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Rooster Teeth kicks off with a theme song and longs for a free Maybach

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Recorded: 2009-06-05 22:13:20

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

Uncharted cornbread electronic are you sure when you 43 which is the street you grew up on your first pet's name talking about your name to me so I 3 was this week I don't know if anyone heard about that we've been 2 but we probably should have in retrospect because the Microsoft conference was amazing and Knuckles was there and he had his Twitter that he got to play with sexual it looks great I hope it works and then I read like and calibration and probably have individual pictures of them pictures of the device because I think it was I think it was we work our backs if I really need it why they would want people taking pictures of that look star towers with that but it would bother me what does it mean to you or anything like that I will have to public developer who support simultaneous PC and Mac launches Sims 3 just came out that's right on a Mac as well Mac support is through emulation software and normally that rapper as overhead it kind of slow that down syndrome Oprah 4 whatever it was for the simulation of the new way they do it Old Republic call work yeah no kidding right sorry I wasn't aware he does have one yet the shop right down the road it's called Juan pelota and I never understood what the fuck you like who this Juan pelota isn't Lance Armstrong like so much that he needed a coffee shop after I get it to play on one that could put his ball and nice finish then Juan sounds like one and I hate I love Lance Armstrong I love to live here I hate the impact it has on Tour de France cyclist in Austin I was behind like it look like it was going to turn them it was a group of like a dude all in biker shorts just taking up the entire right lane of the highway just don't rush home in time to even get their stuff Alan Phoenix on the seat or 11 I think we got off on a tangent there we were talking about pretty obvious what was everyone's favorite trailer from E3 or favorite either by The Rock Band Beatles opening cinematic for me definitely was the old trailer and shoulders above everything else I also like to the Uncharted 2 trailer it was really good trailer that's what I really liked about it your video game trailer it's the first time I've contemplated buying a PS3 just for that trailer trailer is making me really it's like he's like I missed from his life as I understand the things that he writes about coming to life like real life horror stuff tonight flashlight so what was your favorite trailer I was obviously Old Republic the same as you probably know that's pretty fucking awesome 2 walkthrough weeks before Halo 3 write-ups on the fire fire fire really cool I guess for lack of a better thing to compare 2 horde mode in Gears of War 2 survival apparently it's really really cool and everybody play that had a blast the most excited when I buy it to get the elevator code for Halo Reach Paris 2 the baby or something like that the Christmas game mean for fall 2010 and cell the pipes in the summer or late spring for the beta I think we know what everyone is definitely assuming that the moment they set foot in their house with ODST the conviction only that the case what about your Joel who's your favorite Left 4 Dead 2 already played 8 games has come back to haunt them a little bit because people are criticizing Left 4 Dead 2 coming out one year after Left 4 Dead and essentially just being additional content you know like new weapons and new maps and things like that I would have said stupid people there's this at least perception that Left 4 Dead didn't have a lot of content when I came out there was a great game but it only had one format which was 5 maps with in the format right I mean yeah I don't like I don't like the mentality of Gamers that so you have to reinvent the wheel for every new sequel of the game if it was great when it came out and it looks good enough then just give me more of the same right Dead Rising 2 Dead Rising 2 it was just in the same world same graphics and everything just like I said The more you know or go to a different Mall go to the mall basically it's not broken we're not going to fix it now was that and then to introduce a super weird peripheral that no one really understands as well what is that supposed to really show any practical application of it seems like your pulse cat friendly the former fried ball she was asking about the like some kind of game that you use the fingerprint sensors on laptops that you play the game with the you know using that was cut by over the game and then she was on the hunt for the principal attention trailer the first day it came out because of the look like 43 do you want to go to mega64.com to see that 2 this hilarious Joaquin get to look at the big 3 I think Microsoft was definitely hands down and shoulders above me Indian Head the controller wasn't like anything doesn't excite me but it looks cool but I like him Warfare the interface doesn't like your hand to flip between blades and the voice activated stuff in the dashboard looks really cool the entertainment functions of the Xbox controller I have one of those Logitech remote and turn it on and Power control board natal we also this issue of Gus have kids too and if I don't know about you but like I want to when it's time to find an Xbox controller it could be in the fridge I could be under a bed and I think you said you'll have kids too so have fun once you try to use the hand motion and you can try to call you or getting to the action you're fighting with your kid to deal with Microsoft and the things they put out which I think are all awesome they can be destroyed but I can't help but think that everything we saw all their major announcements in their keynote theme to be better versions of things they've already attempted on the 360 that didn't work out so well like a big one isn't all right but that's all anyone can talk about the Xbox Live vision camera came out already kind of had a rudimentary version of this remember they had play without a controller and there's one called totem ball it was an arcade download 2 Gameplay totem ball on their plate they are now committed to like they have to deliver on this stupid