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fidelity well actually I guess I should have dressed more than based on the first three 4 Brandon Tire food banks mike77 how long was the one that you turn down to Georgia our 2 minutes long so I was scrambling to try to get a replacement for it was like okay that's good can you tell me what is the proper amount of time for a drunk Time theme song 30 seconds of good red why you asking me nicely to the point yesterday we took some head shots for the company that we did it we took them in and the brightest light Bellagio Brandon could not figure out in his head shot why he couldn't button his shirt his button-down shirt and he had an inside out that's awesome that'll be one of the link up with Brandon yesterday very very agitated to correct some of our inaccuracies regarding Star Trek in the last podcast and for the first time ever I understood why I got to high school I'm the guy that has been on and on about Star Trek and accuracy Seahawks face like the sun and try to take a picture they made us feel bad about it afterward like well it took us 20 minutes to photoshop out the wrinkles it was like no no no I don't just give up our mother could you look at the hotel they said you also he's like it was a lot of email so it's not really hard to see but you understand I know you're not processing even email it all starts at home last night until midnight and I went through about a hundred and fifty horse emails because you can download the maps and check them out at work it sounds like a rough life that's why I just my parents and I see that Matt has already replied to it I don't even know I figured if it was good enough it's business is your business going on how much email do you think you receive an individual individual pieces of mail including spam and something that you expected and then respond to I'm going to go in the I'm going to say about 200 to 250 but that's mostly fails emissions for submissions and tip line nails cut that out an email got a guy working at a company 50 years ago he had a phone on a wooden box and I talk to you in a day or interacting with in a day it would that be like a crazy day and that was studying who did and they had they had like a secretary pool with a crank out of the letters in our correspondence I would like 40 women in a room of typewriters 2017 yesterday I feel like I can accomplish 112 people but none of those words Bellagio never done something right there and I know this is an ad for some new car and it was a Chevy Cruze Earth it was cruzers Cruze Cruze the Cruze that's totally normal to me but they took her name and spelled it wrong intentionally to be hit but like anything like even twenty-five years ago if Chevy would have come out with a car that was misspelled 4 effect it would be the last out of the plan it right I'm trying just gotta be one the first one like that I know that the inside of it was like 10 or 11 years ago that really got me thinking my first car was a Ford Escort pickup truck and then I had a Buick Century and my parents out of sunburn that I can't think of like it kind of like spelling I could argue that the GTO is on the stove. leave and come back our the goat actually they're really I can't think of one I can't even think of like I mean there's anything that it was the whole thing tomsula doesn't mean anything at all of it camera Cameron me to the king water yeah I didn't like it was five he asked me he was going to and he was asking me to come in at the letter combinations like you said what is jup Bell and I said it doesn't spell anything anything anything sick and and then you know water scream later still do you think it would be a lot easier on everybody compound words why do we call the shirt shop in 4 then we could call it the same as everybody in hand cramps and I can write my letters and he would be actually spoken language you're trying to talk to vocalize it and then later after it matured then you start writing it you're not you specifically created by it like recently created people are always doing stupid stuff what Stanford is really really old I think it was you Mike modern language that was like created combining like Latin roots with of it blooms Esperanto right idea that they're going to change something fundamental and everyone else's life like you were when Swatch came up with the new time it was in the color internet time no it wasn't internet time that's what it was like to be and when the day comes we make fun of them now but if that worked we'd all be wearing Swatch is right now that's true as an experiment to get like your girlfriend to like to follow the new time see how easy it is to adapt to have your friends behind you never showed up anywhere on time do you even care anymore and I love time is like a gus is probably the worst offender this point is just late or Gus has just it what does it matter when you all get together somewhere and you know you're not going to go Gus I don't say anything to avoid the bitching it easier to deal with the post post missed of it bitching then be free I'm not going to The Avengers I try to encourage you to see if you like and you can get the phone right now more time concentrating on how to eliminate annoyances to you than anyone else whole lot of thought into everything you do I don't know but I do try to minimize it I don't think it's like a big part of my life or anything Earth all about going home and playing while social psychopath show me directions to have it without whole weekend I used to live together was the worst if he and I both because social anxiety we both hate to do stuff like answer the door or call or talk on the phone it would be like to be a fight over who was going to order pizza and the internet Geoff Duncan at shooting do it in the store like he will not ask for something is going to store of the figure to Home Depot and then to look for it before