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Recorded: 2009-06-10 21:17:23

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey


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welcome to the first test was that our new a song for this week the song of the week short and sweet that's why I like do you know who that was 7.74 seconds more letters in his name in our second hey what's up did you find that you can figure out what is on TV like you have weird hunches about what's on TV or what's on the radio like you have a song in your head and you turn on the radio and sure enough the song is on the radio program probably the fillings in your teeth you can't hear, wish I could have the same thing with food we were betrayed rum if flies are all around it and television whenever we are all around it and listen to a song and we like this song and we listen to it on the radio specifically if we can somehow feel that radio if you know what I mean and so you get conditioned like listen to it it's an unconscious thing and we can actually feel it but there is something there that we're not telling you so when we get that feeling of the radio in the God damn song he claimed that he had a light inside of him and start looking at me in his also why don't you put the light in the this podcast it first topic a good one now there's a dude in a can of this available on Netflix streaming about how crazy people just dominate like the cab driver what did you tell did you tell the cab driver shut the fuck up the post office and the post office and one fucking lunatic and nobody will throw the lunatic a problem at the post office down the street from our office a couple months ago to mail something off for someone on the website and an insane person walked into the post office start screaming and walking around like the counters and eventually that came out wrong with you and he's like screaming what you want crackers peanut butter crackers because he tried to mail a 2x4 with no packaging or any 4 we didn't want them to write the address on the two-by-four and she was trying to was he trying to meet with you but he's got a match tomorrow getaway Jim Duggan Alex anyone going to get that reference anybody cut an Army jeep in half with a hacksaw why you know why in half with a hacksaw it wasn't for asking if Hacksaw Jim Duggan died I got to kind of clarify some things we thought for sure that David carry you last week or just 3 days ago had killed himself and now it looks like there was file playing but looks like it was a ninja we were the first one to bring up we were we were Charlie Murder we started investigation we were the first day the menu to look for somewhere Alex Jones of getting a boner right now we knew he was crazy so we kept them on access cable think you might have in my cab driver yesterday I have over Bill makes sense that we should have crazy people that dominate the culture someone on the radio I was watching it and it was cold waitress was something that wasn't going to make a pie so much my wife loves that movie and she makes me watch it sometimes in the fucking song and you should hear the story dead director in loving memory or right before the credits in loving memory of this woman and I thought it's not the director and was the director in the same kind of thing as what happened with David but what happened was they found her in her New York apartment and then it came out a week later that some guy who was working in the building she called him something and he killed her and he would have never known it yourself this kind of bothering her and he came in and killed person tried to call the police but this is all on his part but the music is horrible I just saw something the other day too and she's so hot in it what was that a siren Burnie I don't know it wasn't waitress that's why she's so hot to use the MTV got to Cheryl Molly treadmill to buy for son okay Joel very enthusiastic about this before we start it up right away I know you're very excited for Left 4 Dead 2 it Geoff those motherfuckers I am excited about Left 4 Dead 2 Hunter show buy Left 4 Dead 2 petition and then went so far as to recycle the the fucking Hitler joke in their favor they can be original as you pointed out that video with it like Hitler in the room yeah they have it on their fucking complain they're complaining the Left 4 Dead 2 is coming out too soon and I don't me what what is a great is a great game it's probably in the top three or four it everybody's 360 coming out too soon can anything good come out a year after the first one I can't wait for to come out because I played hours an hour maybe a lot more and we played it we did it to death and there's nothing left the planet they're upset that is coming out too soon they feel like because it's only a year after the original leopard it came out everything that game should have been released as DLC paid DLC what they don't realize is if leopard if valve did that you would spend far more than $60 on the DLC to get the fucking DLC 1 are there in the entire it there think you should have been at least as far as DLC on XBox Live question what do you think is a preferable model this like What's called the game where you put a different version of the game Left for Dead 2010 I guess and then the Fallout 3 Model where they put the game in it every month or so they have a 15 to $20 DLC 3 this deal sees your $45 I personally don't care like the same things and then they're bundling all of their 