do if you see a tomahawk you think I can turn horse unicorns Justin he did feel bad because it would make this video I cut the video they showed at the Burnie and Jack and asked I said I don't think we can release this and then and then I had to do that we had Jack at the rainbow and then we did the best thing to just put it over the top to make it was it was before the horse the handle sticking out, he looks like a unicorn horn you can horses eat after baby coming before the short life of magic specialty baby take contact one half of a II live links phone number in real life I'm not shopping horses heads and half anyway Red Dead whenever you in Italian and then when you have to pay off a bounty in Council Lord Instagram a while back all the bad things community-wide how many horses have been murdered it was pretty horse horse horse many times and kind of resources and horse are really dumb animal on the planet animal in one horse unwilling to be broken but you can get a horse down the horse including its head covered with a blanket and the horse think it's dead and won't start coverage will not give up on you had an experience with one of his horse unbelievable well I've been on hunting trips with drink and go out with and I just parked my car on his land and there were many other cars parked around mine but apparently one of the horses. I hate that fucking car the horse the horse bit my car all over the back in the hamper all over my carpet every fucking Panic grapes will horses out cribbing is what cribbing on your car and what the fuck is dead on the panic Emily and her at least October Train the band I was waiting for how come I never covered in the Black Stallion horse cribbing right now I got to turn right you should horse cribbing the updated system definition horse cribbing Justin Bieber in the horse from Alabama dead body family the farmers and so I grew up riding horses has a kid and then I ride horses in the Army a little bit we have a North 1st Cav 1st Cav division horse Detachment and then it seems like every order some general come down to the base and then horse Detachment a long ride with the general and I was like horse pictures in the horse World a horse to and they have horse meat in it be ready for like a year and a row take you out but yeah it's like a drug animal shelters in Illinois in 1st horse bridegroom in a really small town is all around you can take cars a lot of cars getting stuck witches a major Mexican drug dealer who was from a Border Town Barbie and her know that you really want some family portrait on the river that's cool they can build a big ass right there to pay it until May 9th you have of mine I drew it all are you sure is there are reports of like when I lived in Jersey to in the property around the Atlantic Ocean I don't know I don't think you can that is also why we can go to the beaches I know I know what the nicest beaches in Key West you have to stay at the hotel to have access to them Michael you have no notion couldn't owns Shoreline by the ocean property has been tried to put it a Google search for can you legally own the beach yet I think I'm just going to sleep thank you Google using Wikipedia entry Burnie oh yeah I'm at home already two weeks you know Kevin Bacon II Adolf Hitler in like 6 or whatever may be with anyone but one of the ideas about World War 2 two actors in movies about whatever that to him this is like another version of the coming anymore I can play the guitar it wouldn't have lived long enough to see if they have them in a week a pedia and wanted me to be an actor Preston Castle article on no and I'm going to have to look it up accounting all the stuff that James Franco has done in the last three years outside of acting that was kind of what I'm getting at yeah yeah human being female concealed class in different areas the cop went on to become some kind of an arc reactor all three will I deny that I would agree that my ex-boyfriend was in the Ph.D program University and made everyone comfortable allegedly okay here I'm going to go to Franco has an unusually high metabolism for productivity and give me the directions later having taken many times the normal number horse Quarter walking the a you received his undergraduate degree in English in 2008 five 1st degree prepared apartment owners has a novel under the supervision of somebody in New York and a graduate school program University Tisch School for the Arts making and Brooklyn College for fiction writing while occasionally commuting to North Carolina's Warren Wilson College for poetry he has been accepted to the program in English and will most likely begin the program in 2010 in the fall and will also attend the Rhode Island School of Design at the same time Homer Simpson you know you're right Tigers injury how to report Franco is an artist is awesome preciate it 1st can of coffee I'm so happy to have him probably and the publicity around and probably exposure as well coming back from out there in the big city I guess that's that's an unfair assessment because being