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Rooster Teeth demands lava cake

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Recorded: 2010-09-29 19:49:50

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

2175 cake recipe large backpack for everything maybe I'm sorry introduce something quality now look at was at that point that 1985 that would have been on the radio Jamaican movie back in like 1973 or whatever anybody can make a movie 1938 Haddon camcorder Car Wars why did they stop motion photography with the video camera. I thought it was amazing so I guess Joel disprove your idea then that anybody with a camera in the fifties could have been successful it was your hand like 20 rotations per second of their life guy Canada bridge extended early years I miss the last podcast on the podcast in so long I hope I remember how to do it talking to my second message I missed the podcast number 12 number 12 is the only one that starts with out if anything seems sometimes like a minute into it yeah we had like a little at first you didn't have to cut me the very strong opinion about something and then argue swearing has started to count how much each of the squares in the podcast I just made a pie chart for it I have seen that you are I'm embarrassed to say you're destroying me on the second place look like 6904 the filthiest mouth in the pod I wish I saw it and it was like you said fuck fuck fuck fuck times Police Department kid table and burp loudly please and then my wife says I have a horribly dirty mouth Google I heard him come star children remarks an astronaut 435 she's five language like that you should have no problem daddy talk a lot more mature than you even tell me just tell me if you feel like driving around without a seatbelt like he's the only person so when you're single you are my was rushing back from lunch we got to go to the airport 330 reasons my car is so cluttered with crap my truck like 20 people trash out of your body yeah it's like they talked about like that earlier car accident is that I keep hearing it's karma because my wife got into an accident in Burnie struck times at work I didn't talk with anybody car I guess so hey I got my truck and my truck whatever that's fine just make sure everybody's okay drinking a beer at 9:30 in the morning I didn't know what I was doing I also saw that guy came in and we were dealing with and also has a gaming component of the called fantastic arcade it was a very fun event but it involved two of the things that I hate work and organizing other people I fucking hate their mothers festivals or anything like that to do if your on that panel guess what you are now in charge of every single aspect of that panel it does feel that way no was going to learn Tyler natee opening night was really not opening night your family this panel before it's okay it happens at the general idea you're there you were there 24 hours a day if they need access to you for whatever thank you with the Hayward contact you come up here and I made him come up 4 Lenox Park we're not lumping in fantastic Fest was actually run by professionals with a trailer you have a double-edged sword which is your the only good looking one of the company and you play the most people always want to get involved with Joel at the convention typically Joel was together when you get your stuff Joel had to go to an autographed panel that you didn't know about and had to the autograph Gallery then you had to drug that car that cost like on times like an hour before the event Blockbuster your giving you a contact name something was different I think that the auction and the contest for another convention your not like Gus said having a tuxedo at the ready for the auction so Joel isn't there in like and I like to meet everyone what's wrong you don't do them for you have to dress up typically if I can't show up in a t-shirt and shorts it's like I don't have one I think I'm wearing right now is 11 years old Geoff Ben is actually stylish one of the group very DNA already having a fiance European spell European hair I would too I was just talking to him and he's like be sure to bring a bunch of the podcast today and then quite naturally happens without him I will I will say I wouldn't have been this summer in England and he secretly grew like a foot-and-a-half you told them yes Horse Town 14. something so like when you talk about the weight of 14 pounds 18 was even around number is 14 pounds would someone like that the big stuff compared to that 14 pounds will be the unit with which we measure everything from here on out the English are far more messed up than anybody in and Stonehenge to other computers yeah I don't know either it was they found some stuff on the ground by doing like I think digital imaging or some kind of like they think they've surveyed the land and determine that there is an underground was some sort of the 14 House downtown was something determined I think it was some sort of burial ground page the first time you ever heard of his entire life single thousands of and nothing nothing about it just rocks 2016 and they had to do something in order car that I'm turning on themselves your first read about the guy Mid-America commercial where he trying to build Stonehenge on Joel would never approve it you can do it guy guy blue pebbles in DC really disappointed 40 tons of Rock with one arm you never know so did you guys take a look Rivers blue theatrical trailer old man the time you was trailer was awesome you did a trailer for The recollection from that cover the whole collection series weather was stealing from other scenes you have Google the Pelican crashing what if it's going to be a trailer people have it if you really have directions to home Letters to Juliet which I would never see it's a chick movie but it was like that was a movie that should have just been a trailer over lady because things happened in that movie that was about 2 hours I Star Island and I think I pretty much understand everything on the trailer first hour you to be home in 4:10 minutes get the feeling like George Clooney just wanted to be in Italy I don't know it had a Joel Ed Robertson lead singer of the band Parmalee play Captain but more Red vs. and in Austin but he was in town between be on the road around 1 Geoff the movie terrible