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Recorded: 2010-09-08 22:50:59

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Transcript (in progress):

surprise me there at the end dude good how are you doing good I'm doing good I don't know vs cooking today so no one ever had and I wouldn't it was an octopus that's Griffon Holmes Foursquare and you were the mayor of a couple minutes for me 408 dressed I'm happy to go to work we got a lot of positive comments about the drunk tank lyrics you and I were just at the next weekend for a tremendously successful event and we wish you were actually drunk when they recorded it and see I was thinking about maybe I'll give them what they want but God damn dude I know it's barely awake as it is I couldn't imagine being drunk still hungover from Pax anyway I don't really the garden so we had a Pax party on Saturday night right solution if you will that week through for some of our friend and I would like to take it easy I didn't want to embarrass myself if you want to be when you and I were flying out to Pax we said to each other we both drink fast forward to Saturday playing dude we both hurt each other everywhere heart right thing at all like you like I said I wanted to eat how far to the next night and then I took it I didn't I don't remember drinking a lot but I don't I also don't remember that night for the most part what is the first time I have no idea and I of you and having recorded like a record Twitter and cell phone pictures to do anything for me and the results show up on the internet in their and there I'm pretty sure I didn't by tag number horrible photo of course over there I guess 68000 ee yeah yeah and this year I think was as high as four or more they tried to expand his people that by the way I was three blocks from it was new venue was awesome it was really amazing but it was kind of hard to get to and I was kind of lost and there was no personal life and so but that is the cool thing about that place obviously was going on the actual people in the year 2050 DVD red guide frag dude I'm trying to find out about no I haven't seen anything from that short I wasn't upset that I wasn't and I purposely didn't watch any of them in the computer and it must be after you and I left anyway cuz you know we always get to leave early to set up for the first time with the audience and dear Lord you are disturbing the turnaround time on that because Monday we thought Pax and a panel that Friday and I felt like it was really super super tight on it it was edited extremely well the best short weave for dude yeah I mean it was it was it was it was over 14 hours Andover when you guys are there I didn't I assumed around 10:30 or 11 or so at night so it should be responsible how to just turn off and turn around effect I thought they're nearly done drugs 402 you just red reaction to the story it was easily it was as good as ever so blue I think that's great well I don't know I heard there were some the rivers of blue reactions were pretty awesome there's a scene where Brandon was in the front row some people over and 2 girls were into or what for laughing and crying but the rest of the Rising Sun red into some of the reactions to the revelation of which aired this past Monday in the finals this coming Monday 17 minutes and then for the first time to watch something new a chance to watch it anyway yeah we will be doing it again I believe so I think we are okay domestic I wish he was here to know more about that yeah I miss you but I don't really know much about it other than the game's portion it's a very popular very up-and-coming film festival in Austin put on by Timber League of the Alamo Drafthouse 2 weeks ago and we talked about all the time and I think I don't know they're not and this year and so there's going to be like 48 hour Machinima do some kind and it sounds pretty cool so I was pretty sure it was the winner of the Machinima person he was talking about last week it was that was the winner of the award onderon walkthrough so it's going to be like hey what's up guide shop I'm sure to be more tangible than that I guess whenever we don't even have to be uploaded to the temperature as well I get to 48 hour challenge starts Friday September 10th at 7 p.m. and then have to have it completed and uploaded by 10 p.m. okay we'll see you about it computers and laptops party a lot of people talk show did you see that Bernie says that we have to move as a into funny and ugly and things went ugly really fast but I will say that the audience was as his eyes closed for the cat from Halo Reach and Pax dressed dancing at the Just Dance movie I didn't dance around she was being a little something coming out next week dude the lines for reach for really crazy and he brought his wife Jordan and their son JD who is kind of thinking Halo and Jordan for Jordan for an hour so that they could play reach and then get out of here 17 year old be accompanied by a parent or Guardian I really like 3 hours long even know where that was it was it was over where they had those really funny posters on the wall of like to play games Universe University and then go to dinner or anything it's hardly worth getting so crazy that you don't normally hear you play with your quest Giver and it's like when you get a quick give her and you click on them it's King cinematic just reading it so you know where they're going to get a fight tonight Alamo vs wanted record I think so just released list at for Mass Effect 2 I don't know if you already plan to come up and it was like people love the game is popular people have to plan something to me was that one of the conversations were only 15% of the time which was written and void because usually people normally Whitmore Lake Red Dead Redemption and then finished it but it shows you how people played it you know that reach the average the average completion time for Mass Effect 2 days it was 33 hours for Xbox 360 play Mass Effect - 23 x who are the four people I work with are 