5 DLC packs together and like a $60 retail this coming out this summer it's six of one half dozen of the same thing what did with their take on it was they said that they had to get leopard it out and they're happy with it but there were things they wanted to do better like they created a new a director and they wanted to find ways to improve the game and now they're happy with leopard it too and then that game will have a longer shelf life and they're released DLC and support DLC for that game now that that leopard that is like the game that they are super happy with and that they they don't feel a need to update that a more stable platform with DLC books on the part of people making the petition and on our part is based on a fucking minute Long Trail 71 trailer with enjoyment out of that of Left 4 Dead So the idea that I can pay another $60 and have only maps all the characters to new game plays gameplay modes all out the gay would they prefer that look like you know the converse where you sit around for years with no information on when Half-Life 2 episode 3 is coming over let's wait and let you out once a year between Dead Rising in Dead Rising 2 years later Gus of thinking pretty hard there trying to think for you know that I absolutely absolutely of updating the hell out of it and some of their noses look at all we're doing for Team Fortress 2 and put the stuff out so there's a little bit of digging around grave certainly a segment of the audience that online if you Pander to this audience it only goes so far and then they turn on you and your end did you shit like that they make 20000 member groups that say fuck you we hate you for no makes up the we like basically when do the last time I checked there were 18500 people on the side that recorded petition and I guarantee you like 18450 I'm looking to buy the game two days after comes out when everybody else in the world baby it happened and then me to Firefly movie and that's that's actually not work and voting with your wallet the reason why they made a firefly movie it because after the show with Ryan told guess what people bought the DVD and that was a big surprise with pic and he stopped and stood for the studio do Hispanics go up and down the street driving up in the street on Panel trucks it didn't work is that if people don't want this to happen with Left 4 Dead 2 don't buy it don't buy the game and when Gus and Burnie and Joel and I are having The Best Time Of Our Lives playing Left 4 Dead 2 hope you can sit at home and play Leopard and with that 8 people left fucking awesome yeah we're going to put it in the back of my new Maybach which are just a collection of all the most self-important we to the day that I was really it by the way in postal take me seriously just because I just feel like there's nothing to say on Twitter you don't need you just have to either be this idiot and say nothing or be self-promoting we only have one a few days ago it's like you said it's like going to a party and in a crowded room and everyone shouting what they're thinking of the top of their lungs and no one's listening to anybody else nobody told me you were done with Twitter and I don't believe you but when I was on vacation I don't have to touch my wife and I log into her Twitter to see if you posted you had an postal number we close pretty good of you little white square and go I should probably put something in there but I just can't I just it yeah I just it's a really weird feeling being on Twitter now Twitter didn't you just make an update yesterday about the new series on Twitter so we have a new series kicking off we put out the trailer for and I want you to make a Twitter account and I'm just going to talk to you over to say anything to communicate via Twitter you know I'll do it just for the yeah I said your face is ugly okay so we put out the trailer for Red vs Blue Recreation or so is it Recreation of recreation Retreat we creation creation that's what I call the we like to we like to use the titles that have double meaning Alex for reconstruction and it had to do with the Civil War period of the war. After the Covenant war that happens in the actual Halo game and then also has a double meaning of being of the Reconstruction of the meadow and the FAA which if you haven't seen Red vs Blue reconstruction of the team because with someone who's going on a me Recreation and reconstruction are kind of similar words and definition but additional definition of the recreation which is just fun and Goofy and you definitely said that the overall tone of the season whenever we interject any kind of plot elements in the Red vs Blue they react they react to Total shifts as it looks like oh this is either serious or funny in the Reconstruction was both funny and had a flat I mean some of the best we've ever done when reconstruction think about with the grenade know that I mean this move help with Recreation which is to give it a release time on every month every Monday it is according to 9 p.m. in where the weather today at me now there's so much freaking noise there a series that I didn't know existed I was up yesterday and I saw some serious some live-action series that has 28 episode whenever do you know we kind of establish we do Red vs Blue in the summer and the car but some of the general entertainment that's out there from TV and now it's just like to make sure the people know it me Monday at 9 o'clock so I can come watch the new Red vs Blue hopefully when it starts up this