#87 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Burnie Griffon and Gus chat about crystals, pron and airplanes

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Recorded: 2010-11-10 21:12:31

Runtime: 01:19:07 (4747.08 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

fucking fucking fucking son stole my intro that wasn't me that was the song you're being you're being misled people so basically he just added a bunch of static to it at least country we've ever had and then he stole the River theme song greatest show in the streets so just out of the office sick again a weakened immune system what a weird coincidence people are better than me or something man cold them from the herd you ready for all you talk about the guys are a lot worse than dealing with sickness and I agreed with her that women are just women can tolerate being ill and having pain more so than men can and have never seen the guys that was part of it but it started building a 7 year old Gus bug called man cold but you can look up or Gus will link which is all about a woman dealing with a guy who's got a cold and it's pretty funny I think it's just it's almost like I have some kind of device that can answer questions Google is the first ever in the park how much is RT sponsor is Allstate how much is a penny on Advertising with a dude who played Mayhem you know that I guess I'm going to watch teenage girl and everywhere we actually did try this week to set up an instance where one of our friends came in town and I thought literally once every 3 or 4 years why don't I just bring him and I'll record part of the podcast with him in the evening and then we'll just answer the interview in the Shell didn't do it how do I was talking to somebody else release of some weird person and never heard before starting the theme song to the show the ends with you talking almost a few in the past week the format have to have inserts star Shimmer sound something that's going our dreams we wouldn't we would need to have any kind of things they morning interesting if we had Philly all know about the high desert start of Budweiser I think so yeah the World's Fair RT you have bad taste spectrum is a long time ago their Stranglehold on Innovation Apple had to announce other products hey did you say that like pet food River with its Blue Ribbon at the Chicago World's Fair just picture a bunch of like hipsters back in the 18 hundreds like in black and white photos drinking PBR directions to school mechanic for me something about the most influential single World's Fair the interviews like 6 things that we still use to this day all I remember is that waffle fries were one of the ice cream cone life with ice cream cones like rushing to make the world Venice Italy LA County Fair Paris Exposition I think we're thinking too much about the World's Fair this with different cultures the water down old interpretation of that with thousands of years of that culture diluted it to 2 bars of music country the drinking in Australia Canada Crocodile Dundee was everything that was big then was just a of American culture radar up until the meeting house far away this side of the world and then really broke down doors which Bridge cultural divide I'm pretty sure he is was the Crocodile Dundee movie like 6 or 7 years ago I wasn't there I have no idea the police academy franchise and Academy Philly reboot OLS popular Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles is it that big a difference to go from the Outback guy going to New York and then it's a completely different the Outback I go to La why would that be like that big dick for every now there's Law & Order Los Angeles I think the fuck is just another Crocodile Dundee franchise song Tuesday the Head Shed trouble to make a noise constantly when talking jail for contempt of court order the whole damn system is out of order set alarm for 4 and I don't have stuff like that doesn't have more all from where a lawyer is giving a deposition in the correct just text is crazy every courtroom just doesn't and it blows every single day of the week was in the courtroom the next longer you have for instance a victim or victims family in the room I mean like like she was out on the table wake up in prison the cover and put her on the bus videos I think I've ever seen is some dude in Nevada who just showed up to court room drunk and he'd been at the bar and there was a woman I like on the table on the table she was back in the court and then he gets you thrown out of court and I don't know what happened to it up on the drunk lawyer had the biggest balls in the world they don't know they can do anything for talking shit to write like you talk to you in the present you know you have contempt of court for not going to happen tonight contempt of court have you ever been Riverbend illegal to me nothing serious and I didn't have any what army did have the offensive linemen haven't had and that was my first try to violate had no priors are you working with you're more likely to feel like driving class instead of me to pay the internet I mean really want to think anything the charge you 5 bucks for the dust listening to and are you really when you the victim of a crime scene over earlier we got robbed that night how many robberies that were taking place when Jack got robbed and my car got broken into Griffon then went on Twitter and said we're moving out of what a strange coincidence so how are you are you having more of an emotional reaction than I ever expected life cuz I just the house for us everywhere you're going to be done and then they're people they're in my house touching things going through things in life the bathroom and I just do not yet do it clears out negative energy what is the negative energies are afraid of sage what's your problem what's your problem was like what do you have against it interference I know I would find the connection between for Breeze and Stage tenuous at best even if he said he's pissed 44 this morning like every kind of weird like pseudoscience rock store that