show me the demo was right and so now the obligation is totally on that can I play totem ball and it's impossible to control and having played totem ball I'm not that excited about natal I'm really not I hope it'll be good you know but it's just like I've already seen this version of it like when they put up their Twitter update and their Facebook update don't forget that when we had lunch it also launched with a connection to MSN Messenger nobody use that that is probably the most relevant development on the on the Xbox 360 first of all you know saying that they already have the vision camera I think the natal Technologies a little different I mean it's like Sony also already have the eyetoy camera on there and you don't have their new enclosure the mission thing as well it seems like Evolution I guess you know it seems like it's even better and you're going to be able to do the things you're supposed to do as far as the MSN and Twitter Facebook patient no one wanted to use it didn't want to bother playing games with Twitter and Facebook you can make updates better one way you update out without being in so I think people will use that functionality where they didn't use the MSN Messenger functionality quality title coming out on Netflix I don't know I just left early last night you know what it is there's one Saving Grace is that streaming service from Netflix and its Stars play and I'd like for somebody to be like what the contract is the Stars play has his the things that come in and out of that service that of the high-quality title I bet I would bet that wow he's probably one of those what is a Star Sly title it says I can't remember you know doing that we can grab that your titles on your Xbox and add stuff to your cute Juan star on the Xbox and it actually launched earlier on rookie players but he had 10,000 movies and I read somewhere other this week on another website that it has 50000 now but I don't know if I could have it how do you spell screaming and I watch South Park every night or next the weasel streamable feels like you went to watch it the first 3 episodes of season 1 are not available for streaming episode 4 I mean really how it was where's my damn some of the episodes are disabled and can only be available dead sketches so what's what's worse than that is I was eight episodes into the first season of Dexter and it disappeared from last week that she showed up again 30 Rock I just started it all for a little bit I was complaining earlier that I couldn't find season 2 of 30 Rock then you told me I was an idiot he was there and explore like there's another level of a veteran it was an instant queue online and then they don't show up on the 360 nursing at what age can you give an example it's just like a different time sure which Albuquerque how much people use that I hope they do it this time last year the website with reach teeth live people use it on something different there cuz we have a community is already so close and connected with that people have a community of friends that are close to and connected with together with people I know whatever I mean I don't really the way it the way it usually works when I play games with somebody just starts a party and where you guys are playing the same game or not you're all just in the party talking while play different games and you always just kind of like it looks like seven or eight dudes or ladies hanging out kind of refined some of the stuff that everyone's clearly using awesome like every time I fast forward frames and it's got to be before you know it when I'm at home right now and now this instant play thing just seems incredible I don't have to do anything to play as for the marketplace how to get to like 25% of an HD movie before it starts now which is a long time music for watching on Xbox Live Rooster Teeth so freaking lazy I wish there was you like you say I wish I was one but you could hit as soon as you see the alert to start playing it and listen to it right then because it seems like it's very cumbersome right now hip 2 dual voice wow you have a headset I do not receive voice messages voice messages if you don't have a headset in every message like when you sit on the plane I know I put mine under my cell phone so it's out of sight out of mind in knowing that shit out of me I have to put it on Emily hey how's it going 2 headset on the green in Halo on it and I feel like a fucking retard watching watching this isn't like plans it's like sorry I'm just not Alan she want me Avatar Style achievements you know there's a ODST completely if you hit some kind of milestone in ODST you will be able to dress your avatar like a drop shot yeah we had this discussion not in a podcast today but that's something that would make me care about achievement because that's something that it doesn't it doesn't it's something you receive for getting the achievement and that was my thing is I don't care about getting a cheap mints because it doesn't affect gameplay and I don't get anything for it because 1943 when it comes out what you talking about I'm talking about you can unlock the new maps when the global Community has 43 million kills awesome very awesome very what does the name Logan in his Guild disbanded like what happened the officers have been complaining of poor attendance recently and I guess it's like that it was run by Two Brothers up in Seattle or something and I guess they just got sick of it wow question if this is Old Republic is half as good as the trailer will you ever play WoW again on Galaxy which I played for way too long anything to is that it's going to have the morality system where are you when you go through a mission you can do it like as an evil person was a good person and they and you don't know the consequences until afterward like the example of the kid on joystiq gave was that they went through as a chef and they had to remove this captain from command because they were unhappy with his performance and you could kill him or let him live and I don't know what that stuff and you never want others to kill them then it makes the other says happy and you get like bonus points but it makes the bat the battle you have to do afterward almost impossible because he was the military expert and he had already sent him live then you can get to the Battle of no problems but all the other stuff won't text you at lunch