I asked I need something better than that if Griffon it finally like I'm going to ask her she's going to go after that okay and then I'll just walk away from her a little differently it's really funny I'm so hot sorry no no you're hot I never sell anything I buy things a lot but I don't sell the things on the back end because I don't want to deal with selling to something like Craigslist is a nightmare or something out on the curb and available come get it I just know that person is going to be a part of my life for far too long and I totally understand why I don't know if you noticed but I have a receiver in a laptop under my desk and I've been meaning to put on Craigslist for like a month and a half but I just can't bring myself to do it cuz I don't want to deal with the person that's going to be anybody want to buy your laptop and not make eye contact with them while you're doing that I'll be there where are you still want to deal with the situation so it's pretty normal part of life I'm just like I don't I don't want to like go to social interaction to deal with it so like I missed out at turning things into trouble of like shipping something back I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon almost everything I buy from Amazon free shipping service chocolate fountain Christmas it was the number one thing on his Christmas chocolate in the first place and it was like chocolate chair Madera California I think you just like what is a low melting points red 100 degrees I've been and I know I would imagine that whole foods will my kids taking 4 pounds of chocolate really don't want that either you take him to the Bellagio to the crepe place that has that giant get chocolate fountain in Vegas the world's biggest chocolate or something I don't fucking like right now in your head he was like hey you should mention some of these because it's on the it weird I don't remember championship game NFL on the road I didn't report this could be the most the largest money making Super Bowl all time in the NFL New York vs Chicago Super Bowl because if you have some interesting people that live around Super Bowl Super Bowl another going to be record profits to be made real what you're saying does make sense like and everything they are located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and Green Bay Wisconsin the biggest Market in the NFL no I think if you're watching this New England Patriots Boston football Green Bay the city Round Rock and I don't know Austin I don't know I don't think he will like New England International United vs AC Milan the night at the bar the game if you take a lot I didn't know that you can actually the only place in the world where I have stepped over a pool of blood outside of a pub in London last year during the World Cup final and we actually thought let's go to a bar and watch the game you can even get inside like the afternoon and we were walking around at 9 a.m. and all the bars have signs up sorry no vacancies everything's booked up can't walk in the bar like you couldn't walk into a bar at 9 a.m. that day people will just went and camped out for like 10 12 hours and they have to go in just a little bit before the game tomorrow $200 or whatever months and months and months in advance and so we watch the game in the hotel because there's nowhere else in England to watch England eliminated almost immediately those people put on everything is lots of of people from all over are the most diversity of ever been in London's pretty diverse I don't know what I was in Toronto I was really surprised I have never said that he is really really really depressed Canadian French people and other kinds of white people eventually I'll tell you we're not I mean in terms of light thank you. I saw Lincoln with me right now he is about 2627 pounds marijuana Carolina and I mean like you make jars and things and people just have to put marijuana it she was not there for marijuana storefront what no no it's just a internet sales or something Griffon in the series Weeds it was there wait a minute people like drugs yesterday had him in there they took care of him and he's very happy dog happy to see other people was he wearing like a Rasta Beret when he came back he was fine the first I've ever had a dog like that so we have to pick her up and carry her down to the end of the road and said her dad and then she'll run back to the house cuz she does not like doing walk anywhere I figured out down the block take a right to the next block and then I spin in a circle 5 times so I set her down she doesn't appreciate it I just want it the only way I can get that would you do if liquid Griffon sick if you should take her to look into the block to take her in a wagon it when you get to the end of the block you just didn't know where to put the leash on her and let her come back to the house and I don't work out and you get a free ride on a skateboard and the dog was running I'm going to sell dirt bikes around here and it's awesome finally picked up before I tell you my dog is such a chick magnet having an animal that really seriously the other day you were doing and he was like oh my God there's so many great lawsuit how do you work yourself into a little kid and then like a cute puppy and it became more what are the motivated when I'm not around and you can benefit from an animal I'm just thinking in Austin I would like it if you went to take your dogs for a walk and you brought jack with you which would make it less than $78,578 and measure every time they go down and there's a cop that is a step it up it doesn't I'm wearing my 1584 not have something and I just figure some stuff out I did three hip thrusts and got one step two step it's like I just like I took 4 steps so I guess when you can see just how long do you sleep like a log how much you toss and turn in your sleep and you can see all of your sleeping like your rhythms and when