on a cell phone 1st you make a business inside estimated income of the top 10 was great came out and made a video sorry I shouldn't even be in the list of top 10 people all your stats are wrong you said I have a 159 million of a total of 130 right here in the number the number for Waukegan Library a seriously it was like they were giving people I would I would wager that some of those could be as high as what is the weirdest like coincidental thing you've ever seen encountered somebody or been in a weird time my mother when she was eight months pregnant with me has a you can abandon Nursery where one of the members of the Manson family was showing somebody you really have no idea at all should walk II like a phone, and either somebody or had already killed her and she was in there dead my mom was like 500 California and in response I wanted and I can't believe it it's Matt hey handsome I'm at wasn't a reason Texas from Atlanta is that his dad and his dad in to Texas Matt aunt was in the movie theater when Oswald was arrested and that crazy detachment when they came in to get all crazy and you know it yeah yeah yeah and if it wasn't the reason for the South other burger places in sabotage 1st location Five Guys Burgers Dead In and Out Burger restaurant American weather for once just Jack and I ate there for lunch a while back I just really what are the burger Five Guys Rockstar Zagat rating Five Guys N Out was that mean highest rated burger place the Five Guys and a Burger 21 the best burger category Geoff back in the day before the lunatic to go but I'm glad there's a shopping center up there extradition in Tarrytown nice part of awesome and so this person took over I don't know 10-15 years ago and the person is deceased person is a business investor to the liquor store there and really every business in there has to be like the in the house of in 30 years you want to join Burger King opened and then the guy came in and cooked every day fucking awful that's why all tiny little strip mall right by the university Dobie theater Alamo Dobie in Ann Arbor Arbor Ann Arbor Center and they were still together I was thinking I'm sorry I was in the Army was the only place I ever was the only time I ever ask for my money back for a movie what movie was it was a Robert Downey jr. Heather Graham and was Natalie Woods kids names two girls and a guy terrible it was an afternoon just and it was it was it was it was almost the same as everyone 36 minute you missed it but the Dobie theater animal the other looks like they went out to see how bad it was not everything percent chance of seeing an unobstructed screen wherever you Center in the II a flat roof in front of you to 114 Newport N Roses forced in the fuck yeah and we and we the II don't think there's an angle point towards the center of the tree but then everybody remembers where they song like Trainspotting 19 North project Drive Dead live there try to have a great day the terrible and it's a pain II campis Rochester Rochester Michigan courthouse in the morning to call the union or something I don't know why they call them all so weird that the mall is like a nails place, for an army navy and theater in Houma, shopping every second of North Carolina arcade in an area before my phone shut down and shut down Dobie and then I think that would shut down where we going to play panic panic Weinstein Panic Phantom Menace pinball machine at 1 like everyday I go eat lunch at the Dobie which is the first movie you and human ecology College movie on your phone five minutes you can make it Saturday night bringing family n friends coming to make and sell and the worst part about it was they weren't going to fix this problem you're going to freeze tables in to fix the problem before starting the film in time completion why do they suck dick 3D suck dick at sucking dick like that because because their passes with dicks because they suck dick at sucking dick good fuck you fuck I called man dr. William Schiff the album Turn Blue by Dobie farewell for sucking dick for you and I feel like I should warn anyone who's a parent don't think it's torture your daughter your young daughter and she cried and begged you not to give her another shot because they make her feel bad if you don't give her exactly diminishing supply of the medicine in the world for $20 II Burger morning of my life to my daughter to work so I want a reminder for PAX 71 a panel is Friday at 1 p.m. and it's going to be an awesome and animal remains theater theater theater are going to have a Seminole we also want to remind everyone we have Rivers 2 recollection American Revolution 2014 rights rights and revolution the extra cash to throw around out here it's going to be really good you should check it out or just from us or most major retailers mostly Best Buy also want to actually have a thing where we're going to be announcing a Pax but it's going to be a way and come to the panel to get hurt but you'll be able to potentially win a walk-on role in our new red horse can do that I have no secrets we will five