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Recorded: 2010-12-15 23:31:36

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Griffon Ramsey


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10 Route 21 gu you are welcome Merry Christmas Son just in time your cha can you go be careful now asteroids. In the drunk tank should I call your other okay son but listen to it all at one you should savor it calm down son car should with a gravity hammer I got you for your birthday hey bro what's going on welcome everyone to the most creepiest ride ever have a lot of work into Burnie holiday request only put a user name or a real name or anything so I can thank them I said that the international by the way in the history of employee Ramsey's geof never wore skirts only wear skirts Supercuts your address since I'm in the alley downtown want to do it's good they look as a woman plane flights out of flaming Circle or something around one calf and it doesn't lie you got the market cornered on femininity in that family nothing ragdolls kind of good the woman in our farewell mannerisms want more spot on is actual comments right or actually you to come with something like that he has a girlfriend you look at of long hair in a mass you look just like your Gurl to get long hair your wife never ever have a conversation and I was like hey can we just clean up the kitchen before we leave the house and everybody has the same internet when we first started dating he would talk to Kno like to the voice about his ex-wife you know like I thought it was funny but then he says the same voice and I just remember they're very similar Evil Dead I'm sure he would say well then maybe you shouldn't do things like my ex-wife and then I won't have to use that voice and then I would you don't know what you're missing now I'm just crazy right now and Crazy Hamster music a good idea on paper you know and then you actually have all of the 14 years of age but you're definitely working in the right company because we have such a bunch of babies that were here yesterday where we were kind of out in the middle of nowhere for this was for emerging number 7 I believe is where it falls and we were out there for about 9 hours and it was so God damn windy and I was going to make everybody else miserable with how miserable I was in the wind I don't know what is I hate things that are invisible because I hate life starting to hate the way I feel like I don't know I feel weird after being out in the wind for that long I feel like Old Oyster with a stripped off my body by the wind I feel like I feel like super dry and wrinkly now point-slope the lower pressure regulator humidity like you had to get that many people in that space But of things that Pilots want passengers to know and everything everybody they have the best filtration the filter air conditioning unit filtration just makes the air feel unreal and way feel like real hair I don't know if it's like Spaceballs TSA bag scanner thing is we were reading I was actually doing research for mega64 in a plane for 5 hours likely flight LA to New York that is the equivalent of receiving a chest x-ray in terms of the radiation that you get from being too high in the atmosphere really every $5 you spend in the plane is another chance that's all Pilots have lung cancer or something radiation I've waited a year to make it work the first lead in it the one that I didn't that one first I don't blame you at all is what I'm afraid of I'm afraid to like all the people going in the front end would just be vaporised and died and then knew people would come out the back and it's a totally new person maybe they have your memories but it's really actually the way it works is that you are disassembled then you are then a copy of you is reassembled using elements availabl at the destination that's not you right is a Quantum state of you it's frozen and then recreated forgot to tell you the dark secret that's Lonely Planet take over the world come over your face when I mentioned it your brain and programming you don't wake up in the morning people 62 the teleportation 152 something happen down the road why won't sugar coat it because I did a lot of research I talked to a lot of people have Lasik all these said was how awesome it was what about the operating table and I can soon as I set up set up off the operating table and the clock on the wall that was really cool and I noticed when I get tired around headlights to open your eyes underwater around every single a butterfly disco effect after that is not really going to walk up to people who told me I really car de Blazer and John had the best response to that when I went back to is that what you tell me you have you starburst on lights at night and goes the Jimmy you know what I kind of like it actually it's pretty overtime and I have gotten more used to it so it's just like it is now you first start writing them it was his in an aquarium and it doesn't and I was looking way I just got used to it still looks like it if I focus on it you just get used to getting used to the point where your glasses because I'm way more comfortable throwing on a pair of glasses a bag over your head just flops over here somebody could get first generation Apple teleporter goes I don't know I mean I might drop my iPhone 4 here and I shattered the glass and actually still works perfectly fine you know I just discovered this weekend that if the glass on your iphon is destroyed you can go to the Apple Store to The Genius Bar and I will replace the display for you there while you way to take less than five minutes and it cost $9,900 because they wanted to sell me a new phone for 699 over the weekend my wife's