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Recorded: 2010-10-20 21:55:20

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the tea party with Michael Jackson this is it something you can also contact us as soon as in later but right now I haven't something has you listed in software something the of questions and a lot of people in their teenage years I would wager that teenagers are the one that commits suicide attempts to get into and you know when you're a teenager when your teenager when you're a teenager and the music as they speak to you what do you think the band is the most people have committed suicide show people maybe I don't know this is an awesome Star Lake washing the dishes like Mazzy Star first as sounding band for the 90s never heard that song but maybe not much else accidental overdose suicide band we better never litigated Metallica of 2010 really pirated in about how you should absolutely monster house I don't know but he was upset about it and then I think some people went after him and DDOS website and get it again trading card and I knew all their names and I would share with my friends what they look like under the makeup lady on when I know every member of Kiss they're going to want to come to more of a couple years ago they were shopping around they had the kiss coffin in everything you can little brother so if you can really rest in the kiss together don't back out again. take of the flight from the target you know what I mean you know true but I mean Congress subpoena testifying in 10 of fighting for everybody you know are there a lot of nothing Kingsport of them I think at the time I remember additionally was like I could do about that I feel like eating out because of convenience yes I agree with you it's more with the pirated something I would agree with that didn't ever want to be away from her software cash advance warm that would take over my computer and send them oh my God I was on dr. Dre stuff is on iTunes but you're saying happens a lot of people download pirated software it has and back doors and Trojan and other stuff added into the cracked executable version of office for the years ago with a warrant getting a virus off of a Mac next week I don't know about that I've had to live with a woman who I know I should I'm finally learned her marriage was like you know there's a $2,000 I had a part of her computer for everything at work because he was off whichever you like or just you know I took care of that Bank of America problem what's a confirmation mean in betting line and PayPal Mazzy didn't understand actually you can make the text appear one thing but I'll be enough register the URL mortgage. Check disc as careful Lookout security measures in place to keep people out but some of our people into the Network's do anything talk about a love for you that when I type in my URL and I think that's enough Henderson health fair's stupid what is actually a good way to combat cache poisoning where you login to Bank of America you just send your username and an image and a phrase that you selected image information information you send your password to your online banking when they have a bill for information and and then approved for it and then when you go to send you a code and your cell phone and then you punch that and then you can that's cool if it doesn't work for big companies username password and then the authenticator code which changes every minute how do you get to my phone authenticator little green bars moving into the and it will change it will generate wow Mountain free register you get assigned a code that you put into your account the generator number millions of dollars in cash I'm sure you know one song article on Reddit some guy wrote about scam if somebody was running on Wow where he was offered for 10000 gold amount and the mass of 10000 they would refer a friend to get it for her and that gold farmer with in Haverford friend account and he would give him the amount you pay on the money and it all worked out that way because it probably money on this new account new account form on and then he also has a math and why and just love all of them but I would want to be tied farmer this person is it a bad idea you should in the World of Warcraft forums are pretty serious sometimes look like the number 3 that goes into damage and like attack rotations you to go into and how to maximize your DPS and maximizing mitigation of damage on Armor it's crazy some of the next like I don't even understand it's crazy which of the guy running in the first half for the talking about probabilities it's all that stuff when treating of course of course but the gold dollar really gold you can actually buy in real world dollars or Euros or whatever you can buy fake currency in World of Warcraft you can use real money to buy fake money which is against the terms and you shouldn't do it because after Burnie one to play the game so no one really wanted to buy it anymore what stock do I have which nutrients from it but you don't euro exchange rate $100 and 7/2 today and very cool if you could compare dollars $2 different X $100 2010 calculator where a guy had to come up with $50,000 in 1965 it was a ridiculous amount of money time to figure out how much stuff dual action one North in 2030 you got your. I'm going to say it's worth about $125,000 2750 $346,000 luxury probably that's it that's crazy $50,000 1/45 years mg masterov it doubled almost three-times V 200 hundred 220 for money money will double every seven years which I don't know if I can start going back to the year right after the Great Depression what are your money the stock market what is in process Twitter Anderson and stock market on what's being put on Twitter sounds Little Onion not as crazy busy as well maybe maybe maybe she clicks on everything we know that the Russia House I thought it was going to it would have to be present in 10 grams in the name of the original think he was charged with a felony could have gone to prison for like 7 years Wii staying out of prison I'm sure somebody internet everywhere Jersey Shore Hospital Lydia Mountain did you know they were found but they were just sitting in there waiting to die they never found it was 17 days until the moment when they came to the side or