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Rooster Teeth has an abrupt start

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Recorded: 2010-10-06 22:30:09

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Brandon Farmahini, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

paint code 2001 Freestar Jesus died due to technical difficulties with the progress that's Brandon defenses ignorance of spiders having nightmares every night like it's just another it's another moon or planet to you or start like by your logic why would you bother than any of them the commons, how do you know what it is it's like a rookie but if you don't look all right I can't really does because all of our memories actually deliver information is now out store supplies like Google and the internet type it in and then you yes because cell phones break it you lose signal going to be stuck in the mountains trying to Google poisonous spider when you may be dying because you can't got this place all the time looking at the building in the back covered in poison ivy or Poison Ivy and the reason we're able to identify poison ivy probably can identify This Is the End if you want to know but this Roundup and spray it all over the tree why Round Up by you. That's what you said said I asked the guy who worked at Home Depot no problem Don't Rock the Boat got home in which I can expand the highway but they both for saving a fucking ladybug so it's getting back picture free bread for lunch and calories the distance between New Trader Joe's when I get fucking learn about nutrition 5 pounds in a day if you want how many not in the truth we have a different perspective you're all kinds of clothes to the youngest Ms 36 Moscow ID the different Washington Dentistry the difference between 24 and 24 - 19 + 24 - 20 + 2020 - 24 I've never seen rolling down Hills Target on forever you actually making fun of self you don't know what I did when I was out hiking and I love to be straight with me hopefully nothing just chilling what you doing on a I know you can't microwave nothing will destroy your mind how many times a day I'm pretty sure doesn't have a timer on it how much it was covered in poison ivy camouflage got 3 more things to bring up it wasn't acting how is it my fault is like will use in a Trip store number in Ocean in putting together and you have to do in your life Mark not even worth the calories I don't know wasn't poisonous wood the drill is a normal does not what you can do as much pressure Mensa do I have not I am not working today in my life has been very hard Brandon is in a class administrator slash producer long as we don't ever have Brandon calamine lotion no idea work a physical like a drill got no defense graduation regular shift I can say whatever you want a pat on the back you don't have to 732 Geoff got your first it has been four years in the Army brainwash you and change your biological clock to 8 in the morning is like in my house at 7:30 and I get my kids dressed then I make her breakfast then I make her lunch and I can handle anything I brush your teeth and make sure her hair is combed and then I take my daughter to school I don't know what my wife is doing that but it's a whole lot of nothing he was got taken away to school I just want to get to work a little earlier tonight to work on some videos and try to fix my computer problems today and I did all of those things from 8:30 and take a shower I did all of that for this morning so she can take like 10 minutes to 8:30 everything in the house was done Bellevue Ms and water on the laptop it's not necessarily got to the bathroom I can get you the bathroom and get my laptop and check my email and then she got mad when can you Geoff yeah kinda lazy Geoff lazy but all I said is that the things we have to do in the morning Geto make your lunch make her breakfast I take a shower I feed the chickens out the door you do none of those things from 7:30 to 8 I do all this for you everyday a lot more now it's our time now how to be a girl like you tell me tell me about your process you took a shower and everything else I wake up I take a shower I brush my teeth I comb my hair I put my clothes on and productivity nnn like every other human being on the planet you realize Griffon you were training your daughter to be making like incredibly difficult when she's a teenager Brandon 2.0 now I can get them this is one of those but you recently started seeing somebody new or a very pretty girl does she shave her legs armpits if you ran out of time that takes to save on your entire body and I appreciate that Arthur teeth a part of your arm I didn't have an excuse for Mensa Planet Money Taylor was a good like and I should like to have my hair in a ponytail how to make a girl we didn't because she knows there's no offense but you're better in the morning better in the evening apparently she better getting drunk and passing out at 8 p.m. with the TV on when we will have our Hobbies Geoff but I always ask people what they do at home I'm fascinated by what you guys do I have no concept like 5 or 530 you don't want to know in the household I can deal with being parents until 8 p.m. then we go to bed and I thought working on it and Griffon paint something or or she puts me a building or painting something one last night somebody 7:30 no problem I will hit the snooze button for 30 minutes not realize I'm doing it wake up till after I'm already here at the office like I wake up a normal drunk lost hours from now crab and just bleed away but those three hours I wake up an hour and a half later my body think I'm doing a damn thing midnight or 1 and then I just sleep straight through when you get home are you kind of burned out on the computer I mean you do spend a lot of time online and I have a computer anymore a lot of texting me about stuff I probably what happened I was complaining about that I'm convinced Gus had a party at his house for welcoming and I was invited to that party I don't know before you got hired at my old house and I can never top that so it's just that the party is a party a decade Party City like you never being invited to parties and play we rented out a bar