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Rooster Teeth Delays

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Recorded: 2010-12-29 23:00:11

Runtime: 00:45:49 (2749.02 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

they discover the drunk tank podcast I'll be alright hey it's fucked Mexican what store can you get chills with a fever list of the most Rockin theme song what's up some special thanks to Eva so throwed from the website for that for that awesome podcasts awesome postpone postpone the announcement drunk Award winners because mr. Burns is not available for the podcast today Scandal within the industry that everyone is depressed about the polls or anything anyway they be good for a tiebreaker situation the Ramsey drunk tank collusion disagree on a lot of those categories I can vouch for that if I did it is fucking awesome no register today and everything I did that like 16 years ago Dude I think it was a call that Universal Life Church and in turn make fake marriages that are real official certificate frame they charge you for that I guess that's how they make money did you get to Thurman he said he's falling for me so what's up with you guys have never been to the rhythm of work after taking a break on the over the holidays the office it was the three of us and then don't commit with the upstairs people I don't like them put a lot of a man of a lot of while drunk tanks in the guild person we've been hit in the daily cat they were experiencing everything and remember through and actually people who have been on the tanks in about 6 months or more than likely Arizona Charter and everybody know how to rearrange the guild level going to stop because we had some issues with people being douches 400 then we broke $400 was 500 I have also heard a thousand they have heard there's no cap so I don't know I can tell you from personal experience it used to be three hundred you could get more than 300 it would only show in the roster the first 300 signed up and then after that it wouldn't show any new additions to the roster that's weird but I actually created an account because I actually make your own cartoon with your family for a while I Got My Sunglasses stolen the restaurant here in town I was going to come here and get back to you last night didn't have a chance to try them on drunk tanks still recruiting so what are you anyway we had heard we had the first the first time since we had a kid in 5 years we had the night off of Miller Trevor Jackson I got to see New Orleans in a way I've never seen it before because I and she had the Griffon is running headlong into walls and he was trying to prevent her free Griffon they are call drinks and ice for the first night we were there we were not really had a little bit by to eat Griffon got drunk went back to the hotel and then she passed out cuz you're such a romantic at heart I stayed up all night like watching TV because snow we walk around I don't know snow my wife but if you're in a new town is so fucking requirement of our marriage that we have to go to the ghost tour for that time but yeah everywhere we go every time until the ghost tour start I knew she was kind of drunk because of her behavior like it was kind of her I just think that I like I just knew what was expected as far as like how you serve and you're chatting with your fucking friends and you're not helping them then you're asking I'm just going to go alien movie with and last night in New Orleans I will my darling and so we go we Griffon is like shaking already so weird and I know we go and come back and then go get some more drinks and Griffon Wings & Rings Bend then she goes over and she tells the tour guide is terrible for guys accident initially was happy to get her because she didn't want to perfectly Fleshlight the address of the bar everybody goes to the bathroom and comes out in the bathroom so then she starts other people from the tour or like I know you left your purse they try to help her so they start looking for the other tearing the bar apart looking for it I retrace our steps to make sure you had your purse I like to fuck I have to now backtrack through downtown Orlando and so I'm okay with whatever you do I go back I find Griffon kind of like following plotting behind them like not able to keep up and it's well thought and I also think that the tour is trying to get away from Her Like a Lady my talking to anyone in Spanish 9 p.m. - the hotel in the me and everyone Michelle when she's extending in the head Church chin up she starts crying and she like runs into the bathroom and just started throwing up and I'm like what am I going to do so I'm like are you need help and I'm watching TV and hanging out and let me know okay and what about the first one of the first person ever they did when I was a very nice jacket at the bar with a gun and a bracelet sitting for 4 hours and she's on the ground she stands on the ground face-first on the ground and there's no heat in her hair it's on the floor covered in puke like from earlier in the tour how to get out of work I'm getting in the shower and then clean up you can take half an hour to clean up all the poop is really gross and then and then and then the bathtub insulin-like 50 100 for 2 hours then event and then eventually at like 4 in the morning she just gets up and comes into the bed and just laughing her ass off and I was like she's like the drunk and happy in the shower somehow laying in bed laughing to yourself legally they should get a new job right now so I was helping her discover what are those like of noxious Lee bread drinks Walking Dead people everywhere Capital life you were trouble when Geoff the responsible one I think that I think that the entire course of our relationship Drunk in Love is what I think it balances out we got it and I had to and tired through the bag I wouldn't do that you in front of trash cans I have a 17 that I blacked out I remember like the starting with your in it like everybody it snow with the bartender and I don't think it was December the first two stories and then I remember waking up on the floor in the bathroom and then I remember being in the shower and then I remember wondering why my whole body on one side was sore and then I had a bloody chin you really do love me and it's very clear oyster bah me you never love and something like that happens after Hurricane by love the shit out of you I must but laying is I must admit I was a little hard to lay in bed while you giggle to yourself and I'm replaying the atrocity in my head and I can still smell it I have to go through touching me with Alabama and hung out with my family it was good how about you Jack we had our I spend some time with my sister and brother-in-law are there houses Round Rock and we had Christmas at my parents house and then I went over my grandmother's house and my cousin with a six-month-old baby came over and he was like you're going to have people hold they got in front of me is going to help the child they my sister mother like right next to me and then I trade it back and forth and he is a fellow was my uncle so I don't worry