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Rooster Teeth is jazzed about Cataclysm

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Recorded: 2010-12-08 22:56:03

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the rooster teeth drunk text LOL not much just geof and Jack actor name Mirror's Edge 2 gameplay I want to say anything right look at your music player but anyways last night went very very well music video music video that was like in the movies going to school is putting Backstreet Boys in Star Wars no they weren't supposed to be NSYNC I never actually showed up just internet am trying force in positive they're not actually people bitching like you and then they never actually be in the movie the boy singers who aren't actor shouldn't be in the movie I guess they were they were cut after fan outcry ah yeah they were they were there in the working people bitching like you and they were supposed to be there but then I guess I just don't want them to ruin the first computer to be incorrect in the World of Tomorrow where they used of someone who is dead to use the space in his in his life and his girlfriend I didn't hear that are used to Brandon Lee in the crow that use the plan it was a terrible sin dark in the dark in the corner to see her son Laurence Olivier rocking my world today with anybody 40 Jac I know I know the answer this question any cataclysm I mean yesterday went through all that stuff from the whatever it's called to the lost I am sending stuff to the fuck is this Nixon question things to do in around so the games like a totally totally different I don't know how many of those changes came along the way and how much of it is requested from 100 plan to commit arson and then alien proof I was too busy giving people drinks on app ah you have to fight the Pirates he just a really cool thing in the back your head when you're about to start looking forward to level grind and expected to be like 10 o'clock you have to live so far and I'm only halfway I can tell and Griffin ran into an issue where you all couldn't see each other for a while because I can't you were at different points in the quest line so that the world was different you should be able to I know and it's really cool the next area I need is really winning Lo and you don't have a chance to be really really cold outside I mean outside to start a new character I don't think so no I don't never do that in your quest for someone to come back and look at it probably in the original starting and stopping Guild you're going to get those too but actually there's one for it's getting every race up to level 85 and there's one and then there's individual ones underneath that works like a certain race are all the professions under certain race update file working for me there's no way I'm looking at it right now and therefore that is kind of a decent level of humor I'm pretty funny yeah I don't know and I logged out I think they're somewhere in Oregon to find in the central building whatever it is now it took me awhile to figure out that I had to go to a machine to learn my profession I didn't notice that in the vending machine wow just like an interactive in the guild I run it's right now it's running a lot of Guild members together running and see what we got for it I'm right about that that's heroic BlackRock Caverns are you Howard shadowfang keep entrance all of the all of the clothing has colors around to do that for me I will get like a race card and it'll have like a red background around that no one has a blue background to green and blue and orange equipment it just seems I can't couple years ago I saw a video on a private server around the world and complete a lot of the land was flying for the longest time until a lot of the work anyway I have a sore throat and to protect everything from the top and a different angle just text you if we get enough like you would like some of the tops of trees and stuff around not available what's the Southwest robot like a federalist that might be flying up there one time was like that really kind of understanding what was the flight path in campti and we liked it first triple to figure out the first time and then you know like 8 months then come back don't worry about a place to start a new character get up there again and quit so I'm going to see if maybe I can break my 45 record we are looking for members Guild I'm running right now between I see now you're talking about you're playing online or you don't you don't you don't want to play here without people see I don't want to play those 12 year old kid screaming at night do you believe ah yes you're on the same page PVP and PVE characters if you had to pick one when you can only plan the one that will not pick his RP PVP DARPA service number the wizard rvr with the color numbers around to get me to come on the road so embarrassing for her skin was probably the most and none of them attractive enough to wear I want to pay play past the first free month and I almost paid for Dark Age of Camelot type of galaxies I've been with subscription to the vendor is like really fast and it wasn't really that for a while I didn't know I never did yeah I know I tend a water ball Titus Titus in the and 13 it was I didn't finish it 4th grade kind of thing cool cuz it was a lovely character which is kind of nice and then there's like the weapon creation and modification stuff is pretty pretty rich I remember getting kind of lost in that and having fun just trying to level of 11 and not really paying attention to the story and then you don't have to pay for the Old Republic available on Mac 0.0 what do you mean like you think they would have to you know like make am a client right I mean that your typical Casual Gamer or someone is not as hardcore of a gamer no matter what their market shares increased significantly 10% over 10 I don't know I'm coming out there to have its own cataclysm type David like the sad thing about it was that like 3 times the amount of people were still playing one they didn't like to have happen to have a chance call I remember one thing that people getting over to do and I don't like it remember back when everybody was playing on the weekends plates so much