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Recorded: 2011-02-02 23:12:39

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo


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the greatest podcast and you'll like what I have time for you and me but maybe not for those and just let me know the kind of fucking curse to bring up your laundry and prepare your ears for and so will be reviewed and so without further ado okay well so that was a dude but that Chris Brown daughter was Christopher Christopher Brown Crystal kh2 ah wish ah man calls me up and he's like hey Jack I need to come sing Who Let the Dogs Out it's a ringtone now so I can never run for office they were trying to hide because I don't worry about it the video I'm going to sleep put that dog had outside of my door if we're done recording the podcast last week and open the door and it's a giant decapitated Saint Bernards head staring at us some of the pictures from the short as my actual head shot done Jack and Joel what year Jack I'm here because Jack is dead and I didn't know about halfway through yesterday afternoon was just like you look at him and I was like get the hell out of here because I'm going on a trip this weekend and I was like I don't get sick before this trip because there's like 5000 flight delays this week 20 degrees here now there's a snowstorm apparently getting tired so I don't think we're trying Las Vegas is there any special for the hell of it what or who you're gay you're playing probably will be for them to you right and I think we watch the last playoff game was at the gym and then we talked about maybe staying till Monday just watch the game there but I really don't care about this really I mean what's going to happen to the level of intoxication at work out will probably determine whether we're staying a little longer but well it all goes into the weekend of the Consumer Electronics Show and the adult video news award for the second weekend in January little four wheeler we were there Friday we already been there at least at least 12 hours and we've been getting emails all can as Defcon which is the big hacker convention alien movies laptops and ever bottomed out again after meaning control your electronics and do it supposed to I just want to say that the greatest people in the face did they put up at the convention which is people that they've hacked while they're at the convention and how much other day that I can then print out and put up on the wall at the convention while they're walking out of here if you know Wi-Fi enabled phone and all that function on my phone at all but I'm just leaving I don't think anything ever ever in any way the whole thing kind of died right now no one seems to care about that after rolling out secure login procedure to get around that but ah you're making HTTP connection and your profile Facebook information and ruin Facebook for me because I actually know Activity 3 years reason why I'm on Facebook is because you know those people who I knew from a long time ago or whatever those people you know that are on Facebook or whatever but I'm not really missing something internet out completely but I'll go the Hope Diamond game started when they really sorry if I was suddenly it's like you've been bitten by a vampire blah blah that anymore you have like friends always like to talk to you all the time and yeah the guy told me Amazon we're doing what I was talking to high school Mike fuck is wrong with you Edward of these conventions he's like yeah I was just sitting here with people you do business with on that account and he would just post up for my blog on refugees on my Facebook account and talk what are you talking about the fucking Moon text ah I finally had to get a Facebook account just to hold it in place and they charged me crazy but I've never I've never I don't know what that makes no sense to me know that it was the gifted people cookie gifts and stuff to or you could buy a present and give it to people but there were some that were free that are sponsored Facebook 2 weird things like this private company that's getting hyped like crazy and like the washing machine is basically try to print that thing for the IPL and I'm telling you a year from now 2 years from now Twitter LinkedIn Facebook and hit the market it's going to be like it's going to be like this week rates Goldman and Facebook but it's like there's no Facebook no response will you ever get to see their financials and you have to commit to them for like a minimum of six months to a year or whatever so for them it's great what are you allowed to to get in on this person problem with the stock market is that 2 transactions in the stock market you can buy a stock and you can sell the stock somehow Wall Street has turned out very simple transaction amount of product that makes no sense at all like when we had the big collab in a way they're a genius because what they do they design a machine that only they understand then when the machine breaks only people you can hire to fix the machine or them it's really like a lot of people who should be going to jail but it said well we have to hire you to help fix this you just described my job at this company or like I said the last time I went to like I like what is the perimeter makeup products really I thought they were trading at right before the collapse that was about all the bad that essentially what was that within about two weeks all the company's Living Room Theater which is exactly why ever perfect money is everything money to my friend Ultimate Team okay when I'm starting my totally legitimate sites out there but I'm not in the office I'll get my calendar or something like that comes up underneath my browser window and then I go and then I got another problem is