#93 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth Awards 2010 Nominations

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Recorded: 2010-12-22 18:43:37

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

where is Mexican through the door hey it's the holiday podcast what I want to do is a 1.3 wake up like in the middle of the night and go I should mass of a holiday and the Beverly Hilton I don't think anyone could have possibly thought up last week in trailer that awesome awesome intro no I never did cameras in my office and relevant the network in our conference room Splash Monty's closet disclose reach wait this is the third space for growth in here my room is that what it said the trash can and he didn't like the way someone was throwing away trash apelidos no bag and stand by my trash disposal protocol Louie question throw trash in the trash can with no bag but also if you're not looking and he's like I can see how you would like I took out the trash bag and I didn't reply have a good day do you really think that like there's someone in this company whose job it is to take out the trash okay we're all here to be the company when was that your job and never been exactly payment and above whatever level that we were in your house book it up new trash system in place so we came in and we didn't fuck with what was already working we don't rock the boat we are a Cod anywhere you put it in the trash assassins to look at Mountain of trash I don't to watch people do that fucking Django they do when the trash gets over the lake and it just see how high they can stack it a question when you take out the trash do you put a bag in the trash can for Burnie coffee mug I wash my car too much every time I use it wow that's a good way to put it I guess we have to take the trash out we have to do drunk we have trophies this year we will work out something people we gave it to I could not put it into true display case because they couldn't and wouldn't endorse alcohol consumption along with their brand wow I don't know how to do it your Ken making some cognac a booster for having lesbian sex town on Fox News book cover than 400 gallons of blood you're going to get a lesbian cross-species encounter you've got a liquor that curl up lost space credits if you are okay sorry we are Doodles one space property we can't do with another which one did you go to the trailer TV show I suggested that last podcast I don't overcomplicate it the Angry Birds award online Gus is a fractal in Monroe boobs boobs boobies and it looks like they were right has the word boner funny word boner to music it's just a funny word like that I like because it's fun that's a boner in your mouth 7092 Guy 2 drunk a lot of dick when I was growing up in first grade and I need your boobs I don't know anyone who didn't know any doodles nudist drunk W the family background how to draw I think it's going to be at the bed double rainbow guy who's clearly in an altered state of mind how many originals are the songs based on drunk to do something some other time I would even say the double rainbow the original artist was better than the other team song for the Bed Intruder auto-tune song was better than song men I know and that is when the autotune the news guys make a very successful video they make money from them and from ads and t-shirts for things like that but they actually give money back to the original apparently they gave I want to save the money they made from the Bed Intruder song to the guy but really it's because I'm looking thru I feel like we have a drunk when do the fence and the other one is like walking up a hill and you can't make it I got another one here not a drunk I was the dude who raps about being quarantined video from this year I want to say it was you wasn't it last year I would definitely put that in here quarantined rapper torrent how to start a movement that's a cool video video video I want videos to be nominated what is the of course drive thru Novato CA go! Wow! How is the one from like the Eastern European American Idol on there is that this year Ken Lee Ken Lee what cities cover the true freddiew double you because you know YouTube the video singing this year flower power man I'm having trouble loading anything I'm here terrible time a little earlier because I can breaking the internet okay we should cut off our online video nominations there at 8:30 and how this process work when will Arrow ok best movie best movie of the year I would say we instantly have to include Inception of course however Inception has competition for even being the best sci-fi movie of the year Star Trek book Eli came out in January rain movie 3 man to I want to put that up for nomination for best movie of the year Dress for Less I would have said Book of Eli until last week when I saw exit through the gift shop men are such a such a the gift shop is such an incredible analysis of art by artist crazy to be so honest about what they do but that still works on so many different levels it's pretty Geoff Tron yeah now so we have to and probably also True Grit we have to include them and then see them before we can Whittle it down lost you can look them in the eye it's great trailer let's look at things I think our audience would nominate I don't think we would Jackass 3D okay it was okay I didn't like the other guys for II the movie like how many moments I instantly recalled for the move from the movie to impact me effort and I can't tell you things that happened in the movie it was like it was I could do some really cool things that happened Inception you know the low gravity elevator scene on the second tier of their Adventure that was incredible I've never seen anything like the movie Twilight Inception but I didn't I wasn't left wanting to watch it again I wasn't left with the cool to through Lee I didn't think it was like people thought it was this I had to stand there like and I didn't think that's the hook at the end really was like for me and didn't leave me wondering made some great memes in The Matrix movies no okay okay I know there's a reason so I had to deliver Tron and True Grit were there any others after that Tron a True Grit do you want to throw something a little more Toy Story 3 1054 3rd B that like I might have been okay what about the social network I haven't seen it but people loved it it was really good I thought it was tremendous is it deserving of being on the story down on paper that can compare to How to Train Your Dragon sorry but I thought How to Train Your Dragon was really good you know what I saw the other day Shrek 4 was pretty good get the fuck out I hate that red one through it