whatever they were in town they also told immediately how long do would be down there I'm trying to figure out how to break the news to them that they could not get them out very quickly everybody in the world in dollars company that employed Geoff mood like animals and I don't think an account in the negative one of them actually did go back to mining like right away he's more comfortable under ground then above ground and he wanted to continue money really I said that it cost about a million dollars a person the full amount of 22 Coast Guard in a state and area that require rescue Bill flood waters in Texas drive your car into water Crossings in Texas where it rains for about three hours straight something is going to be absolutely a river that was free and it something that you got to go somewhere warm water moving in One Direction One X Danger there's some water know about and I know it's super dangerous water gold paintball guns in the water the water wasn't and then they're like oh you know your drain is a little worried about water damage the ground water little water the overtime for me to get over it I know we talked about sometimes about neutrality and things like that and we're always concerned about isps controlling what their customers can see on internet right and locking locking them out of certain content providers did you hear there was a weird case I think it was the last week where news corporation the content provider went and blocks isps from accessing the content that's cool Geoff they were in a liquid as negotiations with cable providers and as part of the negotiation news clocked out I think was Cablevision Cablevision from being able to access fox.com and any Foxconn hulu.com understood you'd never come up before and I'm glad it has which is every other medium the people who provide the content are paid by the network mood and supplies it to the customer told me the ESPN gets an outrageous amount of money from cable providers compared everybody else wasn't even thinking one time or Time Warner NBC and because they wanted more money for Time Warner as for the network and Time Warner said we're not going to do it shut up free month and a half now so we got everything we wanted to come through the customer V you had your for whoever does Cox on Rogers in Canada or the UK where does the condo family internet McFly Redwood Drive their employees right Red River Saloon as you know YouTube why do they say I don't life backwards Geoff it's fucked up we're not paying you the customer will decide the customer will move to the place that provide them with any Google paying Verizon as a huge step in the back because Google starting to do that deal with Verizon for prioritize traffic of the hell they're doing not as good luck would love to watch you go out of it I actually might be affected by this and you might have time will you know and ESPN is coming to Xbox live very soon and you'll be able to watch ESPN your gold it's got to be able to watch like thousands of ESPN programs and live sports on West of awful but they've got to have that they have to have that arranged with ESPN 3 What town and Time Warner doesn't so I don't think you will not internet so you will not have access to the ESPN functionality on Xbox Live I just found this at the time were totally remember watching the World Cup that's why you couldn't watch it on the internet I cannot watch the World Cup at home on the internet because you were a time when we can watch it at the office because we can watch ESPN for cable company Time Warner Cablevision big cache Calhoun MO running 20 gigs a month and ever since Wii downloading what are they downloaded on video on demand as well even more interesting is going to be ridiculous to me providing the content provider wondering how they're going to show up Universal Comcast nbcuniversal for the next time try to renegotiate all those contracts and income of the try to renew them with these companies I think a lot of my own and bring people who live in the past catching up on Modern Family Watchdog understand I don't I really don't have any concept of what people streaming and Hulu numbers on it what is the as I read an article a while back that one of the big reasons Netflix because they save a shitload of money on Postage and money to pay for bandwidth Geoff do extra stuff I did I did check and I and the Griffin in the pajama Simmons girls came out of retirement 24 hour marathon Petro Solutions like $15,000 and play video games for 24 hours in the same room one and then $40,000 for hospital when you sign up you pick the hospital you want the money to go to so you guys come over 13,000 dollars for Dell Children Hospital news and I actually ended about people that make their own and they want to help them and tell them how to do it people should understand I have no fucking clue how to run a charity I just signed the charity nothing to do with that extra Life as a child Childsplay 2000 that's really great that you want to do that but there's already tons of stuff in place why don't you just go and Geoff and park in the driveway I don't want to be a downer but it's a very cool cause butt I haven't seen any bucks on anything -2 degrees tell me about his 115th and a hundred and $50,000 million made it to people that's what that's Wyclef John for $284,000 total 15 million dollars Corp donations given to charity what happened hours for one campaign employee that's not what they do they raise awareness money to raise and part of the social fabric news as I am aware the people in money there's a guy who's like walking $15 how to check for $15 tomorrow 2 o'clock in chamber earlier this month October 3rd Huntley on CNN.com and read about it charity Scandal fraud investigation York Post you know touring impoverished Nations and should I watch the show Entourage one of those that I watch Like 3 bowls of it on iTunes one movie starring Matt Damon and Marty when they put a big salary 401k and health benefits Goodwill or Salvation Army makes $750,000 a year software I understand it's a big company and it takes as much to run as I think the guy who's going to work on that because that's what he wants to do you write 325 time to run allegations build a big fucking house because running Salvation Army of