phone screen cracked it's a me no stickers on it right what you told me this screen protector protect your screen from cracking like this and I'm just using it to hold all the shards of glass in place so they can use it with my thumb open with my hands are getting destroyed from overdoing with emergency sounds hot emergency the videos are coming out for it like getting destroyed a lot more my body though geof by the Jac is she like rolled up and explain to him a lot of time constructing these elaborate horses for you to run essentially in all these games to play you just come out have a good time is really cool I'm glad you realize that this late in this series I don't have to do anything like that I've always wanted to do and I was like you did great :-) hopefully we won't I the number of the episode but just did really well yesterday this is because I would first like I was nervous what Jodi said the problem with slight mechanical problem at the latest maybe 3 or 4 minutes at the most and it was something and you got up and turned back to get it no one had to ask his Griffons upset could you I mean yeah I was going to because anything about materials and that I like the how much money you spend on things you know like it was expensive so any little thing that goes wrong. I feel like I've been figuring this out like a you problem a few years of your life it's coordinating all that like the people in them whatever objects props and everything and I can't even a coordinating at the same time that everyone like camera your crazy in Montana my wife heard that the kind of historical romance novel must be true and then it was really about what's the purpose of wind and in my big question you got there did we start like where does wind begin if you followed the window there's a daddy when the mom went when they like each other a lot they decide to make more when they make a little breeze goes up to drive you crazy fucking hair like everywhere is crazy traffic is what I was saying traffic jam and in the car fucking worse or even worse is I fucking lose it at is you know I'm sitting in traffic when you get to the cause of the traffic is like over the shoulder Dr your God damn car and I was in a traffic jam in Houston I was on he was on I-10 and we were at the dance I was probably 45 minutes getting out of the car and started to drive in Reverse to get off the freeway and it's one dude in the wrong direction back story right here but he missed a turn on the freeway so he just turned around and started driving against traffic on the freeway and apparently that's a normal thing to do there and the crazy thing a sounds totally screwed where I would find it horrifying that we're about to die in a head-on crash on the freeway at any second here 4 inches you could do that in Puerto Rico to see if the traffic was real bad and your side you could like come over to the other side of the highway and drive down and try to come over again you can make it look a little bit at a time that in Miami to the Miami want and we were in the right lane and I in front of a stopped on the freeway in the right lane there's nothing in front of stop and car behind it I was driving my brother reverse on the freeway this week earlier this week I was over the weekend I worked on Saturday I was driving back home on I-35 and at some point we have to wear the traffic build-up over by Riverside and I saw the car coming but I didn't know it was so hard but just like whatever I just feel really guilty about it so you're admitting to a felony on the podcast you that's what I'm hearing I don't know chakra II like in at this point but it was just so weird I mean I know it's weird I just lost my brain for a second look like an accident but I feel like I was one of them along to stop and get some guy a ticket to get in the 4th ticket for failure to control his vehicle I think I got it you know I like that you at then things get so much worse for you to be quickly go on the offensive without offending anyone on the fence to make sure people understand it wasn't your fault you can't step on their toes to where they're going somewhere you did not cause the accident traffic stopped the guy hit something he didn't do and you don't stop but is that the same person car with people then suddenly you're involving yourself an accent they really got involved with right I probably have like the tiniest little dent on their car and they just haven't pulled over to the side because they're waiting because I don't understand that you do not have to maintain your car have to be in the position for the rest you can move them off of the road way if it's safe I think if you're not at fault that somebody was just making up stuff that happened what is it come up like everyone has a couple pictures and move the car very quickly which also what kind of traffic just stopped and it was the first car in the chain and I just took a bunch of pictures and actually sending them geof to let them know that car wasn't that badly hurt personal on a bumper I can do that I think we are you working is everything is even there and try to help geof with the bumper and he just hasn't done anything with it so I know that's true I think I'm pretty sure I might have a warrant out for my arrest right now and I'm not I'm trying to clear it off and a traffic ticket we were to run our new office right now to get Griffons something or something like that and at the end on the cob the motorcycle cop that set up a ton of a sweet ride 20 miles an hour be careful we were in the middle of this big long school zone right and while we were going like 20 miles an hour in the schools and I'm just going with traffic an ambulance had to