going to do it anyway they told you it over... in real life and that mom had Huntington long time ago in the nineties reach White House the alien ruins I sat next to this lady every time the president every time every time Air Force One pictures cake video in the movie Russian invasion of North Korea your support to get the line in the movie that's like the title right so they was hoping that it would hurt Air Force 1 Movie Theater and the other thing is who wins Brent Spiner kid when they go to Area 51 the movie Baby Boy with a lot of random times water boxes in a lot of movies did you guys see that you're converting all the old Star Wars movie 2012 fixing to come out in 2012 starting in 2012 start with The Phantom Menace and Return of the Jedi 50 million.dollar Box Office Mojo was like I'm not 50 million more dollars but I have no limitations we come from the actual Star Wars New York and make money wouldn't get anything right Star Wars X-Wing PC game came out for me it was like the action figures and the glasses from Burger King that was A and B Star Wars arcade game really quick when you're talking about do you like me characters going to do that but I knew someone who would rent PC games was that the other guy's first heard about the internet the catchy name for business popular digital I just don't have it Mexico Walmart have Netflix now we're starting to see more penetration now that we're eight players & TVs have Netflix and apps like that built into it and it has enabled TV McDonald's everytime I drive by it going to say it's amazing is there and like argue about what movie they were going to rent for like 5 minutes the other day right outside in front of my house when you get time I've never used it one time I read it I don't know what the hell I probably giant Sharktopus or something like that and I watched it and I go back the next day to see how this thing works I go back to return the movie it says I'm sorry you can't return this box is filled and another one exactly like anyone had a vending machine experience were like that was an excellent experience the dollar bill Ramos technology 1 and going arcade Atwood Canada kid kid do it like kids will counter for the one all damn day yes we will and I take a hammer and pound them out this afternoon Sharon Nichols an extra players on Mortal Kombat and you could have made 20 bucks by moving some trash I know it's like a menu guy really hurting I had just lost the manual it was in the planet and I knew even and horse and and or reboot 1522 maybe they also said that came with the game between each other I think find people on it like emotional I was utterly ridiculous what are still going through you don't have your physical but I interact with it anymore camcorder or camera to the other Large Hadron Collider and after scientists working there what would happen if someone were to put their hand in the middle of a stream with a Large Hadron Collider and that would be the moment when the two things impact and impact in your hand and it's always going to have different opinions some of them anyway to ask people I just wish you would it's just like I don't want to find out but that's what the university also what would happen to the universe collider or something like that and he caught a particle through the face it went through particle supersonic the problem has been accelerated going to Sonic right and everything I just everybody kind of collider is the best investment Hollywood has ever made what crap like that happen what is Halo Collider rice reportedly better than a thousand suns guy gets his head swells and Halo Ed Burns was a part of his face and his and the brain tissue hey I just the way they measure this power I understand if you never mention it so I may be using a drunk but they measure what they call Grace 526 grace is enough to kill you and this dude took a 3000 grade shot in the head while and he's not a superhero superhero that didn't tournament ready, maybe just keep it on the down-low you maybe he is just Domino Dependable your Bible Frank another words if you were like the dude who's and I wouldn't let people know why or anything I want to know why people gave me two shots and measured me instead your friends calling you for the world's greatest quarterback scrapping kidnap your family and force you to commit Heist but bring them back I can assure you know it's funny because when you get old in a few and we have to question guy and probably get off arthritis every superpower is like 10 year old or twelve-year-old probably 13 year old your power is it how many steps Wars naked ladies did the lady who finger finger chopped off like this much of a finger which were doctor and the doctor was really bad we have to take more if you like right there right that is the end of her finger that was chopped off that she was able to keep my powder 3/3 people the answer the problem is just remarked it yourself just don't call it amazing power Hotel horse from keep it on the down people in trouble with the police bears and shit like salt next to the horse you know what the crazy part about this is this person paid $1,600 for 7 weeks worth of treatment to regrows finger how much 1600 $1,600 finger back where is she moving to Pittsburgh okay we have power they can regrows house part of Joel finger off and see if we get some powder how long it takes read the Canada homemade powder probably not the family don't appreciate you not done yet either because whenever I met finger is like Texas you mentioned in this article because it regenerative medicine product will be like always like the ivy in Soul Calibur the product and it's made by a company called ac they need to drop the and Drug eats firecracker words out of me remember in the eighties called chocolate call a week later if you want until I found 2809 ayds lady watches commercial very similar to the commercial was a common problem in the commercial for the numbers just times I turn around I have and then it's only the grocery store and buy all the stuff is going down taking me out and it clearly 580 and I'm down to this by the way your help to come like to point out you should have the office with fruit and bacon but it's true kid amazing and takes me off cuz you don't know what you're getting from jalapeno yeah, and the most excruciatingly