open your house she wanted to go in and I could do the employees talking you know I was walking in The Other Woman was walking out and then plane did you see that she was so overcome with the energy and hear what you want and was all like that I was like that's our next meeting I wonder why your house image you want to know I mean I seen a retail location and I would like on the freeway to you I just thinking you know I mean is the crystal shop I mean you're going to see all your potential customers I think in the first 2 weeks actually was open somewhere else and their business was so good they moved to this location to have a bigger a bigger spot the crystals are you know like right off the access road next to and I'm not going to the clients will seek them out how many stones are there in what you have all of them what do you need more for LA Crystals Our lives our of and the Furious Estrella Mountain had them history of the had a Christmas present when you feel like all your friends make crystals there's always something on the gift-giving season where it's like I have no idea what the hell to get this person I have to spend $20 percent better than 20 20 and you RT Shorts at the mall time in our family plan on site selection Buxton on sale now Austin the DVD in Denver had enough did you see the dude who made the rivers of Spartan outfits and they went a different route characters for Halloween and I thought it was just one of the guys was was a doctor was at Lopez the weapon indicate to put the picture as great as the costumes were the pictures were a little rough but was way better pictures of the picture it looks like a caboose Simmons Griffon sister Church Sarge the photos of like LA Casting and everything it looks like it was a really involved you're driving suits without custom made specifically for other people who warm John Thorson Thorson yes I believe so I'll be sure to link to his website where it is the stuff protagonist the number for hire. Blogspot.com forecast for hire. Blogspot was that notice for the Blogger right I haven't you done by Google Google I think I think Google I'm probably doing pretty damn good in Brazil bigger push for that Social Network I don't know the time yet I think people should get the point now with the truck and look for an alternative maybe buy something that's them alright Google video didn't take off so about YouTube You Know by Facebook Facebook billion billion that's off the top of my head 233 billion x member bought Myspace and the bottom for 500 million is that correct a rumor at the time was nothing to buy Facebook for remembering who wanted to buy billion I thought it was then we go back and listen about the time we were to sell it man hold up for 2 billion dollars right and Myspace was sold for 580 million dollars worth more than 2 billion Facebook Mashable article that was written about it for years ago 4 years ago billion Facebook is the largest Myspace crazy predictions the Trenton a of things to get you baby feel like you're not in the club that knows about something special and then usually I don't know but something to it everyone I know is on it I'll just get on that and then I moved for that much because they gave the uses too much ability to customize their pages that was the problem you have people putting Giant images in the background and play music downloading all the stuff in your browser or just terrible if they gave the uses too much power and it will kill her side that was playing on the social site into the browser so I haven't downloaded it yet but from what I've seen you have at least all of your friends on Facebook with the most recent updates our integrated into social streets updates on the right hand side from all of your Social Network RSS for and aggregator sites web browser and then something else I'm going up Chromium browser to download to connect to your Facebook account downloading trouble because anything you never know when they're going to make a change that just come and kills what you're doing right I mean example that is Google just put on two providers are starting to block Google or you just can access their services with a Google with Google TV Hardware Blossom the TV network NBC Hilton movie talk to me had one catch just because people are already starting to block it but money where they can make Partnerships to make things available right now it seems like the safest bet is anything that has Netflix on it because Netflix has been very Innovative in that game and then while they were doing that DVD for going away and let's make a slip over 2 streaming because more people want to be treated themselves as a company that just happens to also offer DVD remember with one of the founders three or four years ago he talked about was before they were doing streaming and asking them Netflix Netflix we are waiting for the Broadband of the technology to catch up to be able to do that I think from day one I've always wanted to scream and didn't you just let me know article about the problem that Netflix is creating for the national Broadband Network I didn't send that to you but I read that okay to me but it was just an article that was talking about how the amazing Network telephone all the time you know when you have everybody out to the internet probably not keeping up with the time old for the way the streets work of people don't have but maybe some people still have landlines but you know whenever one had land lines if everyone picked up the phone at the same time not everyone will get dial tone there's only enough power to run the service between 20 and 30 percent of all Broadband during prime-time hours Netflix streaming why isn't had to this site but what you know it's what I mean why why do it like what's the business model for someone who likes to for Toy Story 3 why would they go straight to streaming you know because if you want to watch Toy Story 3 you just just watch it as opposed to their a great example because I bought Toy Story 3 you can only buy it and its 1999 to buy it and you