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Rooster Teeth gets interrupted by Monty

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Recorded: 2010-11-17 21:47:48

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

Jay of the drunk tank podcast every Wednesday night from the makers of RvB God kept coming is the drunk tank podcast Gus isn't it just like 230 is the man in Jack is cut in the drunk tank podcast the drunk tank podcast like you said it's a podcast so I guess Freddie Mercury recorded that before he died but I'm crazy the great great impersonation we got there and it was dead I had to Geoff will happen to me dude what happened you know I did we talked about it briefly but Griffon I got robbed a couple weeks ago a new computer I had to grow this mustache because we were doing reshoots on something requiring me to have a mustache what the project was required by the company to grow and shave the mustache and we had to do so I was required to regrow the mustache which I hate and people keep calling me a pedofile because I do every Sunday and Tuesday morning I get up and on top of everything else I own the thieves stole my Razor like my slippers with my haircut this dude if they're gross it's like hair clippers for my hair maybe they're trying to make a Geoff cologne and it's like this band they took my ability I guess from the a z i don't want thanks guys luckily the crack investigative team on the case and we got robbed I called the cops and report it to the police department we put in a call in 24 hours tonight find to the case $40 to buy anything and I think crimes out there so late but after 2&a half days and so don't hear back from them Jay the on the phone your back for the 3:40 o'clock from Houston to Cold Case we moved into the basic cable band two days later I get an email back which is a very reassuring mr. Ramsey I have received your email and I said No thanks have a nice day I'm sorry about no point in anything I'm just letting you know I received a traffic ticket in for love giving traffic tickets at investigating crimes tickets to focus on giving young women traffic tickets talk while texting on a cell phone everyone knows a girl that girl did they pull over and they will on the window and you got more tattoos than them and a giant piercing and they're like scared of you you're just too pretty to have you forgotten a lot that it surprises me that anyone still thinks of me and anyway it's not like I don't know like boring woman at the grocery store or Suburban black woman to have a quick retraction or Correction inmate first ever retractable open up on Bernie's retracted something while has a retraction number to I was talking about global income and US income taxes about it after the email from someone who said that if you live overseas are you a citizen if you live overseas 330 days or more in a coma. You can claim a foreign earned income exclusion and so you get taxed less post up to a certain talk about it depends on how much money you are in then you know how the taxes are to formulate call Einstein time travel I just want to get the Beatles catalog I mean is it seems like the kind of excited about it Catholic renouncement announcement digital because of of like fighting between rights issues with Yoko Ono Jackson a blanket or like the attitude I just don't want to have their stuff online they were still selling so many CDs they're like the only people in the world like they wanted to run through and make as much money as possible and then you can buy a hundred for hundred and $50 and I can understand I mean I don't like 1 but almost can start right now and that box that is number 11 on top albums has number 789 greatest band of all time a lot like get really up in arms about it but we were doing this to me the night we were listening to I don't know where you found a link but it was all every year so like oh yeah for the ladies talk it was like we were like a family and the next year was like okay I get it it was Xfinity Jay Z and number when you put it in context with in that time if you understand when you retire decade until I know but there's a lot of crap in there yesterday and then 236 everyone for this podcast what Comics do you think you made that generate the most hate mail for you because I think you probably are going to break that record I know I just not for me like that there's a text saying I love you heard it when I was growing up it was like there are two kinds of people neither I've never been really really you know, with my stuff and I'm sure hugely influential to like every artist out there right now the Beatles were it's just not for me I'm a fucking joke and we're doing the Easter eggs in Fallout New Vegas and they were the Monty Python a joke about how these are almost as overhyped as a fucking money every post and come out of the way better than Monty Python I love it Doctor Who of it being served I never got it red dwarf love it very dated and not for long girl but I don't get out like that and like he liked me anyway I think on Terry Gilliam and John Cleese and Michael Palin are all very fucking funny and I will watch any movies with John Cleese and I like most of the movie The Terry Gilliam directed except for that fucking Brothers Grimm movie anyway but after we talked I was going to say go away in 2 more music talk with the New Girl Talk album Gus talking about the new girl talk all day Monday and broke the