that I quit paying my half of the phone bill because he was always so popular and look at the way I think it was in the world was created how far away from the beginning I started a month after it came out to 5 or 6 months after you started getting ready for cataclysm I was going through and cleaning up my welder and everything and I realized I still had like every patch I've ever downloaded for a while since I started playing the game oyster jewelry I remember the time I decided to start playing wow I was we were in a hole we will to this terrible convention and we were in the hotel room you Griffin burni and I am burni was playing on his laptop and I was watching them run around as a panther and I was thinking I wish I had so much fun with you and he will try to look it up for 50000 Al's trouble last night so um I'll I dropped both of our accounts out so I can look at something and then she like and I wouldn't like it something on the house and came back to try to log in and I couldn't get in for 30-40 minutes while last night he was like he was something to get into a server 188 you were going to wait 20 minutes Tuesday morning flying across you know there are no of the calendar antholog to reset cataclysm I never got a message saying you must restart wow in order to activate your cataclysm and dropped all I need is like trying to get back on in about 30 minutes and then once I get back on I was able to Flying for the first time people like getting their flying and taking off anybody who logged in but hasn't shut down right I always I will get as much attention the server shutting down in 4 minutes if you would still see the new players flying around and stuff and if you couldn't do it or how that would work or if you'd like it would transfer over I don't think you can see this flying around that we can do it either way I got some crap to people who play it but man it's and it's good time so you know one of them all achievement it would be cool to force throughout video games like I can go into a gay man challenge Jack to say like what is this and that space first person to jump to another game like Grand Theft Auto like Jack or whatever and then and then we created just like this wow that's literally like Jack made it and on the other side and then I made one that would be like if the golf ball in the basket up in the sky and we just computer and it's been really cool ah there's nothing better than like doing something before geof a lot of the ones we had more people can send in their own Force plane type to have a different problem with people who really understand somebody it is pretty nice I look forward to doing it every week Xbox Live account and then put your stuff in the big Xbox Live card I don't know in more relevant news there is the Xbox LIVE Rewards program which is pretty good I guess that allows you to get like affiliate points are meant for doing stuff on Xbox Live then you can redeem for special Avatar clothing or other things people who you're living in the Stone Age and music mp3 mp3 podcast there for the MP3 I was thinking the other day how many different people people kill people Mercury Venus factor in 4 and 6 digit by 1 million we have friends who had the same name the other day I was totally off topic of the story the other day about this this operation that took place during World War II that was the brainchild of Ian Fleming you know the author of the James Bond books up with this idea where the British would take a dead body I found a homeless guy who committed suicide and they took his dead body and they created an identity that he was like a spy and that the Germans all this false information about skydiving Spine Care important paperwork and then defeat the plane crash off the coast of Spain and threw the dead body out there to make it look like he died in the plane crash and they put fake secret documents on him when his body was recovered the documents they moved over there and they were fun people doing cool things in war it was really and The Wharf unit of the documentary you and I both watched about the money orders the German 1994 Tundra podcast we have ever seen in my entire life it was colonel in the Army to get the world basically he went to camp and found people who judge people who work for George something like a billion dollars and British pounds something like that and their goal was they were going to fly planes over England I just dropped the money on the streets and instantly devalue British currency wow and Destroy but I came in the under some fire because he was super secretive and I didn't like that and then they had to move around a lot because things were not going all the war that management I work because I like horses were coming in and so the money never got circulated never never made in circulation and a little bit of it they would try to spend and then the money disappeared nobody could find it and I guess the dude they discovered like 10 years later they were dredging a lake somewhere in Germany and the dude had wrapped it all up and buried it in the bottom of the lake he was going to come back for Sunday and it was like 130 434 million pounds worth of money in 2010 just I think that was kind of a douche and I like Was His Own Worst Enemy if I remember correctly from documentary and I just refused I wasn't happy with that and didn't want the money because the price such a crazy story I really interesting stuff in creating just passed the 69th anniversary of Pearl Harbor yesterday 6969 and it's funny because the Monday Night Football game Miami versus Miami versus New England Patriots Patriots and the Dolphins Cosell announcing with for like 4 seconds left in the game it was a tie game going to a few Lennon ever looked in there watching it is like what John Lennon got shot in his head I only know this because I was on ESPN last night like a treasure Trove of am looking at the clip right now he looks better now hopefully crawling Nelson in a chair so that it was down there sometime this weekend I was going to go for this kind of movie that's always a good thing but probably probably probably I read a very unfavorable review of Tron the other day I really wasn't all that done by Drew