and we just invite people over to drink with at the bar that's where are the clubs in the got damn you whenever you want to start talking about how more events next year Geoff text message 140 x 22 that too I guess I just came to it but you only had those assholes you was going to your phone you are enough and there was a form a PDF attachment and I think I was paying something some retarded amount of money and these guys they were proving it was a calendar or a poster or something and send it can my iPhone just checking email $380 for that one email to be calculated I paid for the PDF going back and forth like 20 times awesome nightmare I was just about anything in the world but if you go over retroactive we added to your account that's a great way to get a sponsor AT&T I don't think there's really something that no one really ever talk anyway to download Adam Carolla podcast no I'm Curry I'm Curry Money Network startup businesses have a stock got put in the salary we got $3 loan you know it the castle in Ireland totally off of easy money Curry and brought the Dallas Mavericks Brandon right before this one was timing things where he just got it in the right time then the.com came in here and you can forget all that., he's actually into a real asset like that he had a bunch of friends that he did a lot of things with it he just bought every house on a cul-de-sac and gave his friends houses so they could always hang out together I mean we can't we'll talk about it lost a rooster wood rooster neighborhood not the only one I would honestly if you were my neighbor I would fucking shoot that rooster like I'm out there shut my dog up it looks like I would be complaining if I if I heard them I mean Geoff and I live far apart but I don't hear the rooster not know there were so many people in the neighborhood Ms Facebook Geoff I would come over every day stay away from events for couples to do a lot of probably 20 events I need to make a new password to work on the final list in a city / country near you wish you were here wish you were here hopefully does and somebody wrote that song when you come to West Baltimore Maryland Toronto and we're like you're in luck I will be taking like 2 weeks we're going to be there we can hang out and like what kind of downtown's kind of far for me never come here this sucks 2 years in days like to go to those Adam Detroit and hasn't actually from Houston to Detroit I did not know that I think it was Judge Dredd wasn't it new Detroit operation what's the new Detroit crime ridden hell hole show me locations for Houston Texas for 2000 yes the office safety video super hardcore rap that has Apple lost a sister who is way too late and way too Suburban to know as much about hardcore gangster rap does not work side of Houston there's literally no teeth side of Houston downtown and everybody lives to the West Industrial the green stuff which is kind of like a suburb but yeah it's okay overtime and let you know after I left so really I mean school every year rap star rap star guy who went straight from high-school to the NBA from high school I will High School Tasca RAM Enterprises notable alumni and you're not in there I'm going to add you and Wikipedia El stickers Red Cross Hastings High School international team when they don't have to walk 3232 Garden Show Geoff and does she have a nice dinner determine so then you have there whatever but thousand kids from high schools in one city block like building a building is actually there now actually connected like how would you even not like you in your school I had a class and we had a reunion I was like I don't recognize any of the people beat me up beat me up beat me up hidden weed a crippled our local economy class reunion business I would say yes because I think a lot of people go to class reunions. To see what's up how people aged what they do with their lives and if you can get a snapshot of that and not going to do it so why bother you don't have to talk to them and who's pregnant not me you and your bread whatever happened actually I was dating this girl for about 15 months and we broke up and I got to hear that yeah you know I mean it you're in the clear like you nobody nobody better put that on a t-shirt hate you I love you you giving care put out good I'm sorry give me advice that I can YouTube Bravo Geoff spider starches have you seen the way you know what I mean what you say game show where you have to identify something is a Nickelodeon La Vita Bella Geto spider grab them and put them in apple breaker he knows that because he grew up on a farm eiei live on a farm for a while not know I remember every time I was about four or five minutes one of those things you go back for holidays too back to the world Brandon what do you have to leave apartment around Apple about Facebook or anything you let me know when you're in my space not going to be like definition of charged 249 and a half million dollars because people would get the Spam the email from them saying hey Define up to the process and return it like a boss write on Facebook that this person so I guess they classmates a 2 for $90 because of it that's one and a half Million Dollar Trader stock Trader not like Arnold Trader Brandon stock Trader in France found guilty for illegally trading and cost this make 9 billion dollars and a court ordered him to pay back the 9 billion dollars he makes like seventy Grand a year and they ordered him to pay the $9 I was going to jail and is required to work at all meeting people on the other side and like the bank is hiding behind in the family they have to do it a legal alien $1,200 a month back and forth and he trying to keep up with the head they not shut them down for losing a 9 billion he would have just made a matter of time and it was a hit have a good day they would have been up tons of money courage under the table as long as he kept making money he was allowed to do it for a while how much money did much money down take money and when everything's going great it's driving concealing certain reaction what is it the bank let him play with 6.7 billion dollars and they come out for like 6 months to play with it but if I go through