#80 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

The Red vs Blue Revelation production team (Burnie, Matt, Monty and Kerry) host this weeks Rooster Teeth.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rooster-teeth-podcast-80

Recorded: 2010-09-22 13:45:18

Runtime: 01:05:27 (3927.69 seconds)

Participants: Burnie Burns, Kerry Shawcross, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey, Monty Oum, Griffon Ramsey




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    "Half Life 2 Fan Made Trailer" => "http://www.joystiq.com/2010/09/21/fan-made-half-life-2-movie-trailer-leaves-us-wanting-more/"
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Transcript (in progress):

I got that song everytime I hear that song ever troubleshooting starter for 1013 right now Griffon note was actually deleted Monty oum on the podcast we have we have our new Young employees not in turn what's up Kerry how are you doing I'm doing alright how are you doing never been 414 Foreman Kerry Brady break out some zingers Geoff can record the conversation apparently Sanskrit the part of the cast when we make fun of the people who are here together to the bathroom how do with a lot of money and have a glass of coffee coffee in a glass with objects around the office towel that would sit there sometimes and we would use that one on the top for whoever had it before like have your hands wet and the next day English paper towels in the trash for Justin Moore turn on 3030 are we doing things that we have she was going to get an Ikea cabinet or something you put it together and you put it together wrong but you should have with it can you know how it's wrong or you get half pages back so now I have to dismantle the whole thing the Ikea in Austin is actually in Round Rock so it's either get in the car for an hour or wait 6 weeks for delivery Austin a really weird town with the suburbs Run for the exit Lockhart Texas from Texas to Lockhart Texas stop talking about it George Foreman Grill in his apartment he got the George Foreman grill grill recognition Market George Foreman grill the wedding gift George Gillett Grill you have like for instance I came in here we bought Monty a laptop when he first got here and I noticed completely torn off the cover of the laptop the keyboard and I said Monty what happened to your laptop to the front of his laptop in the fan the connector could anyone even like electric electric heater anything cuz they're still plugged in town most direct solution solution Sabrina Burnie aggravating me about this George Foreman Grill Cooking stuff guys don't know apparently Brandon the other day was because set timer let me run the microwave on empty for 3 minutes and I heard you microwave on the microwave Wikipedia articles red in discovering what they are a breath of a black widow spider is poisonous life never heard that before everybody went to Lockhart George Foreman grill and I said George Foreman grill front counter and I could not believe this George Foreman Grill George Foreman biggest set of of all time - George Foreman met the guy you're talking about the point George Foreman had to eat without picture down I mean literally like an overestimation I mean he might have gone to 5 inches of time for international George Foreman grill set alarm team and wheel Matt Ellsworth Monty from Grill Foreman George Foreman boxing experience George career stats from the fight Muhammad Ali was heavily heavily heavily favored to lose and he just wore he did without them warm down and a dude on the planet and he must put his name on the grill right I don't think he was like in the lab Define inventive the perfect Grill I'm going to guess that he probably didn't invent it nothing about George Foreman named all of his kids pics boy team names of all George Foreman the girl from Foreman Chad life Burnie really RG3 new girl the entire world intervene boxcar Jesus cards now in the real world game where in the world is becoming Muhammad Ali and then becoming you know team in the world so there in the show did not even watching television a radio in a bar and that's how they watch it on the radio but from the radio life Hitler look like in your head or if maybe they didn't have TV the moon landing astronauts look like they have glass globes for helmets on televised but yeah Hitler luckily we had like cartoons Hitler victrola phonograph in the most watched TV event girl sleepover the best from the internet coming a big storm we have lots of people who are already all stars that come to stuff on the internet like you know he was a guy who came from the internet a long time did you out there who have a big project that out lights of it and then just then then they just stop there and a lot of that I don't like when somebody makes something like this and then meet Life 2 concept art painting which probably he farmed out to an artist friend of his probably took about maybe a week Chad Gilbert oh you can't possibly be an artist making this if this is the production company in the working on it here comes actually get here it is I'm looking at it doesn't look like it was more than I could handle now there are reports of there's a Half Life 2 movie in the works which I mean I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't for my experience valve is not a company that just come over you know life is it Anyway meet the commercial development team that a lot of really talented people on the valve Team 2 or more people who have come from movies or they just flop back and forth between the movie industry and the video game industry we're definitely in between the two and we do something more like video games and become more of a movie come the online different endings without telling him and I came here from hire people that work here and we go from Project to project in the team where in movie production or will be normal General production higher people up for a job work for a company on more than one project Warner Brothers on more than one occasion games in the crunch that kind of just the growth in order to deliver the game you kind of assume that you know you could be moving on just as soon as it's done you have contract employees full-time employee material the sundering Revelation production at the end talking about revelation an opportunity to really come on I think I vs 6D gradual clawing our way back up claim to accept ability to the end of the season that with me the entire time like 2 years ago and now for a while then he came out as an intern and then that's great women who are Cougar Life your life Justin women mascots with the Cougars and we had we had a place on campus where she hotter than and I just walk into a room we have older 32 2/40 half my age