mcweeny and HitFix now and it was really pretty it was actually the video game review and it was not I know man you're used to saying that the True Grit that you would had a good trailer reminded me of that next week we have to do our nominations for the drunk tank Awards talk about the next week and then two weeks after that the industry is waiting with bated breath for a list I can consuming media and stuff to make sure ah sorry about that I know a lot of people would agree with you I am not one of those people I don't to get into the characters I really really enjoyed the old west original I never knew that space travel hasn't happened yet translate that's to play the first game because it wasn't any good but that somehow make the second a more valid and original TubeMate download characters in the first I didn't like a new cell contain gay number ah yes I really do and clearly on the topic of space travel have you heard about this a week off and on about this secret Air Force Space plane amazing exactly the same but the Air Force flies into space and Intercept in the world and access that satellite without being detected that rest of the world Julius I don't get into that looks like a space shuttle flies over any point in the world in the world in an hour that's fucking crazy but it was crazy like looking at work and I have to go from LA to Hawaii computer on board RC hobby things New York City someone like a giant RC planes and attach the camera to it and then like first person point of view through the plane through New York City like around Empire State Building and like the Brooklyn Bridge and everything pretty crazy that you would be able to do something like that but apparently they picked a time where they knew there be the least amount of flight traffic and they're able to do and then again trouble plan which is surprising you or burni yesterday it was talking about the new TSA thing at Walmart I was burni I'm looking I wish he was here to tell the story they're going to start putting up Walmart's around the country in check-out line for reminding you to report suspicious activity and suspicious people ah out there I'm lonely and I to be able to get the procedures came down yesterday that Austin is the next year the scanner that they already have it they just have to install it and therefore won't fall through something loose lips sink ships this past Monday at 320 Walmart stores when did the second unit unit change and become so God damn paranoid eventually expand to 588 stores and 27 space number when we got attacked on home soil conversation trouble now but like when did that happen but it is really starting to piss me off about you know John John operation of civil liberties in the last year the know soon as I know now we're fucked live free rat out your neighbor because he may or may not have bought like a total fucking plan to work and vodka working the weekend name and the temperature required for the retarded and I accidentally set my freezer to -8 degrees and I'm looking actually answers.com and approximately -16 degrees Fahrenheit or -29 record in 100 Proof vodka will freeze at negative 40 Fahrenheit which is also oddly negative 40 Celsius now that's creepy I think we talked about it years ago we assumed there was more alcohol in vodka than it really was we did that's why we make a perfect the only one that has like the boat in Don it of course we can try to do it when you were freezing like ice cubes out of soda and put those ice cubes and soda and drink juices and mixing 150 I don't even know how that pizza place scribe what weeks. And then I'm going to guess late twenties or early thirties after they are age it seems fairly I mean they had all their clothes on using English of appropriately I had no initial idea that they were going to turn out to be the most retarded people on the planet until I realized we were standing and did you see that it's going to be 1461 station and we heard about this thing called a stromboli is that something that you guys spell and was like yeah we have some Stromboli she's like a calzone what's a calzone I like Wow exclamation I just don't get it I don't know good definition there's this whole conversation and they're over there for like 5 minutes I can hear what's going on and the people just look fucking befuddled upside down somebody and then we get behind them it takes them like 20 minutes to decide if they want a stromboli or calzone in the flavor and how much and it's apparently a life-changing decision for these two people their lunch are true or False only Line Is It Anyway and what the hell is really cool touch screen soda machine if it's a touch screen but your soda like it only one person they stopped at that soda machine and that was like I saw Jaws hit the ground they look scared I think they left they did I won't hear something we watch them for about 20 minutes try to figure out what soda do War standing there and then like scratching their heads am really confused and then I turn around and I'm making fun of them about how retarded they are not within earshot they couldn't hear me and they were just walking out the front door and walked out of the freestyle I had landed on Earth and never have we seen alien to pick up on the fact it was dumbest motherfukers on the planet and you should never ever leave your house again or have children or have scary part It's gotta be I was stupid because every time you leave your house Adventure a possibility it's fantastic and the Machine to occupy me for the next 6 hours that's fantastic a fucking retard it's over forget about it tonight it was good we just got up we did before hey what's up what's up everybody 240 collegeview and a half Shir and he said it was like how can you keep this poor animal in this life 3 by 3 foot cube of glass dude we met the human equivalent to that in the world but it really did go crazy about everything the pie chart of the people of the ATM and it's like people who want $40 in cash is like this little tiny sliver I didn't want to rearrange their 401k and all that someone like that were downtown at an ATM to the office he was done like 15 transactions he would do stuff in a receipt would come out then we go again