internet the internet I think I like album like sexy bedroom if I hit like I had I hit my point with all of them that I like it was like kind of I don't know what you're looking for is mello you can't beat it Club Music first thing in the morning 8 in the morning is going to close out with him with him open glow sticks I will say that I thought it was like more strip down don't actually have more samples in them than the previous there just the transition a lot smoother and you'll notice it as much 50 animals there was the whole party thing but I felt like I was referring to the kind of title album together while the whole album Still close together probably better than 50 animals did there's no like recurring theme with that makes blow that doesn't use a song in different cuts but I found it that's a good thing like that Jay Z was in almost every song I was the problem 4200 makeup section timing that made it interesting it was in between the notes to the new credit card it's pretty hard and I watched grown ups the other day it's got a hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rate TV has 65 and it makes television look like a British car no matter what and the guy with I don't know what album I can't watch that crazy show is watchable just for everyone album are you kidding I have no idea what it was 260 has there been any will they be coming Sony just opened up Hulu to everyone your have to be PlayStation appreciated anymore think it we can do it on the PS3 so I think what Microsoft said is that they weren't going to do like they wanted Hulu on the Xbox to be an Xbox experience of a full Xbox experience with like Kinect support and all of that they were just going to like it we're just going to like copy and paste Hulu into the X into the dashboard and has its own like I don't have that kind of way and so they wanted to take the time to develop Hulu properly for the Xbox 360 better than the PS3 a Blu-ray player Kinect support into Netflix Hulu also dropping the price on Hulu Plus the 799 Jay and now it's open to anyone can sign up and anyone who's in the premium P 999 a month I get credit back for that new Call of Duty and Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 and then I'm transitioning into Brotherhood right now which is a really good game baby game of their container guess who's watching it also has the NF he owns every building in Fable 3 how do I do that Queen of the game out of it and focus on just beating the game in like it into the story and then later on like it Fable I don't like the one thing that I really don't like and I didn't realize that I like that in Fable II I don't like to be taken the skill out of interacting with other with NPCs Like Fable you can buy those interaction tax in the road to rule why the icons float around like this wonder why you can't just perform an expression just to perform it like a fable to you can just perform it and then people would see if they react now you have to choose a specific person and only they react your only talking to them. At least you said that like she would actually be like will a good the downside to doing that those expressions to a group of people is a 28 start following you and it's all you and your house and then you couldn't get out because they're like some people crowded around you Buckley drunk people falling your house anymore yeah it's like it's six of one half dozen the other you know I appreciate the improvements I kind of missed it but I can understand why they were taken out but you lose some of the fun but you have less aggravation in general playing the game you have people following you it was the worst the idea of the body Jay I'm going to modify and that's cool but I just like scars you had to do that more like had to go and buy put let things down for people but my wife hates being evil made you look evil and ugly in Fable 2 I'll have what you need you know I never felt post oh speaking of that did you yeah there's in Bowerstone the DLC is going to be you're going to discover a city under Bowerstone called under Stone I think and you're going to go and that's good a quest down there and explore and meet all these people and figure out who's controlling them and then there's going to be some like Arena type stuff for you they repurpose River Arena into a thing that you can go and do challenges in and then next week I think next New Vegas DLC I finished it when the DLC comes out I'll buy it and I'll go back and play it queen stuff I was playing Fable 3 and kind of put on hold for a little while I have been playing some Black Ops I've been playing actually a fun I've been playing with it again I did today I just want to Carter helmet but then I started my son of Colonel and Captain right now so I started playing and it doesn't give me any closer I don't get anything amping up production here so just kind of like he finishes and his parents and I haven't been home much living room has nothing like that it's like we got ribs we got her out of the house and all of her furniture was pushed off into storage and so but we've been so tired so I put the house back together so we start but it feels like a sit on the floor beside him it's going to make things look worse but I don't know Griffon Cat decided to celebrate the new floors by kissing and all the floor that's awesome he's more times that was great I've been excited about a movie for a long time that I heard was coming