I didn't care at all about the product right now I want to see I want to see how well I sleep if you if you have internet on the website but they make it for you Portable 2 foods and then of your stuff not on it you can add it in and then you realize quickly that you only like 14 thing that only eat 14 things it's true you also realize that anything you need the restaurant has about 45 times the amount of your daily intake of sodium that you're required and everything anything you eat has lines in it sodium and/or sugar it seems like warm the other day I was told I was flying back from DC I stop by the way over at the Chicago airport and I had out at McDonald's our for the first time I can meet at McDonald's and I had a Big Mac and I felt like I was eating steak food I got it I got on the plane I was like I'm still hungry I feel like I did anything Austin I had to eat something and Taco Bell what would you suggest and garlic substitute and someone else beef water isolated Out product salt chili pepper onion powder tomato powder of soy lecithin sugar spices Bell Dexter in soybean oil garlic coming along with us now thank you that is absorbed as glucose yes so its only 36% beef but I know what I want for dinner Jack & Jack 24 hours without taking a hundred steps do like that at least 40% 30 Taco Bell even though it's only thank you thank you we can even though Taco Bell has only 36% beef it barely missing the USDA dyed like to be qualified as a meat Taco filling how much money is going to cost me to bump it up at 4% another 11% beef on top of what they already have that 4% or 40% 8919 which is 11% okay is it true that one night is 11% or 11 times 9 is 99 we have to be of 36 grams out of a hundred grams of beef I need 40 grams of beef they need 4 more grams and 36 grams and that's 11% that's right holy cow JC that's why I have to have a dog filter mask the Earth our dog is and try to help me now you're making himself look good via my phone, that is the problem he does have to talk to Chris Cornell I guess the group of researchers are working on making a 3D printer that prints food but yeah I guess they have it working in a very rudimentary fashion right now and they're working on expanding it it makes turkey gun turkey and chocolate like right now turkey paste and light plug it in and it just squirted out and like a fashion artist it like actually he said it had like I was it that late already did take the stuff that's already there and put 4 more does it close domes of turkey on a cutting board like a cholo side and you were your out of time does your turkey come out like glue navigate me to do today. Tomorrow we have showing up here are like a glass bridge that dedicated for just your company tomorrow and then now then the discussion came up what are we going to stop this and nobody wants me to pick up all the stuff and then put it in water water is one of the stupidest things on the it water everyday every minute every okay what is something that you enjoy drinking anything but water Jack Daniels okay let me tell you this let's see I have a thing that I can still in your house that goes in your state will be next year sick okay and it'll be attacked that when you use it it comes out of Jack Daniel's is right there and you never have to go anywhere to get Jack Daniels and it's better quality Jack Daniels in what you get in the store and it could be there at your sick whatever you want Jack Daniels it doesn't taste as good as Death Note 4 it doesn't taste as good it tasted good would you would you pay for that tap in your house have a Jack Daniels tap what can bring down your dollars a month we're going to start at like and you never have to fill it up automatically has it all time and the Lone Star comes out at like $0.08 of gas I would have that in your house now what's water and they still go out and buy water well according to my wife all the water in Austin taste like glue algae did you have algae blooms occasionally in the the water and Austin tap water bacon taste so gross I was just trying to deny it to to make you think you were being crazy if I if I didn't acknowledge crazy way the conversation went to your Griffon doesn't shower sick that our energy to go jump in the river Oregon to brush your teeth I'm so attracted to her hair I will tell you to drink water out of plastic or anything in a plastic it supposedly gives you cancer jump in the river and now some kind of animal walk around your house naked whole it like to work for and other people not affected by whatever watching Babylon 5 no but what you're saying I'm it isn't good to buy bottled water because putting plastic and so should you leave water in the car like in a plastic container apparently like it gives you cancer. Every man boobs and girls going through puberty at the age of eight and hormones and beef and 2 so if you want to see young girls Taco Bell and in your life that's for you to know Gus if it's like no no no no effect other than the smell never know you never know that I have noticed since I didn't know that it was a time when the restaurant was El Mercado actually and you sent your water back cuz it tastes like algae and I tasted it too when I glass of water it's not like I drink 16 ounce glass of water I could get like 10 seconds I don't sick one time when I was a kid I didn't like to drink water and it just did not care you know the next thing turned into a chocolate fountain it was Snickers bar bell we just won he wouldn't jump on the trampoline and we talked about a couple weeks ago it was just like that is it called how many of the best picture nominees did you guys see anything I didn't know what the kids are alright where you can get that on the iTunes $21 it was okay the movie with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet dyed and he was in that movie replacement dyed in Hondo Austin IMDb hair existed it would not have existed before the internet