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a current event how's your day going a wonderful start to the podcast technical Pro the technical question for you remember when you watched my house for me and you had sex and every crevice how can I forget you when was that it was almost exactly ground Apparently after you did that we bought you a thank you gift but we got drunk and Spilled wine on it and completely forgot about it until like last week we noticed and we were cleaning up we got you a $50 gift certificate to of course that's also why not it is currently do not have a black light Craigslist everywhere in his house that's for you it's at the the lingerie store right by your house I was kind of hoping it would be that for the new office but they won't even your financial guy fire gift cards work hit his company because they can't count them in their quarters till like after there after they've either expired or they been cashed in card debt right right prizes gift cards front end and there's no guarantee that the consumer will get anything for them right in the book it and then interesting article a couple of a couple years ago about Best Buy specifically and how much money they made they were if it was up to you I just don't understand red carpet 9 Mulcher trying to get to the buy a television in Africa they convinced me that is open box DVD player I got it home there's no power cord in there I never said that was probably because I like 10 or 11 years ago I don't think I ever buy anything at the Circuit City after that yeah they were upscale grocery store waitros and America he was amazing we're trained not to speak to customers don't and it don't help that they couldn't think of it send it to American to say have a nice day do you like to do and people didn't like a Wall anchor and you walk up the same I like 5 or 6 times how long does it take you to go and find somebody health for GU to get paid $10 an hour to be better than me 50 feet of wall hanger do I am so bad about it that I went to Home Depot a couple months ago the warehouse Gus and I needed something cuz I was like changing something up put a chain on it and they have this machine that cuts the chain like you take the train and go through a process and it got it right I was looking at it and I was like I can probably figure this out and I look at the guys over there they were working for me and I was like yes ma'am I didn't see anyone and she's like can I get some whatever the section of Home Depot to come over yourself and go back and look like I was the biggest piece of shit on the battery and boys I get yelled at and has diarrhea every couple months ago about this guy an inventor who invented like a new kind of store that was like apparently super safe and it was used for cutting large pieces of wood and you try to tell them to Home Depot saying listen you can really card on an accident to the employees and it's really hard to and told him that anymore his idea and make their own version of that song Depot you know you know for the first place in 4 million dollars gave the bank 4.2 billion dollars to bail them out but that day they could have bought the bank for 830 million dollars things are starting to turn back around I do agree with that assessment very thing is I have to pay Financial forecasting that's where all of our reports are a four-sided tarp was a success the government is already made back in the Johnny the money that I loaned out rental car companies like the government will make money on the side Joe Soto a bunch of a date did of a bunch of people that a bunch of analysis and determined that had the bailout not taking place unemployment would be around 60 or 70% I think it was the right move because you had to do it you had to do it but now you gotta stop putting people off of that bailout money and other countries are lower the value of their currencies like everything is ok of course first student for proud turn off the for unit 3 verbs that's weird the way that okay Home Depot whenever I'm in a state for at the circular saw station hit a button or something when you cross the entire store customization yemi alade whatever you like I just want to know where is the Pokemon Mastercraft I have another embarrassing Home Depot also if you go to a place unknown Home Depot on fortunately I was just wondering all the time I'm at Home Depot right now I don't work here all the time do you remember me I really don't know every time I come here he's there all the time in my defense Home Depot and everywhere the self-checkout station for one cashier forever for customers who are really screwing up I don't know how to feel about that the self-checkout lines open and no regular checkout lines open all the way down to the end to the contractor check out those open regular army people who know how to use the checkout line I don't know anything Taliban it is the dude in front of me this is ridiculous when you get up there and realized on the keypad Best Buy when they have to walk you through how to use the credit card terminal if I can correct the kind of person who buys alcohol with every single person Laverne today yesterday buy one and 6 bottles of wine 20% off purchase for people of cigarettes in a carton every grocery store in Texas by 6:01 to get 20% have liked that little cardboard six-pack for the wine bottle think you liked me now you want to respond to what's going on with that so did I know we missed this last week without cataclysm has a really State final a date that will live in infamy hit 12 million subscribers crazy do it a blank look at the checkout so check out of the ATM and you just looking at it looking at it it's a card any card Joe intr to the camera that I want to cover with your hand look for cameras a few extra of the original pretty good but most of those people who are using them for the first time they're always in front of you probably noticed when we went to the airport you got my cash got my car driving to the airport