that are you sure you want to okay and if you don't you want to stay in your great deal to like it or the browser as opposed to the website are you sure that he that he can or will do information will be talking to your high school friends in Fury with a browsers insecure or your computers and secure yeah they might be able to install some kind of like or maybe ActiveX applet like or like Internet Explorer that would cause you problems but I think for the most part using the secure browser look up to date you should be ok local computer password anytime you're browsing the web using iMac it should prompt you for your password for installs anything so you're probably okay unless you're in Las Vegas turntable did you want to become like all the sorry I just don't and I know you gotta pick up his cards right and get them no doubt about it don't like me because you tried Any Man of Mine 251 % or something like that me to 125 and you're like and 48.5 or something like that and it doesn't make sense for people losing their money to the table how much is $509,500 an hour or so this is after talking to several people and letting you know hard to believe it but they say 40000 Lowe's 2 Michaels craft table like I was playing craps in at one table and I was pretty full and like a $10 minimum some like that and there's a table behind it was kind of weird and it showed up and I looked over this guy back about $250,000 worth of chips playing by himself on a craps table and I would look over any $100,000 on this guy I've never seen ah there's my entire College tuition right there little chips you know but you know my $10 to me know if you're staying there it's like I just put down everything that I drop the $10,000 very much internet to lose money and a budget amount to lose trip so it's like yeah 21st birthday midnight I went and started gambling was great my first night ever I was gambling I made 750 bucks on a craps table it was like what Burnie first experience was great and you will taste the feeling rest of your life I'm coming back I came back from that trip up like $2,500 pretty awesome for a 21st birthday Ah that's awesome 1516 250 wake me after that you're free I feel free markets on many Harry Potter 2 walkthrough dark mark black frame artist first heard the words after hours Market who are the people that can trade when the markets closed that's what I want to know I want to get some after-hours trading though you're not there cover charge Jesus had a guy knock on my door the other day selling magazines yeah yeah I haven't had that in forever so I can go door to door salesman and he just simply just described to me the definition of a pyramid scheme is the greatest thing ever and I'm like Brian you know but it's just like it was so clear that he was trying to move up to the next level and then I can get more students just like I'm working here wake me up in out five guys working for me and I think about that run that way I think I don't know if it's right or wrong and I did like 3 weeks ago I think you're awesome such a large percentage of the money that's not always the case but most of the time it's like I feel like I could go door-to-door we like on collecting money for your time for some more good news I was that's why I'm prepared cookie dough cookies popcorn fundraiser when I was never strapped for cash as a boy scouts we still got our uniforms we still have the cookie money cultural guilt engineered into American words like a little girl physical or selling cookies will you have to do with a box of Milk-Bones 2 persons to buy the bucket of milk cookie perfect who's making that money 2Pac you have to pay or you could buy your uniform I know that and I think there is a yearly do you like yeah that's right I remember you said that word like everything you had to take Jack was like 2 bucks a meeting or something but that was during the Depression just in case Hitler cheap internet internet timing Boy Scouts are still shoot up rifles please please don't know you have the right to change things but I don't think I've taken away too many things is there an internet badge no internet internet to download it what do you troll for 10 internet scouting service outside of the cookie sales are they doing country out rates if they don't know what a Girl Scout is or what Girl Scout cookies are or they're missing out but there's this cold in American culture Joel where the box of cookies the grocery store like a girl act like you never been here there everywhere they have they have high density in my area and they're just little girls like 6 to 10 years old and they sell it or cookies door-to-door or now with it was the campus at a retail places at the card table these two girls like the goods you like big butts or 3 doesn't matter there's always Scouts but they have like these that I don't see you coming The Forum and we get to the paper some cookies I mean there's nowhere they don't then the boy scout internet badge has many requirements most of which are really basic stupid like to find out what I see you have it home and stuff like that that's one of them is explain what a web browser is for example mixtape Navigator Microsoft Internet Explorer Opera Amaya or links that I don't like the little not up to date on there book knows what little I do I bet you guys don't remember the text-based Unix web browser that required a grown man who works at Boy Scouts of America probably use it everyday I would imagine in style of offense to the Lord for scouting computer to computer what did you get to online predators usually conversation like this right here or like they're like they're shortening the window for sure but Griffin came to me she said hey do you want to buy some Girl Scout cookies familiar she said like that that was