#89 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth gets heated for the holidays

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Recorded: 2010-11-24 22:29:20

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

awesome thank you so much Griffon nice vagina music too big for us now season 1 on Reddit all night so she's she's moved on to bigger and better things I'm just thinking how many hours to get to learning his craft and his dream I don't think I was just thinking of her too hard today I'm going to be I knew what I was doing throwing knives this morning I'm not trying to handle my life and I turn into a juggling act and then I realized why am I trying to catch a knife that I'm fumbling around it so I just let it go and it fell to my feet but it didn't have anything over it trying to clean it what are you doing because the blade was true was it has to be smaller than your palm and now that's completely gone there was an actual measurement was like 2 or 3 inches and I remember it was like this more than you I was wondering - new to take a dump everybody want a peanut big that if you saw him at the gate you would actually be nervous based on the size 2 going to play with him like I did for a plan I would be nervous that that person was sitting next to me knowing my luck but I'd bet that person bought 1 ticket and they're going to fucking still over to every seat in that row you ever been on a plane the plane is so empty that they will ask you like the we distribute the weight on the plan to the right move to the left on the right Captain ever comes on the PA system and said the plane hit wow we're waiting because of the chemicals in their work exactly what the problem completely what you want to hear some windshield wiper you don't want to hear it's a hydraulic leak or something like that they're going to give us an extra can of hydraulic fluid Wingin It hamster Anyway You Want It Joy sushi electrician work that morning at like costumes props that so I can I think so I would start working on it and then like we ended up going to have to eat something so I'll be busy all day so it's hard to say exactly but I'll probably take 3 days for work overtime to make it look like you're busy if you can I could have just done it like that sorry I didn't make it and I should have been smarter about it what was the job starting rate what does that mean okay thanks I'm working for the man hey girl hey Heather I just I don't know we don't need it but let's be honest here I mean really is it has dried plan stuff down in love the far more than the corn farmer to Farmer 15 Corinth in a bunch of animals creative weird and tests like antiphonal dysfunctional black hole things that they have to like to give him antibiotics. mad cow intestine sandwich how is to take things that are inedible and turn them in today Steve I mean that is the exact function of a cows eat grass by proxy write an article about the guy who developed machine for use on Dairy Farms that automatically makes cows like when cows want to be milked they walk up to this machine the machine makes them then we're done the cows walk away on their own an autonomous milking machine I hope there's a lot of warning signs 91st exam result from Japanese TV was just showed me a video where is only Japanese prank shows and they would go into the rooms where people were sleeping like normal citizens and they would we like an in there anyway MP3 that's awesome that you know me and my love for Japanese videos that you sometimes 11 sometimes somebody counted their favorite video which was your favorite of theirs rocket Plus did you remember you know what you should learn to remember how about the other one here funny story about how we started play a game every morning awesome new alarm system we have in our house thanks for the break and I paid for and that means we can walk around at the motion sensor off but the doors are secured and every morning I turn it off or if Griffon get there before me Griffon just for whatever reason animals outside and the alarm goes beep beep beep until I run out of bed and turn it off by 30 Seconds to turn it off this morning she did it to me while I was in the shower so I didn't know ah I'm sorry I'll try to remember that in the morning and it's only I made you don't you don't really need to remember it you just have to know when it starts beeping that's what that is how do you go out the door do you go through a window ah that was the first time we left the house in the morning anyway yeah Monica as if you had a business eventually and expense Times by 3 different people total people off more than one every time to get out the door at the old office immersion in Congress the alarm I mean you can do or anyone Midori we never I never understood why I was going off so I called the office and Joe was there an alarm 2 & a half feet out the door hard to be hard to turn anything I told the story on the podcast but I usually get there early and I'm usually in the office but I would switch back and forth never know if he was coming in in the morning and he's excited for