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Recorded: 2011-01-05 23:14:33

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

Lincoln University broadcast guy is that your new catch phrases for Catch Phrase they're always taking him to move on to something else what time is well permanently but if you are really long and really awesome I've been thrown into the water Burnie MD Girl Talk SIM Ozzy Osbourne Jay-Z Ludacris I'm only one that can we play Girl Talk About 20000 times too many in this office I think I listen to this morning in my defense I got on my knees all my music I lost it when my computer got stolen and I haven't called apples and redownload it yet so girl talk the only 3 available music I can download to listen to my entire Library girl Griffon please on the case I'm not the detective process seems like only time I ever saw them Capital tractor Jump Right In the wards because I don't want pictures about Tron legacy Gus told me not to because everything I said the trailer was correct as concerned about the trailer turned out to be the worst parts of the movie like 15 times in 2 minutes catfish Parable however that being said I did buy the soundtrack to this concert is awesome it's cool I like that kind of movie BatDad not a five-minute Auto reverse tape in my car I'm about to be driving a car with the original Batman came out Mickey Mouse birthday first and then then they had it was also at the time the boys in the hood and like as I was leaving there was a shootout in the first movie that came out at the same time. how to whatever it is they found somebody community tax relief guy in local police department how long into The Run of CSI before you start wearing sunglasses to the office every day immediately and if you can I've seen commercials I think if you wanted to episode on late night TV what if he was in Criminal Minds episode of Family Guy Jerry Orbach picture first birthday yeah I remember Kinect right now just see if I can find the intro to Quincy M.E okay do it for somebody radio reach and they were waiting to did you get any word on if you're not watching any news 11 Doors closed are you going to know that I was Willis going to start he was homeless and singing on the side of the road and in Chicago and over really awesome with you look at you yeah it's not wow people like Battlestar Galactica mmm that's a perfect representation of his music and bang them somehow you don't have the same player with internet Menomonie just don't forget to nominate great great video bank robbery compilation video the other day I can't believe I forgot that stuff out of his pocket and held up somewhere Convenience Bank Any Garment over and he said I don't know official selection M.E accreditation validation feast here's my grocery list I need the paper instead okay so who's everyone I know you guy random reality videos or do through but you've got to give this year the flower Warfare yeah that's the one we put on there and then those all together performers double rainbow song great and it was really funny every time shop original original and you said $40 Gus Freddy W down in the not find a clean piece of paper here I have no idea gem looking first tips is greater than sales have no idea what that means I think it's probably Halo all this isn't right for email email email addresses 2000 a note I don't really help her to pay for everything and then I don't remember anyone else want more movie of the year where Ru category to be right along that was the movie that was one of the greatest sports movies ever seen the movie Kick-Ass might have a cold but I think Scott Pilgrim is just another in a long line of Michael Cera movies that have bumbled as in Michael Cera movie and it's not like it's not better or worse than any of the other ones and it's just like you know what is the same guy penis the sooner I can't make fun of blonde hair really soft girl kiss you know I just think that you know over time I don't think it is heavy on the direction right that's another problem I have with that movie okay but I don't like people talk about ideas the next Steven Spielberg an hour too long has no substance I could watch out for the day the great movie not even bad in a lot of ways but it's a bad time when the first came out in 1982 that was when most people knew about computers through video games arcade Pac-Man Fever thing was huge of the time it's part of the culture distance talk with the video game that the main way to interface with computers and technology and 25 years the world wide web OS was released on the web that the reason for that is initial part of the movie takes place in current time but then most of the movie takes place in the computer when you know the work which is one of which was a snapshot from 1989 which predated the people's why do some the web right that everyone has probably seen it who is trying to get his army out of the computer and what better way to do they found a way to get out or find a way to Kinect themselves and that's how they're going to get out of the physical connection or computer 1989 didn't have the physical capability to connect to the in would you say maybe I mean maybe I don't know 99 the movie Academy the written differently narrative device where people are going to come out of the computer and apparently it was really kind of cool