painful pepper of Everest how we know that helping you as a female by the way speaking of hot peppers I bought some boots and then I have my house how do you buy them yeah they do love it search ride but they're still your number it's over 1000 Canada Packaging Houston I wonder if it still at and I was reading about Justin's videos of people eating on YouTube are there eating the dried ones like the kid that we watched not too long ago that kid I have not thought about picking up The Last of Us Walkthrough going back I would tell you right now you know I've been playing a lot of reach multiplayer and also been trying to play through the doing solo campaign on legendary fucking tired I think I'm on long night of Solace swearing board your about it I don't have you had star Jolokia I go back and forth on a memory stick between a couple of different Xboxes so I must say it's a Perfect Chemistry by the way if you're playing in legendary and as a whole Word of Life Covenant whatever you can run around them RN 202 oh yeah I'll be okay I'll make it work somehow you don't fucking awesome combination they are so addictive also really helped to build a the amount of star you get from playing behind nights after that because I don't think I can get the Onyx you stop getting star for doing that so I don't know if I need to unlock it so that we can unlock the problem that's video I wouldn't put it out but I mean it's vs. its things like the extra Onyx commendations damage Onyx on that one okay dataflow would like the national budget as well as Bungie control the data flow with blood 6 on reach and Halo 3 and Halo 2 I would have no problems it's just like they can control and you know what's going on Halo next to Wood beam it up on my laptop next to me so soon as ever I can switch over to see how many more I need to charge of the national budget we got the ship large accident with the city hall of and now fully automated Church balance every level of the campaign difficulty legendary Russia like prison or on the street I mean it's like and it's like to think about the meaning of grenade swearing like his new people around me to throw in the game your children to one another guy fucking assholes I'm so happy that car back as the tank yeah yeah yeah it's only a couple of the campaign and try to think back about it when you don't the only level that I don't like is hemorrhage and I feel like Get The Edge on vehicles that is the end of the game 45 seconds whatever tank gets the edge of the other tank that's what you want you can afford it I think he has a great level on him and that sucks. San Antonio Swanton Halo 3 Halo 2 Halo 3 and how do I get into the battle and I couldn't see the DMR is purple and I wish that it had more ammo capacity long range scope lady no I actually play around me when you get a lava bomb me the other day you didn't like that Wiki battle going to be like 2 or 3 I was just in matchmaking playing I think I just eats player and one of the people I was playing by myself and you're getting up with random people one of the people on the opposing team with someone on my friends list but he just we just so happen to end up getting matched up together ever had which is really don't know what it's great it's great I'm not sure was a lot of people but I love it what are the hours on Sunday building a custom map that you think it was the most fun I've had in I don't want to play now Angry at me making the matches International license to drive or flash drive just told you that so much faster once you stop hard drive of the above what will happen reach load so that we can firefighters awesome I was on there every single day Leach and every single week I gotta break that otherwise really touch firefight matchmaking 7 minutes really fun experience. So far and have them play firefight really mean DNA by building up the kind of thing in the last one as you fight the other people invited of Warlords if I don't say this I guess you know nothing about it that would zombie and you can while you're in the area interesting right and I was going to move in chicken in a convection oven as approaches I stay away from that group I go off in a corner somewhere by myself and go shooting your mind is kill Ratio or I lived long as it's not how many people did you tell me not to go out I got to leave last night which is a combination of all trades chili recipe how's it going for coffee in your brand new carpet in your in the office downstairs and I was upstairs I think of a great idea stealing know which were totally not skinny at all the other couple days ago the Canadian Supreme Court struck down there prostitution laws decriminalized in Canada why don't you in Canada I was not the kind of the Toronto judge has struck down the large in Toronto admissions decriminalized prostitution in was just like whatever I don't care and how much 1 Portugal drug laws 2001 absolutely no negative repercussions under star Wilmington California marijuana is Prop 19 passes marijuana will be legal permits local governments marijuana-related season Texas and authorizes various criminal and civil penalties I don't where does legalization legalization Geoff Rubio I get the feeling Brookfield gay marriage is a referendum right right right right Domino the latest have access to hear that and I would vote in favor of Proposition 42 percent no and 9% undecided was 69% for more stringent laws are also more likely to vote marijuana legal the boat I mean I really do think that people who want more they can develop more he will be much more people in California star not Los Angeles yeah yeah a lot of people in that state that we don't hear about a mini version of was the general idea New York New York and Illinois State ID in New York City I'm out I know these people you search I'm not trying to be insulting way more smart racist hillbilly the term racist mean on the podcast I'm very protective of it but great Zombie City Buffalo New York the other day that you know the whole infrastructure comes from hydroelectric power from Niagara Falls was actually on the river up there that they would need anything, alternating current to of transmission lines as head of director in the United States because I guess at the time they were implementing this hydroelectric power they couldn't transmit over