can't rent it from iTunes or anything like that and that's not like not like some people in their titles off the market right now Beauty and the Beast out of the Vault I think it's out of the Vol Xbox to me that you can't get Toy Story 3 on iTunes considering the Vol Steve Jobs Pixar you can't you can only buy just have to do something I wouldn't even understand gun control and I'm sure that's what they're there anymore the 360 is something that not a lot of kids play them thinking they had that having a lot of games on there like the Lego games are pretty big on the Xbox and they have Viva Pinata and it's pretty likely that category the Mario Galaxy game over and you're like this or like you have to change the direction of the gravity on some of the levels of complexity feels like a kid game I don't know if that's the right way this morning anyway what they doing or anything like that too sometimes our kids man man during take your time just one cried at the end of each other jet over you sent me that video the other day of the Kinect unit in the dark with the field without the night vision light camera was really cool like you don't think about how it sees you or how it is every day was pretty weird and it shoots out tons of infrared personal style exactly and turn on the Kinect and then they look at the room and you can see the Kinect all over everything in the room when you look at it and it says do you want to use the Kinect microphone for party chat and by default it says yes so if you leave that on whenever you play a game online the Kinect access you can about your headset the Kinect is what picks up all of the audio so I can hear everyone in the room and everything that's going on I set my 2 our kind of the camera I just a person I like someone I don't know it seems to me like someone like man for someone's going to probably pretty soon make a Kinect cover when you're not playing your Kinect games you can put like a little cover over the unit old Penny Arcade comic like years ago like 5 or 6 years ago about the Xbox 360 watching you at your most private moments I think so my wife hates that also the way all the pretense just be goofy and have fun with my wife over the weekend and at one point plane Kinect Adventures she stepped on our dog in the Kinect take a picture Penny driving and screaming at my wife is starting to bend down to look at the bug is like perfect animal cruelty fatality rooster in in in 2 in Kinect Adventures at least there's an option go to and she liked your photo gallery and then you can upload them I believe the websites Kinect share.com and you can go there and if you upload them that's when you can see them on the way there the first time you can disable it in the settings but it doesn't tell you that it happened before he went to the game it says $20 a year scare you about how much is in the unit to make you buy their fucking replacement I never did because hardware and the Best Buy people when they were there they were talking the motor in it where can I buy the extended warranty with the Xbox just because I know Microsoft fix it and price to be 25% of the cost of the items like I'm paying almost a quarter of another one just in case the man everyone probably change between the product versus buying with it how many centimeters in the first year and was one of the first generation iPods stupid me they would employ you to tell you that stomach a piece of shit all the products going to break so you better pay more for it but I really for a couple days right after and it was fun it was Charlie B citizens a problem that anything that gets kids like running around and jumping even if they think they're playing a video game and exercise how much walking and I don't feel like I love you practice old is possible to be obese and maybe Mayhem how much friggin run like a maniac my wife said that if you ever want to be in perfect shape just follow a five-year-old around all day and do exactly what they do and you would probably die of exhaustion the first day or you be in super shape with everything Walmart return 2 human trash cans that whatever my kids don't eat it so I should probably and it would be nothing for me it is crazy I never man I need to buy something that was it I was done it was like I Hate Everything plane cheeseburger pizza and just got to lunch in jet was impossible because we don't want to go anywhere in side the name the list of white food what is wrong what is wrong with Chinese penny look like the best food ever and sugar lots of sugar and it said he can take it anywhere near it he's making and problem solving about what with the pillow around their french fries a vegetable don't try to text me was it over there at the Waterloo but remember it was just unlike and like Jack in the Box trouble Avicii Triad Triad man eating the entire thing about $0.35 by the way it was delicious The Cheesesteak that was at Mike's Pub which was the right Vol is hole in the wall Dive Bar in the world that was right next door and our old office and every now and then they would have this Cheesesteak which is essentially just was incredible I know you would always always Griffon that's not a bank when it's private ATM receipt like this with Spartan and 75 as well they charge my card at 1:40 bucks cuz they only take cash at the ATM no but that's a level of trust can Time Warner flight and Order Burger something cheesesteak near just like you know it's going to take a while I mean it's probably going to take at least 45 minutes there's a doctor here will tell you how bad it is that a lot where you come into a business and it's a bunch of slackers working there and they will almost try to convince you that you don't want to be at the business in a meter a Thundercloud Subs only find in Austin but they hired typical Austin cool kids the fighter PBR lunchbox laboratory she would love it because she runs at the moment we left and walk through the table will let you know had a very specific ordering process that you could not fuck with you you don't talk to those