2 on the PC 28 times I'm sure as time went on a lot of fucking 23 x dude that's crazy everytime I think I have 3 or 4 times radiator 23 times 28 times I thought those dudes know that what they do because they're assigned to do that mass 20 hours weather definitely a better way to figure out what people like about it or whatever but use the staff immediately used to determine whether or not they should by the game let's be honest they're not going to release pad King for a Day trailer whatever anything I can do person Mass Effect 2 import save character from Mass Effect 1 petition and I did not import a character from 12290 3 times for making videos of um in general if you do for fun other than well I mean how can I watch personal videos and a lot more time in the game and a half to increase your starting level and you also get reacquainted with the like it's like the combat system and everything everyone comes out here I'm running a lot more it really does help because the first like I don't know 20 minutes playing a super Rusty it was apparently I didn't so it reminded me this morning that game that I hate and I always had it in the first game but God damn timer a timer I get so stressed out looking at my watch when I got 2 hours until the military for things for me to do and if you play through to have to figure out how to get him to me even though I barely beat him at the time that the best way is to load up on guns and just stay as far away from as possible and move around between 12 and into the foreign just like a rifle and then all food other than that I would shoot him then if I gotta come back out of for me also by the way I could try to shoot it on your back and not worry about it exploded a little stronger and the first time was for 323 probably have everything just like the game anyways and everything development I'm on the way down Rising costs of very much to me and it was really cold so cheaply to it was $5 which for an Xbox Live name of that should have been 12 to 12 probably so tyrol Griffon video games we got our records a plug blue Revelation and recollection DVD coming out next week September 14th or you can use this link big statistics take me to Caleb who helps run the program he was a tremendously and there's not much conversation but he's really good at running a few minutes and talk because on Friday after the panel we had a pretty serious and we couldn't spend as much time talking to people is really preferred to an hour to buy a DVD at the booth it was freezing down the convention wrapped around by the bathroom has been trying really hard to get through it are you know you know it's really really tough Sonic later we can have a Sunday so it will be wanted heart condition Sunday Kind of dead but not actually but I'm really trying I got a babysitter because I want to feel like I'm finally having a party in an empty house the movie energy never get that right like you were mad that I went by myself but you really shop by his wife theaters in for me they have to work with well what do you want if you like we are talking about the company running out of the theater to watch Jackass 3D together so he invited to that I can 2 Milly the chemical that would be a 2 hours of good ideas I only that the HiFi system vs how to make women stand on the right today dude off of the waiver King Mexico for something in the past and it's been raining Non-Stop Blue Springs so many leaks in our server closet in the a German U-Boat trailer watching The Lexington away from The Rock in the morning I looked in 2 cups of water in the paint into the water very expensive actor red buttons into water last night I walked in there and was standing on a chair with carry and they had a giant kitchen knife and it was really gross I had to pop a couple of hours okay no problem we decide to move this week and this week the most important room in the company the server room 19 weeks controller turn a condom out there the back and I knew that was down there go to anything you have all these keys 30 seconds trying to find the right key like crying every one of them getting a good weekend moving at 9:11 that seems inappropriate to me we don't move on 911 the terrorists one exactly the point patriotic Duty I'm really not sure what I'm going to and respected and liked all the food options and how women don't wear a lot of clothes in the summer and then walk around downtown a lot but I appreciate the space and hopefully we will find out that it was one of us the entire time it was person Monte Cristo Alamo heart it was gone this morning somebody collected the hurricane that passed through probably washed it away. It was raining 3 days over hair 11 p.m. and made like of plywood roof for a metal roof stoma fucking as either one of them next year you're ready even going to work right now dead it's so exhausting to like just did not just the family go to work and then you get home and then you're just try to keep your house clean and like your kid to bed and person the strain really come on and then you have to put in Wisconsin 2 bedroom in Texas 2 bed 1 daddy around but i a Just Go With It yeah I did you hear the other day the interview I guess we were taught where someone was talking to develop and they said that now that 2 wings of Liberty has shipped they have started hardcore development on Heart of the Swarm just started getting grounded Heart of the Swarm so how far out is it going to be then I don't know because we and some design work on it but hardcore art in programming is just now starting to begin well one would assume that development on that game would be significantly less because it's been 10 years building the the system for wings of Liberty right now probably next year why dude why would you think that the campus and he was killed in for another decade Red Heart of babies actually designed by 3 documentary working on my projects in legs Nvidia biography on HH Holmes serial killer different like button and killing probably but they think it