I guess classes don't share the same if you're a rogue and a warrior you all will have never had the same questions at all 470 abilities as well I don't know I want to be my wife always laughed at me there's no one fight in the next round this where I'm at natal maybachs of those days the Old Republic is well I mean galaxies Festival Spencer 10000 gamerscore had me at hello Miami hip 60000 gamerscore 9 a.m. GMT -6 right and he died he was found in a hotel in Thailand Bangkok headfirst the report was he was found with and his genitals now it's a rope around his neck and his body but it's pretty much as soon as reported still that genitals are part of the body 817 natal I'm going to tell it was it was actually I would want people to know that didn't happen to me I mean you know it's crazy how did Michael Hutchence have a cord wrapped around his nuts 2 live like to get to the point where he could only get off by wrapping extension cord around here good I hope when I'm 70 2 it's possible I might die is there a button on my phone but I mean it's suicide when it's just a crazy life thing that the guys like that you know which one of the jackass guys died doing a crazy ass done for me like I tell you be like the motorcycle and The Handlebar went into his dick and then it cause there's a interview he is out of his pants and you look down it would be like it's cause so much scarring on the inside of his medical 2 years because it has the thing and so he does that to avoid surgery and hopefully I can take another year of it and then they'll reevaluate and see if he can stop cell Catherine I have it is not fun but I do have a trip to Thailand be the most uncomfortable thing I've ever star in Kill Bill and our Bill Bixby hitchhiking The Back-up the short before up is the best short from Pixar there's no doubt before his the best short new stand up right there with Wally first Pixar movie Apple Store appointment this right now is it gets like that said moment like 2 minutes into the movie and then after that every 15 minutes and remind you about that it's like get over it I'll probably see it tomorrow or maybe tonight 3 the first movie in 3D I don't want to wear glasses over my glasses oh yeah what the fuck holding glasses over my glasses talking about how uncool we look with 3D glasses connected to a microphone with Halo and on topic are you going to go to the movies almost seen it a bunch of different times but just haven't gone to see it did you see it there but the service was gorgeous so pretty did you or anyone you know but I saw a ton of like maybachs Lamborghinis and Bentleys and a lot of very rich looking people there Maybach in hundred and $50,000 but only people who have them know what they are you know it's like 3 years ago NFL's walking by the theme tank like pot it was talking about and all that stuff around it $250,000 for car how much is a Maybach old York Rd you can buy a card like a teeth I haven't know after you do a change it's funny you say that the interview the guy who ran natal like a mailbox and rolls-royces in cars like that and the reporter asked him how do you sell someone a $300,000 car and the guy who runs dealership says the way we sell most of our cars we cell damage caused by them to give them to someone else so it's $3,000 has the economy really affected your your your Auto Sales here at this high-end luxury car dealership and you said no all they have some the economy goes bad is the names on the mailboxes change wow doesn't really this really doesn't affect him at all in California in the mood for real estate in California wow it was crazy so which one did you absolutely pristine like gorgeous beautiful AMG 500 SL interview that was a car cause I don't know that I don't know probably 10:30 or something in that neighborhood and it was worth it I convinced them to let me test drive in ATL which is like their big long luxury car and $120,000 into the sun shades automatically came up over the back windows to keep the Sun from coming in and getting Clarity Rockies in the refrigerator in the center console of a 1992 Ford Taurus in La it just means 97 Star the game Rod And Roll to Me Now you really have to pay for another car but you do it because it's like you roll up in a car if you want Alana rappers driving yeah I was in Miami during the Miami hip hop Festival which is the largest hip hop Festival in the country I guess there were three hundred fifty thousand people there for that what's the name of the guest people I can't remember that's not a good sign Gus and I was very excited about the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien 2 this week of the 1st 2 92 yeah and it went off without remover how about where they're already fighting over gas between Leno and Conan that also like in the networking with Conan saying game cannot pick the best absolutely should I just lost it I don't care I want Letterman to be Conan overcoming I love Letterman Letterman the last time I saw him like 8 years ago the theme from the deer Letterman website on the internet interview this isn't a real person Phoenix however my point of this is like Iron Man the Marvels goal is to release 4 superhero movies a year wow for a year starting in 2010 that's not what I mean I mean what I say that what's the Golden Rule 4 superhero this year and they weren't going to like how they were going to do it without being affected by a superhero fatigue and nothing to do crappy ones that talk shit about round this place primer system I never started it and they made a comic book out of Alan Menken I thought that was already called he's at work the building which by the way 4 Dead comes out June 9th awesome awesome awesome games and it would be a lot of cheap on herself coming back down to meet at 3 and I was way less excited about Crackdown 2 after having a heart attack what type is definitely hearing that the Jones that I've got 4 the Crackdown star game with some great great the enemies in Prototype 2 fight as well as you go along commercial work too much to the story I'm excited too really comes out from a completely fresh start today where do you guys want to go to lunch today Gus someone will have to make the call to your parents and tell him that you like him and make calls to the 3 Kennedy's wife also the makers of Maybach listen to this episode Decker Health theme song going out I like Santa terrible