fall Red vs Blue in Llano Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon over later right yes Overlord Conan Jimmy Fallon Celine of failing miserably isn't it all he does a lot of stuff I don't know everything I've read is it it shows a bomb and there's no ratings for it and it's embarrassing Hitler was bad and you should feel bad you're trying to appeal to a tech audience with the rug but I mean it's not autopilot engaged probably a week at this point how do you feel about that remember to get up for 15 minutes every hour and walk away games on everything you know I was there The Hobbit which was a role playing game on this is like the late nineties and in the game it said it look a note from the developer saying at the time when this game is set wolves are considered enemies we had not reached the point culturally we realize that wolves are very sophisticated pack animal with relationships with one another is it like a free game what's the phone with Life Adventure I don't know the video centrioles in person and Roxanne howling Cheryl computer room just like howling it's terrible it is the funny part of it increase out by like the Symmetry in our lives send we having for a long time but we have this awesome friendship we never talk or communicate 5:30 p.m. and no desire to see him on the weekend or ever but we'd like we we get to work at 8 in the morning it we have a conversation is like we can be patient I found out right now Gus and I are both independently watching season 6 of South Park right now and we both independently started Four Seasons working my way back with almost the exact same we also both started drinking gin out of the blue at the same time same brand as we go switching same brand of Hendrick's Gin without talking about it we just discovered it and I'll post fact and that it happens at least once a week and it started fucking bar we both at the same time like last week or two weeks ago decided we were doing it too much I want to try to dry out for a couple days the others a little while and make comments about it but we compare ourselves to each other our Cycles are in sync I just watched primer and Gus I feel like that's weird I watch the last week it is all forms of entertainment are it's really kind of weird for video games we don't we don't intersect in video games right now did you always play for fall out in 2 weeks you think that's your best friend I guess yeah Gus is moving three blocks from you you live in we don't even with you if you like seal the deal next week you got it you got a fruit basket I can't wait what was the deal with the sound drivers noticed I was reading one of the PCS installing Windows on it over at my desk and it wasn't working so I decided to download it the interface with the hardware yeah you can you find Lennox I don't play games so it's really no reason for it what we're getting we're getting right into like the perfect storm of like internet anger 4chan Colorado today the highlight of my day today working on a commercial project the runner in the Air Force we can talk about it but you were working on it you got confused about Gus it can't keep them straight at this point this is going to be but all of that is going to be available for download Plano operating system so the thing that you're going to get is better hardware and a video camera right essentially okay go to me current Mac Air current iPhone glass you can have how would that possibly work we got GPS so there's no point and then base it on that okay okay but I think there is some stuff I'm concerned about the kind of mother you know Kiki level it doesn't seem like they mentioned ZFS file system support in snow leopard server which one a little upset about and I hope it hasn't been cut I don't know I didn't snow leopard Nike+ functionality I think that's only in the 3Gs I don't know if that is backwards compatible with older Hardware on the iPod Touch be honest though is that no one in this office is going to use that was just for the hell of it think my wife playing anybody but they're on the iPhone monitor patient health Cheryl Ladd me one of his monitor just his health hell yeah it definitely was a button Apple stock side by side with 4Health how is he really it supposed to be in like 2 weeks really really coming back to Apple is confused on the street is that by the way like yours up that just came out has the number one movie in the nation and he's also got you know everyone's attention with his iPhone and MacBook update crazy there's a lot going on almost came in number 1 at the box office for the second week in a row it narrowly beat out by The Hangover it was the box office after the projected to win the weekend but then when the final tally was done The Hangover people want to see Mike Tyson in the movie rooster Drive over now like it's the Adam Sandler the half-life of the male comedian in America is pretty short now not really number Court it was his bedtime stories that they broke a hundred million and that looked at reflection of you fucking kids whenever you make it because Will Ferrell movies go up and down in Semi-Pro me under Thirty million dollars yeah he came back with Step Brothers a hundred a hundred just to make it look like million-dollar little salary a lot of it has to be probably 15 million and then calories in The Hangover there anybody okay here's the three lead actors in The Hangover how many of them do you think you can take me to 12 of them one of them into the only reason what