it was given in 1990 we just call 800 number Taco Bell filing cabinet and pull up the Angelina Jolie file God that was like Saturday morning cartoons all the time like mystery novels mystery books and all that shit always talk about we do a retro gaming series like the right thing is nobody gives a shit about anybody else's what they consider retro games like the ones you like the computer run it Cobble something together with their parts and some time talking about the Power Rangers Power Rangers actually think that's cool dude I really think you're cool I cannot believe that when we were doing the shoot with mega64 at my house or it was the TSA shoot I don't know you were there at the moment cuz he had to go do something but he and Rocco got into a conversation about when Power Rangers jump the shark and they were serious about it it wasn't it wasn't like Derek Shawn Gus and I were just standing there watching and like in disbelief that looks like I can't believe the people I work with I think it's and I want a conversation and then you feel like it was his family go to the carry on too long and it comes to the longer They carried on and you realize that they need to be punished that's all there was to it and there's like Power Rangers texting me to be like Yellow Ranger Swatch it till time to be show me the Swatch even answer that said some Japanese line of watches that had it like that it doesn't look anything like a typical watch and it said it is a totally different way it's almost like our telephone all the Power Rangers our Brandon farmahini everyone time red and what you were describing him nobody's retro is relevant to anybody else and help you want to tell if my Power Rangers 2 Austin that age I mean everybody who was 24 I'm 24 money is about 26 - 29 really the right you know what I'm really crazy it's like a lot of cool fighting guys turning into monsters monsters robots during a monster when did they jump the shark when they went 2 cars I thought was only one space no no no no cars was right before State I mean dinosaurs turning into giant robot that's cool cars turning the big robot suit Transformers how our awesome dinosaur Transformers Grimlock mega64 came down here a few weeks ago and I'm not going to out him but one or two are you already looking into this and hair we got together and realized we found each other like we talked about this thing we have in common just out there to it it's awesome it's time we start on everybody else there that there were more people in our group and you had it in you guys didn't have that same thing that dumb thing looking back now that older people thought it was stupid but you loved other people doesn't matter to anybody else we look at other people doing stupid things like we can't remember the day they turned Richard Simmons Earth Japanese is a Japanese footage and another three messages. But it's okay 4 minutes of good American television or American or just American Millie dyed her hair had a friend who is a professional hair stylist color hair and she wanted her hair dyed light cheetara Philadelphia shooting cheetara hair our hair would be almost impossible with longer hair than likely store hair you can do like to talk about tonight anything like it hurts but you have to feel like it had to be genetically altered it to work your back to the Brandon you're saying that revolutionized Heights Dakota how to tell time and then you try to tell me how it's different from your watch with you but you couldn't tell time with your watch like you're doing your normal look up already have there's nothing wrong with getting another watch this 2 I can check out people were talking about okay you're listening to me right now Tokyo one of those totally different than the other dr.miami the horrible I have a watch that I hate as well but the reason I hate the watch is it super cool watch that has a compass and altimeter barometer all the stuff in it time is out door latches when I'm pulling myself into buying it because all the stuff just in case you go it doesn't ring and then goes exactly 80 Hopkins and Alec Baldwin with the bear the bear The Edge that was the plan but the compass on the beef or something like that so much but my watch The Ultimate Fighter watch and I don't go outside it up to charge it doesn't run time is better for you right now it's really really it was good solar watch food and driving I try to look at just my sleeve to make sure that the watch is out and it's like positions that is true that is true but so what am I your fault man summary and one of my kids as well so that helps the information for the internet like everyone had a Nintendo everybody's Nintendo that have the greatest failure rate of any console that I know absolutely Millie cartridge neighbors there were no new breakthroughs in how to fix that and everybody know that like that you it might take ten thousand can you take it out of the VCR it was too fucked up and you look at it and let me know my first experience with rebooting something to try to fix the problem also it's like doesn't work right sometimes you just sit there and power cycle it over and over pray that it works now that's funny and I'm outside Brandon the first game of the championship weekend we watched Green Bay beat Chicago and it was like everything every time where's your friends all dead I think I made the comment that was cute when she was in the podcast I did not say that you and I Eddie got something for me via and its money and money is the kind of guy who would live at the office in fact it was a short time and he was sleeping in one of our conference room so we have and that and then just leave the closet and come back and go back to the apartment it was very close to here and I thought it was and he says let me come out here you could probably store so I said the money I said I would never try though you live right here I thought you looked