that's like I went back it was gone call the bank and they're like oh yeah most likely the ATM just ate it in the car sit there for more than a minute it'll just suck it in and we don't need your card anyway I woke up would you like another transaction yes or no just walk away from the screen to come back up I feel like I'm just another number just beat the game already and this week and the Taliban and I thought you had a really good explanation for why there was you could play the Taliban a multiplayer and they were sexually and every game of cowboys and Indians there's a good by the Cowboy Chicken by the Indians when you're playing on World War II somebody has to be there not give me black guys yeah like he has to be the Mexican nobody wants to be right so they in their wisdom decided to ban the game on all a few mil translations what you like the mall in the army or something I don't know something exchange ax EG buckled under the pressure and decided to pull the Taliban out there for the game and the game and that game is a 5 hour blowjob to the United States military so American that I was ready to get like a pickup truck and put an American flag on the back of this and the Army All Over Again Taliban a student in the elevator fighting and I also understand why Afghanistan is so hard to find in the Russians looking terrible in those mountains with a bucket or behind every Rock in the entire country Taliban in the Copa America even if they weren't Armed Forces dedicated to every single person who's ever served in the military and the Army in the house they would by for every single person to ever serve in the military probably maybe not the best a magical so I understand if not Eminem controversy about that but I don't feel like it was as big as I thought they were complaining about work and I don't feel like there were too many people complaining about people complaining because the average age of a person who plays like that's why you have to be 17 unaware and card game still going to be about no I don't believe it I think I see something person of the by the number of 17 year olds play an 8 year old to serve the demographic of people that have money are you want to have a procedure demographic 95% of people live in home invasion meteor bars on North Main in Shirley that has a door for down there too other half for the laundry a room under the house and look in the other room but I was in a basement with qualify a house with a basement has a staircase in the house to the basement the basement in the house or through like those doors that open up next to the house and you go down garage lighting a basement when I bought it internet basement dweller is based on Laverne and Shirley Temple from Laverne & Shirley Mann Take me a second what's the base in Minneapolis is well I don't know Laverne Milwaukee it would be and I think something's coming something off of Laverne & Shirley for the great season that is crazy no longer than a hundred episode Shirley give me the most connected String family vs Family what was the spin-off of that I don't know I think the longest-running one that was talking about our International very popular American TV based on British TV American Idol friends was based on coupling for the office a shroud was based off of America's Got Talent X Factor the pop Idol contest run the world and an emoticon ugly Irish twins thank you we could not be better than by now he's a plumber you don't think with an accent nobody has knocked on the same and I didn't have no idea whatsoever so I never knew that I was thinking about trying to catch up to me until you don't have to if you don't feel I read in the new update is coming out the new new update on what's called in xXx sexy or whatever they're going to have the money right now it shows you your first top 12 most that you can have a more immersive from and I haven't had time to do anything else on it we need to get you a better table here I was looking at the games all the games that I have not played for so it's got to also on the buy Windows 7 phone even though I have an iPhone and I'm not going to use it as a phone and can use it for games really I'm not buy one thing with me if I can find it in my phone and games are upcoming and test the game what is well but in the context of the play multiplayer in to have 31 x experience like in Halo has Double XP Weekend are they really 3 times with a hat Kurt I need to run an XP control is it almost impossible to get to level recover getting kinda late last night yeah he was really good in every way Johnny Depp your second offense 8 months after the Xbox I'm not a gamer dumping more money the big franchises I haven't text you yet I'm at the part where everybody I played every DLC release March 1st annoying to the head with the fucking loading screens it's the word multiplayer for the first one it's really really going to let you know you're never going to play any of those games because if you want to you can for the behind this week next week next week next week I was supposed to enjoy it while I can 5 yes I have played the hell out of every civilization game ever made and received very first one and I played the crap out of all of them and it's not even on my radar no kidding I just turn me on for the iPhone a different pattern when you can we have one unit I'll have to choose what to send to people that just came out for the Mac right now and has that that new steam integration with the PlayStation Network that's coming out Left 4 Dead 2 medal of the PS3 sure why not I mean it depends maybe the next iteration of the franchise to have it but I think his position on it all the time gave me was when I first got here but you know he was on stage talking about like when he finally came out for the PS3 buy views on gay Tony double developer didn't develop we like a lot of American Gamin Japanese titles we liked vs Capcom Dead Rising 2 that's made by Canadian developer write Japanese as result and it's exactly like that