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Recorded: 2011-01-19 22:48:03

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

I am I am really confused by that Jack is his replacement a parody that song what that filter on I feel like I should check myself into a mental from 2001 but that's definitely a great start to the podcast very uplifting I'm ready to go I don't know about you guys but I don't know Griffon walks into my office Monday and she goes hey I accidentally spilled like 11 gallons of Theraflu is my last thing accidentally actually I need you to go to the mall and buy me a new a new laptop how to fix it and you go it doesn't matter it's an old laptop what do you care it's not like it's any good Gus for everything Geoff the saying right now by the way so how's your new treating you great a lot of liquids I don't want to come into the office and go hey I accidentally spilled Whiskey on my MacBook Air but it's okay it was 2 weeks old and I heard they refresh the line anyway great Sydney anywhere like you trying to make before on my laptop when you finally had to lie does it take like what does it take 27 died then I noticed you have top and Word and Excel and mail and get re-infected game and Skype and every other program in the world running at the exact same time oh okay so he's let his what she does when she turns on her computer applications Apple she ever needs a program she knows it's already running but that's one now and then we can we get to them got there I was and she's like I'll give me a good one and I get the 13-inch MacBook Air I think I love you mother of my child a great white awesome best friend soulmate but your equipment is terrible technology on computers and all of those things you hate them so I guess you figured because why are you would you get 2 gigs of RAM before and I'm like 2 weeks is ok and you're like really and then we come home and we're talking about it later and you go up I have a lot of stuff to put on the computer and I realize that you thought I was giving you on on or dry space ah yeah totally confused I said no but I don't like ah that was fun I don't like it you're not being able to expand later and also was the first time getting a new laptop and you really feel like you okay I just don't want to be in a position where my computer is able to have you can duplicate applications folder pictures of me when I go over there why do you have anyway anyway and you're watching an episode of Always Sunny in iTunes Play Pink Lemonade smell after the Theraflu through 3 months and they worked just like it was there for like half of vs May computer like flipped out over little helper nothing I was really relying on that there for so I was dying all day after my computer died so once every three a half years of my life yes I don't think that I was being too awful of course then also I had a lot of stuff on the hard drive I need to get back and get those ah I don't know it depends on how bad the fucking images stuff on there because last time you ran time machine and you go no after an interview ah Monsieur I just noticed the time machine set-up time machine question did you have a hard drive plugged into it the first time it runs it takes a long time give me a tutorial to be like on Sunday oldest at you over my shoulder all the second time does it cost money money that's doing good man I had a rough night last night so I've been trying to do some stuff for her like clothes and stuff and I ran into a group and that's why I just jump into a random pic of through and after about 40 minutes of waiting I finally got a new one and we were in the halls of origination of origination which I'd never run before and for some reason my GPS is off and immediately everyone the group started ripping into me after I quit I'm done I'm for some reason like I was trying to keep trying to keep things under control and they kept hitting it then like nazarites good I'm done rather well after waiting almost an hour to get into a game I finally got it immediately damn it I have never feel like my GPS still kind of little I'm still trying to get out but no one really from my experience as long as you don't look anything up royally and I don't know the kind of the fight no one no one will really give it to me so you know give me a chance to me to the gym from you guys awesome surprise and realize that they might have also been from where they on the same server or Saturday night up together and then just be nice to leave game Gus and whoever they were a big hit at 11 today and we had our first week we got our first 25 minutes on Monday night at 1:25 people in The Guild and run the 25 minutes events and we met her she like 21 or 22 and then people kept dropping off so we can dipping right underneath them like $19 like one more on bring your the drunk tank a few people still playing well so we're looking for more people will use more tanks and Healers I was really the first time that extent on wow that everything usually typically while people are friendly and very willing to help you and stuff and it was just like you was kind of kind of shocking actually I don't know I just rolled it ready for her just about every day I don't have anything that I need to start doing it anyway and at one time the worst pick-up