chicken vampire George George Will if you fan Potter Universe Twilight weather ideallean is it the larger World War Z World War a consistent with its the world 111 ocean vampires get things for a while or Monty in the Bible cultural character in fucking my Duke Nukem talk about him anymore the game when it came out whenever the first week it wasn't that good to begin with was another thing it wasn't that fun and I don't know why people are so fast in the God damn game I think it's because it was kept away from people for so long they just wanted it more than anything property Foreman marketing generated in Nukem an image on the internet and email questions from Twitter or whatever the internet or whatever they call it if you don't know whatever whatever the marketing and just really translate to box office or actually $554,000 at the box office at 5 million followers on Twitter follow him because they're interested in conversation of element anything any kind of like actual business anything but you the degree do you go online I did go today hey what happened you know anymore I don't know I just didn't like the change down of a help build up if you like Star Wars Episode 1 is a great example where can you find a pool you are random ranking of Lincoln Hitler somehow or whatever and if you're trying to convey agt.com occasionally one of our fans would do that if you want to get out there and then in the back and it shows up and people who like to stay in the game that the the digg trees very vocal as well they participate in comments and you can vote and then pick the comments that people make as well and then called over to where the way to change where they focus more on legitimate news sources for the people are just making blogs to redirect traffic to them and submitting that to digg Facebook made it more apparent Harry a perfect storm of the in the same time we're getting is that people don't like to change that you can come across the board 300 common near 250 Comet an update I'm also getting that I don't follow any of these so it's all fresh to me but I'm also getting that because it apparently looks like Facebook now some people like it just like with the movie coming out the more I don't like because it looks like internet Google what's going to be Facebook is the same jungle Grill whenever you know that rooster an article link to the article StumbleUpon about Revelation production we won't talk about it I don't know not putting out enough. an arsonist of our heaviest on Red vs Blue Fortress production compared to other things that you worked on was a point where we have hotel rooms across the street and we will just go to sleep in hotel rooms you know what now that you mention it yeah like what I was doing what you're going to name call and we are down run Chad a game I was watching the game and as soon as I was done with that and everyone wanted to relax take a break I started production on Prototype for our next game single-handedly by the way while everyone else was like alright time to vacate and take a vacation stuff and I decided I wanted to look at 3 episode fan at the same time and did that with in 4 months production credits on like you been doing video game crunch videos a lot of what's called healthy healthy fresh mr. microwave 300 calories on there but it's really like 3000 calories bubblegum meet after every single time but the pretty much be careful cuz it's like that was different for me I was pretty much 24 hours a day 24 hours a day 2 days straight or maybe even 3 days straight but come in whenever life I didn't see him I was coming in at like 9 a.m. and leaving it like that the figure includes the money was in the office to do some stuff which is fun it's always fun working on stuff right now Clearing House internet I got one of those clear an original computer on the window connection out of that and then why didn't window currently right now moving pretty out there very apropos to describe Brandon Monty in the main room I don't know anything they have on them no idea forever understand I don't know what the old office and prepping for tomorrow half down stairs life every forever temperature I will not miss the front gate closing at 7 p.m. and having to walk around to the back entrance you know you shouldn't really weird carton on the milk carton and if you Team Lorde Arlen Segway 2 best career are you a cardinal man from another place John Goodman have shadows cartoon characters Amazon hamster look like but I wrote it an oriole in and out in Rhode Island yeah right made on the game and the Bourne Identity movie and then he made a couple met with mr. Ripley was doing everything like a team now really tiresome after the first what was the what was the movie Julia Roberts played the woman who looks like you that was 12 pretty sure I felt like they were improving that plot point on the screen like I made it up in the movie theater the curtain of the Monty but yeah but you're right the X-Men part the lead movie The Promise I was thinking it's this nice couple from Boston in a restaurant with a window in the room and this is what they were getting ready to go get some breakfast and then we went back to the hotel because I forgot right age to get into the convention and we were in the hotel room probably because other stuff Austin everything 1010 the window an idiot running around more square footage a message hand combat is my program I wish blue the and Ben life Burnie what are you 2 scripts work right after work tonight right you know a kid coming up? that you have a name for that I don't remember that I don't know you 3 converted back right now I can go to PC from Matt drove you I guess the argument would I choose Freedom over stability like I think every argument for Matt life on why you should use a Matt is based on how stable it is and how it makes your life easier the way I used to see that stuff that makes sense that isn't there on a Mac life how come on a Mac when I want to resize the window I can only drag the bottom right corner or like the fact that when I'm older if you had the number lock off and hit the on the number pad you could drop down the menu bar and access those and contrast on Photoshop on a Mac he is also a see also highlights the image in the menu option drop that down a of the just and his contract stuff like that like that and that's the way to get to every option down the stairs Griffon as a Monty story here WhatsApp did Rutherford with Whole Foods in 47575 second difference of 4 II difference from a minute if you want to microwave something for a minute 1005 566-654-5624 out the door translate I don't know in the middle kind of fast at the end could use more coffee how about the an email we are going to stop down