pull over and wait the ambulance as well in the end in the end of 200 feet what you thought about your pick up Ford station your message about the truck and he was like it's great your speedometer might be a lot bigger Ticketmaster track record is my wife crazy of getting pulled over by cops and not getting a ticket and you have a program just for you moving violation what 5 years it would definitely know it was my fault anyway two felons to stop and render Aid you to pay your ticket online that somebody else I didn't leave the scene of your own accident is that they got out of like you caused the accident I'm sure like all the crazy person in front of me did all the stuff car in an accident right with something to California it was a situation for everyone on their brakes and of course I stopped in time but the car behind me didn't and I was in a big truck and she was in a small I would like a compact car and the car rear ends me and I get out and look at is a truck I used to have you know when I grew up on the border goes the ranch has huge metal bumper look at my truck and not a scratch on it and I look at this girl and her friends the cop shows up to talk to everyone when they let you know where you in the accident I was like I got hit the car that hit me like a Mack truck if you ever put the milk in the carton bats what goes somebody else or throw it away somebody else's problem if you miss your ex put it in reverse and back up it did anyone else watch the VGA Awards with the course and for the Video Game Awards awards no I didn't know some of the trailers from it Griffons I feel like I'm watching the trailers the next day on the internet I distill the best 10 minutes of that show interview experience on my computer you would not be incorrect in that judgment the VGA stand to be basically of two hour-long commercial for the video game industry or after round in a ward show because I've never seen another award show where they announce products like at the Grammys they don't have any albums like Oscar film trailers you stop and watch it but the big winner was Red Dead Redemption and I would say probably Mass Effect to is well they both did very well is that a Segway into talking about should we do next week no really there is an award that is relevant for Mew games the drunk tank Awards you know that there really is anything going to trust anyone I feel like Game Spot maybe I would say probably some of the GDC do they do any kind what kind of what kind of game company no idea what we do they're like if they had a big Symposium on direct and indirect X1 your making a new feature in the new director and they were watching them the problem is I don't game developers got a better idea because if you're sitting there with your arms crossed and not enjoying anything everyone else watching that thing people who were the Grammy Winner's get up and dance or whatever you know it's just movie awards are a full of actors and performers I guess the VGA Jimmy and Jey was there because she thought of this but it's Neil Patrick Harris is doing his bit with Olivia Munn interview and Neil Patrick Harris on stage not going to get better than that you know what I mean that's like these the people celebrity Culture Center penis Eliza Dushku who I think was coming out to them in turn announce a trailer for something else on there which was right at the end of show when she came out on stage you could a pin drop I mean even when the truth came out to talk about it was crazy to record like some cheese and Eliza Dushku what comes up in a walk across give me a break so I would say the problem with a VGA is with the audience and not not the production in any way and have the school thing White Sox you know any easy and all that but they did this thing with a virtual reality that's where they would augment reality AR you know hopefully hopefully they did but what understand that for people when they come up to the ward I just watch the video without sound of Eliza Dushku coming out at that time when you're right the camera pans across the audience and it was just sitting there with like sitting on their hands because they're all competitors the room yet they just don't they all want to be cooler the social awkwardness I don't know an audience is really important part of a lot of like goes in and it's almost like you forgot about being an element that people watching it or part of it what is a reason for someone to have someone on hand to fill that seat and clap and laughing what time to drink Comedy Club want to hold you down for every one of those hats with ears on them infidel awesome tell you no interest in watching it all Red Dead Redemption game of the year what kind of game I just don't get it habit we should have a DLC category the drunk tank Awards this year that's a good point we think we should standardize to give awards for Red Dead Redemption that was it was going to be next week you want to do nominations when is the last week of the year so we got two weeks to announce the winners December 29th so we can get enough donations this week or next week and I think last year we did online video and it doesn't mean like stuff that we do like red vs blue immersion short video that everybody watch that one it was we also have give me the best trailer we had best trailer what do we have it was it was best video game trailer in the trailer and it was open the video games and remove that category in order to give the Old Republic trailer the TV show Jaden wrong a tough and maybe I don't know I got to stand by you even if you want TV show when doing music for I know where to go or not music with no your not we can do anything with and through the web of