group I was in was the Mage refused to keep the target she was told that she was like for the love of God is good for me no more why does my wife Street last night after after going to the gym so it's not only only actually worked out like a treadmill did anyone through treadmill 2 keyboard everything anybody at the gym go like only one 200 minimum hair a long time ago a few years ago where these guys hooked up with treadmill to their computer so that they could simulate the running in whale in real life so in order to make your character walk or run they had to walk or run on the treadmill while so I can watch them like across the road to ashenvale or so so if you put in yesterday like I was just like died and you're still tired but it was still a blast to play I honestly didn't think I'd have this much fun playing in between I guess right after I started playing in tonight but I am actually and then I started hollering and chanting with a combo and I can just mail money to my home so you and Jeffrey both just doing collection for cousins right Gus before so I'm doing a profession profession but I got a lower level character a goblin he was doing this collection but then I also work between him and another character I have to start a 85 and he does not like pirate stuff I have a hunter and Hunter the professions of profession herbalism the money Gus 2 collection ones are you writing about $1,300 and last week Nice Bridge into gold gold I don't know what the devil don't want to go back to that a lot of money you should be across page and I tried to and after my in my Altima does not show will 2 days like I wanted to not show like 3 hours but it was like you can't the character with more than two repeating letters yeah yeah let me do it that's what I would like it or not but I didn't know that little character name trivia reason I'm starting to doing really Space 2 video game comes out next Tuesday releasing videos about actually doing it now it was one of the first things we did in the game room and I it's just really really bad ass yeah it's pretty cool we don't for the same levels over and stuff like that pretty good Jack computer jack off right now so I for PS3 that against the the unveiling like they're Steamworks platform cross platform compatibility right now you can play from if you're playing on the PS3 can play against or with people on the PC and you also get a copy of the game for Steam on the PC or Mac as well and maybe I'm wrong I'm wrong it was kind of difficult to develop on the PS3 no but I think one of the other page was if you were playing and had to save game on one of the platforms it transfers to the other platforms wow that's pretty cool yeah that's totally like wherever you sit down your butt do you have to have like a way to combine your Steam account and your PS3 to PC or Mac and that's your school on the PS3 and you went to go play online and they made you create a account with the PS3 multiplayer I guess it's a problem we haven't with society and I guess there's anybody there trying to fix that but God only the amount you have to have online these days how many email addresses do you guys have portal I think I have well I mean I have one and then aliases Triumph a lot of launch my problem is I have a few different email addresses over the years I've use different email addresses so like for example my Steam account I can set up. You know 12 years ago used an email address that I don't have access to any more something I have to update that and change it and I've no idea what email address I use last 2 times you know what I had that that's the absolute worst iTunes to my email address to my old company and there's nothing I can do about it because I didn't even use anymore podcast working but every Andy Williams album ever I love Andy Williams died you would like every 90 year old for lunch what about Jack when you let everyone know that you were getting a package from the delivery person outside no problem I'm back I was talking about how many do you have somewhere between 5 and 10 were talking about how terrible it is have you talked with all these different services on the internet somewhere and then have to go back on the Xbox when we get something for you please pretty good about that because it looks like an additional at them but you can actually redeem the Uplay points for rewards you can use any game like I know I think for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood unlock a new multiplayer character if you had enough Uplay points in the game accomplishing things so it was a lot of that stuff life systems in place already and if the game RT has a page you can download DLC and that kind of stuff I don't know why I just don't want to go through an additional registration a fractured system yeah I totally didn't like I was playing Battlefield Vietnam Vietnam DLC for Battlefield and that was the same kind of way like I went to Xbox Live and downloaded it but then I had to go when I can't find anywhere and the game and I had to go to the other thing that they have a store inside the game and it downloaded file and then it pops up and it's like it's me detective Little Big Planet for a while it was updating it took something we talked about how gorgeous for creating worlds and maps of things like