formerly and I said yeah I guess I guess I guess I can picture I can purchase coworkers iPod 5 boxes out of 5 boxes Badge 2 this is for a friend of hers in her class I did I would like 2 boxes of cookies and I got my boxes One Direction for somebody else you know my mother when I was younger my mother was a field director in the Girl Scouts which is I guess like the leaders leader like him the pyramid scheme and every year at Girl Scout cookie time this giant 18-wheeler with the Girl Scout logo on the side of it would come to our house and unload all the cookies Every Girl Scout in the surrounding counties of Soul only to our house would be filled with fucking cookies that I couldn't eat it when you're like 13 years old push the button frustrating so I buy all the cookies now my email me and ask me to buy cookies I'm not buying your cookie ice cream for breakfast because I remember being able to get all the games I want it now what on Kotaku this morning where they were asking people in front of it again to rescue people when you buy the clickers and or if you buy the collector's edition of a video game do you prefer like a physical thing to come with the collector's edition or do you prefer like an in-game add-on fact that there's a great question and I don't know but I prefer the Indians finding a place physical things like you know Modern Warfare had the fucking night vision goggles which I never used in the game with the results already Jack for a lot of people there though you know what I do not want in my life and everything little as possible but like I don't know you come from is almost is almost makes you better in the game like when Bad Company 2 came out if you pre-ordered didn't you get like a gun that would take you a lot longer to unlock otherwise World at War was World at War the digital out on stuff because like most of it last for about a day and that's what it takes everyone else to catch up to you may I help you throughout the campaign I mean I actually have a flaming helmet from the DLC pre-order legendary edition helmet in the gaming helmet video back in time to 30 days before the DLC came out then you can get it I kind of like that sort of thing you know we have limited versity of to make it to the second exclusivity feel like you're like I don't know what you're into whatever Dead Space Dead Space 2 but the original one game 2008 first one to be enjoyed it and it was I think I can I think I can get planet is the long table people like Dead Space now 2 years later and I'm fine I bought or write to the publisher there's no manufacturing they probably made more like $20 purchase and they made on a $60 purchase in the retail store I should get that bonus I think that's why do you think that they're trying to copy like the movie before they want to Big opening weekend and is money loaded number to the camp to the infant development of sequels down the road right now we have everybody you know we're never going to make it you have to have that if you show up in the multiplayer and you can't ever find a match because it's a hundred people online that game is dead or because everyone still looking good for 2 years to get my screen back ah of course the Blackhawks came out it was like biggest entertainment release ever or whatever it is kind of like yeah cool video games I would love to write add a Gaming magazine that writes the biggest release ever cuz it's like I just use the same article and just like you know that article released in Call of Duty one with Halo Reach replace and I'm done like if you've never played Call of Duty before and you jump in that multiplayer I mean versus someone who's been playing the previous versions of Call of Duty you don't stand a chance and leveling aspects of the game that protect you as a new player but there's always people who have accounts or get reset or anything with any levels regular level 1 and I'm at level 50 so I'm almost there but I mean to you that's your base level 51 out like or not like taking a little while just or one or whatever yeah I think the way I think all the guns and you just have to start over all the abilities or whatever but still matching you know if people or the 15th and 15th I believe something like that fundamentally wrong that a character who is a higher level who that has more game time would have access to better weapons and again I think it when you get 2 prestige do you lose all the weapons you lose all this Goods little longer than 30 very different in different functionality just like which weapon works that's good I guess anyway so you build loadouts and choose what you want to do this to me the biggest thing a person can have in any game is knowledge of the more knowledgeable you are about the biggest advantage medic class in Regina very 15 Dynamic that I've had was in Battlefield 1 have a bunch of people that are different classes and that works yeah but I mean like everyone has access to the same way I mean it is there really a multiplayer match plays a little bit better stuff now and there's no and stuff like that now but I'm actually not that great of a player so anytime I get a chance to do something was like you know I love that I love driving and I love playing Battlefield because I actually know instead of having to go and shoot people I can hang or support the people that know what they're doing and are better at it than me and I wish it was more stuff like that another day have you ever played Team Fortress 2 takes that to be sure you have entirely Support classes an engineer never done it like that and it makes me very very very you've always liked support characters more than I have with back in the day with my Battlefield 1942 the original one I would like a medical or the engineer that was going on with that one