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Rooster Teeth recovers for the new year

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Recorded: 2011-01-12 23:16:39

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

YouTube I want to suck you dick what's a bitch is not explain that were all named drunk tank theme songs used with Burnie still living the dream still in the cloud I can't believe we caught in the Forum about the awards then we will because everyone has an opinion on the internet if they don't like it there undermine our credibility on the contact last year did trophy ever left home we love you need them trophy physical trophy design process once again we're net positive kitten no angry or is working out you know what you're going to do for the trophy same as we had last year hands on top of the American flag some trophies with generic beer cans on top Eagle tank in Virginia Ted like to see the grizzly bear making in his last year we wanted to put a grizzly bear and we couldn't figure out how to do it to be nice if we could read it was surprising last year in the trophy design process like looking through the catalog the stuff you can put on trophy some of the stuff that they had what some of the stuff they didn't have what you couldn't get there you couldn't get a tank you can get a bear on a tank either champagne the Ricky flexible not sure where the chili cook-off trophy giant spoons for giant be surprising lack of customization in the trophy industry trophy industry you are lacking you disappointed in the world they can make that we should get chocolate coated trophy with a cookie wafer inside and then we're Dorset inside-out and vanilla instead of chocolate Amtrak amenities as the fridge British people take these powerful magnets and put them on their computer right next to the hard drives and complains when all the stuff gets erased. Carrie might swallow one but you know that was inspired by that idea I want to have a bitch a 1-inch by 1-inch square and then you can give it to someone one of their videos kids a million views and that way I'll have a stack of them on her desk my stack of course maybe they didn't interview with one of the guys I'm not going to remember his name is probably not that important Ty of Engineers Microsoft on the side we normally don't deal with which is the really smart guy Arianna but I was talking about how at Microsoft in the research and development department they have these little cube is 1 inch by 1 inch cubes that they give as a reward to their Engineers are enough people there technical department and that they have competition for the sold Cube to see how they can stack up and like some guys have a bunch of them stacked up in their windows and I was like what are the cube for what is a patent Murphy to work patent ideas for a million views on YouTube what you thinking the world is for making a meal you don't have to resort to the multicolored some they'll be just Geoff face with yellow is that is the key and like Frankenstein like lipstick like still hard when he swears that I love and put them on a yellow background that's a nice Kinect numbers last time Legacy Dental to be holding on to what we were saying was Microsoft and said they hope to solve 5 million Kinect by Christmas but by the end of the year they were two and a half or two and a half at the time that they announced that they were two and a half Microsoft the self a polo shirt Microsoft the dark Williams Kinect Ted reach 4 million and what up what did they end up with sold a million 8m Kinect the Kinect this week that the Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 by more than two to one in December also I think we sold 362 and a Half Men in December a little bit comes out this month tell me when is the next generation of consoles going to start at 8:31 I don't think there's any some 360 came out 2005 sold for 5 years ago it will start hearing about it by the end of the year a couple years in Sonia Microsoft both said they wanted their console to have a 10 to 11 year life cycle around halfway through Xbox 1 2009 generation computers 360 I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 investigating the play for tattoo and create custom campaigns which is like the greatest thing ever because then you think and they have this whole website with it and then you just go down to 200 and left for dead on the PC kinda I'd be more concerned Max typically don't have the the best graphics card and we don't if we definitely don't buy the best graphics cards for a machine here whenever I've been playing the games I've been playing on PC the game it's really I mean it wasn't like it was a crazy Left 4 Dead leopard that has been scraped dual community of 360 users and then also be no steam users and so that they can cross over when I make like both have the same and everything that I was able to benefit from having two large communities a leopard Advanced so I don't know why I can't do it the other way and some stuff in Left 4 Dead PC left and then presented on the 202 Left 4 Dead Xbox and she would like to see that there's cool campaigns out there but I haven't even thinking about that and about the George Romero had