that A Little Big Planet like that you know it's just you have the ability with the community created maps and gametypes there's a lot of open-ended things you can do in that game it's really crazy I remember somebody somebody remade episode 1 of RVD in Little Big Planet one that I was very very bit and then do that kind of stuff game computer I didn't understand it ah yeah just as crazy as the year PS3 right I think so I don't think so I did last year before that was here PS3 I don't think this is the PS3 yesterday that's pretty cool come out and announce the next in the World game is very very PS3 major PS3 titles coming out this year and Gran Turismo which came out in the last year did the PS3 come out vinyl in copies of the next Super Mario Brothers game of course you're going to get in the games for you can say that there's so many cross-platform games that come out in almost every big Xbox game comes out for the PS3 that was well Halo would you ever pick up a cross-platform game on the PS3 is better than Xbox game ah but you have to recognize that there a lot of PS3 Call of Duty I think and I think honestly I mean we have more than probably not I don't know I think right now but I think by the end of it all little events or Xbox One have more I don't know I don't think let me know if you want to play First on Xbox Live on Xbox and I love you. The PS3 but I do recognize that PS3 is making rounds and I think it's a very good year they are getting a lot faster with the move then connecting Little Big Planet already Works in Kinect and move on the move and I think it kills I'm going to lunch with new functionality hasn't been it's going to have it was going to be able to cancel it PS3 won't 3 traction on the internet Griffon Nathan Fillion is not going to be a and Drake dating 2 months after his Adventure here ah but that's just me and I kind of feel bad I didn't watch before the drunk tank Awards I would still take Exit through the gift shop it's just that it's fresh on my mind right now but I think about it definitely but we talked about him a lot afterward which I tend of determining whether no I really enjoyed something is how long I think about it afterwards afterwards we watch them every day for about two weeks at some point in the day we had a conversation that we did that to its social network so I was like David Lynch films it's been like 3 months trying to work them out after multiple calculator just leaving my dad knew how to use a slide rule he said that I guess when he was taking like a math courses he was younger that he learned how to do everything on a slide rule a crazy question is Mass Effect 3 going to launch cross-platform I think so I thought it was console what are the exclusives for 360 this year Bulletstorm and gears no one else I know I'm missing something probably pretty big crisis going to be on the PS3 I wouldn't currently I think that's what they're shooting for and I don't know I don't know what your Xbox 360 for 2011 PS3 XCOM Kingdom portal it has Halo on here but I don't know nothing about that new Forza Motorsports 4 Star Wars Kinect supposed to come out Andy project Jack Lord Raco Steel Battalion and that's on this list and the PS3 has Little Big Planet 2 Killzone 3 Uncharted 3 Resistance 3 PS3 Infamous 2 Socom 4 ratchet Clank into the for Twisted Metal and MotorStorm apocalypse New Balance I know your profile PS3 exclusives on Xbox exclusives on the list you have heard of I think I've heard every one of the PlayStation when somebody's IP vs March 27 2020 March 25th and March 27th in the US for 249 99 how many millions are there in a Cell in in Tokyo and I really I really wonder how the system going to do I feel like it it's kind of the canary in the coalmine for mobile gaming but you know how dedicated platform vs something like the iPhone can you look up at 3DS working in its favour which iPhone doesn't have it I'm curious to see it 3D without glasses 2 I appreciate what is the DS come out in March I wonder how it would have done vs the iPhone Andy I hope you know gaming on their phones now or other mobile devices I guess if it comes in either aqua blue or Cosmic Black what would you think of an aqua blue and Cosmo black the name makes me think of console creamer though is it was okay I was no good how old is for 71 and I guess our normal life expectancy in 44 if you ever forgot to the painting elephant autonomous died how did she die oldest dog in and she was like really old for no elephant I guess it's pretty I mean biggest thing is usually died earlier right big are dogs that have like half the life expectancy of small dogs Andre the Giant a little big for a long time I don't know text me how long does a whale live a long time whale the portal and we'll have to be careful because sharks other animals deal with that like a kangaroo ah right it's like oh you know I'm just hopping a long fucking Shark Evo expected no land mammals and I have no idea what's going on? They're not live to be like 20 to 40 and then the larger ones like killer whales I think their average is 60 and older and then but the smaller species they say that the only little at half through their lifespan in captivity in the wild 8 live longer in the lot the longest is a bowhead whale and they live to be two hundred years like on