people and if they're doing other stuff that's fine take care of everything he was talking to the pharmacy about filling prescription and everyone just waited patiently and you don't look it I don't know food around talk if you're not act like it the BBQ unbelievably hot hot sauce now that I drink water before he passed away called the man and it was like it look at your pictures on the wall with newspaper articles that are yellow with age and it looks like the same pain was given 40 years ago contacto unbelievably hot and we pride ourselves and we go anywhere else we can eat anything had people from everywhere when they don't have that was the Louisiana North to visit places or do you think it's more annoying when people from the north come down to the South so that people going north you think thanks laundry so I would say yes would you call me I guess that's it! I'm still far away from anything like I don't know East Coast North in western Washington Washington people come down from the north to the South I came from I'm from New York you know but I was in Texas most of my life I get so annoyed by people from New England when they come down to the South 2 visits to act like you're visiting the zoo the crazy it's like it's like they're special younger brother crazy crazy the most is that a New England accent just go in Rhode Island area is it the Mexican stuck in your head you could be right in that and is continuing Justice and a regular cab driver understand that it was a small is our driver and I have a partner no he wasn't just a drunk guy was that was years ago I was just like I had ever seen her driving to this far like on the other side of town and then drunk driving home right a check to myself apartments in and this one was going out on an apartment complex nearby truck driver Time Force retirement get from one place is it from Maine to and of San Marcos Texas under Arizona wife is from a town called Quincy Illinois which is in the southern part of Illinois is facing more like Missouri that is like Illinois and they ended up there because they were driving from New York to LA and they stopped and queen seat and they literally stopped the family 17 years like the Donner family with happy endings and there's no town there them apparently kid and she wanted to know South had to take a different route taxes I've never met anybody the Mississippi I wouldn't have it I guess you don't morning bread taxes and we talked about moving somewhere anywhere how to get residency and you know the US is one of the few countries that does this where if your a US citizen living overseas even if you don't spend a single day in the US you still have to pay income tax on any foreign income you make it so if I didn't know that I moved to new zealand-based company never even came back to the US US federal income tax on my New Zealand our money how would you revoke your citizenship you have to think you have to go to the Embassy and you can turn in your passport and officially revoke it however in the case of uses like that were talking about you it's really hard to find somewhere else and then turn in your passport and citizenship and move somewhere else can you not be I don't think so the short story about that Middle School Wright Man Without a country is about some guy who spent all the time on a sex criminal just revoke your citizenship Premier Academy driving more than two of course it depends on the country some countries don't recognize or allow dual citizenship the job would you ever taxes get out of your for your citizens working and living overseas photos I don't know when I don't know specifics of how that would work I'm sure I didn't I heard they got it by the way we talked about this but I'm still getting more nervous about the new Tron movie I don't know that's morning the triple x parody is already in the works just some pictures lol I wake up at 8 for work stuff but I saw you online and I will make a cameo in Tron no Jesus said go into the world of the computer what would that be and recognize that probably was a more wild concept back in 1982 when we didn't have the internet right now if you want the computer people have a more General understanding of computers in is not as exotic as it was back then yesterday my wife sent me this link to a video was a news report from San Francisco that was in 1981 I think when they were showing this old man who could downloading newspaper to his computer and he would do so every morning really with dial-up I get the BBS and hook up the modem and they're like you know in the San Francisco newspaper is one of the first newspaper that allowed this to happen back in 81 you like to look like newspaper Only Takes Me 2 minutes to download the entire newspaper and its only $5 a minute ready to go to the Charlie Chaplin Time Travel theories our leader it doesn't really make a movie where they found someone talking on the phone walking down the street scratching her head like this as she's walking in of expression right by holding their hand over their ear it means our on a cell phone just like everyone the freak the fuck out that someone was doing something for that there was no phone reception trim is time travel is possible Right our phones to make phone calls as it is now through time and not meeting like side lights or never why would you have something you can hold in your hand up to your ear had to be more elegant 357 usually pick out one or two the back of the movies that they were just walking down the street drunk this missile that was launched from from Sonora California a bunch of missile take off and the military all brings emergency far missile we don't know what you talking about and no we can figure out what that thing was and now they're saying it was a jet contrail from a jet missile taking off from the ground I don't know man it's weird that you fired a missile at an ICBM test to show that we as a show of strength was Obama's over there thinking about that closer to Asia rather than the coast of the US if I'm in charge I'm not going