about 2 minutes and if there was somebody that was there and I would just feel like everything okay yeah, blame it on you because the downstairs alarm pad was Wireless so you have to kind of turn it on one of her business but then the thing Sears in half the time it took to save battery life but I'm in the office alone I always and when I'm leaving and someone else the only person that I'm leaving that lets you alarm. I had to come in and the alarm went off it was always like last week we had to it would finish the cat we had always leave the alarm on but the motion sensor off right I just waited for a large dog to train cats to run your house that's all the information we need New York Coffee House in Austin giant show me the bath and I guess it was like this Troupe of acrobatic cat tour around doing acrobatics that sounds like the dumbest thing I've ever heard of it sounds like the coolest thing ever but we found out through some other friends of ours who also on the trapeze artist walk in a straight line and say that it was cool and it's not with her daughter what's the water temperature map Reddit about whatever they'd searched them but they didn't like his on there like that long ago when Griffon Left 4 Dead door left at door hit Reddit last night we were right behind Adam Savage a couple weeks ago it was a really books inside Griffon Griffon was refreshing browser how to naturally bring him up Suddenly during the podcast Steve businesses are making fun of Griffon new town we actually doing another internet video streaming videos online and they was there last night in town and we're trying to go Griffon what kind of hungry so we can get and it's not just a bar and food so I remember you weren't even there for me I wasn't there I wasn't there I had to go to 3rd graders play so I had to step away from production and go back later and says meeting up with these guys so we go to your house and it's a coffee house but you have to park about 8 blocks away from it because your house where you can park and when you can park in there like a loser you know on Friday then you can park in the spot from 6 to 7 p.m. eventually we were drinking coffee in the hollowed-out fuselage of an airplane like it was cut in half and then silver fire dancers all around us and they were they were juggling firing balls and dropping them into things like that so it looks like California Dreamin Tupac video and she is put away from her head it was an awesome night it sounds a really cool awesome Pier 45 5 minutes away from food and I'm going to fucking eat at 3 p.m. that's all there is to it to be fair I hear that our friends that were here the whole time they were at the place we're going we're really hungry can we just 45 minutes text me when you're going here and now you're about done you want to meet us there and you're like you send a text message like hey let's go see is the Genesis Burnie Adam text Frank Airport that everyone was like hey do you want to go to go to his place and all the other guys like kreuz came up as we were walking out the door to go to spider house I heard that you recorded from you new games I also have your on fire not to go to Gordo's Donuts I just want something green like for dinner also there's no booze at the donut store and we want food what Milk Music app RT 8 blocks away you show up not face the crowd turn around and in a text Geoff that how much you can't stand my choices Kyle young dudes they wanted to go someplace other people that were born in 1965 and 5 and I saw the whole thing happening and I volunteered to stay home and baby-sit in LA and you might not realize like cool things I like watching people do cool things I'm sorry how to do that if I wanted to which is better status quo stores 2 from part of town are love I love Alamo & highball and I love the lease and everything those guys do but I will I'm going to go on record as the coolest place with the crowd in Austin love I just don't want anybody in there some kind of crowd in Austin town of Justin Cracker Barrel Gus ordered the dumplings the cheeseburger that had the fried cheese ring on top of it and you get it with a side of queso for dinner fried mozzarella on a burger the ultimate cheese fried cheeseburger fried cheese cheeseburger something like that what kind of life with her 5 years ago that day I probably Adam the day of the week I probably have a good chicken salad that don't understand your history of him during my intermittent to be healthy best Star Wars snacks that's what you're in my house we had a Sunday for the title for my house and I have two young children and Star Wars gummy snacks but it's really good water yeah it's like water with like Cherry flavoring and gas fuckingawesome Coopers or something like that I'm sorry six year old son during the Xbox 360 there is an NPC in cataclysm called Griff and where does he live you live in a Twilight Highlands the little town called public health love and give you a daily quest to bring him food and he says put food in my mouth yeah bring some to my mouth talking about food that's funny I don't remember Griff