people and even when they play teams does the way you play teams in Halo that you don't play another game is it mean it's definitely more of those are really cool shooter FPS and me class at PS it's like right in between those two the new Call of Duty multiplayer Modern Warfare the original 2 matches to Joel that was kind of funny like you can never win James on string it out yeah did you see the guy who recreated Halo game play in Minecraft multiplayer with two guys running around shooting each other crazy Minecraft people with mods is amazing there's another video I saw someone recreated the original Legend of Zelda you can Little Big Planet 2 really not the whole thing just recreated this person dungeon that you go through the recorded all the monsters and Lincoln to me you stupid phone I said you never Zelda imagine a top-down View and that's what they can show it will be ok you would be looking at me later that's really crazy Minecraft world 2 player games kids getting busted getting in trouble for doing stuff like that I know you know I go to multiple floors with only a single floor paper unlike teachers would be in classrooms and things like that but anyways like Grand Theft Auto map like a big giant Grand Theft Auto manipulate more or have things change on it or change the game type even when I still think of you like a giant zombie game using that huge mass like I guess that must be hard thing to do but I'm kinda yeah kinda yeah but I mean that's what that what are you trying to be perfect that's what the Left 4 Dead series came from it was a lot of Counter-Strike and they were playing around with everything to do with the engine messing with Counter Strike and they just kept coming back to playing the zombie over and over and over again and then they changed it I think there's a lot of logic in that was like throw some acid out there let the community get a hold of it in England right thing happens when people want and then you talk about the Olympics and it's hard to get into 32 or 16 contestants and then the other person on the way it's really cool it was Simon & Simon game remember question and it was what was the code what is the code that's typed in on the bomb in Counter-Strike what's the 5 digit number to holy shit they do it what the code is fucking crazy but that's what does Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress was a horrible game original 1 and Team Fortress 2 the new style for the visual aesthetic and it's not on that game I really feel like I'm or console Gamers on the PC that came in and it works but it's like so much time and effort to get back into it I would like prices for something that and it was like oh wow this is really cool look up beautiful I'm not going to notice all this stuff after 5 minutes of playing the game so let's just get to the game and turn all the other stuff down here just really have no problems that I have no problem lowering me crazy like I could and if I couldn't then it's like I'm missing out on your computer motion correction built into them I know a lot of people feel like it it almost looks like a Triple Eight's frame between the frames and it kinda like take your frame rate up to 5997 and still a lot of people like because it makes everything look like video it's just really strange 129th actually two different signals to 120 signal 2 come on till 2:40 and my wife soap opera and I thought that's a really good just another one of those then I thought we were playing it or something or something looks different with this looks like crispy didn't look real at all it was not good at the time that this was done the sidewalk was horrible and I was like an out-of-focus somewhere right now just like looking at a screen with a giant City Vista and everything is perfectly correct it doesn't bring Trail I can on Halo Reach without getting on that was I mean it was like you would turn to your left and there would be no because I wasn't all that so perfect and it felt like we never do because the amount is so much different than a controller look not even there anymore everything is to clear the entire time you're turning and to see that unlike Halo in a console game is really strange man it's really strange so I had to turn off cries out all the time about the frame rates of the average movie Goldman strangers James Cameron he likes to read a lot I've heard him talk about this but it's really the frame rates trying to move to a higher frame rate you try to move like a 60 frames-per-second standard for movie theaters because he hates motion is the normal or you get from just painting or something I forget what it is right now he probably made the word dictionary that's really weird I don't know well I hate when they forced a depth of field on you if they do a lot of games Gears of Wars really guilty of it whether they want to come back to this next gen games with a crappy thing to like their statements to process a real estate site is kind of like lowering the graphics settings on the further away stuff sure I get there before your time looking like a truly interactive and I'm on the street I want to and I don't look down I don't know that there's any way that all that without having like stock or track your eyes that you're looking on the TV 2 then determine what should be in focus on what should be out of here we're going to have so he was like don't do that we will one day come back and listen to the podcast and go retracting like it would never happen with the old timey voice what is the largest February 9th 100 it's crazy ah no time to hear people's voices everything you think about what are you have to cut out or whatever every now and then I'll have a dream seeing GarageBand in front of me with the bars and the waveforms and 6 hours at $600 a week