#79 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Gus, Matt, Joel, Griffon and sometimes Geoff drunk the tank.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rooster-teeth-podcast-79

Recorded: 2010-09-15 21:05:23

Runtime: 00:50:55 (3055.36 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Joel Heyman, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

that was the drunk tank unplugged acoustic Style are you doing where they're friends now it is cold in this room it's pretty natural for the rest of body fat of a walrus into this temperature in our office we can never get it right wherever we go if you'd like serum for important information I'm in like a flood 14 I feel like we should clarify the situation come out and take a look it up on the status of the equipment that he did and while we're supposed to meet up before we started Air Canada Griffon is like my my my podcast master in training to everyone hey bitch and I should be back probably right there for a while last week's podcast I'm thinking right now it's me I guess greater Jackson you're probably safe to buy heating coal scuttle that he still here. We should we should thank everyone who came out to the rooster teeth party at Pax everyone took a picture or video of it's only for Jeff and I were the first people there and the bar like what we was looking for a private event and they were like kicking people out some of the regulars so we told the bartender to let those people States they were regulars that we were able to take control of her life The Hangover quite possibly speaking at an earlier time after enough but you are Define blackmail very pretty but get rid of him an email somewhere the person I don't the person passed around somewhere someone holds soccer.com Brandon Alexander Road I have more out you guys are pretty sure of arts and design Brandon from the party right now he's not allowed getting bar Guggenheim the guardian for with your spouse is over 21 I think tuvan at the restaurant right now we should make a card in Uno Brandon tables over there and they all went over there and they said Kerry could not eat there because he was under 21 at the table to eat anyway and have carried it like it States Dynamo states have legal on side of McKay on ramp Credit Karma and my laws in Oregon about music and I got off on their own or going up to Corvallis how many miles okay I just I don't know so you know I don't know I'm sorry for the way you Jeff but I picked up pizza for on long road trips Intercare and a murderer Kerry Kentucky I can imagine you don't email or text anymore it seems like you are crazy person instantly yellow checkered records I'm going to have like one time I was out I was hitchhiking in a woman pick me up with a child and which is not even if your female and he was driving the car would have had a breakdown hitchhiking I don't have a car and she got really nervous I guess I was red and realize it's like she just up and mediately and likes man and drop me off in like that but yes you are murder someone is having an acquaintance of your Wayne in your name you're more likely to experimental and someone else Mark Harmon oh I don't know okay what causes the beach and put them in the drawer there any late there in like 5 minutes Kerry Lord ozai portable the job free doing okay have fun with that now it's now it's time to talk shit about Matt on stop red super energetic I don't know Geoff Stephanie hey what's up we should be moving some people have I have not had a number Gus the planet out early and you have no Justin copies of the game and so I'm going to divorce you and marry reach and then didn't know we were good-looking killer how much money Museum Vic body party potatoes I didn't see one another Captain as ice but when it gets cut down because it has to be in like a square shape it just looks like you're giving it away Tuesday in addition to Halo Reach this is also the week that red vs blue Revelation and the recollection come out on DVD as a matter the reason I said that because I was a nice try to remind people of Revelation and recollection anywhere 186 copies now they've only got 4 very very little we moved I'm not going to get any more details but I will say that we're next to a major like shopping area and since we've been in the shopping area Halo and red vs blue fanfic at places like Chick-fil-A and that's why I like 10 people and your food and your number didn't transfer I moved in over here underwear Japanese Vietnamese and that's where the place lots of restaurants to get tired of it what time does the Greenville Waterloo Ice House third base for the parking lot with man that's a great idea we had somebody we had this girl that was not her and everybody she made an interactive menu guide in our knowledge base that you could go to find all the menu for the restaurant Geoff yeah that was talking about restaurants in serial killers who eat people too states which is when we talked endlessly about local restaurant no one else in the world cares about it but I don't think that's true blue the group that one rooster feast I don't care about it yes but how many different places shopping center realized it in the world and everything Mexican Kentucky drive through there and I guess I could order Starbucks off of it centers in America right six up either have a Marshalls or Ross either have or Target or Walmart or PetSmart Buda and Kyle Matt Stone joining insane in Congress where we're at brakes sound like a two-lane road and is not a very well maintained 40% of 1 3 questions the whole family :-) :-) what did you do doctors office check it out and start driving in about a half an hour and realize this is way way way too far I'm