and everyone in the program there's no night clubs midnight club scene was the worst part of the movie Tammy what is the metaphor for a nightclub in a computer you know it just doesn't make any sense to me. Everything they didn't actually in the digital world there's nothing there's nowhere to go provocation I liked it a lot more but it's not the greatest movie ever sold an exposition Park and had a funny comment about that part of the movie where they're talking about getting to the portal and I think I could go straight to it whenever everybody has opened 8 hours I have no idea how long with that and then kind of tied into his life socialist hippie kind of character they had to try but then he took them like 2 this will be one without keeping their talk about the Matrix and other things kind of mashed up together over to his character and you're really messing with this damn thing over like a 3d figure Geoff Ridge movie True Grit was way way better M.E all True Grit yeah I was awesome different movie than I thought it would be more of a country all man kind and it was a lot earlier than I expected and there were just a few scenes that were pretty gruesome but it was almost family Stern and kind of turn the Western genre on its ear but I think Unforgiven did that a lot better I would agree with that for sure it didn't really turn the Western World over to me characters that when they showed up they weren't quite as weighty as I was kinda hoping they would be yeah I didn't like it everybody is a hardened criminal the NFL in the Old West what was left the law and you can I guess it would be easier to make a mistake like that but once again they did the movie Jason the whole movie on the trail not the trailer Kinect every way man I don't know where you shop at the Alamo and before the movie they should cut from the original John Wayne film that was boring and I usually don't like it ruins District not inform you when they show alienation before because you but because it really it's kind of cool to have that like I don't know what you call it for me man over talking about his elbow because your to show up 40 minutes early for a movie at the Alamo they have a big lump rear over they just they were all a bunch of random video clips on the screen that are fun and have to do with the movie but sometimes I think that I realized that we were there and we got there an hour early for a 5 p.m. show on Saturday and probably 201 was we were out the door an hour early going to go to the highball drink location for a while then they abandoned it for the money for the restaurant yeah yeah yeah nobody was hurt in a minute if you feel like struggling at the end has like why even have seats they're like to take him out I would really prefer trailer no but at some point like it's too close to do anything stage area in front of the screen start off like 30 feet away from screen my but you know you're not going to like it because you know the truth that you family the delamater through and sit together day today to do that I don't want you to leave space between you and the people next to you which of the an extra large pizza Burnie no just normal Cineplex the one right across from the Galaxy and the actual movie on your computer voice program 4/2 movie yeah I took them off when I left it was my one time I took off the first half the movie world man Frank Ocean 3D with a warning at the beginning Powhatan also saying that there's a lot that there's two scenes in the movie and that's normal she looks just like 3D glasses now aren't like they used to be over 3D really like first out of school I don't know come on Commander 3D movies to watch at home now with 3D at all either animated Pixar DreamWorks movies for their Discovery Channel movies are there going to broadcast NFL games in 3D some of the World Cup games I think I need it. 3D didn't think elephant what we had on our list was Inception Book of Eli exit through the gift shop Tron legacy True Grit Toy Story 3 Jackass 3D the town the fighter The Social Network preferred one exit through the gift shop for mine yesterday because I didn't and I know you did and it was blonde and none of us have seen the fighter cast it's fun but I'm going to go to exit has a good shot of you the crowd no I think it's I think about is you it was a through exit the gift shop with good I like the fact that everyone still talks about it if it's on the web picture of the year you should also watch an independent movie called Catfish which just came out on all the digital distribution I think yesterday or Monday it's a it's a movie about social networking the documentary about guy who meet somebody online and I thought it was pretty interesting and kind of had it finding Banks eats and his trophy mr. brainwash I didn't read a lot online about that movie and people thinking that it's not that it was all staged I think it was 12 year commitment price cameras that would record an audio cassette and you can record like 4 minutes at a time I want to take the plx 2000 if I'm remembering correctly it's a Fisher Price camera for a very limited time in the eighties and you can record video on audio cassette 2000 pxl thankyou preferred trailer of the year or are stupid Halo Red vs. blue trailer an asshole I want a trophy to myself awesome Uncharted 3 True Grit trailer Fable 3 launch trailer Halo