just because I don't want to for all broken up the us all these was not a real missile was just give me a break I don't know what in downtown with a suitcase this and that wasn't prepared to roll over 2038 run and you don't even Russian pistol did you pick 2038 about your 2038 just because that date in 2038 is like the maximum expressible date as a 32-bit integer in binary and then it rolls over there's no way to handle it was definitely more grass Philly what are the galactic plane the 2012 through the Universe Steven Universe Yasiel a sandwich was dinosaurs died is right around Millcreek Inn Express was worth killing them warming explanation this guy put out and we can meet somewhere is being here is the definitive argument as to why we should be environmentally conscious to prepare for global warming and everyone without any was for choices which in the case of an accident or if we don't and it doesn't happen and if we in the world all the other here is the repair money for nothing or we save the planet was the two outcomes there where's the other one is that happens or the Detroit that's why we have to prepare was like yeah if you believe it's going to happen case in DragonVale had a very complex issue and I'm going to do it's a lot of bad science on the internet of Science and Math and faulty logic 787 taxes yesterday because there was smoke in the emergency slides 747 airplane still if you want to be landing your new prototype plane in Laredo drug cartel RT stolen kidnapped and they're building it right back to billion dollars for one of the border with a Mexican is El Paso and listening am I wrong no it's worth probably not everyone that having trouble and had smoke in the cabin or like maybe we should about that fire truck karaoke in a small runway in a punch to the runway was heavier than yesterday 2 Guys in a single in prop plane and have to landing on the road Facebook was 20 years old and they have a twin prop plane and both engines are dying and started and they died again and then they land on just a a highway in the middle of a town elevator but that's was a training exercise because pilot is going to have a training exercise and land on a populated the way I like how you guys doing the Philly Lansing favorite least a remarkably calm for guys who are in the plane with the engines bug alright I can try to let me knife serrations our friends in the plane and he said he didn't even think about it because the other hand cover this so he don't have that much time so you probably have power specting the worst at some point you know I think that it's a bit like is you crazy pushing down on them because you're crazy and you're killing yourself with an airline for passenger just a lunatic why Gus knife spent a lot of time on airdisaster.com I think. Order catalogs every incident that ever happened why don't pictures of black box recordings listening not all Pilots hey would you for dinner last night oh yeah that's cool yeah that's it nothing else Far Side can hear my phone my all time favorite Far Side prop a butterfly you should never see airdisaster.com movie alive that's terrible what with US soccer team don't watch it if you're in plane article is what is the flight travel tips now that I think you're an authority social media expert Mashable fidelity rockmelt but if you're going a plane I mean the big thing that happens pretty early not to really understand member we had that trip to Australia a few years ago where over the Pacific the flight attendant strapped and it was like 45 minutes some of the worst things I've ever experienced in my life Facebook you up in the cabin right about you getting the feeling you're on your list you know some turbulence then I'm going to crash or something because of the national lottery of death commercial airliner crash in the week after 9:11 I don't know if I mean Regional and commuter Airlines yeah I probably probably United Airlines operated by Comet Ison Spartanburg all right use the computer Burnie flight you just like stay on the plane just like the Greyhound or flying the weird thing is a reason to talk to me the guy who couldn't talk and I can understand wanting to talk to me and then I'm sorry I know what you're saying united we stand Man City the Croatian dude and he woke me up to ask me if I'd ever been here before cuz I told him where I was going all this and then I fell asleep and it again with the wake me up a good poking by Croatian will do it though breakfast was what's really interesting is that Switzerland and they have compulsory military service in Switzerland which I normally associate with a country cuz they're the country right now that's what they're known for chocolate it was really awesome even brought even brought up chocolate that looks like a Swiss Army knife the truth about people who are doing things and just recently published the military government interview the process of giving in his rifle Second Amendment streets not only can you own a gun you have to own a gun makerskit drunk a military M1 Abrams tank and that's wonderful you know it's probably billion huge and hopefully we'll never have to use it Swiss invaded during for everyone you're a gun guy I have a gun too I don't agree with it I don't think if you want to gun this should be able to about think you should for everyone to own a gun man I have a old school taxes traveler and you can pay them at the airport give him $20 at the door that's why they don't have assigned seats at 3 o'clock go to the bathroom I'll give everybody a gun the mandatory everyone has to have a gun no time at all how like how much would it take to get you to that point car accidents would be a big thing in a car accident a couple months ago and I got cut off and pulled out a gun and shot at the car that cut them off at 3:16 fabulous is not on gun and we hear about this kind of thing really the whole process again right now Academy around here you can walk into the academy and walk out on a gun in probably 5 minutes I'm not going to what's right all right let's wrap it up