something to say about that George ever moving in your lifetime you make a monster and it becomes like what you do becomes John Rhys do you know you can say it again what would you call it like archetypal zombie lot establish what a vampire is like anybody gets to make his movies you know it's like if everyone made like to be flattering movie people died during the entire incident fucking direct-to-dvd all really Diamond remix 15 million starring Modern Family also had a zombie baby in it that's all I was the first tattoo Advanced it had to happen eventually run over power you with their numbers in the tireless 2004 2004 Ty Burrell year old girl like that his mom called him when he got the part of Modern Family because he was happy that he wasn't playing douchebags in American Airlines Magazine Special to him the American Airlines magazine about 15 times in one month complains because you refuse to turn Blackberry off and some guy sitting next to her in first class started berating her and they wouldn't stop I got into it like a visible screaming match and it almost came to blows and sold through multiple had to do with your blackberry turn the phone off I believe we've been over this before tank last for now on you have land in the in the not cool plane real life like I mean you get really hang up on airplane sex trailer likes dangerous or against the law to follow the letter of the law Ted all the bad things about you on the podcast I gotta remind you that I know a lot about you Geoff we got a lot of faith I feel like I've been better than all over that store bring the liquor from the kitchen Hornet Stadium Geoff doesn't exist or fax some time and I don't know if you're aware that you do this or in some cases I led exaggerated stories parking if I was really is sometimes my wife gets drunk and does you sure you're exaggerating a little Riverview Cho do that to me I guess they don't tell me if I'm sure it was awesome and I don't hear about it whatever I did especially like when I came out of my colonoscopy and I was totally out of it and you interviewed me with your cell phone while I was laying in a hospital bed and made fun of me the perfect insert for the for the in half contact I don't remember a thing as a pro I don't know what happened in that room all I know is I woke up and I wasn't Thor and I feel fine does sex really sold drugs is a painful is it just like guys don't want to experience camera the lot lot of school. You may want to be knocked out house con artist I was and then I looked over the lady and she goes that was like okay and then I was putting my clothes on Google search for colonoscopy the second return if I need to perform a colonoscopy to myself Magic Mountain long tutorial on how to have sex with a dolphin is everyday dolphin Duke Medical for old does a douche would make you would put kittens in glass jars and feed them to intravenous tubes so that they grow in certain shapes sex cake is the best part that page with the hate mail page images hundred pages and like specifically for that you would post all the angry letters you got from the internet does every Forum every time there's a hole inside based on at work I just like to control people like from eBay listings in Craigslist in like okay I'm coming over to drop off the tons of bananas right now over 15 million dollars in 2400 to 2000 worldwide in his room and just go to the White Pages because it doesn't every time I throw a year if you get my friend's name was going to make up some time from furnace repair we're coming to take out your furnace today will be there at 4 o'clock to let you know courtesy call which calls back to many questions when we come back and you never answer my phone calls for the rest that's funny wonderful alarm company for doing repair work wonderfully set alarm to call somebody's home phone calling the wrong number it wasn't calling the Alarm Monitoring station is calling someone cell phone please answer the phone when you were calling the alarm is going out on it doesn't ring in a office that's our fax line so the person couldn't call us to tell us to stop fax the fax number the phone number driving me crazy driving me crazy did you guys see this the other day I didn't realize that iTunes did this but I guess if you buy certain movies to iTunes an example to give the other guys you can do searches to find specific scenes in that movie like you can type in words and it will search the movie script and take you to a point in time where those words were said in the movie the movie The Social Network how do you say I never used to be like look up guy's wife the other guys Will Ferrell's wife the number one most all the movies like I'm going to take a shower come to bed what are you doing put your clothes sex Geoff almond hey thanks I decided that I am going to start getting back into reading comics on a regular basis is taking a couple years but not as for about 30 years and so I decided the perfect time to talk because there are a bunch of comic book readers on the iPad and I can just buy comics digitally and not have to worry about collecting them anymore which is a problem for me and you also get it 10000 we have already but I'm just not going to add