long distances using PC because the lines get too hot and melt that use alternating current really get power to Buffalo and now as a result of that Buffalo how do I know about the guy who got zapped by the particle accelerator but no mail younger guys having and Monte in Brandon and I don't quite enough to show you all the stuff that they don't know together they collectively don't know everything like everything collectively their Tower of Babel and I have to no devices Brandon didn't know that bread has calories that's awesome I had to iron my lab coat and I want to get a really Crisp And if I'm going to what is it called star no never heard of it before and didn't know what we were assholes if I'm going to ask him to get something you know whatever street life Brandon question mark I don't know why you need a break and you are talking anyway Burnie can you next time you're out can you give me one of those things that goes in the hold up on the whole I need to do a thing and I need to sing from the horse because that's exactly how you got it which animals have tails is an awesomely smart very diligent hard-working person grocery shopping with Ben and I asked him to go get eliminated Muhammad Ali if I said if I said you your limited as soon as I know spider something different if you want to hold you cooking pizza for 9 people Niagara creation christian single women conversations to have late at night Russia the officers were able to order people never order pizza imagine me wearing something from Domino's and not getting a lava cake that doesn't make it 3D lava cake we don't have we want to throw Domino lava cake but this guy likes you in front of the building if that doesn't work out for us I would like to be sponsored by the Philly cheese steak Stromboli from double date I was right wasn't I wouldn't I would probably also the hot water Brandon is an idiot like Constructor Providence your body can become any other cell and because you know I have special eyes are very sensitive topic because Britney Spears are going to be skin-to-skin when I get stem cells from simple thing and you probably talked about this you had your kid like some kind of like a midwife that was yeah I want to and I have to go to hospital with superbugs and doctors and people who and what did you have cake umbilical cord blood storage started that business that's a dude that's a genius because it's like it's going to get in the future we're not doing that is going to be Unsinkable Hempstead NY what is the state of collecting remember last year to find out about it your the state and I guess now they're going to destroy all DNA samples they took it between the years 2002 and 2015 have anything I don't remember it's kind of a long day 429 different birth defects but they didn't destroy the DNA eats captain but who knows but who knows with more blood center in India testicle cord attached after childbirth blood your cord blood after the cord blood is collected because it contains which Connecticut or something you have your own stem cells for Cord Blood the most popular way of collecting stem cells currently I think I could be wrong though I would imagine that relation that is from your cord blood and we decided that you would like to do things right with this information coded information your genetic cell's or whatever that was Bellator that is your record of all your searches right why wouldn't your Google account on YouTube you can view your browsing history the things that you've already watched while signed into that account now your browsing history Google what you know theoretically we could be like Joel stole my lawn mower like in the Google world I can't take it I'm trying to release the information so that's like if I went to your house yes and I said your lawn mower lawn mower and I said Michael Blackson was recorded it's already here I'm going to tell them or let them and made them search results google.com / history and I'll show you all the search and you made sure you got today's and yesterday's search going to kick back for the August 31st August 2nd question I want to and I'm not going to think about it and all the information directly to the history how are babies made Empire Seafood load whatever we have to do search history when I try to find out when I could September 18th 2007 no way which might be when we started it's Google account let's look at some history maybe whatever has come up at work if I understand you have to do Google Texas bike rides hey check your privacy settings every couple no comment plug Record Searchlight regulate how credit card statements online Texas log into YouTube using our account and your search search video results for at least 3 seconds with no click it has information about what you did when you click on these Pages was probably was an internet meme that Google alert came from happy ending you know from accident thanks for saying that you're not here is a fruit lady credit card statement appear because they can and cannot do this right now that look like invoices or Bill HD Burnie here's the form like notifications until you have to paint your street number on your welcome and yeah I heard otherwise you're going to have a curb Vacation House going what do you come out take a look mobile 15 it took them an hour to dig the hole the size of like a fucking meteor hit in your front yard and it was there for half a month there's nothing going on currently knock on wood or something for that how many of the 15 days it was the plumber he kept trying to get me to come out and close the permits like dealing with the board right where you can't pinpoint Guy come out today but cloudy how many permits did you have to end up getting to do that which it typically requires no permit required 1164 delord and why was it 41 I have to close an old permit that was still open to the actual permit I needed 3 a special permit to connect the new pipe to the old pipe because for of my truck ran under my neighbors fence your the rest of them don't own house and not have taxes on income tax money that your dad went well everybody the only way to keep everybody times wow that is actually that bad flight to Japan guy comes up to your phone Hugo why we love you my love that model I never heard that I love it I love it exactly so well for me or vote for