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Rooster Teeth is fixing hard drives

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Recorded: 2010-12-01 20:49:43

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

Cruise GT doing the drunk tip people when he plays the monkey in the brown Geoff podcast the drunk tank podcast Detroit techno techno Wizards anchor wizard Bank of America it was said about me so I have sells hot sauce or something future yes do you want to go to BestBuy and pick up a couple of hard drives that stuff about covering stuff like my job and all the while hanging out under somebody's desk with a screwdriver in your hand if it works hard drive the four-point in my roll around on the floor crawling under people's desk one day I need to hire someone to do that part of the job for me everything else anybody like you control I like I don't do the things I will not do but there are plenty that I will I haven't seen that yet I can't wait till I'm back in Fable 3 I just got some reason we got the world championship which but this wasn't to enjoy yourself so badly you're forced into early retirement so I'm going to be x sbk x the only officially licensed Superbike world championship game has all your favorite professional red Beyond repair and there's one to cause such bodily injury that you have to retire retirement video before we had to back up shirt comics written like all the trees and everything written the forward it so that when Luke finally read all those Comics would be out the door and like a week before that happened the computer down but why didn't you have Lucas and me the hard drive to recover the 54 Comics to be different anyway every time I think I don't know why Encyclopedia Brown with a name like glasses and a sorcerer and then he's gotta figure out like blood poisoning whatever like or that alien metal killing people and he has to develop that he doesn't remember her no I just mile red middle is well highly possible you are yeah that's encyclopedia memory of Star Trek you have them you are starting the conversation at least once a day the hottest person on Star Trek next Generation Whoopi Goldberg Patrick Stewart Joel is actually looking like in love love with Patrick Stewart oh my God he loves them Sony camera jacket Jack's on a commercial shoot by myself that would never Jack is is serving as technical Angelic angel Orlando Sarah Michelle Gellar with Patrick Stewart X-Men and frozen lobster ship and went up and introduced himself and there's like 3 or 4 minutes just counting text entire career to Patrick Stewart somebody well that was a nice lady I don't know I don't know next week a podcast of immersion has a very exciting time to come in earlier yeah I saw it I watched it with this and it looks really good and I had nothing to do with that episode of immersion know what I'm actually really really happy it's basically figured out new ways to hurt a totally new episode of immersion this week or next week and I'm very pretty one more painful thing ever you don't want to cross you know it now okay I guess we can also talk about how mega64 came and hung out with us for a week while we make those videos 5 videos and 5 days a week for and then we have together I'll be right back Universal my pants shrink I don't know like the crotch seam and I can your vagina fall asleep I think it's just going to get like a weird in your vagina fall asleep problem vagina just went into hibernation really good fries near me dude that's a great another movie If I Could Be damn I'm sorry you think or maybe United States allies I'm getting way Duran South Lakes in South Austin and it's mostly just had a bad food like a lot of texts mixed in that kind of stuff so I've been eating all the previous the weekend so you're blaming everyone here doing computers a lot and don't move around I think that you would have discovered the same amount of weight gained has been working in the old office will X gravity did you see that there may be somewhere it looks like it's just been shipped terrible I can tell you what's on the front of my head are going to block any bill that gets presented until the two bills that they want to be taken care of take care of and then there are storms in the east coast that made a house fall down I in here last night that's fucking right now if you read it I just plane in India was flying the pilot gets up goes to the bathroom and he's gone the control stick start 2016 a 737 the bathroom come back and help him pull the table look for years now I'm going to trust you with the controls puppy constipated and then immediately I need like mother I knew it and then he's like like this a story this one time when I was about 11 I was staying with my cousin Adam is at his mom's house in Florida and we were fireworks in the yard or something and in the community with a lot of trees and ship and I go into the bathroom with diarrhea and my cousin I don't crying and freaking out I might look like by the time I finished up he was just screaming and shooting a hose into the garden hose crisis averted Farley something how much time do I have time to squeeze this out before I go to make tough decisions when they finally get the plane right is right and then go back I'm going for couple hours anyone literally it probably wasn't as funny to the people on the plane grilled chicken the family and everyone's life where was it we were flying Griffon was it to Scotland this summer in England when they we saw the the lady start crying because they didn't have her she requested and they do and she got in this fight with the with the steward and she started crying in the middle the plane flight in it and it was this whole ordeal and she was like can I give you this vegetarian meal and she ordered me know why do I even fill out the form on the website if they're not going to pay attention to it and then it was terrible tell the other party know her like she was she had like 3 long Sony but they better get somebody else and then she's like okay I'm hungry I'll take a picture million for all we have left is one chicken meal and she's like he's like you want it we got a little shirt that he did he threw it parking near me spaghetti like that with you probably Chicago I'm going to guess or so it was like A7 hour flight with no food for her flag either of you if you don't eat every 30 minutes we were wanting to drive another 45 minutes somewhere else to go Emil taking forever you are my wife and I don't want to stay out of the situation question for you not going to be on the podcast because Bernie was going to replace you since you had to do your hard drive stuff can I have a couple of times to go what is there and we talking about this week I don't know immersion was going to bring up Another Story Another travel-related Story the story of the day about this Cruise passenger I don't know where the cruise is going from Mexico to Tampa Florida really drunk I want cruise ship the anchor on the ship it was anchor and lifebuoy is it possible to reach down and the ship still going if you could have gotten called into the propeller or punched a hole and caused a hole a hole in the hole so the dude got arrested? That's really fast and then there was the food yeah I know you don't drink you're always rushing the water okay you know what the hell I had a bad