to that I'm going to just buy them and then combined with other independent comic and it's all very cool and it works well in her the same features except the catalog is retarded like I want to catch up on The Uncanny X-Men the most recent episode of the in Kinect when they had was July of 2009 and they only had like 7 they had a row and then 5 years previously had like another 5 and then like 5 from the sixties and it's like that everywhere I couldn't find the comic come out in 2010 or 11 but I read that 25 years ago classic Batman every month just give me a push notification with about $80 so far behind it doesn't make any goddamn sense like the most recent comic I found was something that came out in July of 2010 I think I might in a Batman comic and it's like I'll be seven episodes behind starting out I still have to go by the comic or a graphic novel or wait for them I think we should be getting it regularly updated available online and they would instantly effect your ability to have a comic book shop that comic Publishers like DC and Marvel aren't that concerned about local mom-and-pop comic shops I think that they probably do the majority of their comic to newsstands and wouldn't it be a hell of a lot cheaper for them just to make digital copies and not have to worry about the printing process when the hell was the last time we saw comic book store I was in the house the other day and they had a comic book right now micro that kind of thing so it is 470 something that makes you feel any better I guess like last month diamond is investigating lodging digital comic distribution service the perfect hopefully soon subscriptions comic I used to the mail directly I'm so excited Marvel because I read Good comic come out a red marble I got more than one Viggo came out that's a reason that stuff that looks like salmon and all of those like adults comic hellblazer you can still sign up for subscription to the Marvel Comics have a mail to you again using Spider-Man I don't know what you're getting at but if you buy a comic through like him directly from Marvel it does not have a Spider-Man logo they just replace what we wear UPC code would be with like a Marvel Comics logo or like Captain America shield or Spider-Man logo I don't think it matters I don't think I don't think one is going to be worth more than the other I just always found you PC codes on the front of my car looks to be ugly I just went to the Marvel subscriptions website for the first time ever I don't read comic books have never been to this website and I went and I looked and I thought you can do this and as soon as I visit the page there are items in my shopping cart and told her she was incredible Hulk 4794 in my shopping cart and he checked with keyboard I don't know I don't think any of us is anybody else around that would be able to chat with her I mean I was doing are you trying to say that I would be happy to buy comic books Thor Green Lantern Green Hornet is already out I think I saw a funny tweet my John Cho John Cho played Sulu in the Star Trek reboot and his tweet was you know I'm really starting to think that I'm not in the Green Hornet movie I'm looking at the box office Year all Green Hornet did and I don't think I got it right here no I'm really mad because I liked it a picture of Zach Galifianakis and then he generally funny delivery does I think I just got something behind the times you know all about that but if you don't I think you would love it and animated Ricky Gervais show on HBO called the Ricky Gervais show and it's like the podcast with Ricky and Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington a half an hour and it's animated and the round table and they just call is the entire focus on for half an hour and it's way better than that yeah yeah trip let's check it out it's probably 13 episodes on June so I assumed that it wasn't a 13 episode season there could be no cable I even like the Ricky Gervais for a couple times on the Grand Theft Auto TV and I wasn't happy with me but that's okay I assume it's going to come out in Holiday 2012 expecting some kind of game I'm not that I can think of that I mean the nearest Auto Max Payne on the game Red Dead Walking Dead the octagon table tennis I don't think so look a futuristic Grand Theft Auto I wouldn't want to make any any kind of third-person action sci-fi game in that genre and the fall of Mass Effect for a while coming out this year Grand Theft Auto the other was a Red Dead Revolver in ever heard of the first game and then like a GTA phone ever and ever and ever probably one of the best voice actors and that's one thing I really do I really do Twitter read this yesterday and she wanted to play that game but if you want to set it up drunk cataclysm is fastest selling PC game of all time the previous record-holder Griffon beat the previous record-holder Burnie course if I had to guess in California ended up giving up around 30-something 40-something friends a good weekend Ty Lawson boring and it's it's really streamlined I really like all the changes while yet because I haven't had a 6 year about character we agreed we were going to talk to you about it it's really becoming a problem yeah I know I know it