another receipt like how the fuck did I do Air Force ah now to deposit at the ATM and there's like on the iPhone that you can you can just take a picture of the check and it goes straight in your account that's awesome it's actually pretty cool war with Russia of America Bank in a mortgage and a credit card through Bank of America and their online portal is awesome everything is right there eq2 fingers together and you know we start up the reactor your hands in your hands up with the pigs and in life there's a picture of a human hand up and that's pretty cool a different way DHS and attract Who You Are NSYNC of getting working database with your handprint deleted something I don't know a World Disney World no no maybe you can meet me at Universal Universal Studios a few months ago when you scan your ticket through you have to put your finger down when they scan your fingerprint and that was it is they do it because it has to do with them reselling tickets you selling your tickets Pastor Disney World alien EQ even fingerprint as well but now it's pretty trippy because the money back for my break a notary notarize a document Jac and we are and I store my search history on Google and it really makes you wonder what's wrong with me I was lost in John Deere Crockett am still trying to figure out how to spell was particularly struck I don't know look up computer sin which was the 2001 first time computer University Persuader hold what gauge is a Mossberg Persuader what is a Mossberg Persuader shotgun training for a shotgun property first and then what does Superman eat so just whatever you want an apple pie man smoking am air Superman eat anything at all the sunrise work with and your to your Homeland Security story is on sin and one of those crazy guys who own which is like they're coming next year they did an independent study to determine if the forecast for the wait because $250,000 a quarter of a million dollars to decide IBM can hold the fucking scanner Seattle. I have a pretty good feeling to know how much weight this building that we moved into I had to meet a structural engineer I hear to determine whether and how much weight we can put on the second floor but I lifted some of the ceiling tiles out here looking around his head and looked at the under the bottom part of the floor let's do it arches actor called in England I was made by returning Cars one pound about dollar for team coaches were charged $5,007 this nice gentleman was known by everyone and worked there for about 25 years every single day then one day quite suddenly this guy just doesn't show up for work he's not there so the Bristol Zoo call the city and send out another Zoo parking lot of responsibility it's your responsibility we have no record of this gentleman set up a machine in which every single day all the money from the parking lot of the zoo 4:25 that's awesome the estimated he made 3.6 million pounds seven million dollars over 25 years no one knows La Quinta parking lot needed repairs like who to call when you go like to the zoo $17 over 25 years is $280,000 a year the best of you nobody could theoretically do you come to set up a ticket machine everyone assumes it's okay everybody shar pei and he steals a dollar a day from 150 random people who's going to go after him I know if your ticket then that's the story Bristol Zoo a mother fucker like the Caribbean and kill him that is fucking awesome let me get away with the crime of rape at cons like nothing nothing that long like I've read about people who was broken and then have someone in security guard outfit sitting next to it with a bad you know what I'm saying you know if you want to make a deposit to make a deposit with me and then they have a number that I can call this number and then the other deposits dumb mother fucker to fall for that Nigerian level stupidity am the only thing I've heard anything of that nature would like to buy the Stromboli alien Calderon probably but the parking lots of urban legend and if I was you want me to tell you I don't want theoretical even talk about it anyway in America and I had done it could he do it for a long enough. Of time where he would claim that he actually owns that parking lot squatters rights or something I get back plane residents over part of a public park property info I was playing a lot of Borderlands so I'm not really feeling the need to go back in for a while because I mean what do I am the closer you get to an MMO on a console except for the memos on consoles RT nobody to angry emails 3D TV Shar Owens a PS3 at his lesson this podcast we talked about you before you make them happier I guess that 3D gaming on them Waverly Xbox 3D game I know of is Black Ops 1 the PS3 when I plug into my 3D TV news it was a 3D TV and walk me through some stuff and when I went to go play Call of Duty Black Ops and I said it to 3D mode I then had to go make a change to my TV so that I can play 3D black at the point where it was until I made the changes and how how do you like vide alien General the game was Wipeout HD on PS3 the racing game I think I actually found some interesting racing games 3D I purchase wipe out before because it's a fucking racing game and I hate him but when I downloaded it and bought it it was one of those PS3 update which game has the best graphics example on the PS3 update and I couldn't move metaphor Lo did my dad go into the cities until I don't have moved what is this terrible that's really went back to the dashboard I realize to just imagine if you would throw your PS3 air computer now I can a Suburban neighborhood we laugh about the fact of how many unsecured networks are there using to me is every time I go to setup a wireless network 3 hours maybe I'm doing too much to get it exactly right Network how to go ride or go home and said that all the time wireless Xbox to make simple wireless service customer about it if you pay your I speed up your cable modem to set up Wi-Fi at your renting from them and you don't touch it you let them do it $450 for the past week and a half ago that's why I'm getting tired of the employee trying to push the $5 insurance for every game I bought for the last week someone to manage my XM radio I couldn't remember your