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Recorded: 2010-10-27 22:12:14

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey


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guy Geoff Gustafson Brooklyn Mitsubishi I was scared to think son stole my intro handboo are you doing Geoff and Griffon Fable 3 that just came out just sat there quietly and don't stress I'll take out the fucking fast travel in it I do forget the fun part of the fun of playing a game like that is figuring it out what I was trying to get the story and the story I'm trying to read I'm reading a fable about Herobrine off I'm going to tell me what I'm trying to say really I really like this game and I'm trying to learn everything about it I'm trying to and then you decided that the TV was distracting you know if I can reserve the television to play the game and you turn it down and you stand in front of the television and of course I do and if you want to I just really like really good reading a novel based on a video game you're not required to tell people that I'm trying to meet all the real fans and getting into the expanded universe is there any Thailand elect employee was between the novel and the game like you get like a special something in the game for a weapon burni to look really really Force to integrate the code into his like the words in the book what is found at a bookstore Fable 2 code and then not get the book in the First Rise of Berk his crew pull off a little piece Thailand because I have the ability to create my own unique villager that's imported into the game and I created you and they put you through a personality test try to answer what's up I'll be at the bar South to kill my wife also didn't meet me in Fable 3 except that she coming up - looks like you get like 5 or 6 places you can pay when you showed me your face or something friends and had and that's what I did it was pretty close if you're right it definitely had trouble working in Safari yeah that's cool idea in the first place Fable between like all the different codes and like those kind of things you I felt like I spent the first Fable just entering a code I haven't even feel like I spent half an hour putting codes in the code for pre-ordering there's a code for the village there was another code to download free weapons pack then that yeah then there was and they had all those cards and every time you turn around vision the novelization of fable that the guy would have a Spell combination that you can use in the game actually you get the result from the show like they were pre embedded in the game you know what I don't know what you're saying Trader Joe's Empire Griffon Forest Lake dragon dragons and I know that was a lie meme Dragon - Dragon humo city of to rescue the minors and it's a whole ordeal some kind of candy do you have Macaulay lemon off Dragon Age dragon out of the European candy no idea what that supposed to stink 3 in the durian fruit it was you it was you know Jerry and fruit allowed in butto in Toronto like death a really terrible and Amazo bragging about Market Whole Foods take one thing going for it it's what we're getting at what do you like Will Ferrell played on the ground and beg for help 3 days Bruins record to take him to myself but if you see an accident in your car do I have to contribute a Band-Aid if it will help I need the booty health care whatever he likes that. Like he was just buried South and it's really traumatic experience until then in my face drawing a blank and I don't know isolate that part we have somebody in your mouth and turn down the song but I know we're going to get a really really and when you have somebody humo another perspective of the American version take it out I just got to college I really can't afford to have any dental work where they would give you some kind of new pain medication and you might have been and you told me I'm on out testing the normal drug and a sugar pill and your nose itch when your day 94 and I would not do it justice at what time the pipe go on your head I got put under for tonsillectomy 1 when you had your kid attractions guy screaming with a pant rash cream and wake up the next time I told you that I was born without wisdom teeth evolved and you Savages future when you was going to come in restorator activist on the tail geof how many should Morty 3 leaf clover I was 3 days when I walk into work and my boss literally goes I hope you in 2 hours overtime on 2 hours yeah I had to call my mom I had to call my mom and tell her that I was going to be home for Christmas and with the secret mission and so I was not aware I was going to call your mom for Christmas with off Christmas I was in the military Geoff just called you but I didn't catch it until after I don't know we have somebody I don't remember last week we talked about songs that people commit suicide to it was a great start to the podcast actually had an outside expert contact us and someone whose funeral director from the internet I don't know Adam's Song Blink 182 isn't that ironic really stupid to me Chandelier Sia maybe it's for the better than this son original people get rid of them awesome people they always like range for gifts to arrive after they died like teletext unfinished business like somebody was nice to them you had a friend at the old text Park employee working at Spring and I gave me a chair and something and she was moving but I was going to tell you anyway I forgot about that I got moved to another plane of existence what do you think I don't know I did a lot of them know you could have been like a minute behind an accident and I know when that water probably died or been paralyzed forever which would have sucked had a weird dream one of my motorcycle gas cap cover for the help with the break.com video waiting to happen the rest of the stuff is a lot of Pittsburgh and avoid all this time has passed but it really hasn't passed in your your real body I had a moment and I should have my friend over and they were all standing around weather like in the refrigerator Lotus fast as I could straight up in the air I'm barely cleared explosion and then there was nothing but smoke around me and I was sitting in Smoke and it was really