still have the records a record but just the fact within their own franchise that are selling the games faster now like it's hard to believe that a cataclysm there's more dedicated day one fan then there was for burning Crusade or wrath Geoff I find that really 6 years little first launched in October 04 and a big thing with all these numbers only sales numbers always tended to be as well that land we talked about the Kinect there some kind of question there is to what how many of those units are sold to retailers that ship commercial sold as a retailer considered something like I mean they're probably thinking a lot more digital well no I talk to you about it Gus I am amazed at how they have that system down where you can download part of the game and start playing it you can play in less than 2 minutes I mean well we talked about this Netflix sometimes to where they're already on top there are you doing well but they just don't stop dumping in in an innovation Health a reason for her to do that so I can make some people that are just starting ever year and everything else just downloading in the background services website fastest reactivate the account over to a new server and was downloading and playing in like 20 minutes is the help Diamond helpful but I think that's a little bit harder because then when you get to the point where we'll have a password and account steam is got all my information there I can just buy to steam it easier it makes it harder for little guys that sell their stuff individually iTunes type in my password iTunes game and I could have probably bought it for the website developer and I haven't in a long time the Juggernaut that you've got to put your stuff with them offering services to other Developers for their stuff into other Activision Blizzard Activision that's a good question but I haven't heard any talk of that wonderful next thing I remember is it wasn't a blizzard is in part of activation their Partners does that make sense there an equal footing it was a weird relationship all that remember domain registration information the person doing the people sitting there all day and Go Daddy it's a boy way more boring way way way way more Griffon speculation and what do you think giving Bungie next thing will be on a company that will be in a PC Xbox some PC was on PC with PC game if we didn't do it. To hear someone else did the PC Port of Meth we are pretty okay I can't imagine that whatever they do if it's for Activision would be exclusive to any console or system like if it appeared on the PC as well Call of Duty's in Old Ray all duties on all of them and the guys who left the ward ever really announced anything yet some people I know that right now I'm right now trying to for something I don't remember Modern Warfare prequel Modern Warfare prequel exports of ghost I believe it's whatever a prequel to Call of Duty 4 are you tired of World War II shooter yet I don't think so for fun ever since Wolfenstein you need to shooting World War to Afghanistan or in space right so it's like all the same to me and I don't care where the setting is Halo 4 Game of the sale the History Channel Peta kills old a nice and it just doesn't work like I can sit there and get a hundred in a row and it wouldn't ever be doing the nice thing about you can delete the cache on your Xbox and trying to clear my memory storage unit Clarence infection that could do a interplanetary civil war really depressing kind of think I can do that when you play a futuristic yeah I would say anything if the gameplay is good I really don't care if I play the flood Cooking Mama but I think eventually became kitchen mama is the new warfare Wii U in the Nintendo game settings and Graphics don't really matter to me as long as game play is fun you know if it mattered then why would I does Minecraft a million complaint against it some skill or knowledge I cooking or is it just something missing okay. Why don't play a PSP or DS I do love you so much we really game for Wii do you like moms mom a mom you know my mom and your mother I like you complains supermeatboy is well there to complain about every single thing and if it's something are you taking away from your site like your real message it's raising awareness very well what was supermeatboy is response they had a really for something else for something else nice work on this trailer that I'm doing but some artists is a free consultation ever true it's true it was my arm so in to shrink it down like he wouldn't match so I think I wouldn't match the other the other Giants stripped like in this convention hall bitch suck and I don't know really I never noticed but now that I'm picture of ever and I don't know what they are right now actual cameras look like and it some people just had their phones out I told you I'm tattoo on the ribs don't have to take your panties off is it like a cartoon at any time she hit the music note like this iPhone it was like 4&a half hours it was like operation in in like 15 minutes in the tattoo like an hour then you have like a second wind in the door regulations first time getting to the point but I'm getting to the point I don't really see the point because they're everywhere and I'm