a 2014 the largest things text for it to become an adult little buddy taking longer to become an adult is a function of the fact that it lives longer though no longer time to go Sydney but he was too big for normal I think maybe that's what has to do from there I wonder how long the average NBA player list a question like they're bigger than normal they are like they're not like super freakin died because of complications of being testosterone new blue never got his posse did you guys see that video that came out this week about the autonomous mini helicopters that can build stuff ah that ah University of Pennsylvania researchers built before little mini helicopters and they would be issues that helicopters a command to tell him to like build a ship and in the for helicopters work together to build the shape that they're instructed to using pre-made items and they don't they act like they don't bump into each other and fight or anything according a building process and communicate to build human-sized cages battery life which is comforting after watching The Matrix they're going to do is build build little robots the quad out their batteries or they just Harvest energy from our Flashpoint start trying to track down Sarah Connor let's go crazy video and then at the very end there's like a half second shot of the 3 robots and it's like the most honest thing ever Fantastic Four I red itchy computer expense you can 3DS autonomous helicopter robot okay but I can't wait till I can 3D print a hamburger that's what I'm waiting for kinds of hamburger for no different than that of a job what did she do she was there for the conversation I need someone weather is crazy hat what is the interaction a bar Andy Bar Star Trek Experience to go through but it was like told me we have to get a platform to Big on the show all the time it's pretty high at 8:19 I've been in first Contact 11 after first contact contact with her like I the first one that had the old cafeteria first Contact was pretty good it was great that's the one where the Romulan clone. Wasn't too bad but there was one in there it was like like dead I gotta get back to sleep Megan sorry you don't let that lady in trekkies 2 new 2014 weather and she lives on the other side of a hill in California and she really seems on one side heel shoe was on the other and she had a photo album of like 300 photos of Brent Spiner they were all Toshiba take at Star Trek conventions but it would be like Brent Spiner in the process of signing autographs and then like a second later and then a second later the book of and it was just like the same shot over and over and over again and to feel like sometimes when I have a rough day and I got your mom I apologize anyway I feel like sometimes when I have a really tough day I was like to pull out my Brent Spiner my big spider picture book and I sit on the back porch and I stare at the hill and have a glass of red wine and think maybe Brent having a bad day and he stared at the hill to and we can we can Hill and comforting New Zealand nearby or something right drinking while on the back porch thinking about each other not too long ago I think I did it right Tarantino then we got more after that right is that what he said before I think for whatever reason and then says you 2 should I be sleeping I'm just going to spit it out and we got your dead Natasha wasn't hadn't had nothing to do with you original died she alright 8 died and she went off 10 inch something out like she went off with this man she's on the was and she was like events and places to find and was like you're not supposed to be here supposed to be here so then she left because she was too long and then later on and she's like oh I know her and she ended up marrying some really died or something it was more torture than that anyway remember what the very last line of Next Generation so what you're saying Griffon is that you hate stories where characters don't stay dead and they keep coming back over and over Brady's rookie card street right there if you haven't yet the Double Down I feel terrible after eating it and I thought maybe it was just a fluke I order oh yeah I know but it's just like like fried chicken and in the fried chicken and second and I it does make you high mass Halo I'm so glad we little locking doors or anything for your lunch Bunch it's something pretty cool there's a place on South Congress call hopdoddy it's a bird ah oh yeah twice now and the place is super packed but never got in like I wanted to go one time and was just like crazy ah yeah it's really really good stuff and I'm not sure on time but I've been there twice and then we went up there and the line was there like an hour really good place I highly recommend trying to penis events we tried restaurant was it called again second second bar second it was lunch break I think it was new and its 11:45 in the morning and we show up and they're like to have information Geoff we are also the only people that restaurant who were not in suit I don't know thanks no hurry to make reservations for second lunch at their assholes American Psycho take everyone's reason business cards it was obvious that we had no business there the trading places with all the old man's in there it's like no we don't know how how long is the wait and they