online video Twitter been around you Tumblr 6 years I think you realize that people like it and I need to figure out what's going on with this thing tumblr's of people, but they say they like it and have a list of people who just like you I don't like that comment saying something like is that a mole or a nipple de Fatima X1 it's pretty funny your you have to with those Griffons last year what you like I only had that up and I know another reason just a girl talk this year what time at in Griffin and you got me all day about the phones I was way off my iphon to comes out today yeah yeah yeah they were pretty fucking brutal like what I did I you just listen to like really I don't know really but never like this and if you an asshole like you know I'm not looking information on my iPod how to get a glass sliver in finger in the comics today I could not get to my workbench like my desk area and it was really right now what subject your Jimmy Fallon what you still Uncharted 3 and the awesome awesome is an understatement the graphics are getting still high like you watch trailers to see if your graphics the graphics are walking around as a hologram in your living room I just looked to me like the other game pre rendered cinematic vs. Uncharted 3 which was totally Kno in game in engine you know what I'm getting out of this somewhere inside your a little bit dead Christ's sake but I'm just ok the game I get better maybe if I never get excited for a trailer where the trailer is the date that you more than 3 months away yeah I got a year-and-a-half away it's a really good you know the other day I watched the Jimmy Fallon show just because they teased that they were going to have the debut of Uncharted 3 gameplay on his late night talk show and sure enough I guess they'd like to develop for some naughty dog come out and we can have the baby will game play Uncharted 3 Jimmy Fallon replacement window hasn't been back for 6 months and already talk in the industry standardized on the categories of the drunk tank Awards okie dokie I'm a list you what I have here okie dokie best movie trailer video what does that mean okay alright I just called let's see I don't think I'm missing anything do you want to have like like do you want to separate the gaming out until you get the LCD want to at like that's mobile game what we should do we should party staff members choice Intel company that to me I give it to me Griffons did I give you props Wisconsin to New Orleans not unanimous Kno under protest what have you done to deserve it this year radiation the company I got to go to me new properties get is the one person left in this complicated ever talk to guys that like proving that there is nothing cooler than silence like a stoic silence as you think of something really awesome right now is smarter and funnier and better than me in every way because it's just got that head on over there Mass Choir why can't I have no idea when did this entire your shorts season 2 interview that was very very funny albatross imma get butt raped by camera when Henry 6 Save the Day online video of the whole they are going to send it early entry for 2011 Jimmy awesome I'm really looking forward to your report podcast 5th of January to the 6th of never Live Life podcast I'm going to get drugged up and I never have in context where they tell you we're going to knock you out for to put them up your butt you like that Mass a game especially if you to answer to the doctor and have those kind of visits do you like trim up and like bring yourself the worst thing that doctors ever seen that right now I don't give a fuck I take a shower there so you don't is Everything lyrics rushing in there for the fucking dentist coffee before I go to the doctor and I take breath mints before right before I go in because I don't want one did she come home and have some time later NFL what you can today and he's like every fucking day of my life see 12 patients de 12 shooting out when is one patient going to come in and have a good friend for once why do you to know about a kid I mean what I can like take care of business are you going to get a coffee in the first 30 seconds he must write it's a 20-minute procedure that's a long video the lot of me to explore so you don't have an endoscopy what is that the one for the goes in the mouth right yeah I had one of those one-of-a-kind while I guess you're awake but then you don't remember it my wife said that when I came out and I like I was getting dressed again and everything she said I was the biggest assholes in the world and the doctor came in to explain the results and have no memory of any of this and he gave me a piece of paper explain everything explanation of the results from her awful awful I'm still apologizing to you I was eating lunch at a pizza De monja pizza here in Austin and I was looking at a piece in front of your Griffo a BBQ chicken pizza Twilight goes wrong sparkly vampires a barbecue out to the point we're still awake but you're basically unconscious anger with a lot like surface cut hey at least you a question did anybody see other guys I watch the last night very moment in which one third of the way in the movie The Other Guys The Rock there's a lot of really funny funny movie first procedure that going back I can't get with his butt camera thing that I can have in terms of like humiliation the code for the rods in a dick hole to stretch it I don't know why but he is Flomax Vista Drive some sort of sexual pleasure from that you can buy like a set of rods that they sell at like dick whole.com or whatever isn't right watsapp and we had a house full of people and it was at clothing optional in case you don't have my apartment did