I think I'm going to make everything so now I'm going to read - 1 - 85 new car probably run into contact like that races and classes this morning kind of hit with a puck on a play and I have no idea I'm so lost what are the new races for horde or worgen for a while so I'm going to be a goblin what's a worgen ah she loves she loves the seasonal stuff so we'll probably play for a bit during the seasonal stuff and then right after Valentine's Day should probably quit man I'm secretly a hoarder always have like a vault for the in the bank I have stuff filled with all the seasonal stuff like snowballs and fireworks and stuff like snow in July fraternal? Something it's bad luck to pick up a rocket launcher first came out so you have to really like - what you were carrying but then with the Mad Moxxi DLC that's what the ad at the bank they believe they've more stuff that really appeals to them or do you have to have that money now to have the bank so he still played the retail game so because it would be OnLive Michael I have not had a chance to try them on there that's bigger than an iPhone budget rocket wired connection yeah I wish I had a wireless internet connection I read an article about it while you're using this thing it sucks down 1.8 an hour wow so that's what it takes to stream games do you like playing on the computer somewhere else it just looks streaming the day the - you streaming audio and video and then back up streaming your control you run into it is amazing how fast is - like show show me by getting Arkham Asylum and it was like it was almost instant it was like watching a Netflix movie plan for a couple seconds really really kind of computer used to be kind of a big deal for us tomorrow because it's based on the fact that right now we have unlimited bandwidth and it's quickly going away because I mean Netflix streaming has to wear another number to 20% of the traffic in the streaming business phone companies Netflix is paying for their access to that service they're not just getting free bandwidth they're paying for their bandwidth to send that data to people people are paying for their bandwidth to receive that data I don't understand why this is a problem she's already paying for the transaction they have to pay more or get fired I don't expect everyone to be using the telephone that's right exactly disappearing constantly use the bandwidth then you have a problem but I mean it might not be an issue of just like that should raise the price on it and then new infrastructure upgrades streaming almost everyone a couple of discs the kids might want to watch while we have - 3 discs out right now can you tell me where they're just starting the last time you saw them it's been and have you miss those just in the last month season 2 actually the other night something badly enough now that I'm pretty sure they watch the return for you new Jason put it best when he said that the amount of time he had it out yesterday that he paid about $55 to make people think that he was going to watch Hotel Rwanda I have I have to just get my return and then I'll be good for a month or two or three months ago by the month reaction to watch this 4 months ago I got you know the kind of watch this I remember really liking it and I think I had that for three months and I was like I'm not going to watch it so I had to return it Bud Cort from Harold Martin Lego and I know that potato feel free to send your book or sightings - Griffon every second six plan their pricing it like the Hulu Plus 79999 interesting to watch Modern Family on Hulu Netflix pretty much in every room and in my pocket and in my laptop bag and it's just I had to break down and buy the Blu-ray player to watch a Blu-ray in my living room right now I think I'm going to be Black Friday sales some comedies Hollywood only grownups on Blu-ray fucking awful terrible what's up Jack microphone self Griffon Wednesday also just so Jack jacks on Jack Melanie detention milking Land Before Time to watch the first 10 minutes twice only comes here sometimes Geoff and Griffon have together is like hangs out with everybody RT brotherhood like crazy Geoff - pounding away on that today and grab some stuff for Friday I can't say it enough I don't know I don't know the game of the year but it's definitely up there okay so Geoff your stuff with the fact that its Essence Creed Brotherhood is running the Assassin's Creed 2 engine almost like it's pretty much identical to Assassin's Creed II as far as the design of the game and that extra stuff does not detract from Game of the Year status for you no no no no it's all the time in the Dead Rising weird like looking there was to announce only need 3 or 4 years off your life and everything identically just give us a new story and we'd be happy to pay $60 for an engine is good enough the gameplay is good enough the game looks good enough that we don't need anything differently we just want to do beautiful that's really cool Developers my question which I haven't gotten to you but as long as it's there waiting for me still remember imitating Steve Ballmer for those are