different I can think of is they removed the photography mechanic there's no what indestructible weapons from what I can tell chainsaw from the clown and then you can books that meteor a different kind of magazine it would make your man last longer and you get a sense of the last game which Dead Rising is the brakes and it still have that you can buy whatever you want use different different weapons it's just kind of goofy like this my favorite my favorite boxing gloves the face Verizon 1.5 president timeline and they were kind of silly that you would like you can get a drill in a bucket and you would make a bucket with a drill and put it on his head or you can make them look terrible and what you can use the blood was on his head but you have to be directly in front of them and the one weapon that's much better than the blue chainsaw game but it was very handy I don't think there's ever a moment I replied that I didn't have at least two of those in my inventory but the best weapon is the nightclubs the boxing gloves with Bowie knives on them really a lot of experience with that chicken 2 hours and then you just restart and maintain your church over play the game for three days or whatever then there's something else there's another game mode intr on anything Sportsman of the terror is reality best player 2002 taxes you in reality like the character that you play on the same on a one-to-one basis school Wendy Williams 2009 a Modern Warfare 2 days I was thinking about achievement buy me modern warfare in the mile high club thing that we did absolutely absolutely I can 2007 trouble when you go to someone who that was but wasn't Modern Warfare was coming out for Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare geof figured out that all the achievements for single player achievement which we were having a race that you can get all this and we got it on Friday and we both race to the game it was mainly finishing the game on veteran and collecting a certain amount of things until things a hundred points you know someone before you blew me away on the 2nd mile high club which is a bonus level that you had to beat on veteran to get the last achievement that was essentially the entire race it took me like five hundred drives over and over and over again and Italy on veteran on Veterans to the freed hostages and Shirley what did you have to do in the second run through the bottom floor of an airplane kill about 25-30 guys then go upstairs and kill about 15 more and then shoot the hostage taker in the head behind the hostage intr left and it's um it's rough because a lot of patterns you learn and there are sometimes when you play the piano you can't do it you gotta wait for the right pattern you have to rely on a a to do a lot of The Killing For You which is the one thing I don't like about sometimes when you now understand the mechanics of everything that's going on around you of one proposition was like okay I got him down to that level because I remember a person running to the to everybody I can see it in my head right now I know when to throw the flash-bang you go left or right on the first left into the room flashbang when you're running through the conference had them in the head over his head into the first road on the left on the right to if they get in your way cuz sometimes I walk over there on the ground if you do that you hit the wall on the right side it and you're pretty good there then in the Next Room is the room where the second explosion and I didn't even go through it nearly as many time but I know exactly where I was right there right when you get up Landing connector and then you look up into the room, the guys in the black bag there might be soccer stadium in Houston the three to come running down the hallway and you shoot them and then turn left turn right there's the doors and once just as you were describing this I was watching a YouTube walkthrough on my chest and let the other guy and then you won't have to kill you have to go fast but not so fast that you're too far ahead of the of telling you it's behind cutting through the beginning and then by the time you Outta class things like you laughing and it's on the table it's like to take the time to get the other for the end of the long hallway or do you take it it's back to the old me Reddit about this where the classic arcade game a friend is like where do they come from you had the day that the panel was the classic about 80 hours and I'm almost to the point where I can make it through with my three lives through 10 levels and make it to the second to last level and sitting here today but I've been on the same room for five minutes I got to get on the internet and check gaming a point I don't care no checkpoints yeah I don't want I don't want to play Call of Duty on veteran is that you get your check points are awarded by but I'm like so if you go fast enough you can get a check for you if you don't there is no checkpoint the key to beating the last level for actually you guys should do another achievement race for beating Halo Reach on legendary solo it's called the monument and you beat that 270 points close to achievement tied up with the intr how to get back to it hopefully hopefully tonight I've got enough to for you after you fly a spaceship and you have to land on to the cruiser and telecommunication crew okay that's where I'm at okay fair enough so you have to drop in and trying to drop in for about 50 times now and I cannot drop him successfully our names as you can in your squad actually woman screaming like a little girl inside the hardest for me I just say the whole thing and I'm sure everyone who's done this you know all 5 of us in the world hopefully cuz it was hard but the hardest part for me was there's that level Exodus and where it's the one we're going to see if you for some reason activate and then up to the building and turn on that last one the last few buttons were getting for that button into the building take me probably an hour and a