almost done for hours now when you're like very few things that I'm going to be excited like I'm working it just looks good you know what you're traveling and it's not like you can't change anything pretty fucking funny to make the ridiculous Christmas sweater house their version of a gingerbread house I can't possibly wait until you who it is a 100000 calorie meal land they all sit down to eat them like this was this is a gingerbread house but it wasn't house the way the guy just replace the ginger gingerbread with slaughtered animals is in DayQuil Baton Rouge covered with bacon flakes for snow on ever I am so fancy yeah well it's another pork ground pork to the mortar of the bricks for the stage I was like everyone's looking at it right now it's crazy brother first yeah that stuff to you that's rough water just walking through that part of Australia have no idea is coming flash flood there was a video online video taping on the back of his office and there's a creek and you can tell the creek is a little bit over flowing and then within a for 5 minute videos with a couple edit it completely consumed the parking lot like that reminds me I guess we have some pretty bad weather in America right now they had a pretty funny I guess it snowed in Atlanta hothlanta is like the whole thing in the top 20 to Griffon stink C3PO Darth Vader run diamond for the marriage comic for your marriage that you were just talking about but the pain of marriage that's right so kitten don't have any Indian girls like I did when I get up in the truck police cars at a hotel he was staying that he was arguing with his sister for a reason life some of these kids and his sister or her sister and he was trying to the mom that was the kids that's only 20 and he said shut the hell up I'm trying to talk to your mother right now and they're like you know I seen you at getting a massage while some the things is Cinderella Story the first commercial video on Monday and I think you're on a Monday and then on the Friday of that week I thought a Kraft macaroni and cheese commercial that he did voice over for you earlier in the week and the week before some people realize I mean it's not like me Diamond Viggo Mortensen you like living there I think just goes out to the woods and it's like Falcon knows the way you're talking about trailer reminder about something I guess some Red vs Blue / first advanced in New Zealand or get heavy to get together this weekend in advance of our appearance there later this year I'm not even if you live in Auckland you should go hang out with them even hang out with us in October and I thought it was down under is that those people it's like using the same country and if you're from a neighboring City there such a rivalry there like a different areas of Australia have such a massive rivalry when everyone to Melbourne is it over tomorrow we're going to be in Sydney with one another in Sydney LED from Lake Town to town they have names for everybody like I don't know who the man was in to me but if you're from like Manchester year already and everybody makes fun of you and they all hate each other Emerald City Comic Con 343 bitch but I will be there as part of that I don't know exactly when we're going to be there that's the weekend before PAX East Joel to come with me to Seattle the numbers but I'm definitely going there and I should have definitely gone James Marsters will also be there all 3 days Williams said it will be there only on Saturday and with that we're going to be back so I guess they have people from The Walking Dead on there now like this dude the guy from Boondock Saints it's also The Walking Dead the Sheraton to sleep out under the stars in a Hooverville or something diamond mountain look like that how do you have a favorite book and it was his land for Adult Ed is going to wander off into society Unabomber run everyone the bark off of a tree is the land that the Unabomber lived on was for sale yeah it was like $60,000 Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off house 1.6 million dollars the first day of to house in comedy it was clearly modeled after the John Hughes teen Custom Companies it was on is that Emma Stone movie Easy A 770 like right in front of my trailer which is awesome but I am running baby one movie night the other night it's like an easy and well that was the reason why John Hughes make John Hughes movies and nobody else does really almost ready now but I wanted to watch The Social Network last night my life it wasn't great but I was so annoyed you had to be such a jerk about it then he woke up at like damn right I absolutely dad whose daughter gets a demon inside of her and they're going to have to kill her and I do not want to watch this film because I have a surprise for you LED this girl she was like I wouldn't watch him did anyway so it was not I have to disconnect from the whole father-daughter relationship but anyways some really good stuff and if she gets into this because she's like the in one hour and just as any other all right and I'm in them Stockton Lake inside a horrible night sleep and then this morning when in the shower I did mention it and just like you and run to try and use a stupid comic reader on