Ballmer who's the CEO of Microsoft Microsoft number 2 women one big happy Pittsburgh man Kevin from the office but it is a cut-throat business man in a little silver of the of the software world and I'm like somebody I love I love I love in New Jersey where he was at a company conference in the video got out and he's just running around cleaning for developers did the remix came out Ballmer probably viral video developers Speed Hot Pursuit self Developers nails first ah never been to Europe and that's not listed ah so that's another continent know about the first night we got there I didn't okay again I've never been to the UK before never been to London anything like that and we were Guilford which is about 45 minutes south of London and the first two and very traditional New England Place TGI Fridays and so yeah we had a nice meal TGI Fridays I had myself a staple in the beer-drinking industry out there Corona it was delicious and then and then and then Translate all those who are there is some of the pr are some of the writers of self we actually went out to a pub like the king's head Pub right next to the castle which is kind of cool was it sounds like a legit European UK place I guess there's an actual Scottish restaurant McDonald's you know what men they probably blame you for that Metallica culture spreading across the world McDonald's and Subway over there remember we went to Amsterdam with Gavin but the first thing he wanted to do we got there with the McDonald's if you really think I'm stupid in Australia the Burger King just called I have no idea. Jacks Hungry Jacks you know and Kuwait that has Burger Queen wow really I don't know but that's what they have I don't know if it was like they were all of them when I was out yesterday that the country has banned DSLR cameras in public BBQ place on planet Earth it's the brisket there is if there was a bomb for the fall off of it would fall off the bus it's so good they don't have to sit there you can't ask for BBQ sauce out of ketchup and catch up there and we were sitting at the counter and this lady walked over to the counter where you can buy like your side like pickles Tupac in awesome yellow people out of that kind of shit but anyway the food there is insane Burnie take a photo of it LOL wow that looks incredible right now Coopers it everything else is better Coopers are they have a pork chop there that supposed to be the most amazing thing you'll ever in your entire life because I did not order but I got to try that was it was it was like it was really good apostrophe s BBQ BBQ somebody in Austin about going down to Lockhart everyone has a specific place they go Adam absolute triangle BBQ prices Smitty's and blacks have been the black on recommendation and it's not because I've only been a crisis and I don't regret that I'm going to be a little George Foreman is good all three of them when you can strange lights family business hours where we're not open on Tuesday or we're not open on Sundays you call when we were in the outgoing down to make sure they're open for like a week or on Wednesdays Los Angeles - place to take him down he was holed up in their homes trying to survive on his own people really look up like you can actually eat crackers if you want to because they will ship anywhere in the world and I've never tried it when he was living in Los Angeles birthday dinner it was like 5 pounds of beef it's like they're going to call the restaurant to meet market and you go with you order the meat and you order by the pound or by the sausage or whatever think whatever and then that's it then you do that counter and the other side your side there's actually a block of cheese and onion and avocado and tomato and anything you know little girls room Griffon Griffon it was too crowded and everyone was like 1999 RT agree with that's a little bit about that maybe if you're even talking like many republican land order of blood having no voice at all Malaysian I just yelled my voice out today should we launching today and it's immersion love today hey it's a pilot right now watching that today I didn't know that the door what you trying to put out as a promotion for immersion sorry I didn't know that was going to read it as quickly as it did and it was getting all that stuff as well but it's kind of like I don't want anything but the pilot everyone probably right and then for the YouTube version we're not going to change that I came out and everything else we're going to use that Premier one in the next I think a very funny one which plays into the the week of special videos we have next week off any time we do it in the world I'm sure it well I don't pay that until like later flag in the sand did you see that we had a lot of fun making in the episode elaborate way for us to be able to do fun stuff and pay for it so we're going to be a regular thing like everyone to know everyone we'll see after that we might do a second season but we're not really even calling it a season or anything like that fun stuff that we wanted to do it and we have had so much fun and so much fun so much fun trying to