to do 15 West of this County we think we've seen them like family Kaufman desk type comedian who was like kind of playing a character but like really funny and odd and we actually someone posted a picture when I had that big scruffy beard that I was going out they posted a picture showing how I look like Zach Galifianakis with a big beard and then we had this really kind of funny stupid idea to make the biopic you are but they didn't have Zach Galifianakis in it and not tell anybody and just make this like funny biopic about a guy literally that we didn't think anybody knew and now he's in the number 1 yeah a 45 million dollars we were it was an idea to see if you would please Zach and then we would do this completely unauthorized but have a pic without talking to him at all and try to get it in son dancing on the front and see if he would protest it or before it because the price of the United States you don't do about Club comedian that very few people even know who he is and now he just about got his piano comedy movie with the guy is very very good thing that we were too lazy to do that idea because he was kind of oddly protective he claimed that Joaquin Phoenix stole his look and his mannerisms as his joke of being a rapper with the big beard really yeah he did I could kind of see that with a beard think he had the same crazy person maybe he'd made it out what's the name of that was the guy that did that like comes out for boxers right sometimes does boxing wrap I don't know I haven't seen that you want not eating hangover play love it he's all over Netflix streaming as well yeah, he's on there as well so we Club movie it and whoever gets the most movie for a while and I have cable whenever the bad SyFy Channel movie on Sunday nights was we would have liked a lifestyle blog about it was a lot of fun different people at once play at the same time and watch it a rooster teeth live in Chatham a hug if you have one of those hoping that someone a member of the group will then take it over in like grifball don't have time to run it myself but I would like to participate in something like that a Groupon no no I think I count three Dominic is going to help us a lot of this group and they made me an admin it was Bob blah blah blah Kia me somewhere to have a will make it Adam and he said he didn't have the time to run it but he hoped we would kind of just take the ball and go grifball did we talk about the reflection figure this week we did it in my journal but I'm thinking about it yeah they're going to be selling them it was 6 pounds in 6000 figure I'd like to point out that I am the only member of Russia who has an action figure we have to suck it can I watch football I don't know Halo Halo rum makes sense I mean that's what you just in the God damn line if you want to come by whenever Toys R Us website for Quinn Comic-Con is actually running the Toys R Us website I just remember the color of the Run orange because it was grifball so why not make the orange that's what I was getting at is that I don't think I will have them grifball Polo we decided to Geoff anyway so the plan is to have grifball limited edition grifball Polo Zach Comic-Con this year that's true we have in our store right now but you're a black polo with the rooster teeth logo for are more dignified for Casual Friday me think about it all the time request real fast we're doing the next pajamachievements Thursday night and we're going to do 3 games we going to do UFC prototype and the 3rd game we don't know so if anybody has a suggestion for a good arcade game that's relatively new that would work for the girls I would love to hear it you got the messages are personal comments on the site because I'm kind of at a loss of what to pick for the third got enough person to come out come from pajamachievements Griffin maybe I really don't have no and no memory of how it started I know it started sometime in December but I don't know why or how much it is for people who don't go to the site it's the series that my wife runs where she gets a lot of girls who are really cool to wear pajamas and play video games and get drunk and they're not game or so it's fun to watch their unique View that is the most sedately that anyone has ever talked about drunk girls in pajamas of my life about 16 years and I feel it and I go have another drink you game better the one dude on the planet who does not play golf interesting I've just been really this girl she's a great golfer and she doesn't ever like to get smashed up a threesome advocate because it goes he doesn't play golf and if your husband doesn't like to be around a person I just can't stand the fact that golf takes as long as it does not mean anything takes 5 hours she had kidding me just wandering around outside I don't know anything about watch Red vs Blue Recreation this summer Recreation Recreation 9 p.m. central Monday 9 p.m. GMT -6 we bought Mount gay rum at the liquor store on the way back from lunch and it's fantastic did you bring the whole time it's when you find something you know a lot of thought into naming it right like they know they must say we're going to name this is for the novelty Geoff probably have accomplished controller they've needed them at all it just seems like why would you need anything that possibly has been delivered that it could turn into a fun of any kind can be used against you do that work time it right this time project after City it'll be the Microsoft suck that dick out here and everyone