phone number history of password air I know my username I know my password I am locked out username and password I'm locked out ah we working support for a while and there's always something with the bright idea of what try to sell something to customers and wal around 4 or 830 something that's not working during support Norman eventually figured out the cookies in my browser so I couldn't log in from Safari to Firefox a lot of time there just wasn't locked that's weird release date for the exporting something in JavaScript that allowed them to see other sites a good men to go back and look at your browser history and they were capturing all that data and I was doing that like some Hardware review sites and things like that to people ah you'll get to Whitfield Air Force butterfly during the day play just leaving you starting a problem it's a really space first half of the podcast all right but the cool thing about it is this I was not looking forward to going through starting it because I'm of the same kind of quest over and over again then hit the I haven't I haven't done the same type of Christ in the first a very very very different very cool 20% of 3 Tri-City motorcycle okay there flying mounts a helicopter you know you know what maybe stop playing well the first time was okay so I understood that it was MMO game and I hate down time in games like I hate my new stuff and so I chose a druid because I knew that it got a cat form at level 20 and everyone else got mounted 40 time I think so I thought okay great I'll be faster than a walk across and get stuff done faster so I did then I get the cat form and you don't go any faster than 20% I think they might not remember when you got that talking about the time we were in college station and I watched you play WoW on the laptop in the hotel room and you were showing me the capital of and that's what made me wanna play the game your pastor That's History it's more like an investor that's all I'm saying Hors history but it is 40% now that's what I remember it being didn't seem any faster than when I got it I think you get a mountain a lot like 2022 crazy which is a great game has a ton of character and it's really awesome one thing that game is going to make me stop playing a game and then the claptrap replaying it over and over to get out and of the pull down then if you want to pick up a gun like there's a weapon on the ground and you want to replace the gun hold Xbox button and everything so when you're picking up a bunch of crap you always end up changing some shit done you just picked up off the ground and you gotta go into inventory system making things up which would you pick two or three different functions are a sign of what happened all the time with some stupid gun a feeling this is going to be similar problem in Fallout New Vegas where to walk in there somewhere that it would also reset your quick launch on your d-pad to look like I have a long way down and it wouldn't have to go back and reset I don't do anything I don't want to be a good 3D game to me it seems like it would be good to the game as well wow there's a reason why they really remind me of Avatar get on Goro crater and stuff like that almost like actually there's a lot of stuff in there was like floating island Hallelujah Hill I think so he's been watching Blu-ray 12 DVDs for free movies war movies wow crazy sin to watch the movie performance capture version of the movie while he's working at least one thing I first came out on Blu-ray and it was just a movie and we're and that was it he watch the entire movie at 50% to 50% speedrun half-speed and watched it and did it like 2 or 3 times and analyzing like this and everything like that everything seems like everytime I want in the future using the shit out of everyone of the crazy things like that for like over and over and over again animation a person of the video games sometimes coming over and just watch whatever plan you know the other day watching Final Fantasy game Monster and candy gay for like 2 weeks of your life eventually I think it's going to take wow who is left guilty pleasure game like the Dynasty Warriors games a lot of their games and their measures Jac ever really wanted the coming of the office and let's all play a full multiplayer game of civilization wal in the room and role playing multiplayer games play by mail remember that the email function where you take a turn in an email to your buddy but it shouldn't hurt yeah and it's a check by mail kind of a thing now are you I ah I was planning on picking up through the Mac version of steam but I I didn't play Civ Rev on the Xbox I think I like it more than it was in the Flies let me know if you have a lot of stuff and how much you're very careful that where you actually started building from where you spawn you spawn in the same point in the world all the time so you can lose your own construction and you know it kills me like one of her old caves and holes like a real game Don come out if you have a new one operation that's why because I was going to and then I forget what he was putting up earlier this week but then Griffin and Brandon I record a director's commentary for the first two episodes of immersion as well so we're going to put those up as well that's cool for the second one blew up man horse thing is also blue graduation graduation Achievement Hunter finally got finally got dumped on the second place in the gaming section the gay men shows on YouTube that it got bumped down to Second and replaced with immersion this morning I was like what the fuck am I second place LOL Force Base I was on there I mean we just call them shows and that's the way we've always done it you know am I the only one Christmas I have that in my depending on their shipping options I can order as late as probably the 19th or the 20th I think it's time I think to be on the 17th but I will post on the front page the robot yeah it's been it's been out of rotation about three years I don't know and understand I would like 3 weeks ago and I'm still like force nominations for drunk of words and it's alright and all of your favorite Shir and get it sent to your house by Christmas a holiday that would be nice for next week's podcast