go for you and we ah yeah and how long do you have sorry I won't be going to the store right now we was delicious at the Frank Frank Frank is a good place we had it we will take pictures of her and her still have her for the restaurant hotdogscoldbeer.com if you're looking for them new yesterday the name of this the place before we gotta talk about the comics that's okay a couple of things while we just introduce some new characters and yesterday comic and big forehead jokes I don't and I can input it alright if I didn't clean my stomach always 2 the attractions but I did include myself in that anything either yeah what you been on the comics for and why did at the fact that I knew because I know Pennywise yesterday and for some reason it's like it's like 7 guys and not me and like 2 other guys got hired before me in their in their no you should be considered that you're not coming Alexander deussen in at other category with Geoff and videos here through everything on Monday sorry for those guys and even in the comic actually a lot more than that Brandon has at this point you really think you actually have been a part in it like you sometimes it just doesn't work we will be all over look up my Pandora Spa second experience and so that's what we've been trying to keep it up from pretty regular about posting like behind-the-scenes stuff like other stories we have pictures of like doing what he was dead that comic you posted his comic a no so that's a great place for that and if anyone wants to throw it on there and let people look at it okay I want to talk about it Brandon has been working very hard getting the book 1 and book 2 in to iTunes store so I booked and I just want to let you know that those are both I think it went live today or at least talk to you at lunch today we're going to start working on the butt I would like if you're looking to buy it digitally I would go to the iTunes Store on iPhone and iPad version Persian a platform in the US Senate sizing up but yeah so that's kind of exciting if you want to buy the book and you liked reason you can get it on your at your house will have all of them because it takes awhile to go through in life export group Brandon ah he's awesome. I was going to take him to lunch the reason I like the bookshelf I can borrow for a short race shooting tomorrow and I was like yesterday no problem I sent photos of like one of my bedroom loaded full of stuff and then another one I was completely empty so can you bring them both and it's alright so I pulled everything off this bookshelf the all over my bedroom floor right now I'm going to actually have before and after and so I bring it in and it's Friday it's all right they're shooting the short and no they're not we're going to work on Friday so it's been a week now because of my bookshelf is going in there ah give it up with the office I can't you in the morning doing this portal for a short so let's go ahead and assume that we will in a truck that I had when I was first starting I did a play and I had a $300 budget and so we used almost every piece of furniture in our living room we didn't have for like a month and a half for the show is pretty new respectful of you as one of them things in the play is one of the people was a drunk and they were required to still lick her all over a sofa or left Michelle's and repaint that's cool I was really high that day when you were standing next to a big Warehouse right next door died good thing that's that's probably what you say strong though it was very very strong different things that's that's a very small subset of the magnets that you get so you can make your own stuff that we talked about that stuff that you have to be careful if you have a really small kid because if they eat 2 of those magnets and the get down the intestinal tract can look at it will attract to each other and I can feel your intestines shut why I wasn't going to little things that you think it might be a good idea to remind him not to eat at 7:50 with pets to imagine died ah that kinda dog is it Neapolitan Mastiff she took a shit all over my back seat in my car today second blue like a blue what big giant monster dog in The Book Thief yeah little in fact I want to Geoff wanted a great thing so we got a Neapolitan Mastiff the largest dog with the biggest it's possible it was Big A dog will be big heaviest a cow no I love this. Had a great time you need a great job finding it she's really beautiful and she's like she's been defeated she's been little bit nippy and she's not potty trained yet Street yesterday was to have the corners are dangerous on the corner you could injure yourself do doing no believe me I know you have to tell me if dog is in in California and it a long time ago for like Triumph went to one of those crazy he gets on a roll and piles of cash the writer writes what I think I think so I don't know Mass a pretty well respected in the industry was not and they're treated pretty well get started as a writer so I would imagine he treats his right as well but I don't know I don't know for certain that all the time she's probably not aware of the video Triumph in the other Star Wars and that was probably one of the best videos ever Triumph on the weather doing the weather report in awhile that's my favorite the bankers