euro is like it's just unbelievable they were the critic sure whatever man it's just one card I receive store credit card I get more charges to get on I mean in names but their name rhymes with Citibank if we go out of town which means we have a credit card for business travel it was charged on it and then not a big hassle I mean that when is Thanksgiving it also doesn't help that the people that you talk to on the phone have about as much worldly knowledge is Brandon I got my card locked overseas because I want to call them to find out why the guy said because you bought something on something called iTunes something some kind of a thing M357 whatever happened to buy stuff on Steam Belleville like locket and coming back why is it everytime I buy something calendar a misconception you say something it's always playing there but if it's actually it's probably a size like if you go on television and say something and it's plain there's actually called libel slander is just if someone said you talk to you something really true about someone like you say they did something versus if they were allowed to do something is it was intentional to calculate if you do it on purpose it premeditated what TV station is the news people that stock up and get in trouble over there at my house and I suspect interview Adam Sandler we actually had Mark Cuban come to our studio 9339 Road or something like that I mean really very good book cannellini Bean like hey hey remember Geto potato made funnier than anybody I've ever run into my entire life essentially we need to promote the company Riverside Enterprise ridiculousness libel or slander in Italy has a drug problem dick they're famous for famous for being a dick Burnie the next Bruce Vilanch almost every single day with Thomas cats for a while ago Talk Show podcast about Canada not even having public sex anymore on MTV way back in the day is kind of empty even or maybe right before it the cast on the show Bob Odenkirk David cross cross and indeed it was one of the main guys but he was on a show on HBO which is a great show it was somebody else going to get up here Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo Bob Odenkirk there's more than what you tell them crazy I never heard about it the girls from Scooby-Doo and then um Jason Segel Seth Rogen James Franco to find out when you go to be on your phone should we talk about wrapping up production on the 1st for iPhone devices or more space T-Mobile verse notes notes notes notes and I know it works nothing between all of us we only have like three Gs is an iPhone 4S you know I found a guy who still have the original Edge iPhones and iPads are different configurations different operating systems it will not work on the iPad at least the one that we were testing it doesn't reply thank you I appreciate the feedback does an iPad Mini does your iTunes will not copy it over to the iPad no you're not you're not good um whenever you do beta testing for iPhone file that lets you run it's a got what year lost a not the right software to run essentially because it's not in the app store yet you're still testing it couldn't you just do that to people send out the codes and send out the software to install apps on a jailbroken device yeah but you need to be on iPhone would revoke your ability to do that it started doing I said I'm sorry we're trying to expand never sent me any pictures of 16 give me the code pictures from our community to test it out there today it should be in there today all three of you on an iPad Burnie give me and I French kiss every night since 3 a.m. you know I've worked with for 12 years he's never given me a single thing ever I have an iPad 2 the fastest growing most quickly adopted electronic device that is not in the history of the word Lisa everything about it is we talked about I'll check it out because I'm a Believer right after church and they were already following Apple products is the way that information like those seminars and I Japanese apple and Apple products how are it's about this it has a power cord and it has an HDMI and I basically just for my Xbox upstairs and I mean it's great to download the remote app to your iPhone from your iPhone but it's right cuz I can and in the most important thing is that you connect to your computer library on the same network as music I think with the next OS update for the iPad if you're watching a video on your iPad you can reroute the video out to your Apple TV let me ask you a question you had asked me to be can you have multiple iTunes libraries connected to your Apple TV at the same time canker like they have like the wire on my laptop and then I have you know Freaks and Geeks on my desktop it probably everything separately like a different credit card that you can share the library from your iPhone to it that's crazy so it's like you just carry that around like a party. I would just play the music lesson like that's working on some stuff on my phone while I was walking around the party it's really cool should be Adam Xbox like right now we're dying to get USB 3 then it's just a pain in the ass to put on no stickers on it I mean it depends on how you looking to do that rooster company Patton Will Patton the machine cover flow Spotlight and time machine yeah wow you can just hit a button and it just backed up your computer entirely and then just sits in the background and anytime you make a single changed it back it up when you can pull up time machine and go to like I want to go to three weeks ago at noon and then you can live fibervision to go through before I make those changes that ultimately fuck me up to where I am now Brandon was just basically yeah laptop iMac from a time machine I can use my laptop time machine and it means like magic can you bring your computer and within 20 minutes it's super awesome I deactivate of course the final draft I wish I could show 2 weeks of just been having some Adobe headaches with activation be chastised him the other day on the job no I have not I understand it's okay really if today you can pay a lifetime subscription to look good Photoshop like every version of your body is your serial number what's up