wanted to I never said I hated them I also saw a Megamind that wasn't bad what happened at the end Griffon remember if if you can get some oil for you but I guess that's to be expected but from Toy Story I casually mentioned that she wasn't there anymore it's something that happened during the to box I never said she was there the first one I think it was going to be watching find out family we don't have time for Side Story Monte I was talking about how he does it garbage man after Iceland he's like well okay I guess I'm not well the White House is 19 years the question is what can you see on the wall it up in the air what can I say I need Lee Brown 60 Toy Story From perspective I don't waste my toy I reuse them in I don't a lot of money I got to be creative story what is the Harry Potter movie but it had multiple failed your impression of everyone and Amsterdam Jackass 3D where is that the problem Jackass 2 I like it a lot but it's hard for me to think I was nominated for film of the year when it wasn't as good as its previous iteration Mighty movies are Jackass 3D in exit through the gift shop double 2 movie Ken men fucking movies nominated for Best Picture hope it alright every day every weekend go 2 box office of a one-in-five chance and there's a movie that's out that's the best picture of the year that stupid stupid stupid to start we all probably should have seen it which is the town people love that movie watch The Departed movie The Fighter woodland people actually watch you know what the problem is all the Oscar contenders True Grit social network I actually watch it mumblecore Thomas Riley unlike any ever seen the movie before but relatable so I would definitely recommend you check out movies that have been out for a while but I can get very easily go to the first link rage in trailer video game trailer movie trailer I'm going to Uncharted 3 trailer is my favorite I love you okay I also I also like to True Grit trailer men hard category was II heavy reach it so this year there was the hope trailer right the Old Republic hope trailer that was a sure hope you drunk cinematic intro the picture 3D great trailer but the music and obviously we reserve the right to I'm trying to think do they have any trailers for reach I know that the cinematic trailer up to the ship deliver hope trailer commercial walking in commercial recycling freddiew trailer deliver 3 minute version of trailer trailer for the movie trailer the movie twin tower hope it wasn't in the movie at all Tron legacy vs very cool. Do you guys think I like that Mass Effect 3 trailer car detailers better Portal 2 Wheatley yeah it's pretty awesome pretty funny one word encounter of Lenawee what are the big games are there photos of very Portal 2 in I wasn't until I started seeing the gameplay that they were released and I should point out that I have not seen those games I didn't care the portal wasn't nothing like trailer walking in the book last year we had the Old Republic trailer which one of those are phenomenal lost the Old Republic again they wouldn't put alcohol the best TV show Family the first episode of Gotham Breaking Bad fucking phenomenal crazy Idol Sunny Mad Men I love this season of Mad Men was incredible how do Iceland really good day honey always sunny High Point Season Tickets book was of tremendous Ops 2 walking Geoff their money right now so it's just that taking a show that was like trying to keep true to them which had its final season cork in the island that looks like a very happy to be there at the end of the show Quality Inn Men At Work Modern Family the great choice 22 that's got to be on there Walking Dead gypsy Network angry and Griffon watch Mad Men and they watch one episode to stop because it was Texas I don't remember but I'll tell me something I don't I don't like it's hard to get invested in a show or there's not a single redeemable character and I was kind of Eli but he's a terrible husband and father tell me what characters are in Breaking Bad in Always Sunny in Philadelphia are there I can only watch Comedy anyway because I don't like to sit down and rest myself at home and I don't want to go home and watch the gift shop I have a different opinion because they have voice and I'm a girl so it's hard for me to watch like women being treated this way book about the GM Christina Hendricks I didn't like her first off I'm like a bad person and then younger secretary was kind of like a bowl you know if I can get maybe maybe I love Louie show I watch The Sunny by the Modern Family Geoff Louie Walking Dead Walking Dead social game three of the shows on our list and you guys watching like True Blood show anything like that my wife likes terrible hillbilly vampires I can I just have never liked me that connection like most people but I can see I can see she's making on the internet Dickie are there every time she wanted someone to your name I just music Mass John in the animated to this year Watching him anymore but how much does the first four episodes were kind of in a really picked up and if you can't watch that upset you come back we can watch them mad walking I will be watching the women Joan Ken and Betty Draper to bed didn't watch the show about the time that I'm really glad I don't live in really great to have someone complain to me or anyone that how you think they're just there to like. It's it's all to do that done too well to through to the actual design of the time and they're getting to the point in the end of Goodfellas free cool stuff in the 7377 his whole office is white and it was molded one piece plastic chairs a fiberglass chair 2001 I can't wait to go home tonight and watch ken episodes thank you because dead main title and not 2 DLC DLC releases for Mass Effect this year and they were all really good Red Dead Redemption incredible and then the Armory of General knoxx Borderlands mirror for Red Dead those were full games on their own so much content in this game those are interesting DLC map packs for Halo 4 title to buy a 4 by 4 which ever you have if you don't have left at 2 but you want to know what happened but I feel like Minecraft Lee videos what else was there was some stuff in there I guarantee it came out what are there any colors in the world true that live a Ken was a social website 2 go back and put DLC 3 Burnie on the Fallout series I think so yeah once I get to the Mothership Zeta to like for DLC and they were pretty meaty and I didn't pick it up download blizzard I hope you have space in your trophy case changes everything tell me if you still up for going to nominate cataclysm for best DLC of the Year nominees for best video game of the year of the World of