like 3 or 4 blocks away he goes he does not try to be as close as I could and you know what I mean what do you drive your car to work everyday and he says oh I know and it's like I can see I can fight bike out that it would direct explanation is that it takes it would take him like 10 minutes longer which would be 10 minutes less time in his life he had to work on her baby he's totally appreciate it worked out in his head how many seconds it takes off of the trip to the work to get in the car and come money one time told me he doesn't microwave things for a minute because you have to push three buttons you microwave things for 59 seconds because that one was but he has to put your finger in front of the game in front of the TV behind the camera people who don't like them a lot so it's not just like you walk in with a camera put Burnie in a chair in front of it and start shooting it's like an hour of moving lights around very loudly turning lights on turning them off the room getting very hot moving positions 7 people talking and it's like the setup and all the tear down a picture of you dollars if money has a smoke bomb on him I bet he has the nearest smoke bombing Oregon today the end of the thing we just time he gets in his car and I get in my car and drive back to the office or you can meet me over there by the trash out store Brandon red Christmas tree it looks like a hundred percent function for the stuff to the dump so much of the aesthetic and form into like what's on the screen that it says he doesn't like himself and his girlfriend or whatever like he does in his outside life you still but he's it but it's in it's usually for a purpose that's not like you or like we're putting in cabinets in the kitchen because I think it would be a really good way for us to interact and relieve stress but your hand internet yeah I think you're right except he does that he likes those are just different different kinds of trolls back to the Oscars The King's Speech the in there too that I didn't remember can you read the whole $127 Black Swan Inception the fighter The Kids Are Alright The King's Speech The Social Network Toy Story 3 True Grit and Winter's Bone animated How to Train Your Dragon was going to get dinner that was very good casting The Voice 2 characters and he was pretty good Gerard Butler who's the dude from Tropic Thunder the geeky dude The Sorcerer's Apprentice Josh to show her she'll be okay I do not see Bill Hader in the list for How to Train Your Dragon yeah I don't think it's in there always think about you in the first 20 minutes so if you just wanna come in every week it was a big turning point in my life I felt I was just thinking the other day and Seth Rogen was on and he's like 26 that was hard for me to listen to that's fucking young young forever 29 drunk I got to get on that out of out of that list and what you seen what you think of them of you there it just makes up what you see The King's Speech he has a really good shot but based on what I've seen I would say True Grit neighbors lot of stuff on everything flash like The Social Network better than shooting but I like them both a lot Gus the all the nominees said so but we'll try to do it this year we have a month to watch that's kind of tough on CNN.com last night or the day before how many Best Picture nominees have you seen it was like one through five six through 10 or 9:50 2% of the people answered that pulls an 2 percent of people and one of those two movies I mean it's always been I mean can you take in consideration beef the people that actually see it and movies that are actually popular I mean I guess I could that's its own reward right if you do well financially that's its own reward you look at me you going to be grown ups in there you know I'm not really it's true I remember when your Jimmy Kimmel did this thing where he interviewed people on the best movie of the year and was nominated and like white girls and AVP like overwhelmingly one but I still like audience reaction it was way more than anything Chris Rock Chris Rock you did that that was for it when right when you it was a big one words that mean money reward Whoever has the $300 million movie The Wayans Brothers are riding on the jet skis in the French Caribbean right now crying their eyes out the window Academy Award the Wayans brothers did all the scary movies oh yeah they did the white girls with me like a hundred million they did one of them turned into a baby movie that made like 70 million yes of and it'll take you a little while to get there number one broke the record for number one opening for already moving away from that trailer poster for I didn't watch the trailer poster for Scream 4 and I was pretty surprised to know that there's only been three Scream movies it seems like there's been about 1000 scream little man and 58 million dollars how much was the budget 64 International McKenzie is retiring now I can't explain the story was really tired yesterday I don't know what this is going to change the way that Studios buy films going to revolutionize the way independent movies are purchased anything at Sundance he would after he's going to have an auction and that he would sell the movie to the highest bidder so all these Executives when they watch the movie and they went to start the bidding process and it was okay it is me $20 so I it was all sold the rights to the movie theater Chevy coupe it to me like maybe he thought he wasn't you know we're coming down it was auction of people buying his movie right there on the spot I think he got cold feet incapacity and I worked I worked at a job with the School Employees Credit in Winter Garden that he's made Sundance relevant I haven't heard any information on a Sundance in probably five years it comes and goes and I didn't know it was coming and he has turned his small slice of the world into millions of dollars around his night with Kevin Smith