might have been fifty to a hundred because during the Red Scare and he was able to get it for my person research like well yeah I'd like to have hair like into communication with as quick if you come to town their family and then and then knowing how many people like everyone else splatter walls covered his tracks you know right like if you want to gets all the glory right you have to have to make a big mass and do that whole thing if you want to be like you can get rid of the bodies so they can find them memory card and that was what like the pinkertons the greedy Cooking Mama United a newborn you definitely sound like a bunny desire is all the hell this is all about foreign and like she's going to make it wanted to highest corn the Cadillac corn with capitalism a love story I mean how do I get to the ringing endorsement you and Geoff cooking Cowboys couple I watch that last night and did you like it interesting really really instrumental super sad integral drugs were to the success of Miami Building just the weirdest thing as we were walking down the street on Friday or Saturday night and it was a dude on the ground and the cops were like and the cops arrested him and taken to the hospital in the next block on the ground seizures and the paramedics attending to the woman as a paramedic giving him CPR fucking I'm glad he's trying to kill me yeah we had a crazy story about hotel room story what happened to crazy talking yeah I'm really excited pretty good I have a feeling it'll just be like a constipated Hall the party I will tell you when it comes out did you hear that it was going to be there their they're in the process of filing chapter 11 then I must have missed you then couldn't happen to a more deserving company Corvallis Oregon that down because that right location of a Walmart in every city in America and the person is out also so like originally against technology and advancing technology and taking advantage of opportunities and competitors don't I mean it was obvious the direction was going towards digital distribution for sale and distribution in for for somewhere there's some assholes Blockbuster who is the church apparently they have a billion dollars in debt that they're trying to get out of people pay the late fee just one more the money you know what I noticed when I was doing the the contest with Bernie to get 10000 gamerscore in a week I went to the local video store to rent some games and I realized it was probably 7 or 8 years it was like walking into the past video store in Barberton years do it just to see it's really weird I went to Hollywood video when they were shutting it down and stealing everything including the fixtures inside of it everything is really fucking each other forever and ever driving and and and everything impatiently waiting Capital One after you try to start it the best ever so terrible it's just people getting hit in the head for an hour it's so fantastic to watch like I watch it on Hulu it's like really want to hurt me I don't know I don't know cooking Jackass 2 what is a ninny Gus as I see that the new Xbox controller on your computer. I really do controller as a pop-up D pad on the border behind because of you ever felt the need for that the only time complete the diagram which doesn't seem important or necessary to me at all but the first time I use it I guess they're going to tell if a number is 465-3010 PAX I wish it wasn't coming out literally 2 months after Halo Reach because the Reach Xbox is going to come with 2 brand new controller I mean if you D Pad technology will not be obsolete in like 5 weeks after you buy it mass mass trailer piranha jackass but I did I did Smash the shit out of controller work and how it was what was my cousin I was having some cash or something a ton of trouble and I got I don't I don't very often gets frustrated to the level of work but I got so mad I threw controller across the room in it for the controller because it was Romina Griffon just making out with microphone do you mean into the office and you're about to have like an actual dedicated drunk tank area it only would have been thinking is going to be over mass of the products just sound like quite figured out the only way to drive your car on to it but you have to be going 60 miles an hour to get to the roof and there's snow on the roof rooftop dining the future craft Alamo agents of the jumping rooftop wanted poster into my mouth and yeah I like that I mean there isn't even a group that I could watch anybody play Grand Theft Auto game just didn't watch it because I'm just entertaining just came out you can have next year I'm assuming you're not going to want to come pad the 2 titles computer came out in October or November Mass Effect in January so 2 or 3 months you going to be out late summer or fall next year I'm looking up in 30 minutes Mass Effect 3 TV a 2011 and 2011 promissory note I don't know what you're going to like. I just feel like fun with the television and like difficult to hook up an Atari to a modern TV the video into into the USA prosecuted after but I just think I might do a little project the information could be difficult to play now like your video out of it I don't go to the whole entire thing is kind of weird to think that technology is so obsolete because it's almost lost to and it will be another 10 years it'll be remembered always broke with a knife and wrap it around the screw and trying to look at one audio and one video the model is crazy how technology has changed 25 years or so we going to get a needle for a record player right just like you I don't Define just telecommunications just put the tape and Rewind I don't have a tape player in there and find them at a pawn shop and then probably Craigslist probably that's a good idea but you don't like my voice is starting to come back and my voice is still gone and I know it has made me really nervous the number to the pad dude yes nobody Griffon and I'm like no I didn't ask you because I don't want to know Rite Aid