you clean up well happy to be married can you rent a room to young girl clothing is optional in this house and you walk around is super gay there's two gay men and straight men in me the wrong place okay you're not so anyway you were saying he would have naked Sunday brunch in France during your time at this stuff like he had he had these really large piercings and has like the Prince Albert whatever so she had a few because we're everywhere it was like a $10 Lawn Toyota I said you later a penis made out of the front yard kids but he also said if you still like to watch them like videos at 7 to try to do that he could do the Loch Ness monster very well de vizitat with the Polaroids I've always liked it and I forgot I had in my jacket pocket and maybe take him out at the airport what numbers on which is at 24 Hour film festival that he knows what's on the theater and for 24 hours to watch one film after another back-to-back and part of this thing is do they have a big package just while ago yeah that's irrelevant and I'll let Jac when he comes in he's got a great that's perfect for Jac that he got his gift bag on the phone a minute call geof first time sex ever been on the phone in the meantime you guys would have like French toast naked man wearing an apron I was like making is required it was clothing optional so it's not like we did we're close we just didn't wear all the time like in the worst was that we had just wondering if it was a bit of control and he had a bunch of loser friends and he brought them over and they like to go over her house so I had to hide it in the basement because they weren't like they were and it was a girl weird high heels while in a house where I was naked in the basement that's why now they you know close is Subway okay right now it was actually very game we watch Babylon 5 a lot like it was not 14 you you will never spend alone time with you there was one you're going to have lunch with two other naked dudes in a Gurl what time is it is in the basement so is getting it I didn't like the girl who didn't want to make the house clothing optional picture of Submarine the doctors dickology apparently in here today sunglasses on top what to eat for our holiday meal we are going to Fogo de Chao Wichita while we a Brazilian steakhouse where they bring 45 different kinds of meat around you on storage you say what you want I was so sad going to the doctor today thinking about them you like I'm not going to be able to eat so I'm going to have while I was even going to waste the money from the fifties look for your keys I have I have two separate problems for a problem yeah I have I have a new condition now your mind for me yeah I can't remember injection makes all of this commercial office you a text and never took off right now the only person I know from automation stuff my you set up a building at home with my new 3D television which is goes completely unused yes that you have to have a boat battery in a minute turn to turn it on and off what kind of battery is a watch battery and then you have some to have a charging station you can plug into USB cord level of the technology we feel like we're in the dinosaur age and I feel like I'm five years old what's it in my eyes what modification would you make to your body for technology site out of a guy making me what I was talking about like replacing his pinky with a USB drive as internal bird your door and you can also get now a starter for your car that you can access with your iPhone so you can start your phone with your iphon car with your car unlocked in my pocket and I reach for the door handle it unlocks for me it's pretty cool phone and wallet and it will be awesome I have anything larger than that I just finish it that's it my life is like a tea bag is actually there and it's just filled with junk constantly and iphon you ever check out her Pockets next time there's no there's not anything I would wager if you had a normal sized person would look like a bank robber because it would be like saws and drills and all kinds of which probably had a victrola handle in there for like a year liquid metric and American protection one for like 7 and at 1:40 what you never let you do a dump and dumper first Sou just just want to grab a purse blankets on the ground official you cut open the belly of a shark which would be more cluttered a great white stomach or the average woman's purse I'm doing it tomorrow maybe explain everything Henry to the mass of a person doing something that would not be all that stuff in there random stuff like that I think it can happen if you swallowed whole by shark and because he had his tank he survived and he had a neoprene what you can come out later I don't think South Dakota town for Christmas 3821 probably Love's your brother my wife my wife likes my brother to of me silent he does this happen when he talks to me because I have a low attention span you realize the reason I have a low attention span is because I grew up with my brother and he does like when he gets older he will talk non-stop to you to the point where you can't get a word in edgewise and when I go down there when you talk to me to push me like a constant like physical reset watching the shoulder or something like that it's horrible it's horrible that I had so much fun yesterday and then I can number yeah I was thinking about it but like I said before you just like decide you're not going to be cooperative anymore there's no point an attitude geof I can't really describe it but there was a time Dennis like what's good what's good on what rapper Jac Amazon you coming here now to tell us what was the big item in your gift bag and it would have been probably a Blu-ray