America received in 2008 living in a mansion made out of $2 bills drink on the internet 2003 when Katrina hit and something awful.com rumbletek they have servers that are house in New Orleans what he'll you pick a color in New Or somewhere in Louisiana and its rivers for underwater news for couple days we'd be happy to try to find a new colocation facility in return but in the reddit reddit and 4chan on anybody extra work cited by Katrina Wii remote X for of a PayPal account kind of community money PayPal account I forgot about shut it down they said of the nonprofit County generating in our paperwork and was about and people are very angry about if that's the right mood to do you know you can call that number and it was so ridiculous with threatening to leave Park and rude and stop using PayPal on the site donate until they can verify that it was illegitimate never in internet was like fuck PayPal and everything we intend to help and there's a right way the best movie X those people can just as easily donated to redcross.org and a million other existing charities Italian emotional 4 money Childsplay auctions in Caldwell life $30,000 deposited $40,000 and I have to admit that was PopCap family so much drama fat fucking check and I would love your feedback and I always worry like if we put a bunch of Charity stuff on the front page I guess we have to do it we do it we should use what you know visibility you have and use it for a good cause but I feel like we're life charities in Wii gun incurring the liability if something like that one Foundation turns out to be the case that's why I know we have a good because we know the guys running the extra life that we have some experience if they were Child's Play and it's got a track record operating on say never no never no never no definition another opening I guess kiss him at home scam Rover Austin nothing as well money is great but if you need time I don't think I'm comfortable with that you know where they are receiving donations from foreign outlets and they're using them to play Republican attack ads and they were they're refusing to open the books to show where the money is coming from using a foreigner outside donations to fund campaigns especially Commerce government organization attach the government or the public in any way you want to go bending over for your customers NFL one I love nobody reads anything 2 or 3 stars everything I got it was great maybe there for like I got it it broke in 3 days one week I bought this microwaves and it became it became my career 123rd one is the worst company ever here's the address of the customer and the phone number of Facebook friends Henderson one of the weather like for this reason look at me funny rating because I could never use and you're not getting why would you rate it like the stuff isn't even out yet and already has Twitter possible for Lord of the Rings because they were putting out the non extended version First hold back from me about it nothing wrong with one more thing in the disc Institute reviews blocks true story streaming as you're there that's fine and I'll do some stuff that I want to see him well it's okay my dear Apple I recently upgraded to an Apple TV Burnie one and I said you can't purchase anything through Apple TV through the TV you can only you can only streaming The Bold and the rentable catalogue is smaller than the actual iTunes one of the catalog so I can get some work out there and so if I want to buy an episode of Always Sunny I have to go to my computer by it downloaded then I can watch on Apple TV as opposed to where I can just buy it and streaming it to be a lot more trouble I know I still like it I like that YouTube personality I like the Netflix life and he's way better and it's really cool I just didn't know it was that I watch all of my television streaming in streaming and I can't really do that with the kind of bummed because I was tracks on iTunes library on iTunes and you have a really confusing part of what are going to do is believe speak with the lady with the launch of Windows Phone 7 Wonder still have some kind of as soon after as well you could use on there I don't know that Apple would have but I want to try to get there Microsoft play anywhere near the Xbox and send Blu-ray drives in any Maxwell it's because I don't know if that's the case that's the real Stoney disc in my computer you know I create content for Marty external solution that works from 1:10 extra did you and we have disc free Netflix streaming this week and I believe also on Xbox 360 Mega Cavern as we can Little Big Planet and 40 minutes little update we have only talked to said it was for more frequently what day does winter start V in the game if you buy the Xbox if you put in a one point 11572 the second half of this week microwaves stopped working on Amazon microwaves and Brandon was the guy who discovered the microwave broke running stuff in the microwave how much does microwaving running a microwave nothing in it fuck it up the answer sometimes depends on the weight of microbes made sometimes you can run it by in any case it with nothing in it will break in the microwave the answer is emotional it was the website pacemakers always have the time and I have anymore you can change pacemakers patch for your V emit electrical charges every now and then if your regular heartbeat if your having a regular rhythm discharges and put it back in the refrigerator fire stick stick best movie to see now I go into on those TVs all the time now as well as the surgeon Mickey Rourke in the wrestler as Expendable the part that that's where you have an animal human Eisenberg and Jon Favreau cut them up like that because I got it got to burn as quickly as possible so that he wouldn't Geoff muldaur teacup Chihuahua didn't want to go to Joel Schumacher as Superman around 4:21 today give Lex Luthor a puppy that was one of the in the old Superman scandal and then conveniently the big boss in the wild west which is the next Joel Schumacher movie with a giant spider is there a giant Superman comic did make a couple of bad Superman Wii opportunity more terrible Superman movies away from them Superman how to interpret the original charger 20 minutes on your show me how cold it was and it was awesome it was awesome movie