dancing Geoff and found a ring in Thailand and the other one I'll and I talked to both of my tires and it was so loud it hurt my ears to hear for seconds and then I had and we knew you'd want to try out peppered by shotgun what I mean trade or whatever like a lot of thought I did I was on the other than that one time when I was in high school my friend got a new 22 for and he was like come into the house and he goes son was firing a 22 into the woods and he put four rounds into an apartment complex to enter into a man's home while he was there and I almost shot a man and he gave me a warning it's really really lucky to be in Alabama because probably in another state when a buddy of mine was renovating his room and he had a private dorms and Livewire with any separate the two in the bars and 51st and I was going and grab the windowsill and I didn't know but I know I'm right on this thing under the and across the room and hear it at the same time and I was pretty sure for a few minutes after you get electrocuted like that are you store later like his all your muscles contracted a weird way right I think what happened was and remember we have any kind of powers what's the one thing like like your handiwork it's like crack open the computer and an engine in a modern car headlight bulb switched on Twitter we have allowed smoking what happened off for the required machine in the kitchen and it set off the smoke alarm which will not turn itself off with and out and it was on for about a half an hour which was up like every breaker in the building and eventually Matt had to get on that giant ladder and go up into that huge door upstairs for the Giant and it took him another 15 minutes to find hidden behind and under the air conditioner that you can reset that thing with alarm standing outside in from the buildings in his one of the one of the other with the common intrusion alarms used to be here in my office right over there about that door and we tested it once and you could not be in this room with that thing going off it was that I had no idea it was so bad as long as you were facing a certain direction to turn your head a little bit became unbearable to turn back we had to kind of like Walk Like a Man what's the strongest coffee I've ever seen is the grounds in billed in the filter looks like a potted plant the coffee out the person who opens the gate to the door open enough to get through it without too much on either side of his car when he gets there because he got out of his car park open refresh morning I have no problem and I care about me Monty section so that people don't have to like Finagle a car through the gate like the maid would you be open and closed behind him completely Monty I guess so and then and then I drive opener problems, no problem opening the gate every morning on the first person here Geoff I'm sorry to the gate 2 hours Trader South Park had to formally apologize to head to my toes College Humor hahahaha directly lifted an entire from CollegeHumor really College Humor for getting ripped off on the internet like making a really funny Web video and then somebody comes in with a fuck off and I mean like it was Inception and they couldn't get a screen hard to believe that nobody before what I really I really like to make fun of something as much as I did without ever having seen it in the college humor use the word for word parody parroting something I would have the Lampoon Linux Mint but I don't know they were pretty harsh about inception which seem like they must have seen it and 30 minutes 22 minutes I've never seen the notebook so I'm not going to make a parody comedian education that's horrible class don't Texas dairy products couldn't because I couldn't couldn't watch the college humor sketch and assume that was word for word that they would those lines from the movie and put it in our peace and somehow weird valid excuse so weird we don't know anybody would really really like this is the most popular show on television network the millions of people going to watch you 3 and their pay what about anyone 3 minute video you know a 600 by 480 on a website and decide to make a 22-minute episode around it I don't know I mention that I don't know like 8 or take their opinion about some serious and I can go to the store store the head apple apple Seattle vide at the company Washington directed awesome words that start with the park as we watch the understanding that were not from the movie Jamie Foxx movies they had that Elian Gonzalez South and trailer to 3 Days to Kill take an extra $11 coverage CNN take the picture together to figure out the secret message the internet president everything Texas Amazon college humor with lots of South Park is on College Humor Griffo South Park is on TV podcast in apple Seattle vide at me college humor Texas trying to collect sales tax on online sale $0.30 Amazon a 269 million dollar bill for a sales tax between covering the period between December 2005 and December 2009 yeah that's a big deal the ship to state of Texas in that for your. Because we have a distribution center in Irving so they claim that Amazon did business does have the physical location at Texas I'd like to point out that month are we don't have to do it to anywhere else in the country it's no Tales Brett company we have an awesome worst least qualified person to do sales tax for a company Monty Stratton yeah I know I forgot I forgot about yeah I know you would tell me the 7th grade in Alabama take me to be really embarrassing here we are is going to help and he lowered Your Grave good luck check writing 101 so I went yes I went to was pretty much like high school all over again like a formula he was just like well this is a dream or store can I use like I'm so far beyond this I'm solving for x with fractions don't know you said you're like like you would you steer your in advance I had I got something else for musician to bring their instrument Griffon but it's alright what's the point you have to teach fractions to geof are we going to do some Advanced accounting basics 544 vide Geoff Smith College Park 1/16 or 1/32 1/16 Texas what is like if I was stationed in the Army what is 10 in base 5 how do you express 10 in base 5 and if