about it no not only okay yesterday I asked that I can have conversations Fleshlight how was it was it was good as good or better than normal I guess then the manual labor I suppose but I'll probably never use it because it's a pain in the ass to clean up a dishwasher you know you don't want to spend an extra 15 minutes after you're done me like okay now you're just being clean Metro almost and I almost got is like the real thing but really mean it I was like oh my God of like a tuba Cent Mike Titus and strength and everything I don't know what I was looking at the website after we were talking they have alien me me I don't know love you too much and I would never pay for a reading endorsement episode of the podcast and they're like right across from the hotel formative marketing Forum or something and so he pitched the idea of giving everyone in the theater one and so that's how we got ahold of mom I guess the question do you know a lot of the Amelia Earhart sumbitch flew plane crashed then we watch the Hilary Swank Amelia Earhart movie where in Alabama can we watch movies and they never found her like this changed I don't want to look like they found a woman's skeleton on the island and weird like a lot of circumstantial evidence the Island Lake Marine and Japanese kid that landed on an island occupied by the Japanese and they executed and there's like a dude I think right before 2:30 842-1947 4901 any way that they can and they wound up and started writing it down and actually have heard but nobody would listen to her at the time and it's like this Earhart landed on an island and she's fighting with the other guys and maybe to them die at the end of it and everything really like Earhart though Kesha Mount Kesha video where she was standing behind her did I mention snow your microphone is and I just fucking microphone it's a fucking microphone work there you can you moocow and blawndee came to spend New Year's with us because they are heading over there was nothing going on there are you guys they said yesterday yesterday's 50 went out and was shoveling people's driveways looking for work and I'm shoveling snow is going snow 400 photos and there's a few people actually hundred dollars they hired him for like 30 bucks an hour got a crew of people shoveling snow in his neighborhood and hire some kid to go not where does he live in awesometown pruane2forever the internet super video with him and there's Internet unlimited it would be cool to have enough money to just have fun today and passed out forever I could live off of that for probably 5 million dollars for a good twenty years we spend $10 a year for 50 years the big New Year's plans anybody know I'm on my way home will probably go out and alternator or is it just one person all night more than you know resolutions because you can't follow through and perfection waiting so I don't of dilution yeah it stinks that you have some the right black focus on writing more cuz it's it's not as easy as like as a visual stuff for me so I definitely like to put more effort that direction yes I know we haven't talked about that did make a lot of sense and was full of grammar and spelling it was a forward look like a phishing attempt it did look like it was just like TV and Google TV from the Google corporate mail servers so it's probably a legit email and everyone in the office no one no one replied to it that I got drunk and I was like I want free TV search for videos related to Thor that have that tag and place them back-to-back freestyle it's cool we'll try to incorporate when were doing a podcast I can we can put videos up there talking about him and still make a little more and have to rely on his laptop you to tell that story you play happy thoughts all you want I'm going to office Jesse Cook every time is every time I would like to get my phone ready and it starts like recording Geoff I can eat when he talks to his dad when he passed is the southern accent comes back for they don't have a sitting your mom should be a video of you playing basketball and you sounded like you're from Alabama I have absolutely lost is an army isn't any hint of our case of accident and now it's like almost across the state line I try to come off like that you can see what I was doing and of course like somebody else to talk and it'll be a long time and then he would be gone by then but I do have a few also you guys as I can should hit me up I could have some strong enough to Warrant risking for the marital crisis comparable to ours about totally adorable voice recorder for interview stuff you have it next time so I need something he's lost he started sounding more like when he lives in New Jersey so accidents like fluctuate pretty quickly I want to hear this but you no I know who's going out New Year's Eve you love it what is a Geoff holding back scrubbing puke off of a bathroom floor and like washing your wife's hair while she's passed out on the floor cuz she got her hair Love Is drinking and I didn't like but I wasn't it wasn't nearly as bad as a hangover is an epic party and let's just leave it that once again I was a fun night everyone was not was drunk sitting in the kitchen eating pizza like sitting on the floor for some reason a pink feather boa everyone everyone was embarrassing me I was like 30 people I don't know maybe was because it was such a novelty to be at your house in a social clique Nathan's awesome awesome ladies in the kitchen and the bathroom locked in the bathroom I've no idea what happened they will bring you gifts need to register somewhere struggle for you to rebuild the party we decided we having breakfast but we had every year and this year yeah we're thinking about what party to the next but we don't want to compete with you because I mean everyone's got something everyone has we have a group of people and one of them is at the house all weekend and then the other ones are doing I read your hundred bucks to get into that 74 yes so that's like that karaoke my office never weird technical of sleep tonight what are you doing DLC for New Vegas is going through it they should know better for me to fix it I wish we had found that Gus would like to show an interesting video camera on the Xbox Love Me Do we should go to lunch we have a little late start today and cool Christmas presents welding I got the books this year they already and I still didn't get super pissed off about that I fell asleep on the couch I'm sleep right now definition of totally true 870 if you needed help you look for the guy who was sitting lowest in the chair but you knew that was a small guy they want to help you were trying to hide if you want of course dog giant super saddle on and ride around Irish Wolfhound I don't know Shepard mix music comedy dog comedy the frog with the top you do have to see the photo and even say if you like a dog with a good sense of humor Flavio Love Again apologies for not doing our drunk Awards this week we will have them next week Wednesday I want to get everyone back and I'm sure we're going to have a lot of disagreements and life over it Marquez number 9494 starting again 2011 next Wednesday