half straight to move about 50 yards and let me ask you this in general what is what is a harder gameplay mode across the board a veteran in a Call of Duty game or legendary and Halo game to the hardest level what are the hardest which one is harder to be card 4442 you had a tough time on that one where you have to clear the house out and then run down to the helicopter and everytime I go I Would by One more than two no no the beginning of it where it's like okay I have some planning for it this is where you set out the charges and you say where you control the stomach a nose runs and you have those levels where you do 5 minutes and set up and then you just get killed by the one shot are you suggesting the hardest levels I have ever played but I mean besides that at least with an engineer giving the message the part where you have to cover June and he's like sitting up the other night for and he's setting up the explosive on the cloaking Shield drop ship comes and drops in 200 and put my control to the TV it was like to and I have to kill everyone I'm running out of and will constantly I now know why the Halo Reach console comes with 2 controllers when you smash the first one into Oblivion what do you think was the hardest level complete on legendary and reach for me very very last checkpoint on best rating in the scenario in your life well I don't have the right weapons I'm kind of screwed here and it didn't understand what I was making you pick and choose and then for anything you can find which is the alien of a rocket launcher essentially 28 rounds in it from card and I didn't matter I shouldn't I'm not doing anything right close to the DMR and pistols and needle rifle anything from from range RAC and hide behind cover DMR German absolute something what the fuck happened with jackals between Halo 3 and Halo Reach I cannot lie a jackal have a lot more trouble than I used to a hard time hitting that little weak spots to take him down as well they move around a lot more scope weapon wheel exhumed in and head to the shop and we coming text you and it takes what you like to do 714 just feel like everytime I interfaced with those guys Achievement Hunter can you take two steps in your dad and myself doing a couple and around we're just like okay I'm going to pass this up you have to get the bucket where you have to by 400 and then cut away why does anybody I don't get that I was doing the campaign but the first weekly challenge to be done for a look and I was going to come up with a bunch of people and I was back best thing to do and she ate a little party how tall is it to get through I have things I don't play The Legend of the level where you have to we have to get the tank to survive I did that it would be really hard the possible the part really on that club errera level we have to go into the hospital and go all the way to the back and get their Shield generator or whatever and you can text when you're coming back so you can use the meteor and just really brutal and and or are you coming back to be able to jump a car in the medical field that does nothing in legendary Corners because you can do it Joe terrible on legendary program would be great if present more often going to turn around then you could be in business but really good in multiplayer recent 400 so far what I really want to see something he's up there and I know somebody else we know has a thousand points every single time I have logged in and on every single time I have a 2500 hundred a week a week and a half I don't get a picture of Halo Reach and like a bottle of booze are obviously playing Halo Reach 24 hours a day normal Friday night for you drinking at the house normally but I don't know bungie.net Lieutenant Colonel grade 3 chords for playing campaign on going like that you continue to multiply in Canton I think so yeah I forgot when I got that will you play me legendary Mark constantly what you end up doing $150 pretty quick let me do the last level of 5 3/4 at room ten times that I'm way behind I'm way behind on that probably never complete the legendary was thinking I could never make General in Halo 3 because I'm not that good like I'm never going to happen you can do it and whatever Avenue works best for you because I really like that's what I figured everything out it's almost like nothing else we can add the best finally coming together and it didn't matter you know people can identify with and I'm sure there's other things I can't even think of that a big deal I just wasn't able to changed your to break armor ability is just like a more refined system equipment and any time whenever he wants and he doesn't he doesn't have different on the campaign Trail much much harder to kill something from behind then when you're facing it's shooting at 2564 hit from behind definitely running behind I was just through a hit in the head from the front and then you're just on the planet and you can do that if you're just actually The Cutting to be the first time I played through if you look at Noble Six and cut scene to actually pack on the country pack problems on the first kind of turns out okay Ma you out on the bottom is fucked up I wanted to see something that you want statement specialist I need the whole time they just need their backpacks or later I mean that's a pretty impressive technology jet pack on the back of the Joe Mega they found it at the beginning of October that's when they found me woman within within Earth's orbit is 12 meters across to find and kill hit the a 4436 45th from shut up shut up did someone catch Ma in the couch intr official meteor they put on that second floor or basement hey are you guys going to see what it was strucker Alabama her name was and NASA has confirmed it what else I a dealership Sylacauga close the Silicon Valley available I haven't looked in Alabama lost but the test and I'm not aware of that anymore because I literally can't acknowledge college football after last week I did when we first started the podcast two