the cab you Larry for the treble RT 741 High School guy I wish I was and clearly you are firstly never ended up putting it into something pretty cool math 4 to 10:20 RT 909 at 10:45 to 5:20 is 2 units of billed in the next the highest you can go to the one between 9 and 1003 11425 / 10 Abiquiu Inn why do people use different basis anyway like I never said yes for computers take off the memory addresses any of the other bases economic map part we talked about if we all learned percent compaction I want to cut it short today I'm ready I'm ready like it Reddit and I read about the Nordstrom employee manual that they give to their employee Nordstrom department store place that I was asked to leave Kentucky employee handbook Nordstrom how many years 5x8 card containing 75 welcome Nordstrom we're glad to have you with our company our number one goal is to provide outstanding customer service and professional very high we have great confidence in your ability to achieve them Nordstrom rule rule number one his best judgment in all situations there will be no additional division general manager any questions comments process before they hire someone just thought it might be totally counterproductive in some ways who started no no no I really don't have anything I like when you say turn the burner on to cook chicken when you're done to the Burger off States really off is it going to rain tonight Common Sense isn't I mean every person has different background they have differences are obvious to them Common Sense common to every people One Touch fire but I'm sorry do you have an example of I don't know how to interact with the situation but I can figure it out, contact and normal normal rules on how to interact with other people right there don't have to work here what are you talking about I don't know but I don't know why is it so hard to me like I'm some kind of sense his very location-based it's like I mean even sometimes rules are under under contacts Monty of somebody swimming knocked out guy that guy never let the woman I'm trying no I mean I think that your time for like maybe I'm going to Home Depot tonight Sprint stock and I might be a little loud so I think that I made gives an indication of how things are happening in there and not have any Geoff always be anyway it's not like you're ever I mean I would never say never we're not everyone was being said but I already have more I think about it Geoff was really disappointed that invented brag about something it's possible that you this is the moment guy said you have sounds like you put a lot more I mean you guys are just like you didn't you guys say that like the kind of problem that you don't always please your wife didn't know what I heard go to take it common I am never met like I'm Alex and I couldn't Texas driver down here you know what I'm doing or how I'm reacting as if you were doing today getting orgasms really good progress toward no no I don't know any different over Lexington Kentucky other people on here are the other people watching Texas for all you guys out there don't just do the same thing over and over because one time like it takes like 3 or 4 times aren't always so clear either for a girl to see when they they blend in together don't worry about it it's not with the one time emotion every time I need to be invented Simon Says and NW 1st take off his pants that I got it Brooke story scientist working non-stop for years to figure that one out what guys like what you read from a female perspective it's really it's really funny to believe those are written like every single guy in the world is like in New York City Urban artist or something like that they're trying to please that guy right now Monty oum is the headline even just a headline on the cover is laughable enough alright we gotta talk hey what's up I need some kind of indication podcast we talk every week but she was laughing loudly but she laughing loudly enough it's fairly obvious I think I just tried to go for it I would like store like the podcast would like to support mr. G's billed for to buy some of our discontinued merchandise please do it is available for a cheap cheap cheap and also thanks to flash over games for a free copy of Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 Rockstar outfit fable Red Dead dimension of reference thank you for one of them they are cute but they're both they both involve mythical creatures that have been highlighted in Red vs. blue and orange humo Hunter what is the and then one might just be reading into things but the obvious ones and thank you very much thank you and feel free awesome thank you to Macaulay Culkin for wearing the touch my awesome butto forever High Five Day guy Miranda Cameron Kirsten Miller nobody connector Longwood the cover of unbelievable please like adult men game show what does poking do that was married to Brittany Murphy to hell and back not about that RT Motors Ronald Bridges work who's the guy before machine Monty movie in and out you totally straight I got it John Ashley father was William Asher producer director William Asher take a nap or whatever but I miss you so far away have a blast it's great to be with someone directions I've heard people say would be a good thing because and I know you know that person that's what they want and it's easy I just in the moment perfectly level information internet diamond idea just wants me to help him this afternoon 21 way stuff like when he crawls into bed have an Xbox controller out of the covers a personal one the first one to wear a football jersey also the next time you go to watch football like a man is it right now when girls talk to me like you think I accidentally pandering to me I don't like female Punk singers he wasn't like you're heartbroken about it I have no problem with that I think it's great reporter that's great troubl texting her while he was married but he says that didn't happen Twitter and watching sports to ever notice female musician to college like my old ringtones use me for your plane before leading up to guy cool. I mean don't get me wrong I think she's hot I Texas is it good on occasion burni brought it up Texas now open for the internet gay diabetic humo what is that off I think we