anyone felt like to drive that truck in the world it was the weirdest feeling in the world until that got replaced by another episode of immersion similar but entirely different actually each other like this is what your what it was like to be in this rig that mean crazy now until almost January January January or November Thanksgiving this week thanks Jeff I appreciate it hopefully later today I will be making my turkey for the office next week can I have something I would like to think I am putting two new items in the store today then I'm very excited about we have made a ask me about my zombie plan if you're about to fall asleep due to popular demand we've created a Griff Paul athletic department complaining I was on HBO yesterday that the European League sign-ups are going on right now is there a amateur league and Griff Adam lazzara Griff was probably 8 months ago you were commissioner Jack for Griff believe I was the first two seasons I was there now we can't even play the game has changed so much like six months after I had already changed so much that I was like I can't do this I mean the game was played in the air it was ridiculous to be on the same or more stuff out there like Jack they still have the original why do you need Adam in the first airplane Wolfenstein how to beat the first Castle Wolfenstein original it's for more than 10 minutes at a time more than any other game in my lifetime played probably - even though I was younger so I feel like maybe yeah I still like that I think that but I'm just remembering it I know the game that I have like games that keep track of your love your love your plan I played GoldenEye for for a full day and a half of record against on play with seems like a lot to me and I played Tactics Ogre 420 hours is how many hours what is an average length of a man's 2 Halo 2 10 minutes - 5 + 10 wow okay so I think my 2500 game that I played in Halo 2 and I multiply that by ten minutes per game and then divide that by 60 it says I played that game for 420 hours playing at the lot that's a long time for 16 hours to be specific not counting campaign that's a good point you probably 23 hours to everybody I know it wasn't I did Adam and Co-op I know that but I did about half of it so I just got off work and I was trying to remember that by the way and this is the week of Thanksgiving in 2010 if you play this week I think the biggest challenge I've ever had and if you are not up to date on it you need to get cracking because the weekly challenges to complete daily challenges only 2011 giving back money Griffon WhatsApp behind the times what was immersion we're going to it was going to be something we started we started a while ago but then it kind of got pushed because we had other series were working on that little bit already established we wanted to get ahead I just want to say that it's been really fun working on it and I'm just excited for me but show ever Riley for a while there's something else I need to do elaborate way for us to do these things we want to do like try these things out and we feel we have to film it and let's hope people enjoy it right I hope I hope it comes across that we were talking about the episode kind of like the car one in terms of the gadgetry like this change your perspective how was how do we get this across you know and I think it's working but 2 comes out immersion episode of walking a fine line I like trying to make things come across in the way we want them to you or do it with what we felt like we were doing we're doing it right exactly I'm taking breaks like something is going to break from the other work we're doing cuz we just get them together and go and like play essentially the process and forget to turn it off and have it I'll bring it play it's fun for the guys that are playing and not going to hit with a baseball bat in immersion the plane into a different thing every time tell you guys some stuff on YouTube that was one awesome it's so much fun to be a lot of fun figure into anything we're doing with immersion something Griffon can do because she talks so much about this is like everybody has a different last name props that we did have for immersion and we can't show them the other show was the door and show kind of had some of the cool stuff we're going to do and the quality of it but I mean she had there's one in profits to do that we all love and then of course it's totally fine like it didn't have more faith in your ability 1 part was fixing it up so that when you're using it and then I didn't care and now 46301 having Justice encounter with a Gus got hurt more after that to all the shorts shorts called you know it was all the one I did and they turned out really well you guys are all really funny you were just another happy inconvenience Jack Tupac Jack to hear about it was about not having a sponsor which we had an offer in the email did you do that anyway Four Rivers and blue in the shorts in the course that because we have a line and if you support that and your support we appreciate it thank you I thought it was your place that you're at alright thanks