Reach deliver hope Tron legacy Mass Effect 3 Portal 2 Wheatley Harry Potter and Inception I'm over Freddie Wong Geoff take this one for True Grit I guess cuz I'd love to see Gus try to figure out how to get that to them ringing endorsement from can you just make it Amazon for Skyline Chili terrible 14 million box is that their work and put it into Skyline or something like that on the side representing yeah that was a cool million dollars against 10 million hour production budget wow million in quote 50 million worldwide 21 million dollars in the u.s. how much should I budget for Battlefield Los Angeles how many how many movies make a hundred percent their budgets and profits email for abstain from voting in the category Fable 3 launch we have 3 launch trailer telephone number for I don't know how to explain it maybe the kid now it's going to start making those movies I saw him with Justin Bieber and some cliff and then it was like Will Smith no no I don't know I saw him like some kind of Entertainment Tonight behind the scenes Bieber and Jaden Smith joking around and I wanted to fuck show me in 25 years or something crazy people want their celebrity gossip seems like a TV show like that would be updated by the internet you be surprised are we going to watch entertainment Wheel of Fortune do you think an TMZ so apparently it's huge ratings and all that is Orbach they're playing in this new prescription which I should tell you guys last night an ATV in there it was on the counter it's in the guy who stands on the edge stranger before do still and I don't know why do you get my book tomorrow and I'm really excited about the doctor medicine this is my medicine that I have to take that is a talent in eats a thing that makes me poop a lot and I have to fill this up with for like 4 gallons of water and a drink in 30 minutes 30 minutes ELC UGA and then that's okay with Geoff plastic jug that has some kind of white powder in the bottom of it yet all these men do you would find in an organic chemistry lab Diamond warning MSDS drinking limit your selection is ArcLight cherry flavor in like first paid for going to the dentist over what's the flavor do with you Jerry what do you use the great the great is better than Jerry typically I do bubble gum purple like that purple case Orbach that I love her better than great beyond your nutrition keep a log of my log 90 million.dollar budget that's got to be the most successful I think they did like $1,613 I think around middle of last year and I told him there was no way trying to make more than $75 chicken all white girl that might be the hottest women on film Tron quorra metachlorian subplot anyway just happened too much stuff in there that was so terrible if you forget about the others Star Wars the head doesn't run the Merovingian from Matrix which was they could have been literally twice as good if you would just cut that character but he said do not put them into Jeff Bridges character in character between the architect and Obi-Wan Kenobi to make another big help and I thought I'd better put it on the shop be there early too much in that movie that's alright I'm going to go first can you Modern Family Breaking Bad Man man it's always sunny lost Walking Dead flu and I'm at a Breaking Bad very very tough category Breaking Bad so I don't feel like I can I can see them later medicine Fable cable news out of my house map of Music My Favorite Things all I know there's no way it's going to win but I'm going to say Domino's Modern Family Modern Family was awesome it's always sunny no way that would vote for anything besides Modern Family Modern Family is incredible it really wouldn't do that I think that's so funny I was literally like 30 this is the last episode was Dance Revolution and you see that that's where they're going to be starting Thief Modern Family wow I feel like the family in the ad is trying to be like the main family and um yeah I was just say that family is getting progressively better every couple episodes gem Recreation Park Record Park and Recreation Office knockoff the moment I started watching it and I kind of do the same thing and Modern Family the first time I watched episode if you can get past that it's a really great show first episode felt like that but it came into its own moral character Michael Scott early on and now Modern Family Modern Family do you want to try to get into Modern Family Halloween episodes in season 2 or airport 2000 10 from season 1 2000 2 Halloween episode the church has a particular it was great but everything was great great show what's a good TV show hard to figure out I feel like me like everybody watches but it never had like that critical mass of everybody just covering it one time and the network in that case everyone for 3 years to watch Always Sunny I would really like it I just never watched it and then you guys started watching it like that and then I finally watched it like 6 months later and said talk tonight okay were you turned off by through great because it was such a racist movie I knew you were going to see it and return it I wasn't I think it might be the fact that I have a daughter more than anything maybe that would have been in Alabama Bellevue the terminal and Breaking Bad do you have a heart attack essentially for an hour would it do that for entertainment all the time how many episodes