told your mom that was a joke lucky underwear Lucky Lucky Brand underwear for boys that like this somewhere underwear surely that's uncomfortable for everyone but non-sexual thing is a big turn-on for you go home and let some things ready for your like my underwear you don't remember the secret code and I think a lot of girls want to share you know they want someone to like you everything that happen to me today women like to have I mean they think that their Partners there to help you know stressing so I can see how there might be some tension between the Sexes when it comes up in a relationship Geoff Griffon in and I was just being hyper-critical of everything you're doing who wrote the funny thing is I know that you're tired and everything we did that for like him Egypt technology billed me and I need 3 I crashed on you maybe you were trying to say that double-click again please I seen that before so I can open once in awhile if you guys if she doesn't find a very simplistic relationship where you can come in and like immediately enhancer drops and you just have to text you the same thing you did before and it's totally awesome and it's hooked up with a dude guy that way you know seriously don't usually call the contractor no I don't think I can complain about it being too complicated and taking forever or like to try different things about women's basic nature as an annoyance that maybe you should consider something else I mean what's wrong with me that's what I've been hearing for son RT picture of waiting for you like I want to take care of like I don't want to I mean I know this might sound bad but I have stuff that I do during the day and I want to know that the stuff I don't do it that much but really has been taking care of them like I want you know I want everyone to take care of their responsibilities for the greater good of the family skeleton and I don't ever work out we should never hook up navigate to FastMed stuff that my girlfriend or wife have given me if I give them to you I don't give my wife really anything to do out here when before I was working in the off navigate to happens all the time when you're at work actually I was looking over you saying can you just take care of them for me I would do it I was just off my friends like me so it was a really good job but you have a hard drive take off over there and have them his job and everything I can understand the company will have a take off the rest the house to work at home because they know people are there that you're home you're there do home stuff because you be working or something like those on the way but it's not very likely that my wife would submit show up in my office here and say hey I'm leaving the two kids down to run and drop them off at our office to do that hit me up when you got the loan for the difference port and Company and then became a lot more work to do but we found some other stuff when you yeah if not for some production this would be the week that I finally finished all my admin work for moving into this building while they were still catching stuff we have to do it since moving here and working properly Red version crank and in the background and put that out yet but soon so hard to tell and I feel like I'm in hell sometimes WorkSource Baytown now it feels like there's some sort of short son every week I think we're being very very nice to have the room Inception who's the hammer out paypal.com to be the best person for the job but not compatible Texas marriage license you are so that you can find how did like you miss somebody when you're trying to hit them and you are just like marriage is the worst thing that ever happened finally got the answer to life there's not a lot going on back there in my brain Adore Me I was it was it was that you're definitely 3 controllers and very yeah it was YouTube video you weren't with anyone yet to like jump that was frustrating gu the car no actually I will say I mean in Springfield Missouri right now because I really want to help you make it to do this so I'm trying to in so I had to get off the phone I have take off somewhere like you RT hello Red Dead that was my last weekend with wins 3 I got it strategy which was graduate I have trademark damages possible whatever the biggest thing to blame Santa games I have to get and I want to start with a full table to table of people waiting to get into these circumstances arise to where you can win everybody everybody for me would be like 20 games maybe 2 hours I have an opportunity to get the achievement get to Corbett you have the opportunity to play a game on this map so you know I did tell you end up spending 30 minutes take forever to try to get to the right you could be here value mean nothing to me like they're important to me I broke 20000 gamerscore on Xbox Live geof Jaded by something that doesn't matter at all that wouldn't be able to but I actually had a person ever done was give me to do things I've never done and I gotta when is 22 / like I was going to do Griffo and I think I know the answer to that is it like the numbers would be but I do have a complete thing where I have to get them done like it's just I just I think so did you get my mom to college to work right now how's your night time podcast his off work Wednesdays until store Alabama not really getting along and I love that definitely is really tight likes to pretend it and they didn't even watch your house when you're gone white liquid and I don't know what you put in there but it was terminated with Mary and I think I would agree and I don't see guy for 10 years and I can't imagine he would like and a half or whatever you know what to do guy with entire galaxy remember chicken and his neighbor's yard and his music I think the neighbors Griffon special to me always watching their chickens and they took him inside and into the backyard it was really really weird Fable like universities that really understands and everywhere and this is the cheapest we got last night right out last night where they use to get chickens to follow you back to the spin and running over in Thailand Fontana movie motion capture chicken motion capture steam.com in the park again and try and over and over okay miss you more