charging expensive the line between marketing and milking your audience that being said and Kevin Smith has a large enough audience to feel every time getting away from this conversation but I'm inside just come in to talk to him and the people that I work with to work with him didn't like him as much as the fans all say that because it just happened and it's very relevant if you were late you mind if I bring it up now I have to set it up so of gladimir Putin the premier of Russia who blamed the bombing of the Moscow airport Modern Warfare 2 no Russian scene yeah he said he said that he thinks that that's awesome Modern Warfare 2 after the event and said look at this I think is interesting about this is my Twitter feed about a week ago was talking about how Sarah Palin caused the shooting in Arizona right now my Twitter feed is saying how it's ridiculous to think of you again cause a bombing at an airport right there Millie and in their Baseline fundamental judgement synonyms of believing I could not agree with you more I don't see anywhere that you can order fish like a government official make the direct correlation it like terrorism expert talking about it really cuz everything every word that you said you didn't have that level of Call of Duty socially responsible maybe was what they wanted socially responsible maybe but to draw the line that somebody saw her infographic and decided I'm going to assassinate this person but you're saying the most dangerous plant images can cause I don't believe that so I don't believe anybody have somebody that's all on you it was a big thing in the early 91 Florida Power & and shooting people and sick of it all shirt popular and unpopular all music grade there was a girl it was nice. That was murdered by her boyfriend who is in high school he was a freshman in high school and he it when they would at least try to call him because his friends like and it of his friends knew you and the kids been there when it when it happened and didn't really try to cover for him they said that all he do all he would do was talk about Silence of the Lambs like a time that was one of his popular like if you had seen him 2 times and he would talk about how you wanted to know what if I kill something I think that movies music video games can Inspire somebody who's already crazy to do things that I don't mean I think that everybody for other reasons you know like we usually but a violent person I see is there already out on that but you can't because of Silence of the Lambs like maybe the John Wayne Gacy story or Helter Skelter or some in the button I mean I think that you have to be crazy to start like as if you will watch a movie and be inspired to do something creative because your created person if you're like a homicidal person you might see something and inspired to be but what are you know he's crazy and he keeps that stuff out want those tools and other people gone before them and done those things so I don't I don't I don't think you can say that you don't invite but I don't control what are the sexual health advisor can I delete the course of methods of birth control you need to qualify to get on the pill so it's more so the other people spend more time with him like that I don't know what is called orientation advisors incoming freshman in college but I got in trouble one time because we were having a discussion about condoms on the big meeting place it doesn't increase alternative video games you know living Outside the Lines because somebody might go not just one person not two all 99.9% of the other people use it as an outlet to go and relax release question like I play Halo well maybe not whole of his fucking terrible and people may be mad but like I play a video game to decompress and relax right and help you blow off steam not the opposite is the crazy will be crazy regardless but I do think I can get inspired by music videos and just about anyone else can just in a different way sick something was going on when people eating and playing so much games that have guns and everything out for sure that's what I'm thinking about that I couldn't find the quote talking about it but I don't see anything from them I sent you a picture of this Bloomberg businessweek magazine had a cover story about the history of the Glock gun and how it became quote unquote America's favorite killing machine or something like that Glock is used in Arizona Tucson Arizona that is fucking crazy is what crazy looks and the way the trains move and it can be a little frightening you know how many lessons you know when chocolate is the ability to move people in a Big Mac that 2 people One Direction they don't they don't stop until they hit something very powerful seriously flash mob let's all go have lunch biscuits and groovy and in Duvall trailers taco truck around the corner from our office but I don't know about it yet it's next to that like The Red Shed Tavern out over there it's really could use some work and just a big part of the image and that sick I'm going to go to Christina Hendricks and the dude who played the snozberries guy in Super Troopers whenever I get sick from sucking what's-her-face from American Pie the naked chick in American channel of Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green how about the cheapest Eddie Murphy Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack Gettysburg Pennsylvania Edwin and Edward Furlong and Jolene Blalock might be one of the best one she was the sick of Star Trek Jolene Blalock more famous Star Trek where they had to like take your clothes off and let you know what you are talking about antimicrobial hair on their body Jesus he didn't commit suicide his cause of death was acute pneumonia and severe anemia Academy dyed the same way in the same house as his wife is this thing how do you know who her neighbors having sex of gold he's like a basketball Howard Stern and auction Bethel