of Walking Dead are there what an M&M well they're coming back for a second season Walking Dead it's interesting to emulate the release cycles and schedules blonde England to 6 episode season and then one Christmas special and at the end of episode text Doctor Who Mass Effect 2 Red Dead Redemption Borderlands Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 Halo Reach and cataclysm Mass Effect 2 red dead man that was a massively awesome DLC Kevin Hart making fun of can I send a nasty email to Gus over the holidays but text Diana yeah but then he bitched at me about 3 hours about I know I said I was when I apologize publicly on the all of our listeners I'm sorry about the email I sent the very first nasty snippy I'm most interested romantic greeting an email we were setting up I said how about we just start making cut so that we have the ability to Gus choices and I'm talking about the war people stranded Geoff cut something that Gus wanted to vote for so that I have to be cut and then Geoff stroke what is the point of voting in the first lady to have a vote or don't why don't you just pick them up and then you decide what are important and leave me out of it then that when you read it like that it sounds bad when I was in my first one Griffon I don't like doing over there something must be going on because Griffon wrote me a nasty name to weed interview last episode airs tonight the interview with a Blog where we talked about immersion and we went on this like 5 minutes cock sucking ass kissing you guys were glowingly positive of Griffon becoming a private concert information play it right now the accurate compass I know I was a little busy but we had a nervous over it was all focused around costumes and I was up until 5 in the morning or like 5:30 in the morning making them and then I got up like at 6 to shower and get there and then like I'm making the girls are putting costumes on them it was 230 minutes divided by day goes on so it was like everything online for me but we are selling the shows were talking about how we M.E exit not to change the subject but are the major beliefs and an email to Marshall that was way worse than the one before the one she sent to you what are you doing here still kind of trickling back into town had a little barbecue camera guy cause he asked me like about finding something so then I started event for him but then he wanders off and then he keeps giving me a list of things to do for this do I need a building is hoping for a list and he can help with anything so I said it sounds like if you want me to track while you were playing basketball and eating barbecue barbecue because I hope you I know I'm trying to do and if I can be direct with people then I don't have to talk to everyone else about them okay but I could be he said I have a good attitude while I have to review don't have a role to play in the company you work for every single person who 3 weeks exit directions Geoff one category left this the big one game of the year I know everywhere every developer out there really waiting this once again can you get on Starcraft 2 Red Dead Redemption Mass Effect 2 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Minecraft Angry Birds and heavy rain over the weekend and be talk to somebody and made a billion dollars we are given what I know but I didn't an exit too much weight loss wow there's many Not For the First Time Burnie Motorsports do you do not like that I just thought I was underwhelmed by it so you're not going for them now that's why you so much it was a hard Choice Griffon can I just make it purely on observation and art an all of that it is beautiful and actually it looks awesome and it was fun so I'm going to hope for that but I know that maybe shouldn't count first man I feel after 10 years you know and this is a great version of it trailer the most fun in a campaign with Assassin's Creed but it looked like the effect it had on the game industry and like I consume a lot of game entertainment and media than Minecraft and reach by far surpassed anyone all this year and I was intrigued by Minecraft I haven't spent enough time with it to really I mean really still on power Black Ops first hour but you download it and then restarted it was unbelievable about it and share it with friends very limited mechanics is really surprising how much you get out of school and now we also talked about eliminating Minecraft on the list because technically with an elf all year and then just entered beta before the end of the year really hasn't officially released in a future future Game of the Year 50 billions and 84.2 million players last month do players the way I'd like to know an ounce the the launch of City Hunter social media games or smaller versions of their games there's been a Crackdown 2 has a Windows Phone 7 version of their day more like Fable 3 has a Facebook game time this year that you had one do you like shop rubber duckies or whatever and you get experience in fact they're like there's like games and I don't think it probably will airplane Orbach from New Orleans the other day and I looked on the island I was right to the right of the left me that everyone's playing Angry Birds like family Minocqua place I can get for her stand on the other side already better than I have no proof because I'm getting bring me to play the Iowa State the