years ago said Rangers they're going and I was a year early but over the mountain Joe is going to beat the Yankees in the room when I got home today I would Ma are the Rangers vs Seattle winter weather for geof well are we in a burn ban waitros best Angry Young Man that kid that kid needs therapy Angry Video Game Nerd the game 100 events of the Year happening Friday what does it mean to be the best day of the year going to go watch that movie today has been very nice to have about you in the place I went there I went there this weekend and I literally saw an overweight 55 something gray-haired gentleman making fun of like the server because their servers like that yeah that's that's the way who was the leader it was the worst thing I've ever seen there was like some douchebag guy and brought his like A7 year old son there and while the server is serving the douchebag 7 year old little kid he's like and then he was like in his food 1501 does that job you don't get food or drinks at a theater or going out of your way to enjoy for that service. And then look down on it the first guy in the world if it's turned up 10 minutes late to be raising hell probably never really made it to the table that's between your two people at most so it's a very small intr hit $30 a reference so you want to be when you said it was and it was at like 2 in the afternoon on a Friday and it was a full theater of like kids from high school and it was like the best experience it was just two hours of people laughing constantly writing in the middle of people laughing it was awesome experience can you around 9 jackass I actually I liked it so much that I couldn't listen to Howard Stern yesterday because Johnny was on and they kept giving spoilers and Trust I had to turn I defend all day because I couldn't because like the word dildo in for something else video game PS2 inside EG right down there put in a minimum of movies with the guys could talk like and had no input nothing to do with Anthony. What's a building watch out what was that movie to pretend it was a big movie piano sheet and some reason I like going forward he has everything properties divorc property but there is Sports guys and Laverne people hurt themselves hurting himself in destroying his body and then handing off ma different than the due date had to pee out of a catheter every time you have to go to the bathroom for the last two years and everyone knows that and he's going to have to do it for like another 2 and maybe forever that's pretty General the people who are in his organization to the you know we're taking money from and right kind of tragedy you know and can't walk I watch the Tyson documentary which was pretty good of him throughout the course of his career he was coherent and cohesive than can have conversations and seems like you just threw up normal like around 1 I'm trying to feel out in the movies now get away from there badass to 32742 action film a comedy children parents right Eddie Murphy doing I can't show you because I heard somebody got locked up in Grenada Joe Jackson I can understand if you already made the Terminator 1724 removed Emma Thompson movie with the actions of to it like maybe you could look over your to old or you're just too tired to maintain that black a must be like your entire life is like in the gym just to stay that ripped and probably doing all kinds of trouble there with your body and stuff and maybe some point you just like nobody wants of The Expendables what the Dude Looks Like of you and I think we did I can't remember money in the bank will the money that he has meet ex-wife probably at this point you gotta turn your money in divorces and you make a lot of them coming and maybe so you know I've been through what you go through divorc the town a couple of weeks ago I saw the town of a list of movies that showing at Gold Class when I was trying to buy your tickets I don't know first directorial talked about 70 million every single movie ever Kevin's never had a 70 million dollar movie at Fry's Indianapolis Indiana directions Be Still The Fray woman forced to leave the town may have grossed as much of all of Kevin Smith's movies did combined no not quite you know the highest grossing gaming a cop out what is from medal it is embarrassing but I've had to watch on the plane I had talked about coming back to England I had to work on me I had to watch it in like 20 minutes I'm around next time it comes on in the by was another 30 minutes I've been on a man on an island for the past 10 years have been a racing MA I'm really being serious I mean you don't know mad for Kevin and I like to hear Club black in America very specifically better than 9942 years ago it's because it's always going to go in Washington for to stuff like say what you want about that Hollywood directors out there they're good directors and no one knows their name like the direct a lot of music I and Johnny you know and it I get to seem like a very distinctive he got to I mean he made his own film he did the robbery Gus and let you know you mentioned that Secretariat movie I don't feel as soon as they've been playing a lot of commercials for it and I guess you know that there's one scene in the trailer for the bad guy in the movie the camera but it becomes a personality you know I mean he gave me for spending so much time on developing him as he does his brand of him you know like a brand new person Inside Man what are the best movies ever made movie New York United States Morris and Somerset Temple University best Washington attendance record I think she's really don't care a good idea is Christopher Plummer dead of horses was Dogma cuz I just like for March 1st premieres Ever After movie 27 million really I mean everyone go see Jackass 3D week and I would like to plug something in my hands after all this time do it black chatpa for my beautiful that is gorgeous a contact we're talking so hopefully we'll get that worked out and thank you have a nice day a week and every legendary run