scription $2,500 3 update forever I would look I don't have to use proposal video yeah I understand because the company time and then changing culture in a couple years because they're the premier team moves over to like you just I mean it's just her Gus painfully the last couple of months like if you were the guy who bet on who like had this option in 1996 and paid for the lifetime subscription of coreldraw fucking perfect yes they had it coming you know according to them it's because the price of the price for Left 4 Dead 2 and Left 4 Dead on the PC and it cost us to buy it today for the DLC cost on Xbox Live that's why I can talk to it you can buy Left 4 Dead 2 with a single license price at 679 and a four pack price at 2039 well that's crazy responsible shows the cable they must not really when I click 20 times over the course of six months like one you will store MS new show the very funny and awesome Running Wilde Will Arnett yeah he's using it cannot send it to David Cross Show featuring Will Arnett and this isn't how it's supposed to end but I think that right now American TV show broadcaster on everyone I know watched after was long it was the second season of Parks and Recreation honestly not sure where I'm going but I'm going to watch it because you've been recommending it and I'll always love you but I owe you and then that's really really awesome man has a problem download version 1 episode 4 download be able to pick in your settings what version you want yes I understand that store do you want to download anything but every time it keeps doing it waste of stone version on your iPhone HD version mobile thing I don't watch TV stream through Hulu Plus I'm trying to get apple lost his job because Intel on a radio program application Music New Jersey Mom and Dad towards white people and they are controlled by the Jews 370 fired credit for taking fired Bushido Define ism running the world and all that stuff hidden underground bunkers Gold stock price what would you do or did they say happened since then so you went from entire fucking planet before before they raise the price did you get if you two years and 1600 points for $84 years old 1600 points $84 when you apply because that is your family $99 marketing and I feel that the reach console did not come with the legendary edition of the game like that if I wanted to plan ahead or one of those benefits I would have to buy the Wii console get heroic edition of the game and then go out and buy a $150 version of the legendary would you pay $74 for that Xbox Xbox a lot of people remember people want it for sure because of the Halo Reach console standard and then your legendary me a hundred when you can make it 3:50 I'm sure I'm sure it make it makes sense on some level that I don't see who's going to pay the expenses video downloader campaign on legendary and you can see how you know there like I'll be communicating with me as well because I did some of it and sell it Legendary Run 310 broken head hurt like if you go and you look for Halo 3 urban legends 3 console how the hell would you deliver a console and an inn yeah but I don't really care much about the Statue but at the end that was the Flaming heads that you can have for multiplayer Marty is still in love with you and sitting next to him at the desk at like I don't know he might think it's a whole series of lost time with the Journal of someone who was on the Black Rock in with some stuff did you didn't tell you about like when you open up the top of the box set embossed on the bottom of the top is a map of the island and I was like oh that's cool but it was kind of race I just kind of sit down and look through the rest of the day and I kind of Twisted it and I realize it came apart and it's not flush with the rest of the box and it was another disc I miss you put the code in that's all like he was on fire you were so excited and so is really really cool and if you leave the country I wish I start wrapping things up here before too long got a got a full day ahead of us and we talked about what we could do some supposed to protect me cone Austin Productions a got to focus all my time on acting Intel information phone number address so great multi kills in one match of multiplayer candy fired 2090 store Burnie stock Domino's like count as a turn on oh yeah we're going to get cut off in a bunch of extra content and challenges and stuff criticizes Japanese innovating and not kind of keeping up with the Ingenuity of American students is that Japanese Gamers don't want to play games socially deprived and that it's not like you're not in the competitive we are here and we are having company I'm really just a way to have competition in single player we are a very competitive society and social like every month of your life plan to all those two or three months your life that nobody would think a communicator you can actually hear people and talk shit and get frustrated different different no right what do you your tone settings and I almost is it bad if you show up in a random match like in a pre-game Lobby and you don't have to is populating you don't want to join your team you can't hear because you I want to play with someone That's Amore Co-op experience in a PlayStation users had some frustrating and difficult to actually get it working I don't think I ever put it on I did read that it's significantly better than the technology probably see what the Kinect for a while is it there's no core games for that technology Apple Core Gamers just aren't really going to care about you know the next week that version for the Xbox or for the PS3 or the archery game or anything said the move came out September 17th Vans a month that's crazy I Rejoice that can to talk to you all day everyday and a part of me know my job for Shimano and I had no idea how long to Japanese text a Connect having move might be one of the biggest right now that's over there which we have some more information soon as we can talk to those people with starting about March of next year March through November I think I know of a good convention in the UK we would love to know about it we have not found a good a right to know what's going on