reason why ones that are made first party or made by Bunch your Microsoft is that so strange how often I think about Halo when I'm playing other games like take this game and build something with it why can't I why can't I save my file and why can I put some of the people I can I make movies from them and it looks like but at least how many 3 weeks just focusing on getting combinations to their fun to do what it means if you feel like you have your rank it was the main thing Halo I mean there are some people who just spend all their time in the challenges the daily challenges the weekly challenges going to show up like you thought you saw that cable dude it's awesome it's cooler than you can imagine and that's really the launch of any game Wheel Horse over 5 times today and there was all the awesome and they're all clever but they were two in particular and this episode that just blew my mind it was one right up and you at the top and white on the conditions trying to go up and down and get to the top first and just that alone and that's unbelievable Ford world and it felt like a full racing game like he was able to design in such a way like homeless and so it looks like something you would an unbelievable amount that you can do with the game but you can make it if you with it Halo 3 light at the end of a reach was coming out and they were making perfectly sure of tracks in the hill 3 stuck at a certain time in the holding something else in place I know it's absolutely ridiculous halo last year was Geoff what are you guys doing is there anything on your radar for next year though safe for 2 weeks now after I made the comment about BioWare not having all trophies in the trophy case over 2 weeks ago I got an email from actually in their trophy case The Cure in Austin but I bet it's back in the hallway even emailed you a picture of it in the trophy case in the hallway I should probably walk down there I've been looking at the upcoming games for 2011 and if you can make it down to me like you got too many games to play Bulletstorm I don't know much about that is exciting big one on the list I guess we're just entering and I think into the time of year for we're going to start hearing about next holidays games 2000 yeah yeah I can't believe that there are that many Duke Nukem stands still around or still clamoring for like it's amazing to me with that there's still a flower for it there's no it really isn't Bathroom potty humor it was appropriate at the time in the early email PC gaming genre I guess and I felt like I don't like me anymore you have I'm looking at a list of releases for this year and I'm still in January August we forgot already Little Big Planet 2 Dead Space 2 book coming out this month yeah that's true but it's supposed to be defining what's going on with the Wii and he quoted some lady just some random non-gamer who owns a week and she said she wanted to buy more games to the Wii this year but when she went and looked everything just like video games and the people who play the video game console Kinect as soon as ArcLight not Rooster Teeth friend to like maybe would you consider casual gamers Gamers right they saw Kinect in the immediately can we play when they play the 3 hours playing party like a social thing to do. 4.05 million units worldwide as of the 14th of December so they made it wow, that's pretty impressive 2011 by the way Montreal Thief side of your 3 when it comes out and 2000 shop forever or whatever that's supposed to be this year 2012 Metal Gear Solid rising technology what's going on wow so many posters for it at Comic-Con and I didn't know it was a game or a movie but either way it looks really intriguing from over there didn't work in the case of talk to them but they definitely were Los Angeles a great pedigree do like your last year I was thinking 2000 every movie coming out is the new is the new brain teaser right yeah no idea I'm on that rooster Feast group you know that the group came to town and went all the places that our mission of the drunk tank and they were recently put up what percentage of sleep should be reach by going in visiting the old places that we talked about but I think that we haven't even talked about on the door lately I think it's time we moved out to where the chain restaurants we have been exploring as much so I was hoping they might start exploring places again and talking about them we should this year try to make an effort to break out of our little life chain restaurants owned argue anymore we did exercise meant to at the end of it which was a lot of fun so I hope you guys enjoy it and I hope you enjoy it in rebuttal T-Rex was the most fun to film hands down the most wonderful the most the most dangerous and also easily I think I think it's our best option video that exciting. It's actually in a lot of ways and told me that on food he told me he thinks he could do a 20 to 25 minute cut of outtakes and what is it that you didn't get to use and food he said I don't remember that I was fucking hungover and tired he said there's about 20 minutes or so like fucking exhausted so we're neighbors doing the Walk of Shame going home do that was great chatting with you the bar scene right outside the bar we shot that the first time we shot it didn't work out that we actually took you guys out drinking the first time Alamosa police Willis