a shuffleboard and they had a huge water slide ripping every day at 4 o'clock Kinect Soul 2.5 million units and 25 days yeah that's pretty impressive I would say that's all that's the what is 25000 a day or something that's two and a half million in less than a month and their goals to have 5 million by the end of the year and they say they are on track to do it but you did and I just read that it was the biggest Cyber Monday in history so who knows how many million moves million in 2 months shipped 4.1 Sony logo Europeans have moves American Kinect seems to be shaking out right like moves is doing exceptionally well in Europe and really not know no traction at all American and then and then conversely doing extremely well in America and not make any waves dude I heard it was really hard to install install game disc did apologize to PSN customers about something for PlayStation Plus customers about some formal apology Nativity problems space for the 500,000 concurrent connections under servers end but they had more than a pretty face your problem but that kind of stuff Chris about Fable 3 recently on the podcast I'm going into work I just wanted what are million in the neck and then I can go through it I'm just trying to be I'm trying to get help my people out scary awesome how does it feel to be the toolman Taylor of the office you know what's funny about the most manly of you where was like well you know hey Gus I drove by your house on Sunday and I saw that you had done quite a bit of homework you had like 12 lawn bags in your front yard it was a fun weekend I had an awesome Sunday putting up Christmas lights and raking and so was that a lot of trees different like I did that I made a mistake last year were in like mid November I wake up every leaf moves late a member and then a week later it looked worse than ever even when you're you're stuck with that was the point of that like last year was my first time there the previous homeowner probably heading back in about five years back yard I'm telling you the play is laying the green eggs and I don't know who's playing the blue in but it looks like red late it was it doesn't make any sense what colors can change based on their diet so maybe we ship blueprints spicy jalapeno possum under the show was the corn shipped they should be working on it and will just lay there already prepared the Moon we need a healthy chicken with no bones he doesn't it would not be great grass-fed beef and all that but it's not that I'm like a crazy proponent of anything but after having chickens and they're still great and sweet but I just I really like them every time I see anything about like chickens being in these warehouses and having like no loitering stack on top of each other and like the most pressing thing in the world what do they do every day they lay eggs in their Suite 200 225 just like I do ordinary dogs that's not going to be like how many pounds is 16 Geoff only one I really liked dogs are very sweet but they just have so many health problems and I only live like 6 years a detractor is that the only live 6 years that's the only the dogs mrs. cool things from continue to be so I want to get a dog that could kill like an army of Thieves body like a bouncer train to be an attack dogs pretty ineffective a teacher at deterring burglars because they can just give it food or give it a treat and locked in a closet that said if you have a giant Joe something called an Irish Wolfhound which looks like a werewolf it was like the dog standing up would have been 74 your shoulders are we taller than most people there who say that we never got to have it and I don't like they would not be a good Watch Dog at all but people would come up to the porch like asking for money or whatever would knock on the door and then see Jupiter like it's official the dogs Griffon Griffon Griffon made me watch this fucking terrible documentary about dogs called dogs decoded it was really interesting part the part where they talk about the people in Russia the last 60 years has been doing an experiment to domesticize foxes domesticated foxes actually domesticated foxes and they did they were able to be aggressive and knowing that you can do that and that's how dogs were domesticated when was crazy to me about that was how quickly change was affected in the animals feel like we Generation 3 generation you can really see a difference in him by 8 they were almost entirely domesticated Michaels mean wolves are dying out but dogs because we like them and they just have it pretty easy I mean I know that there's somebody out there that I can put in children's whatever but I mean if dogs are flirting because we like them and they can read our expressions and I was a person's left eye doesn't work shirt like a true Lazada humans are the only species to do that show people's faces if your face symmetrical with just your left your right side the right it really accentuated and showed how much you cared on that right side is crazy read people's faces and what they were all sitting the dogs were able to be trained to do things more than shipped like that they were very smart understand your point that's directing them can you abstract ideas that you can show it a picture of something and it would go get the real world version of it mad at you can you let me watch this 1911 movies mile a person on the phone characters like in the first one but he was creepy creepy in the first week we don't have his phone 5 and 2:39 other now so I don't know what the bar was not American in your house and your place in my life and watching it how to get all day now I'm having a beautiful Amanda starrantino that and I know you're naked a lot I would if I could my wife yells at me to put clothes on when you still have sex are the conversations I know you want to go pretty short and I think we are a lot of timing this past week we've been going for about 36 minutes when we have anything that we has the new immersion that today if you haven't seen it you should definitely watch it it's even better than the first one and that's a lot for me to say tomorrow we have one with them and then that wraps up our 64 + -64 Chris a movie that could be on sale in a combo pack with the technology and what was the other one a two-year-old 30 year old woman anything else units of events for events page which are linked to events that we're going to next year 2011 with that I don't remember the good things about it yeah we have that right now it's over and then everything everything we got these really cool new flag from Halo 1 the red the blue flag with the RT Shorts season 2 I want me to take it really cool that like usual you look like DVD kind of terrible for all like living in the office and working 19-hour days and exhausted and that showed up on the thing to do it was hell for someone wherever I didn't bleed Watch32 yeah it was really funny and all the special features are good units into the weird because that was the day we found out our house got broken into and we came to the office to pick up some paperwork and then off to start rebuilding our lives and that's like it was actually kind of cool your personal life not going well things are never going well for you you can actually now we're just co-workers we just work together and also pretty much very very businesslike press was developed