out called your highness Danny McBride and James Franco and Natalie Portman Anna let's be like a medieval version of Pineapple Express is how it was described red cedar really disappointed trailer ever seen in my life I don't think I've ever seen that many people like something I like that little you know I just hate first half of the trailer was like you're trying to go like super slapstick comedy and then like halfway through it's like super action movie then goes back to comedy trailer for everyone yeah I know but it's true I seen that trailer for great movies before I never know we were not blown away by the first Avatar trailer with that we turned out to be awesome good open a to z your not open any Monty wants to know if anybody I didn't know a maps.google.com / Radio Shack 78748 a metaphor for me okay what is it when will the playing 3 first playing Halo Reach and you like I can game not be alright cuz it had like those cool cultures in stuff I do remember that it's like you guys are pretty surprised when you heard that was Roger Ebert was a game does not work right for that would be you can hang up the Mona Lisa in a strip club but that doesn't change the fact that you're standing in the strip club doesn't change what they do in a strip club it's contact to start a fire tonight and let me know if you take me there a lot of them ego trip Texas City strip club there's a lot of stuff in there that really does not seem that great at it took a lot of skill to do or even like a lot of I don't know I don't you put it in a giant frame it right it's great it's all right game game is at 5 I just know what it's contained it's also about what you do with it so like I think maybe the argument against gaming and already just feel like you know you can put as much work into it that doesn't mean it doesn't make the game itself are you could make the exact same argument about strippers getting down here alright I've never understood why people get so impassioned about what Robert you know what Roger Ebert said about giving up being are you know what does it matter it's not has medium and I think the problem is that she's such a life and respected and insightful and smart dude that pretty much everybody if you know the Roger did you like when he's a really like in the socially smart and really it's just disappointing to on that level so do something about it for 5 years ago it's been awhile play games if you know what that's all about what it is to you I guess not a big deal if you think you have the Magic in your hands in your eyes power of the sun you are open of that did you see that article that came out last week or this week over the weekend that the US was smuggling Nazi scientists into the u.s. after World War 2 is fucking crazy dude that is so fucking crazy that video game that's a lot of like every little World War II video game more like an alternate it will work to determine Solano Nazi scientists were smuggled out and worked on secret government programs that next game used Red Steel Red Band 11 Xbox to Xbox I don't know what it was it wasn't no I don't believe you just look it up later and it's going to be crazy I'm not getting anything else for the rest of the rest of the podcast that the craziest thing about the article is that all of Nazi come to America and we didn't want the rest of the world to get them motherfuckers and what they've discovered now I think it was at NBC Gus the Herd on NBC like the government commissioned a study to determine what happened to all of the scientists came to the conclusion that the government actually they were explosive was all fueled by those Nazi scientists scientists put it on the Nazi scientists who was working on the V2 rockets for Germany's guy who invented the Saturn V rocket Apollo missions used to to get to the moon now Hitler put us on the moon in a lot of ways which is fucking crazy the usually working for ever see now able to support their research or whatever it doesn't capture I mean I know that stuff like I was just following orders going to think what you can't really agree with at the same time you know a lot of people if they're pushed into something and are told it's the only way you're going to go to jail if you don't do this then to be right do you have to break out we shouldn't go to actually I don't have a lot of production stuff that we need to wrap up today for we take off there anything else that you want to talk about Kinect sold 1 Point units 1.3 million units worldwide in the first 10 days 4 days in the rest of the world which is fucking awesome hit sold 950000 units in America in the first 10 days and compared to the 250,000 Kinect Kinect as well which is crazy about you 360 has it 1 is going to come up soon really yeah what are things you like to do maybe clarify 1 is we like to get 5 or 6 or 7 episodes under our belt before we start to release them to be given a production cushion but also you don't want to make like an episode think it's something I would recommend this for anybody next Sunday when you realize it was a lot harder to make or things didn't work out the way you wanted to or you weren't happy with the way the question when did you go I should I can't really try to release emergency now directions Slide Rule and then we had to hire somebody to use it honestly don't worry Revelation series Carter website not iTunes I think I saw I think I could be wrong but I think and maybe we can cut the check