and there's a big push on line to make Nathan Fillion play Dude Looks Like A Lady why not use the actor does with the Mexican workers you just a voice actor in every game that I can drink I will say that is the star of that game to me one that you can name like V triple a title Mazzy Donald Bloom in the episode on guard does Drake but it's coming one who's going to make the connection between voice actor and Wii on screen after and it goes back to our previous discussion talking about whether or not people who do voices in video games one ever get respect as being as big as traditional On Screen Actors and this proves that all about him star of the voice acting to like the most recognizable voice actor and looks like a cross between the bonus footage on the 1st and charged that you can unlock what it shows they're behind the scene that looks like it looks like the fatal car accident and he looks like his actions or words translated to mood Cafe that would be a good 400 movies at HEB in every video game meditation what did they catch anybody looking for brain freeze the movie make 200 million $300 good question who plays Brad Pitt it's very rare that a movie star will reprise the role in a video game I don't want to see I enjoy so much I mean if you look at it second Indiana Jones movie but it was fine but I think it's much more fun at the game between Indiana Jones and Gene Williams The Adventure Continues you know what that was a Buckaroo Banzai they had at the end of the movie remember the and like they say as a credit rating for it still waiting last week they released more of that Eric Stoltz Back to the Future original Eric Stoltz I want to have dinner is about that I just interviewed with Spielberg and the men talking about how they just know they did all they were looking at it and they didn't feel right to them Eric Stoltz movie you have to be in Eric Stoltz movies he was in Pulp Fiction fiction drug dealer but I would probably say my favorite Eric Stoltz movie Memphis Belle Haven all 25 missions over Germany then they get to go home but they retired him at 2:25 me to and they would be essentially the first people to look through his filmography to figure out my favorite boyfriend I'm going to ask Gene of Pretty in Pink now played by Andrew McCarthy what is Eric Stoltz I want them together with a guy named James legros words like in the nineties every Independence on my star had Eric Stoltz and or James Wii Gus in it and it's kind of disappeared I've not seen that show you watch Star Wars and not watch the final half-season whatever it was I watched the crew singing All Along the Watchtower oh my God and decided I was done with and then I think I will agree with you that Wii ever seen it. when I heard the song You're All Star and that's how they all determine who was Terry they've been dangling out there for so long in an oven and tell you the worst possible way to explain to the final cylons work out like they were still like because they locked me up and then I came back in I came back in little before that episode then I was like well are you famous but I definitely wanted to silence and had to have their daily at the end had a good day The Hideout and it wasn't really the whole point was so good Jumpin Jumpin and so good every watch Netflix after the person that is South White Oak and in so doing because I don't want to ruin it but they were really great nowhere but they going to happens when it is a serious subject but I liked it overall I like that guy that played the Chiefs so much it was great extra Sparks Church's name kind of sobering center how is your name Gail enteral viral viral Mazzy Star name is Aaron Douglas Wii what's he been in lately I heard of that oh yeah nothing nothing really just working and I'm going to sit down and watch Mad Men I owe it to you to watch you watch Always Sunny I have to work then I'm gonna what is Don Draper's kids The Voice Eric the actor but they cast the kid who plays Little Bill oreilly on the internet why did the cast of internship a conservative commentator here in America and I mean really really funny and something like that apartment in a drama series by far the best show on TV for season two come out and I got distracted never went back to it my life Sopranos room at The prenote Sopranos Sopranos ruined it would take years off or whatever little tight like I like I like I watch on my stuff a couple days late I like a rotation money one every week half of those shows are now for some reason I don't know why I should understand who this person is I didn't as much as I love having parties and I didn't watch the final season because so far off my radar I just couldn't be pulled back and actually watch them also remember and I finished that started before trying to remember anything that I had to watch the greatest there was we never even talked about this but how do you and do you know if you go to prison or I mean we talked about it I'm still taking time in your life Geoff and I laughed our asses off 90 minutes however long 2040 people and Wii entire time either I guarantee you there were 36 people on the 30th did you want to kill people but I was going to just because it's a start revolving Aaron McGarity and a donkey and it's not the best on the movie or anything but his reaction is one of the craziest things ever seen I've never seen a person in the way that he's doing it was like he was really scared in the table and had to put on a condom never and then he had to do it again and that's when he started shaking that is the best one I remember the most when they wonder if musically Ryan Dunn of trombone and they got in like a Corral with a ram look at it like pants caught on the fence and I couldn't get in there where is awesome so good flight number when they put on a parachute in front of a cache cleaner wooden blue crab water that was amazing and there's something in here and I hope those guys are making tons of money on the movie The something is and they deserve everything they get them uncomfortable amount already and Jack as Tuesday which is worse than two for sure and there is one thing that made like a griffin he's got a pretty strong stomach issues while Burnie Burnie can handle it but to do it open Rhapsody I bet I can make and PayPal