going to have to move and I think to myself at one time and I got pulled over so I get 2 tickets almost every warning light on my dashboard goes off and I barely would have happened if I'd rather be like them and I like pierce my tire and my tire so I couldn't tell like a month ago and I'm still paying for now gravity you know on mother accident maybe you have to give her the ticket otherwise you know whatever Astoria red the other day is a new story and I guess that's the man in Kentucky was upset with his wife because she under cooked his eggs for breakfast so he murdered her her brother murdered her her sister her sister's husband and their kid a quote from somebody trailer murders family no I'll make sure I'm imagining eating scrambled Cadbury eggs now chocolate Taco Bell Kerry them I have ever tasted in my entire life and it's so stupid it's good chocolate little chocolate things at Domino's I don't even know what I mean reach out and read something into it and let you know what we ordered Domino's chicken out of the bar and you act like pizza and leave it in the Box in those cakes part of the human he thought was the best part of the year I got the right like what wine goes well with head or something like that be careful about this we talked a couple weeks ago I talked about how you and it was like I'm in the plane crash in the mountains anything if you put them in they would not even if you were starving have you ever gotten close to starving I never tried them 1162 candy combinations are friends Matt Morris you really got in a microwave I really six to throw away McCallie and I would like to proceed Hunter out of the microwave I stepped on my cat's tail hardened on my hair Halo I came in at about Halo reach at all today but 2553 the bad news is going to get shot Halo Reach awesome and they were cool enough to put all of us in at characters in the game by characters you can recruit into your squad when you run around the brain I have not encountered myself in my car Justin Bieber website review review Halo reach out for the Halo EMP it was pretty packed apparently and I guess the Reach people in line so we ordered and sent a ton of pizzas out to the people who were at the front of the line had a weird experience during that pizza couple different places too busy when I have a driver's the other location the next location we don't have enough Liberty the phone number to the pizza place really good Marin on our website from people liking pictures and talking about the pizza they won't know who we are Matt Wieters whatever in Cocoa extra sugar in it can you fit into a 2 liter bottle what can we make this even more unhealthy in terrible for people they do we have that technology no but I wish I coulda got up there but it seemed like everyone had a good time out there at EMP for the school building from the interstate I have never really gotten too close to it that's it it's kind of weird looking at it from my side I guess a picture of you laying down on the table Jesus Christ on me I'm across the room of drunk people I see Matt like on top of the table screaming with hands above head and I only saw the bartender's look at Matt look at each other and start blue it's you you nearly got enrolled out of bars and almost every state in this country I've been at this point I have gotten third going and the waitress walkthrough nice time travel from on the proverbial table didn't I tell you one time when you're drunk in Atlanta raccoon what percentage are formed by prawn Alto and then we woke up in a swamp or something I don't know another restaurant like out of control with that we're going to show you Lake Hamilton AR what happened to you happen to come out on DVD launch we covered many many drunken exploit it was that short to my mother-in-law for some reason for some reason the internet setting for we just packed up in a trash bag in my car red lipstick in a bag for a surprise later the transporter duet washing machine I got I got something to tell you ready I'm working on right now and I should be ready for Christmas. I just got the calendar and Brandon fucking phenomenal. I mean, it is not strong enough he's really good music lemon tree accordion turn on at the same time party at in folk music instruments for some of that stuff Cadbury Creme Egg throat singing same time it's pretty crazy sometimes Great Lakes throat singing and didgeridoo what time my wife and I went on a trip to liquidation of years ago and we went up to Niagara Falls and on the Canadian side is very unnerving and dinosaurs Red Lobster Louisiana South Africa thinking about you prodigy lives in the mud and like him about it I will find it I'm starting the first couple times I went to Australia to try to trick me and tell me like that the world like normal to me first martial artist Martha platypus when you go to Venom in the zoo in the Platypus every animal down there is like it look at you then all the sudden you drink beer or something Patrick Dempsey bar no I mean he gets it I don't know I can in Spanish out of United for the first time today downtown the name of it I don't know and sugar and Bitters and orange or lemon man sometime tomorrow and ride did I can drink it that is a big old fashioned drinker Halo sounds like the guy actually drinks like the old fashioned drink very much kind of heard about fashion and other base feel like having a Resurgence because man I definitely remember if you run from it because I know everyone has things to do revelation we should talk about we should talk about it red hair and at some point the process of creating probably talk about I mean are they going to release Louisiana platypus alright well we should have wrapped up