or something I don't know gift bag for what it's worth with a shotgun which was the other Grindhouse trailer winner I don't know if you guys saw that they Kno the original grind House Bar and on the original but Grindhouse movie with Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez Death Proof and Planet Terror whatever to him when I hear they did a contest for the DVD where they were looking for fake trailers for people on the internet are people wherever to make it send it and they would pick like the best 3 then put them on the DVD the winner of that contest was a trailer called hobo with a shotgun which is a great trailer and a way that is a bleeding and one of the DVD and the people that made it actually made a full length feature called hobo with a shotgun I just want to point out the story that makes me never want to hear game on stage and was like so every hobo needs one thing they need a bottle of booze and they need a way to pleasure them. Thanks to whatever what I say comes by it starts dropping what looks like flashlights face down on in front of the guys on our team like everyone is either all the guys your the things with a flashlight and pretty quickly people start realizing if you unscrew the lens would be in a full in the flashlight there was a rubber vagina Fleshlight you go Olivia went to lunch with the Jac Jackson car and there's some shit on the passenger to start moving anything whatever it really hello it's at my house I use a bring it to the office the women got a little like Fleshlight vibrators I guess like little like what's a pocket rocket things to do so it was used during the effect they give it to you to be used right to be there terrified that of course in Austin like them they make those if you're not sleeping that enthusiastic trivia Amazon work there I guess and they literally like that they gave him to is not wrapped or anything apparently he pulled him literally right off the line like they did put him into a big basket and tell them right off the porch light Fleshlight yourself all right stay here what song was awesome True Grits is Charlie the best movie I saw was actually the first movie we saw to miter is fantastic that Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale movie is coming out this week which was surprisingly good it's a comedy superhero movie that's rated R what does that come out that comes out in movies to the IMAX in 3 hours and 40 minutes from 202 give a presentation in the movie Just the average time to get a movie I don't do interviews you know please don't talk about it if you liked it it was really pretty cool I really really like that actually I never talk about the 40 minutes I got to see that she's not but there is going to be and I'm sure there will be tons of money I think a lot of the Avengers your face they got married in 2008 what while we concentrate on Scarlett with Flyin Miata in a girl and a pizza place the one then became two guys and a girl and that he was dating while he was on the head of development at NBC at the time you told me this before I like this guy is like you know and now he's the lead actor in Green Lantern I read the funnies funny article about Green Lantern and he has is Green Lantern's the most fun creative person in the universe because he has a ring that can literally create anything he wants and he always has with a big fist to punch people what I saw movie trailer has a Green Lantern is everywhere and he's going to look to me goes well I can never wear my hoodie again and has always been one of the superheroes the DC Villains is the day we just made the same version of hero is the villain in the Yellow Green Lantern Superman all the time at night time if that's okay tusken Star Wars sand people but it looks like that's okay again looks like the Raiders they move around for nomadic team your friend I'm going to tell you you just buttons your cord into your shirt in in 20 minutes I was going to be fucking funny your aura I learn today with horse 2 weeks in a row probably looking for it keep it somehow lightning in a bottle a lot but he's got some rage interesting the Longhorns really genuinely hates the Longhorns football team 122 Halo by a tight end I have if you have any feedback on this Jac you please jump in on this and the only best online video best movie best trailer best TV show invest DLC question for clarification I don't know how we did it last year but trailer be across all platforms like television movie okay okay okay whatever I think in the book I don't know my head but I have an email I'll put it on the news today what is the best Christmas people getting RT Shorts season to for Christmas and a fantastic gift X1 on my list so I can tell you what my wife is getting from somebody else and this is probably one of the greatest gift I've ever heard of in my entire life so I found a cheese serving tray in trouble serving tray what I got my wife but she serving tray that is recycled Slate from the chalkboards in Quincy Elementary School where my wife went to elementary school way that she was flipping through a magazine she said she saw that this company like recycled the chalkboard from Quincy Elementary in Quincy Illinois and turn them into serving tray imagine somebody turned it a problem how ribbons I know what you doing is about to say I love you Royal effect mega64 the couple goes to Justin to get is going to give me a gift for no no no no no no I don't know like something nice photos a million and in like you told him like the de of in my you never know I don't I didn't tell you he knows that's not true because how do I get to the market to the station your a fucking lie with gift the gift of an Ender Portal