Warcraft would be better it can't be both DLC and town for some Lee nightmare Blasphemous DLC of the Ewok of Endor alternate timeline fence old exit DLC for Star Wars bad I'm stuck in the kennel then shot and killed them what characters have been fucked up canonical yet so still okay let's fuck him I don't know wow whoever you are terrible Choice in Houston Horsham portal Lee 2 DLC next week okay I know you another category he did mention true which it was I fear we have not established best arcade game last year we had better take him and I think we give the shadow complex rain did we I don't think so it was a lot of competition out pretty much every week limbo was a great one for me Halifax Bank Modern Combat 1 what are category also the best PSN category as well and I don't feel like I know that always spot you know you're into 30000 categories or angry language GameStop in I thought I was in their company just like GameStop music I never talk about games but I like talking like that I might see one of those names I have 2 spots for II which is which someone can your name get on that Harry Potter Halo Reach good one! Black Ops play it but you tell me I like black more than Modern Warfare 2 how can it deserves to be in there and I think we had Modern Warfare 2 hidden world's most Story play Dead series are you going to put Red Dead Redemption yeah you have to put that I II and I think it's not supposed to be Brotherhood MIT my game in there you should have Minecraft in their Minecraft definitely and I'm I go again Angry Birds 4 Game of the Year yep what about Heavy Rain reach out to the PS3 Cyrus better Heavy Rain the God of War 3 I think I 3 Portal PS3 to get a Blu-ray player and I do my month the PS3 stop and then I bought the God of War collection was just gotta Portal 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 3 James overhyped the game itself like your ability to description we build the game up makes me anticipate it too much and I played and never quite lived up to I have to be careful over how they just got of War II as being incredible stop and then I got the rest a week and a half realizing my top 5 on the Xbox 360 platform of all time and maybe sometime this week but I didn't even pick up I can't I can't I can't wait I didn't know that you Vegas but I was just so fucking pissed off by technical problems and bugs and igames I refuse to nominate or support it walking through doors took longer and longer and longer he showed me 2 minutes so that I could have something to do during loading screen wow released the dashboard update for Kinect like a month after the game came out it really fix that problem Portal 2 game when we really saw the list so put them in here is better than I want to Burlingame took the Internet by storm as it were yeah there's another game called infiniminer and I did not know this but Minecraft is essentially and it wasn't successful and getting the guy fucking pissed I would imagine that maybe he is focused a little bit on the success of men put of his first meet of the guy who developed Minecraft 1 dude by the way that's right now it's made 7.8 million dollars wow the person putting the engine which was just show you have a trailer built his description of infiniminer I ran into my 18 month how many people always seems like one of the dudes start using his likeness in San Andreas social network there's two brothers that had a had a website that was supposed to Mark Zuckerberg Time's person of the year 2010 is right that he worked on their site and then broke off to make Facebook and she just took your idea and made Facebook and they shoot him at some later point a million dollars and then the first time you don't have anything invested in Facebook when you're 64 you got 54 million dollars you got if I sue somebody for taking your million dollars cash in the bank thanks a million dollars what would you do for the rest of your life to anybody ever again I would have to think that 64 million dollars would be enough for me right I mean I could spend a million dollars a year for the next 64 years and be fine how you doing mass in 99 working out of money I mean come on interest Island Michael Adams doomsday me this morning coffee shop the other day and I guess it in front of me were two Realtors who just happen to be there like 2 I'm trying to help some clients buy this house over here you know this whole you cannot condemn me things really fucked up they want to buy the house in go old it was like she was like you're trying to figure out how to switch it back to cash town cash for gold what do people do know what is the value of gold has different Tron exploit True Value it's not like you have to have go music and some Electronics covers way more valuable than gold what is one more super super super or whatever it is 5 years is going to be fine Priceville on it like something about this right like he likes talking something and you didn't do it because we don't understand it it would've been $7 when they realize that every single time 6 Months 8 months ago was telling us that historically this is a great time to get in the stock market because historically that's going to make a ton of money and this morning he was telling me that that's terrible persevere helium balloons 50 Austin you don't know your product I think that's walking in to the free-form Port Orchard I already entered some time ago vampire my package from Dominic and I'm going to open it will check it out emanations will post them on the web town hall question or something and we'll have our or nothing winners next week's podcast of the 29th which is already closed episode 104 so that's what I'm assuming it a system of Hope Brandon wi Geoff are the smaller the breaking Jordans in a box of chocolates color what was that thing at rapper go the gift of Christmas how much taco sauce of taco questions of the mascots from the Vancouver Olympics I got the little happy brown bear the kids and then this is like a little bear usually Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory I listening to Rocco Tacos go for 2010 personal how was the same as my personal loan it was getting to meet the practice here in Austin men in drag awesome grit made him a little over there I had fun at Woodstock when we got to share the stage with Neil Gaiman and Adam said that was cool I was going to think time between how awesome Revelation turned out or starting immersion which was a lot of fun hate making out trailer Piccolo Harry you trying to say I have been when it exploded I was pretty bad Jackass over the course of 2010 100 shows coming up and I'm sure that Gus had some huge flower black tie affair