and so fucking funny has a team of writers that tomorrow or something something Dover doing now are you legitimately don't know what I'm talking about I'm talking about I don't come don't stay the fuck away from a few hundred more whatever you do I don't know how it is that I'm the one who makes you ah I would not consider you to be an Xbox gamer I was just concerned because I don't think you care game and you're like your whole life you've been playing games all types why that you're so like platform-specific I am so addicted 2 achievements I've had and I don't know and there's even some steam and there's at events in Iowa yesterday that platform and Xbox Live is awesome it's hands-down the best online I'm online delivery system ah yeah Steven I don't spend as much time on it but I just like the interface I like I like I like Halo integrated with all the games I like to know until recently that has 15 different accounts to play multiplayer games like the only problem I just like Xbox on another trying to like removed like friends and from the Press I just at the process is so slow maybe I'm doing it wrong but it like I do it fast or slow I just have like I should be able to talk a bunch and deleted your friend request on our way to 3 weeks when you didn't reply I just deleted it so then because I was doing it I asked I wasn't I don't think I would have that feeling that I after people because of the time we're looking for people to play with so I have them added that I've never met in person and remember who they are so I was so I'm kind of slowly getting rid of decluttering in then I can add people actually no that's alright but yeah it's like everytime I start and I lose after like a minute or two I'm just like saying I'll do it later for like a year I'm not saying I don't like them I like the number value total score was like that with all the security PS3 jailbreak some packing I guess they're trophies system has been compromised as well as to where if you jailbreak your PS3 you can unlock any trophies you want lol that doesn't work it doesn't work in Arkham Asylum but it works in a lot of other games I have the same I mean people doing on the Xbox 2 game favors like that I'd strip club DJ little early so crazy and he's the first person to hit a hundred thousand gamerscore it was a big deal and then you said that you cheated his way up there and some people do it I don't know people people like to events systems yesterday I guess I just want to let everybody know one thing I didn't know that came out as a result of this was that the reason the PSP doesn't have trophies is because it's been hacked and compromised system that's that's what he never put trophies down to the PSP that they weren't making them so they're worried about hackers doing that to him no because the system doesn't mean anything anything you want it will hire people to moderate that thing too much Call of Duty servers no I'm sure it'll all work out eventually and hopefully the trophies will be restored I hope from what I understand that would be very difficult to fix if it's possible at all there is to that and that kind of thing to me in my mind it's similar to how did used to be you couldn't rip DVD's and then all of a sudden like those keys were discovered that allowed you to unlock the encryption and then you can rip DVD's and that's never been fixed yet never go back and rewrite that standard so maybe we'll see a PSP Playstation the pirate experience for me and for everybody and it would be a big deal but there's a lot of like trophies are as big of a deal 2 PS3 players autonomous from Generation stuff online now I realize I have everybody have a 3 Xbox and try but I just don't get the sense that there's like that fever for trophies and it may be because they came in so late in the summer in the PS3 lifespan and they felt at least to me kind of tacked on like that has really last minute but didn't in his Outlook Maybe I'm Wrong how many comments were the first Dead Space 2 video I posted today on YouTube and I didn't realize this but we actually have it we're playing Dead Space 2 Andy Buck it and it's the old dashboard and everything no it's just 2 debug kid that can Flash the next DVDs are coming out are going to have him anyway yeah did you see that 8 bit Halo game came out today yesterday I really want to try it out and play it really cool remind me to ask you if week if you could let me borrow this one here the one that the hard drive died there's a Halo game Halo game 8 bit Halo pixel for sale oh yeah that's cool we'll talk about it next week what's going on probably at lunch they can't do anything use me as an excuse our lunch break to go find a counselor maybe there's something great experience Little Sandwich Company I didn't mean to say that I'm and I'm going to go get a hamburger my plan isn't working we're going to be doing events in Sydney next month that's going to be Griffon and Jeff are all going to that that's Armageddon so if you live in that part of the world will see them Sydney Australia doing the hopefully not Street Sharks it snow in February March is the Ramsey World Tour can we can we get shark insurance that like if you want to see right now a bunch of them March to the comic on The Closer we'll talk about it more details on that soon