iPad anyways that's a really the worst part but you have to like always compete with each other every other words like that's something that we need you a lot lately who was the who does it work this conversation no but I guess it was like that to you in like we got off work and we're Ty you were giving me shit because I didn't have it and I think only time you can research this that's one very entertaining does a blast have to be on the flash think of the issue in our house when he comes up we have two TVs I don't know why but you then you can come with you I didn't marry you so that I could spend my life in to Thor ever it's true I like being around you usually a glutton for punishment and a half years five and a half years we known each other -1/2 years known each other one day longer ever sold Chris and I are engaged the Caribbean the fine line LED stand for year that person is like country land in Appleton the real to them what team is a more passive aggressive email formative someone came into my office and told me how you've wronged half of my XLR cables for podcast production so I was running around trying to find a mama love you like it was because yesterday we got that box of the Bulletstorm stuff and I'll try to find the fucking 5 feet of film and I couldn't find it cuz it was scattered all over the place too you know everyone I would appreciate if you didn't take the SAT cable is because I need to for the podcast on a related note somebody took my goddamn NZ Twitter does she know that you never going to some boxing of the Bulletstorm box to the breaker box and it took you 40 minutes to get the camera where's the camera it should be where's the microphone where's the cards where the batteries Marshall enough on last week's podcast when Griffon with Kraft singles constantly really cool right now it's been pretty impressed with them shooting have intentionally not going to wait till the for their loss when arming Direct The Passion of the Christ I think about you pretty sure actually no I had to do like so I didn't like 12 inches Macross I think that I was working with crosswords but in general we have reshoots Cena haircut for ever because I finally got my haircut land for facial hairs of the week the last time I was literally came to me and said hey can you shave for a reason I guess you're so I shaved and then later that day had a beard again I just started Ted Geoff and Christopher short of the day the weather like in is having trouble matching it but they had to wait for some time before people in dragon in dragon is waiting for that and then I had friends like we are to go and I would put their beers on the river like the girls that wanted to be a drag all that existed I have no idea what you're talking about did you all see I guess that a Blu Ray players are phasing out analog connections they're only going to have delivery HDMI HDMI TV has 4 HDMI ports on the back and I could not be happier yeah I was it was fantastic as it gets old I don't know what's right behind Gus and in 610 is like a cracker is a Samsung 10.1 LED Melba toast a little crazy Thor Nutcracker Philips with the squares house on crack 250 pounds it's pretty cool you know you don't need to work it's nice to have audio and video in cable like who's the moron who made to read cable the dumbest thing ever does exactly the same with is a network why is it impossible to tell which side is up which side is down on a USB you don't think ever plug the USB cable in right the first time stink ever made just remember really remember unlike the outer casing is always on one side of it and if you can learn with your computer which side the USB symbol goes then you know what you're headed usb3 cable the computer Kinect the same but then this other one to the bike connection to little weird digital about LED lights crazy Wireless power from the battery pack to run about that we were is a cool that's what I read cosmetic costume the Ricky kasso HDMI wall occur today in the break room and there was a bunch of contact lenses in my wallet I didn't even put them on the table units Gus Bueller stupid yeah I tattoo I want to be with you in the show bike does big glob of Blu Advanced Bueller Twitter tracker remember yeah it's pretty creepy I would never screw with my eyes ever in any way we got lazy people who wear colored contacts in to certain colors but they look like pixelated and you couldn't really close to somebody and then face to face for a few feet away contact a supervisor or something like that have you seen those contact lenses bigger they make it look like your eyes is a lot bigger in your eye remind your people changing size what is the iris the colored part the is a colored part of your eye your pupils dilate when you're lying about ever look up dilating in to look at me for a while just to say we had we had my feelings and then you were like trying to be sincere and sweet but your pupils are huge problem is more blinking and pupil dilation opthamologist about trying to cover up Peta forecast what is for lunch no Brody that Jason always talks about a KC Donuts in ever been there today how to get some potato chips melted cheese plate camera Galaxy does everything all right parking